Fire guts Mujuru house

HARARE - A fierce inferno gutted another house belonging to Vice President Joice Mujuru, in Damofalls, Ruwa yesterday — three years after her decorated liberation war hero husband Solomon Mujuru’s remains were found after a mysterious fire at their farmhouse in Beatrice.

In a statement, police spokesperson Charity Charamba confirmed that the nine-roomed house was burnt down due to a fire ostensibly started to “smoke out” a snake.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police would like to confirm the occurrence of a fire incident that burnt a house belonging to Vice President Cde Joice Mujuru at Tarisa Farm, in Ruwa today,” she said.

“Circumstances are that a relative to the Honourable Vice President saw a snake close to the main house at the farm. In a bid to kill the snake, he lit some fire, which then got out of control and spread to the kitchen (and) the fire subsequently spread to the main house…,” Charamba said, adding “no foul play was suspected” and workers had managed to “rescue some property from the house, although they could not extinguish the raging fire” which destroyed the house.

Fire fighters battle to douse a fire that broke out at vice president Joice Mujuru's Damofalls house. Pic: Darius Mutamba

According to the police, fire-fighters arrived at the scene when the whole house had been razed down and the value of the property damaged has not yet been ascertained.

“The ZRP would like to appeal the general public to desist from starting fires particularly this summer period, as fire can quickly spread because of high temperatures, coupled with dry grass,” she said.

While a devastated Mujuru visited the Ruwa homestead yesterday and there was no official comment from the family, neighbours had earlier told the Daily News that the incident happened after the Zanu PF number two’s stepson, Tendai, 33, had sought to kill the reptile.

The media was denied access to the homestead and an opportunity to speak to Mujuru about the fire. A group of unidentified men manning the gate refused journalists’ access to the farm house.

Accompanied by security details, Mujuru is said to have moved around the gutted house, inspecting the damage. Neighbours stood around the gate observing the activities.

Although authorities insist there was no foul play, this has not dampened Harare’s rumour mill given the tragic circumstances of 2011 and Zanu PF’s current succession, and factional fighting.

Information gleaned from neighbours suggested that Tendai had in fact started the fire intending to kill the snake that had entered into a hole in the garden and that the fire subsequently raged out of control.

“He started the fire and it got out of control then it lit the fowl run. The wind carried the fire to the kitchen and it totally went out of control and lit the main house’s grass thatched roof. Neighbours tried to help douse the fire but it was difficult,” said a neighbour who requested anonymity.

Fire brigade trucks immediately hurried to the house to try and extinguish the fire.

So big was the inferno that the fire brigade were still battling to douse it a full five hours after it was started.

The house was understood to be the first house that the Mujuru family owned and resided in when they returned from the liberation war in 1980.

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Allow me to say the incident is too dramatic to the tune of realism.Three years ago the General died under such yet to be clarified circumstances and now its history repeating itself within the same family.An accident after an accident no longer becomes an accident.Vekwa Mujuru mirai mumboona kuti chii chaiita kuti musoro uteme,moyedza kuongoroora chaita kuti musana ubande as our Icon Tuku puts it in one of his songs.Reflection

carson Macate - 12 September 2014

Saka Mujuru ane mafarms mangani?Uye nedzimba ngani?

Mupfana weBikini - 12 September 2014

Mupfana weBikini zvimwe hazvibvunzwe...zvimwe hazvibvunzwe iwe...

tuku - 12 September 2014

Hokoyo ngozi iyo

Nyamhangambiri - 12 September 2014

this could be just another accident but zimbabweans are just too primitive and backward to accept that accidents do happen. that explains why some parties are even trying to rope in some dubious and charlatan masvikiros and n'angas to resolve the succession issue. in 1976 the late decorated national hero rex nhongo aka solomon mutusva, solomon mujuru nearly died in a hotel fire inferno in geneva, switzerland during the doomed kissinger talks. fires have been following the mujuru family but these are just accidents, period.

cde churucheminzwa - 12 September 2014

I suspect Mnangawa

Johnson - 12 September 2014

So Joyce does not stay at this farm and that mean she is also a cell phone farmer . I do not think we can have a president like that in this country no no no nada mani haa!!!!!

Diibulaanyika - 12 September 2014

zpf ndeye ropa usatambe shasha

zpf - 12 September 2014

zpf ndeye ropa usatambe shasha

zpf - 12 September 2014

Mapurazi tinawo jahwi. Tinovaka imwe. Imi ndimi munobhadhara ne ma tax e air time. Munofunga kuti tine purazui imwechete here? Mapurazi haazivane kwatiri.

Nyanhi - 12 September 2014

Sorry,sory mai Mujuru.such is life

chimucheka - 12 September 2014

Nhaiwe Johnson ko Mnangawga apindawo papi ipapa

bruno - 12 September 2014

The more farms one has the more grass grows, the more snakes around because the place in underutilized. No grass will grow in a fully, well maintained and utilised farm. Morima Bundo, nenyoka pachinhambo chechikafu. Idiots

Ziziharinanyanga - 12 September 2014

MDC-T spokesman, Douglas Mwonzora, on Friday “lamented the reluctance by intelligent Zimbabweans to join politics and contribute fresh ideas to take the struggle for democratisation forward”. I find this statement by Mwonzora very strange indeed. MDC-T which he represents went into coalition with ZanuPF military dictatorship for reasons which are still unclear while promising the whole world that there has been a paradigm shift by ZanuPF and the country was inexorably heading for democracy and prosperity for all. Gullible intellectuals, Mwonzora included, were involved in the useless coalition exercise. The problem is not lack of intellectuals in the political arena, it is lack of simple old fashion common sense and street wisdom. The monumental damage caused by the MDCs from 2008 to 2013, which resulted in the endorsement of a lopsided Constitution, is irreparable and irreversible. The actions of the power-drunk MDCs have only strengthened ZanuPF hold on power. MDCs have dug the people of Zimbabwe into a hole which they are never going to get out of anytime soon. I also noticed that almost all intellectuals/politicians have been poisoned/brainwashed into repeating or punctuating all their written articles or speeches with the word “liberation” and phrase “racist colonial regime”. Most think to be a politician you have to parrot this word and phrase instead of being pragmatic and to the point. Frankly, I find most of the racism examples cited by those who were not around during white rule laughable. The intellectuals/politicians are wasting time talking about liberation when the truth is that benefits of colonialism are priceless.

Musona - 13 September 2014

Mujuru is not worried about this farm bcoz she never bought it , she got it mahala usually you never feel bad when you lose something you did not saute for . hey these are the people who are enjoying themselves in this country which was desroyed by termites Mujuru, umuhlwa, munanze, unchenje Hey Mujuru mungu ena kupenda sana

Diibulaanyika - 13 September 2014

umm just killing a snake using fire in a house? ahhh sounds very ridiculous

truth - 13 September 2014

The problem in Rhodesia was never about so-called racism but a lust for political power by the black proto-elites. Aspiring politicians must know this for them to be able to separate facts from fiction. And that whites occupied large tracts of land because they had the unique skills and money to do serious commercial farming. That before colonialism blacks were not at all engaged in any farming because they had no implements to do any farming or money or fertilisers or irrigation facilities. Even a back-breaking hand-hoe they occasionally used was had to come by. Before colonialism blacks did not need any fertile land or large tracts of land. The ox-drawn plough (gejo) was brought by the colonisers. The colonisers are the ones who set out the large country borders. It is outright silly and illogical for anyone to claim that fertile land was stolen by the colonisers. Landownership was started by the colonisers. Before colonialism there was no nation-state: the Ndebeles lived separately from the Karanga, lived separately from the Manyika, lived separately from the Tonga, lived separately from the Korekore, lived separately from the Rozvi, lived separately from all Zezuru tribes and were only forced into one nation by the colonisers. I can categorically state without hesitation that this land, formerly Southern Rhodesia is a British-construct. When the coloniser came in 1890 there was no single school in this land or single factory. The people were still in the Stone Age. We owe a debt of gratitude to the colonisers for the priceless development that we have had since 1890. Whites were rich and blacks were very, very poor. It was not the whites' fault - it is what they found when they came. Rich whites got even richer. People have to start telling each other the truth then the country can make progress instead of lying to each other and pretending that this land was on the brink of some technological breakthrough before the arrival of the whites.

Musona - 13 September 2014

One sentence should read, " Even a back-breaking hand-hoe they occasionally used was hard to come by". Most people suffer from inferiority complex and would rather lie that blacks were quite advanced when this was not the case. Advanced with no schools or industries? Nonsense.

Musona - 13 September 2014

The Mujuru family will soon be called the house of fire. They should work hard to ensure they are not hear fires. How does someone try to kill a snake with fire? Normally people use a stick to hit the snake's head and kill it. This fire idea is strange. And with the wealth at their disposal, they could have called the fire brigade or national parks to deal with the snake. Paita mabasa apa!

Chenjerai Hove - 13 September 2014

Mapundo kukura kudai, pamba panogara munhu ipapa? This is the problem with owning more homes than one needs. The length of the grass around that old house indicates that it is a neglected homestead and snakes and any other species of Zimbabwean origin should be free to share.

Tanonoka Joseph Whande - 13 September 2014

There is a snake in the grounds of the State House maybe they will scare Chatunga and dR Don't Take Photo will light up a fire to burn it up.

Car door tea car core - 14 September 2014

As a citizen of this country who wants to know exactly how many farms does Joyce have i call upon on members of parliament particularly from the opposition side to on behalf us zimbabweans to find out how many farms does Mujuru own and how productive are they pliz find out as well from the ministry of lands and agriculture how many farms are registered in this woman's name or immediate member of family . This is a task for you guys in parliament we the members of public ask you to carry soon and very soon twaalumba

Diibulaanyika - 14 September 2014

sure we need to how many prazis does mujuru have i know she is greedy everywhere there are premises presumed to be hers yet she took from white races.... manje naMnangagwa ha Gire haupabu sota vanhu oppa ............ pasi nevanopisa varume netupuka twesango . please keep distance from mujurus or you will burn............... Thank bab Msona for your enlighting reports and comments .......they have been needed lik yesterday factual

tozvireva - 16 September 2014

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