South Korea hosts global peace summit

HARARE - The first-ever summit of the World Alliance of Religions for Peace (WARP) will be held in Seoul, South Korea from September 16 to 19, with thousands of people including leading politicians as well as  secular and religious leaders from all faiths, nations and cultures expected to attend the gathering meant to foster world peace.

The summit, that will have a number of attendees from Zimbabwe, is being hosted by the Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light (HWPL) -- a non-profit, non-governmental international organisation registered under the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Man Hee Lee, a Korean war veteran and renowned peace advocate, founded the organisation after his involvement with numerous volunteer associations, having seen the need for a foundation whose central focus is to unite the people of the world behind the goal of peace irrespective of any apparent differences between them.

Lee has completed 13 world tours, encompassing more than 60 different countries spanning all continents, to speak with opinion leaders about peace. These leaders around the world have signed their names under the Declaration of Peace, showing their support for the movement.

In the Philippines, for example, there was conflict between Catholic and Islamic groups for 40 years, which saw 100 000 people dying due to this conflict. On January 24, 2014, Lee went to Mindanao and helped to solve the conflict, with the Catholic and Islamic leaders signing a peace agreement and agreeing to unite and put an end to their rivalry.

In a letter that he wrote ahead of next week's gathering, Lee invited "all family members of the global village" to the summit, imploring them to work for the achievement of world peace in our generation.

"Should you be unable to be physically with us during this momentous event, we ask that you participate with us, nonetheless. I ask that you pay close attention to the proceedings -- and send your hearts to be with us, watch and listen to what is happening, even from where you are.

"We also ask you to keep us in your prayers so that all wars will come to an end, and that peace will be achieved. Surely, the Creator will hear your prayers," he said.

A regional spokesperson for next week's summit, Hilda Mari van Niekerk, said while many respected peace advocates and peace movements had been fighting for positive change in the world, their efforts had been largely fruitless as a result of the greed of mankind.

Speaking from South Africa, she said it was now time to bring peace to the forefront of every person's agenda and win over the greed and selfish desire that caused tragedy and loss.

"While it may, in most cases be too simplistic to say that ideological differences based on religion or culture are the cause of war in our world today, it is not too much to say that these differences are exploited to heighten the community’s propensity for violent behaviour.

"Through the World Alliance of Religions for Peace Summit, HWPL seeks to create a forum for dialogue centring on the creation of a commonly acceptable value-system between secular and religious communities in all socio-political sectors of our divers societies.

"Such a value system will form the basis for the creation of peace agreements and a universally applicable constitution of interfaith relations, as well as education materials which can be used across the spectrum of humanity’s diversity to begin revolutionising the basic precepts of our cultures and ideologies which provide the central tenants promoting conflict and violent behaviour," Van Niekerk said.

She said the goals of the summit in detail were:

* To begin the process of establishing a universally applicable system of values focussing on aspects of morality and experience of life that bind us together as a global family;

* Establish a basic ideological foundation upon which a World Alliance of Religions can be built in order to bring conflicts founded on differing religious ideologies to an end;

* Draft and publicly make the Declaration of the World Alliance of Religions; and

* To define the roles of cultural leaders, both secular and religious, in the creation and implementation of a new, heavenly culture.

The summit would culminate in, among other things, the signing of an agreement for the alliance of religions, cessation of war and world peace; the ratification and implementation of world peace agreements for religious bodies; the appointment of ambassadors of Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light to each continent and country; and the announcement of a global statement for the peaceful reunification of Korea.

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This is a good and laudable project that must be supported by all sane people around the world.

Khumalo - 11 September 2014

This is not the "World Alliance of Religions for Peace" Summit. Religions for Peace is a UN-sanctioned interfaith group and has nothing to do with Shinchonji Church of Jesus, the organisers of HWPL and this event.

Morris - 12 September 2014

Yes indeed this is a very important summit. Lets all unite and call the Almighty to intervene for world peace.

RADSON ZULU - 12 September 2014

Yes indeed this is a very important summit. Lets all unite and call the Almighty to intervene for world peace.

RADSON ZULU - 12 September 2014

It is clear that the greatest threats to world peace are, USA, Al Qaeda, ISIS terrorists (in that order). But as long as the world insists in exluding one or two of the above as threats to peace, then we haven't yet begun to acknowledge the sad truth. The above, and many others, are arrogant and will lie to the world that they are for peace, but everyone knows they are not. but for some reason or other, some people, even countries or continental or international bodies, will not tell them in their eyes that they are warmongers. The effects of actions of the USA and the terrorist organisations are the same to peace-loving people, although the USA and the terrorists fight each other to dominate the killing fields.

machakachaka - 12 September 2014

Let world peace come!!!

John smith - 13 September 2014

How can this be possible? This is amazing! I must attend!!

Joe - 13 September 2014

Whether religious or not, this is going to bring world peace! no more world wars but world peace!! Fighting!

Sam - 13 September 2014

This unprecedented event will change the world!!!

David - 13 September 2014

For the last 60 years I have been waiting for this. Finally, world peace will come.

Julius - 13 September 2014

Never thought I'd see Korea do something like this after the Korean War stepping up to achieve world peace. kudos to you!

Jane - 13 September 2014

Wow, this you see? In the Philippines, for example, there was conflict between Catholic and Islamic groups for 40 years, which saw 100 000 people dying due to this conflict. I cant believe this is happened!

Jenny - 13 September 2014

is this possible? I must go see for myself in Korea. I live in Zambia but still gotta go see this thing if it's for real.

Kyre - 13 September 2014

ending a 40 year war in Philippines? Who is this man? How is this even happening? it is true world peace is possible... wow

Shane - 13 September 2014

wow he gathered former and current presidents to this summit? who is this man? is he in the government? maybe perhaps some kind of ambassador? He can't just be a leader of an organization...

Xolina - 13 September 2014

WARP Summit held by HWPL? I heard it is also hosted by ICD! I love the work ICD does and what they strive for. This event is going to amazing! And this guy Man Hee Lee.. he must be something else! will this be aired?

Tom - 13 September 2014

world peace!!! no world war!! let's get together as one!!

Chris - 13 September 2014

This is truly exciting - a world without war - Wow! I can live with that - Let us all come together to achieve this!!!!

Lynne - 13 September 2014

world peace! world peace! world peace! world peace! world peace! world peace! world peace! world peace! world peace! world peace! world peace! world peace!

Jim - 13 September 2014

world peace! korea!

tim - 13 September 2014

1 thess. 5:2 prophesied about the call for world peace in the last days but this call will not lead into peace instead it will lead into the greatest tribulation ever experienced by makind. Jesus also said in Matth. 24 it has never occured before nor will it occur again after it. Mankind can never bring world peace only Jehovah God can do that. This call is a clear sign that the end of the World is near. Seek Jehovah all you meek ones of the earth. Zeph. 2:2-3

Avid Bible Student - 14 September 2014

may our world be blessed by the prophets of peace

trupti - 16 September 2014

This is not for peace...This is the beginning of the end of times. Please read your bible. It has foretold of a one world religion....Everyone needs to wake up and realize that Jesus is the only way the truth and the light.

Godchild - 16 September 2014

Looks like the setting up of Revelation 17 is well underway.

benfromid - 16 September 2014

As a foreigner who loves Korea, I am so proud that Korea hosted such a nice summit

Jack - 18 September 2014

Peace can only come through the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ. Read the Bible for God's truth. Read Revelations.

Teresa F - 18 September 2014

Excellent initiative for the international peace summit in Seoul, Korea.

Charlie Harrison - 18 September 2014

The host is the Shinchonji cult under the guise of various front groups. Its leader, Lee Man-hee claims to the the messiah and uses the power and control he has over members to exploit them mercilessly. While peace was preached inside the venue, Lee's thug security teams were busy harassing, intimidating, and assaulting protesters. More here:

Peter - 23 September 2014

what is the basis of this unity in religious terms? is it to unite all religions into one day of worship which is sunday?

mcheaven - 28 September 2014

True believers in the Lord Jesus...rejoice and look up. He's coming SOON to take His bride home to Heaven!!!

Ted - 10 October 2014

Unbelievers...Repent and believe the Gospel. Call on the Lord Jesus Christ to save you, believing He died on the cross and rose again the third day to pay your sin debt in full!

Ted - 10 October 2014

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