Mujuru attains doctorate degree

HARARE - Vice President Joice Mujuru has completed a doctorate degree with the Women’s University in Africa.

Olivia Muchena, the minister of Higher Education, made the announcement in Harare on Monday during the launch of the ZimAsset training programme for members of Parliament. Mujuru, who left Howard Institute while doing Form 2 in 1973 to join the liberation struggle,  had to study from home because of her commitments as a Cabinet minister.

A holder of a Masters Degree in Strategic Management, Mujuru will be graduating with a PhD next week.

“We have heard about how the president worked hard under difficult circumstances to attain several degrees but we also have another example of a hard worker in vice president Joice Mujuru who will be graduating with a PhD next week,” Muchena said.

She said Mujuru had managed to achieve that feat notwithstanding the fact that she had a busy schedule in her various capacities in government and the Zanu PF party as well as being a mother.

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Pamberi nedzidzo amai. Izvi zvo upresident zvinemakuva.Tarisai hondo yamarongerwa. Just go quietly if they push you out.Where is Solomon Mujuru??

DONGAWATONGA - 10 September 2014

Pamberi nedzidzo amai. Izvi zvo upresident zvinemakuva.Tarisai hondo yamarongerwa. Just go quietly if they push you out.Where is Solomon Mujuru??

DONGAWATONGA - 10 September 2014

Varatidzei vachihoro zvazvinoitwa kwete tu madegree twekupuwa twazara mazuva ano.Viva Mai Mujuru Tinokutsigirirai nyangwe zvorema sei.

Gwandibva - 10 September 2014

Makorokoto amai, keep it up. Why not go for a post doctoral study and start writing books on management and strategic studies in an African environment.

Ashton Banda - 10 September 2014

Congratulations, you such a good example of hardworking leader who never gives despite all odds being against you. God bless you amai.

Solfortune - 10 September 2014

That's my mother for you folks

Simba - 10 September 2014

This is good i like it

DAVID - 10 September 2014

Kana musina kufevhegwa nokuti murivemba yevushe aiwa tinoti Amhlope .

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 10 September 2014

I guess the title of the PhD thesis is "Kupisa varume mudzimba"

Duzvi - 10 September 2014

Whether you prop her up, she will not rule.

hapana - 10 September 2014

Um i doubt the authenticity of this degree, given frequent dumb outbursts associated with the VP.

Mutengesimukuru - 10 September 2014

Joice Mujuru is not very clever, is she? - she skipped the border in the 70s because she was tired of school and couldn't hack it. She wanted to go somewhere where nobody could force her to go to school which she hated. She was still a juvenile who was living with her parents as a minor. Her decision to skip the border was purely down to delinquency more than anything else. She soon found out that she still had to continue schooling from where she had left off! How painful is that? Much older people like Mugabe first went to colonial schools THEN joined politics not join politics and then struggle with education to catch up with those around you who had their education before joining politics.

Musona - 10 September 2014

Fellow compatriots Cde Mai Joice Mujuru when she decided to study i understand she did it to further arm herself with tools to contribute in the development of her country not that her other fellow misguided compatriots make ridiculous comments.Whats governance have to do with studying?Lest not just be negative for nothing and about nothing.With that tendency we grow into nothing and will go nowhere.learn to appreciate the good that others do that you learn the way forward.

carson Macate - 10 September 2014

You can have piles and piles of degrees but if you are stupid you are stupid the degree will never change anything . How many degrees does Mugabe have and every one knows how confused is he . You can never compare him with Zuma who never went to school but he is running the most powerful country in the continent and respected more than those who have piles of degrees.

Diibulaanyika - 10 September 2014

This is a joke, as is the whole zanu hierarchy! What was instruction in? Shona? I have heard the VP speak and been amazed at her lack of communication skills; how does she run meetings, contribute at meetings? Some of the universities that have been created in Zim and Africa and the internet are a sick joke, continually cheapening education..............................!

paulus - 10 September 2014

How did she attain that degree? This is why degrees from that Women University are not recognised nationally. Dubious degrees!!

denny - 10 September 2014

Oh yes, you can see what Joice was doing when she should have been running the country. How pathetic.

Party Party - 10 September 2014

@carson Macate - your comment cannot go without any reply. Joice Mujuru is a public figure whose actions affects the lives of millions of people in the country and her every move is under scrutiny. The fact that she has now obtained a doctorate has been put in the media, the public domain, and people will comment about this doctorate whether you like it or not. Criticism of politicians comes with the territory. You cannot run for high public office and be immune to criticism. Politicians who do not wan to be criticised resign or retire from public office. Joice does not bring anything to the table.

Musona - 10 September 2014

One sentence should read, " Joice Mujuru is a public figure whose actions affect the lives of millions of people in the country and her every move is under scrutiny".

Musona - 10 September 2014

Congratulations Honourable VP Mujuru. You have always been an inspiration by wanting to earn rather than grab things. Well done!

Tony - 11 September 2014

Makorokoto makuru.Leading by example

joker - 11 September 2014

Haters will never appreciate. Let those obsessed with succession issues and spirit mediums do whatever they are doing. Only God knows who Zim's next leader is. Well done our VP.

Tongo - 11 September 2014

A aah ko y does a form 2 child runaway from school ?A child who is 14 years maximum and a girl for that matter ?A certificate with no knowledge to prove it is as meaningless as one without , no wonder y we hear she wanted to promote Olivia Muchena to women's league as a thank u token,since when did our president and chancellor who crowns most learned people suddenly delegate tht role to Muchena not that it's wrong bt something fishy...kkkk

Hehehe - 11 September 2014

Bootlicking or factionalism antics, Olivia said it all. She has identified herself period. They wanted her to land the post for Amai Mugabe but the President knew better than all of them. Chema wega Olivia unoda kupfeka face yehugamba sezvinonzi hauna godo nxaaaa! Urikurwadziwa and you want to show VP kuti you have no hard feelings and still an active factionalism idiot like Mutasa, Shamu, Savanhu and Mliswa. Mboko dzavanhu!@

Factionalist Muchena - 11 September 2014

What's the title of the PhD thesis? Who were the supervisors and the examiners. The average lecturer at WUA is a disaster - the whole lot should go back to school.

Watikiritai - 11 September 2014

Chinotimba is far much better than the so-called educated Mujuru, Mugabe, Moyo, Maziwisa and all other bootlickers

Grace Mugabe - 11 September 2014

idegree rekupiwa ... imi munoti ndiyani lecture anafoirisa mhondi dzkadai

tozvireva - 11 September 2014

@ Factionalist Muchena: It's you who is bitter. On whose behalf are you being angry. These things will come to pass. In fact, it's not even your fight. It's for the elite and let them fight among themselves. As Tongo noted, only the Lord knows who the next leader of this country is. The rest is chasing the wind.

Mercy - 11 September 2014

kikikikiki, WUA, my foot even a grade seven pupil knows that degrees from WUA can be achieved by anyone who can not qualify for a diploma at a a polytechnic institution or can not even afford to pass "o" level

reason - 11 September 2014

Excellent example. Hapana kwaunoenda MuZimbabwe kana usina gwazhi. Apa Mai Mujuru vatsigira support yandanga ndinayo. Kusapota madofo zvinobhowa

candid - 11 September 2014

Makoroto Mai Mujuru - what is the topic of your Thesis at PhD? Please post it on internet so that each one of us can judge its credibility - academically.

martin chipimo - 11 September 2014

WUA yakazopa maPhD riini, kupenga chaiko

Yowe - 11 September 2014

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