Tuku Backstage: Part IV

HARARE - Tuku’s wife, Daisy, reveals sensational secrets about her fights with the superstar, particularly the incident when she wanted to shoot Zimbabwe’s international music icon, after he denied paternity of an alleged secret son named Selby Tapiwa Mtukudzi.

Daisy says women throw themselves at her man and harass her because they want to get Tuku away from her.

She believes she is now sick with hypertension triggered by worry.

The revelations are contained in an upcoming explosive book, Tuku Backstage, written by Tuku’s former publicist and veteran journalist, Shepherd Mutamba.

Now read on, the extracts from the chapter ‘‘Wife Daisy’’, in her own words:

“When it comes to Tuku’s secret children, I was never told about Sybil. Nobody told me about her. Men have these promiscuous relationships in private.

“I think Sybil’s mother worked in a hair salon in Harare and met Tuku in Mazowe where he was performing.

“A cousin sister, who lived in Mazowe, said she understood there was a child thought to be Tuku’s daughter living in Mazowe.

“When I asked Tuku about it, he first denied any knowledge of Sybil.

(Sam, Tuku’s son with Daisy was born in 1988 and Sybil in 1989).

“Tuku had a fight with Sybil’s mother, at Skyline Motel, (located south of Harare but now defunct) and his shirt was torn and he hid it for a long time.

“One day, I saw the shirt and asked why it was torn and he said ‘aaah...I wanted to throw it away and I wanted to tell you but I was afraid’.

“He said he had been in a fight with a woman who had phoned me earlier, claiming to be his girlfriend and the case was being handled by police.

“Anonymous women phoned me all the time (claiming to be Tuku’s girlfriends). All my life, I have been getting such calls up to this day (2013).

“I heard that the woman died. Tuku said Sybil’s mother had insisted that Sybil was his child and he was thinking of taking her in to live in Highfield (in Harare) at Tuku’s childhood home.

“Sybil was the only child, outside wedlock, that Tuku admitted paternity and he went to my uncles and said he would do anything for me for the sake of Sybil, now that Sybil’s mother had died. And he bought me a BMW, to say sorry, for having Sybil outside wedlock.

“It was then that I accepted Sybil in the family.

When Sam died (2010), I then heard about another child called Selby.

“Tuku akatsika madziro akati haamuzive (Tuku vehemently denied paternity).

“He said he would have told me if Selby was his son.

“I asked him how Selby got birth registration in his name (Tuku’s name) and he said he didn’t know.

“Whether Selby is Tuku’s son or not, I don’t know. If Tuku is denying the issue, what can I do?

“Sometimes I get tired of these issues, about the women and I told Tuku that we no longer have young children and he is free to go and live with the women who think they are important to him.

“Of course, we have been together for 32 years, 31 if I remove the year we had problems and divorced.

“But there are times when I feel tired. I will die in the midst of these problems.

“I didn’t have hypertension, now I am sick because of these problems. 

“Tuku knows that I am strict but I love him and he respects me although he does some things.

“People think I am cheeky, I don’t know about that. But sometimes I get angry.

“I am forthright, I speak my mind. But Tuku hides too many things in his heart and I am sure that makes him sick.

‘‘I wanted to shoot Tuku. I have a firearm. I don’t like people who twist me and lie to me.

“He drove me into a corner. When Sam died, that is when I wanted to do it (shooting Tuku). (As the incident unfolded, Tuku, fearing for his life, bolted from his home as Daisy advanced, only returning after solid assurance by family members that his raging wife had been contained.)

“Yes, things can be sorted out, after a fracas, but then you will know that you are living together with a liar.

“You must learn to tell the truth. You must not deny what you know. I think someone who tells the truth is a better person. You must not deny having a love child.

’’Do not miss the Daily News tomorrow where we are carrying extracts from the chapter ‘Ex-wife Tales’.

Tuku’s first wife, Melody, recollects dating the superstar in 1978 and their subsequent marriage. |

Melody describes their union as a marriage made in heaven and how she was loved and spoiled but “betrayed” when another woman arrived on the scene and stole Tuku’s heart.

*The Daily News has been given exclusive rights, by the author, to publish a series of extracts from the book to be published before the end of the year.

Comments (47)

musapfeka aTuku tizadze nyika

Chidondova - 8 September 2014

*The Daily News has been given exclusive rights, by the author, to publish a series of extracts from the book to be published before the end of the year. But has the "author" been given permission to publish such provocative things? Mutamba is sacrificing his relationship with Tuku for fame and money with the aid of your paper!

Nyamanhindi - 8 September 2014

So why is Daisy mad with Tuku. It is she who is no good. She stole Tuke from Melody These women....

s shumba - 8 September 2014

Nyamanhindi, you need to have your head examined. Why does an author or journalist need to seek permission to expose something? This is the stuff that books are made of. Well done, Mutamba

Tino - 8 September 2014

When I started reading these extracts I thought the author was making up things. But after reading Daisy's own comments, in her own words, about Tuku, I believe the book and can't wait to buy three copies. I will keep one copy at home and another at the office and another one in the car.

Charles Tembo - 8 September 2014

Nyamanhindi is one of the many Zimbabweans full of denial. Denial breeds corruption that is why Zimbabwe is full of corrupt people. Nyamanhindi is one of the people in denial that Tuku makes mistakes. Blame Tuku for his mistakes not the author. Nyamanhindi seems to have something personal against the author.

Kurasha - 8 September 2014

Akanyaradzwa neBMW kkkkkkk usadherera

BMW - 8 September 2014

Imagine if she had killed Tuku! It would have been a national horror against her. It would have been like a thief shooting another thief for stealing. The thing is that the honorable Daisy went for Tuku because of his fame and gentleness. But she should also have realized that there are other women who are busy falling in love with Tuku in the whole world, just like she did. Sometimes Zim women fail to reflect carefully what it means to be in love with a public figure, especially artists who happen to have the charm of their art as well as the gentleness.Men and women have to learn to control their jealous tendencies. Shanje dzinofanira kuve necontrol and restraint.

Chenjerai Hove - 8 September 2014

Can someone in corporate governance tell me something. Can a corporate, organisation or institution partner Tuku in social campaigns to do with women's rights or related issues when he himself does not seem to have respect for women, judging by his behaviour that his own wife has shared with the whole world today?

Patrick Marozva - 8 September 2014

If a journalist can soften a woman, who is married to a legend like Tuku and make her open up her heart and get a story like this for a book, then this one has extraordinary interviewing skills. Congrats on the book. Wi ll get a copy.

Kessia Munemo - 8 September 2014

Tino and Kurasha answer Nyamanhindi's question!

Gamba - 8 September 2014

Nhai Tuku veduwe, ndizvo zvauri izvi? I pray that God forgives you and that you can become a better person.

Chamunorwa - 8 September 2014

All the books written about the secrets of the royal family in England and about private lives of past presidents in the USA did not have the permission of the subjects. No one wants their dreadful mistakes and behaviour revealed and naturally they wouldn't give the permission and no such great books would be written. Well done author for this. Some people may not want to accept this hard hitting book because it's the first of its kind in as far as revealing celebrity secrets in Zimbabwe. The book has all the makings of an award winner and best seller whether we like it or not.

Tinashe - 8 September 2014

Nyarara henyu Samanyanga inga ndimi mhuka huru wani?

Persona Non Grata - 8 September 2014

There was another woman called Mwendy something from Mabvuku. I don't remember much but a newspaper said she was a band member of Tuku's. But to Daisy, I say love you hubby, and to Tuku, I say love your wife and tell her everything, not in instalments, but all at once. Apologize, and I think she will accept you in her heart, as she has always done. Please do not leave God out.

machakachaka - 8 September 2014

Ummmmmmm zvakaoma. Chingoma chiririse choda kudambuka.

Jinda RaMutasa - 8 September 2014

The book sounds like a stunt to make money where mudzimai adds salt and pepper to some petty and natural misunderstandings in relationships.

Mweni Tafara - 8 September 2014

"Nyarara henyu Samanyanga inga ndimi mhuka huru wani... " Inga vakaimba wani.Vaitoreva zvavaireva asi chete hatinzwi zvatinofanira kunzwa. murume uyu. Anosiya mhuri yakakura zvinebasa here nokuti ava vanhu vakuru saka vanoita musha unepwere dzakawandazve... pamberi nemi Samanyanga.

mukaur - 8 September 2014

What is this notion that when a man has relationships with many women therefore he does not respect women? So, if a woman wants a piece of me and I say yes that is disrespect? After all marriage is an unnatural man made union which goes against our primate nature.

Emru Kunanti - 8 September 2014

What is this notion that when a man has relationships with many women therefore he does not respect women? So, if a woman wants a piece of me and I say yes that is disrespect? After all marriage is an unnatural man made union which goes against our primate nature.

Emru Kunanti - 8 September 2014

Obvious this book has Tuku's blessings. He did not go surreptiously to get information from them. He would have told the Tukus he is writing a book, shown them the draft so that there is no misrepresentation and legal issues.

pasi - 8 September 2014

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GALLERYCARTRIDGES - 8 September 2014

Ngaatibvire zvedu ngaangozuwa kuti akagwadziwa kusvika panyama nhete izvo zvekuda kuvuraya Tuku negangavuta remaCdes inhema idzo , tinozviziva simba rokuvuraya airiwanepi . Madzimai iko kuvuraya huku vachiita nhetemwa kuzoti murume wake ngaatibvire zvedu kana aiva ashaiwa zvokuzuwa ngaaridze Chimbambaira chirimupoto

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 8 September 2014

Melody? Ko akachata naTuku muGwanzura ndiyoyu here. Haasiye melody ainge ari mukadzi wemuComrade akazoclaimer mukadzi wake after the war here, in 1981 or 82 thereabout?

tafunuka - 8 September 2014

I attended Melody and Tuku's weddin 1978 ended kanga kaka ganhira katema so. Ka kaima "Amai kuenda muchiti muchadzoka..masiya vana nenzara" but it was later released as Bybit Mtukudzi's brainchild, i believe Bybit is Tuku's sister.

heaveneaveah - 8 September 2014

She only got quite because she got a BMW, this is the sorry state of women in Zimbabwe they want material things not spiritual. She could have just forgiven her husband without asking that forgiveness to be bought.

maita - 9 September 2014

My advice to Daisy: Forgive your husband from your heart, not from your lips. You need God-given forgiveness. Read and understand "Proverbs", prayerise, then tell your husband you have forgiven him. You will be surprised to see the pain go away.

chale - 9 September 2014

In jus over a week, we have learnt that Tuku summarily dismisses band members without notice, spent meagre earnings lavishly well into the 90's and his wife is a distraught unhappy gun wielding woman who blames Tuku's sexual prurience for her simmering hypertension. Every marriage has problems, and I certainly didn't expect a book about Tuku to include sordid details of marital mishaps. I agree with you Nyamanhindi, what of a caption of Tuku as an ARTIST. What inspires the man - how he makes compositions and what motivates him into the various duets he does….how he comes up with and relates to his album titles, how he relates to the rest of the music scene and how he HIMSELF defines his own music and its evolution....a chance to glimpse into the life of a superstar turned into an unending and needless episode of Dzakafukidza Dzimba Matenga….neither Mutamba nor Tuku is emerging with any credit here – a lost opportunity

Murah - 9 September 2014

sorry for this but to my icon i say its not only you ho needs a manager i think daisy needs one. Mukoma Sam where are you where were you when all this information was given to the press. we all have our sides that we come to discuss openly with our wives which are not for public consumption to protect our person. Daisy although you wanted to ope up you have done a disservice to your husband, family and the nation at large life is not a dress rehearsal no-one is getting out of here alive the life of Tuku is a good story but you have painted it black "A GOOD BOOK WITH BAD ENDING" total mess that can not be cleaned easily

keaven simomondo - 9 September 2014

Melody akatorwa na comrade uyu Daisy akauya Melody aakutogara kwaComrade . Haana kutomboti ndaakuenda she just left.

Mai Dee - 9 September 2014

Iwe Daisly ndiwe wakatanga kuba murume wemunhu saka taste your own medicine. Melody akagwadziwa chose achigara mu three roomed yekuroja iwe watengerwa kuCranborne, uchibhururuka kuenda kumalawi nemurume wemunhu iye achisara akagarira guyo sembwa. U suffocated her until she eventually saw it fit to give you two space and she could not tolerate it anymore. U failed in your position as amainini to recognise her as Maiguru until their divorce in 1993 which I would like to believe u breathed a sigh of relief kuti zvaenda! Achaziwa ndiani zvimwe waitowedzera munyu panaMelody apo aidyiwa neshumba kuti dzinakirwe. My advice is eat a humble pie and sincerly apologise to this lady!! Kuna Tuku aiwa ko tingagotii zvedu "murume murume" asi zvamakaita SaManyanga hazvina chiremerero munenge maipakarawo too much futi imi!

Takaz - 9 September 2014

I wish to submit that this is as necessary a book on Tuku as it should also not be the last one. Tuku is a public figure who is human and therefore prone to many faults in as much as there are so many virtues of his that we celebrate. This book qualifies him as a historical figure in the same league as world celebrities like Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, O J Simpson and others of whom we know both the good and the ugly. Instead of denigrating Mutamba, it is only appropriate to pay tribute to his biographical skills to win the confidence of all those close to Tuku and pry open into his life 'backstage' so to speak, and bring out a text that will help both Tuku and readers at large to understand the man better beyond his image in music. Well done Mutamba...this is an important contribution to the History of musicians in Zimbabwe....and may your mind rest knowing that biography is also good business anywhere you go in the world. You have struck the note....all those who want to shoot the messenger, let the truth, unheard, fall on their heads and crush them...(Shakespear)

Chikomana Chemutambo - 9 September 2014

Shanje hadzivaki musha Daisy, inga wakaimbira rumbo naTuku wani -Svovi yangu.

Bhora Mberi - 9 September 2014

Mutamba has sold his relationship and proximity to Tuku for 30 pieces of silver! Hee Sam haagone hee Tuku anoda vakadzi......ndiye ega here pasi rino. Kudaiuriwe washambadzwa unonzwa seyi? this book will not add anything to the zimbabwean discourse!

Chitotororo - 10 September 2014

'Daisy says women throw themselves at her man and harass her because they want to get Tuku away from her.' he does not say she also took Tuku away from Melody. So where is Selby now? So took has another son?

maita - 10 September 2014

Chenjerai it is not only celebs who have women falling over to a man it is any man who can speak to any woman. As long as you can speak to any woman they will fall for you. Daisy did it when Tuku had Melody and why she got angry to try to shoot Tuku is the craziest thing she did and she must apologize to Tuku for that else Tuku is living wth a potential murderer. She is a material woman not in love with Tuku but his fame that is why she got silenced with a BMW. Tomorrow he can do it and silence her with a range rover. I may also take her if I bring her a Ferrari.

maita - 10 September 2014

does the book also includes all the drama that happens to tuku during his time in kwekwe . and the Daisy/kadenhe issue

radio kwelaz - 10 September 2014

You must always know that a man is a man to complain or not God created Adam not Eve . She was taken from Adam s rib .Have dominion

solomon - 10 September 2014

uchatoona rimwe richitevedzera chihure cheupenzi zvakadai. ko iyo miromo kutsvuka sandi edzi iyoyi zvinorwadza kuti people seem to condon tuku' endemic weakneses because the report reveals that he is still with that satanic behaviour apo rine mari richatiurayira nyika ne chirwere zibenzi iri

tozvireva - 10 September 2014

Murah, Murah Murah these are just extracts not the whole book. You wanted the author to publish the whole book in the Daily News? Do you think the author who has worked with Tuku for all these year will fail to capture chapters that talk about Tuku's music, evolution of his music, creativity, etc etc? Don't rush to criticise the book before you have even read it. If you feel the author has failed to write Tuku's story, why don't you go to Tuku and ask to write another book. You seem to be a great writer yourself with great ideas. Thanks mate.

Chris - 10 September 2014

If you are saying the gook will be good because it is radically different from the extracts we have been exposed to...what evidence do we have for that? Either way, the extracts would have been poorly chosen and cast a bad light over the book. Perhaps you have seen encouraging nuggets of research and writing from these extracts and you can point me to them - my reading does not suggest a book commensurate with the stature of Oliver Mtukudzi - but maybe you are right and the book will take a sudden turn towards the noble and professional upon acquisition (sounds rather implausible though)

Murah - 10 September 2014

Murah, I think you are rushing to criticise the author negatively. You are suggesting that he chose the extracts poorly. I don't think these extracts are poor because they sell the book. People love Tuku's music but they also love to read his juicy hidden secrets. I was looking at the hits of one of the extracts in Daily News and saw a wooping 24 400 visits. If the extracts were not interesting they wouldn't have topped such hits. I also think that the author touches at length many aspects of Tuku's music judging by an abridged essay on the Evolution of Tuku's music that Mutamba wrote on Tuku's website some years ago. In that research he looked at many aspects of Tuku's music. I have been following the author's writing because I was doing research on music for my dissertation. I am sure you will realise when you read the book that it will take a sudden turn into many substantial aspects of the music itself that you would want to read. I think it will be a great book, the first of its kind in Zimbabwe's literature. Let us be supportive of such great literary work and not denigrate the author. Tuku is human and makes serious mistakes. The book is a mirror and reflects the personality of Tuku as it is. You can't write a book and dwell on Tuku's music without a few chapters looking at his life. It would be a very boring biography. And the author chose a style unique to himself and personalises certain aspects because he said in the earlier stories that he includes some of his memoirs in the context of Tuku Backstage.

Ronald Chimombe - 10 September 2014

The truth is coming out, zvekuti Melody akatorwa naComrade kunyepa kwaTuku aida kuvhara vhara vanhu. The book makes their separation very clear. I can't wait to buy a copy.

Mike Hove - 10 September 2014

who really needs a chicky harsh and a needy woman and a complaisant lady in the house. Daisy clean yourself and respect your husband and everything will come to shape. maybe you are the cause of all this. usanongedza mumwe play your part first. we can find out that Tuku didnt approve you going this route. "FFT"

meja - 14 September 2014

Tuku has now disowned this book as containing "...made-up 'facts', half-truths and false interpretations..." - that puts into perspective your ill-conceived defence of this misguided narrative Ronald Chimombe et al

Murah - 15 September 2014

We said it! Mutamba has betrayed trust by publishing information obtained unfairly. Zvakafanana nemukomana webasa aoda kunyora twese twese twaakawana paishanda come on daily news has it gotten to this really!

Nyathi - 15 September 2014

@Nyathi - wandiuraya!

Mai 2 - 15 September 2014

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