Mujuru hits back

HARARE - Vice President Joice Mujuru has reportedly challenged Oppah Muchinguri to “take a risk” and stand for election against her at the December Zanu PF elective congress.

Mujuru, who until recently has been President Robert Mugabe’s nominal heir as first vice president of Zimbabwe and of Zanu PF, has headed off allegations that she is plotting to take over from Mugabe and was against the ascendancy of First Lady Grace, who is seen gunning for a higher post after being nominated to be the Women’s League national secretary.

With the Justice minister and Chirumanzu-Zibagwe MP Emmerson Mnangagwa locked in a perpetual succession duel with Mujuru, the vice president has emerged as a leading contender in taking over from Mugabe — but insiders say the former was a distant number 14 in the perking order and was not even in the presidium.

The issue is said to have exploded in the politburo last Wednesday, where there was a reported showdown between Mujuru and Muchinguri — a key Mnangagwa loyalist.

Muchinguri reportedly asked Mujuru to respond to the allegations, causing a hue and cry.

An apoplectic Mujuru challenged anyone gunning for her post to do so.

Muchinguri last month tabled the nomination of Grace to take over as the Women League's boss in a move reportedly meant to stymie

Mujuru’s takeover from Mugabe.

Some observers suspect Mugabe wants to hand over power to the First Lady, although most experts see this as politically impossible.

Matters came to a head in the politburo, when Muchinguri openly challenged Mujuru to also officially respond to electoral fraud allegations levelled against her from the Youth League elections.

Mujuru is said to have exploded during the hostile politburo meeting, chiding Muchinguri against reminding everyone that she campaigned to ensure she takes up the post of vice president amid resistance.

The vice president said that episode was over and challenged those looking to challenge her at congress to do so without prejudice.

“Don’t speak — go out and fight, then you will see,” Mujuru reportedly told her colleagues in the politburo after a heated exchange with Muchinguri, who she openly encouraged to field her challenge at the December congress.

“Now I say to other people, if they want to take the risk, then take the risk,” she said.

“That is good. And I am happy to fight. But if you take the risk you also have the chance to lose.”

Mujuru did not identify other potential rivals in the ballot scheduled for December, which will now be held by secret ballot, though she appeared to target Muchinguri.

Muchinguri was yesterday not taking calls from the Daily News.

But she has said her new post after relinquishing the Women’s League post would be given to her by Mugabe. She has stated that as a war veteran, she wanted a seat in the Zanu PF Central Committee.

If Muchinguri  opts not to run against Mujuru, the Mnangagwa faction could field another candidate. Mujuru reportedly said she was not against criticism averring that if she would not be criticised, then she would have no value, according to insiders.

While Mujuru has her own faction of followers within the ruling party, but, ever since general Solomon Mujuru, her husband, died mysteriously in 2011, she has battled for primacy.

Tensions have been escalating since Muchinguri taunted Mujuru while welcoming delegates to the sixth Women’s League conference in Harare last month.

Muchinguri, who is the outgoing Women’s League boss, chanted a highly controversial slogan: “Pamberi neZanu PF, pamberi neWomen’s League, pasi nemadzimai ano pisira varume mudzimba! (Forward with Zanu PF, forward with the Women’s League, down with women who burn their husbands.”

The slogan was widely interpreted as a jibe at Mujuru.

A magistrate in a March 2012

inquest ruled out foul play in the

August 2011 death of retired army general Mujuru, a major player in the contest to succeed Mugabe.

Youths aligned to the Mnangagwa faction told Mugabe at State House three weeks ago that he must be wary of people surrounding him in the presidium, amid reports they were plotting to topple him.

In 2004, Mnangagwa and his allies were accused of plotting a “coup” in what is now known as the Tsholotsho debacle

The group, including other senior Zanu PF members mainly provincial chairpersons, unsuccessfully

campaigned to block Mujuru’s ascendancy to the vice presidency, with Mugabe taking strong disciplinary action against the bunch.

In the aftermath of that episode, Mnangagwa was relegated to manage a backwater ministry for Social Amenities and Rural Housing.

He was, however, rewarded after the bloody 2008 run-off poll, where he was Mugabe’s chief election agent. Mnangagwa is blamed for spearheading the vanquished party’s brutal campaigns as the de-facto leader of the Joint Operations Command.

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Oppah Muchinguri kuita kwako nekutaura kwako kunoratidza kuti zispirit rehucomfort girl wemashef during the war in Mozambique harina kupera uye rakabaya rikatyokera. Stand on your own woman, don't pepertually lean on those man who are simply bent on using you. Vakatojairira kukusevenzesa kubvira kuMoza. Hee vaMugabe chakati..., hee vaMunangagwa chakati..... Ndiwe uchatiudza chakaurairwa Tongogara nokuti unochiziva ende waivapo.

Comfort Girl spirit in Muchinguri's DNA - 8 September 2014

oppah muchinguri is a useless vampire. how can she stoop so low and criticise a fellow woman? musoro wako wakazara mvura sewembudzi. unepoison kunge wengwena.

chandengenda - 8 September 2014


chimuti - 8 September 2014

she was comfort girl wemashef during the war in Moza and also knows exactly what happened to Tongogara so they repaid her by way of gvt ministerial posts and senior posts in Zpf, now they have come back again to her asking her to relinguish her women's league post for Grace, and they once again have promised to repay her this time with the VP post. indeed huComfort Girl hwakabaya hukatyokera.

Oppah is fighting women emancipation - 8 September 2014

mai mujuru yu should start fighting for the truth on the death of your husband for this is the only card left to save your political career. Wakakombwa negwena nemakava ogaga who have already written your political epitaph. Come Congress time you are gone my dear. Mutsiridza nyaya yokufa kwaRex Nhongo becoz this is the only card left to endear yu to the grassroots and save your political life.. Smell the coffee mamazana, makava agarira pagonhi. I hope you will take my advice seriously.

Killers of Rex Nhongo on your Doorstep - 8 September 2014

If all positions are going to be by secret ballot some so-called gurus maybe shocked and may end up with egg in the face. Mai Mujuru is not guaranteed for that.

maita - 8 September 2014

mai mujuru varikuda kutambwa yakatambwa Tsvangarai yokuti anosvika musi we maelections achingofunga kuti achahwina chete asingazive kuti tsoro yainge yatotambwa kare. Combination yengwena negava yakapenga uye inezvuru pasi.

Mukai mhamha - 8 September 2014

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GALLERYCARTRIDGES - 8 September 2014

Mujuru can even beat old ass mugabe in a secret ballot box. Let them contest you will see. Oppah and mnangagwa are just useless idiots who won't win anything in any election. Come December mujuru will shock you. Rex nhongo was murdered by chiwenga, mugabe, mnangagwa and oppah we all know that. They murdered tongogara before poisoning tungamirai these guys are very evil. I am happy makamba saw it and fucked grace a lot resulting to the birth of chatunga. I repeat and end it here no one at zanu can beat mujuru in an election people will cry we two months away.

mxolisi ncube - 8 September 2014

People like Mxolisi please fill me in on this one: When it suits the conversation Grace children were fathered by Pamire or Makamba..Then come another discussion, Oh Mugabe had children with his then mistress Grace while Sally was on her death bed..Saka ndeipi chaiyo manje? My guess is none

heaveneaveah - 9 September 2014

Hezvoka. Yu can't put a facade anymore if you are ZANU PF. Its time to battle. Nhai Muchinguri rega kuti rwadzisa nezva Solomon. Kana chiri chokwadi taura tinzwe rega kuita madimikira. Kana ari makuhwa wapinda mvura wakabata moto.

Chiguri Mabarwe - 9 September 2014

Mai Mujuru will win a fair & free election but not against the vicious plot which killed her dear husband.It's so sad but very true that Mai Mujuru lost everything with the tragic death of Solomon Mujuru. Remember what happened to MT.

ZHARAYAKARUMA - 9 September 2014

Mujuru is the face of corruption, kuda kunyaradza mapepa, kutuka the late Father Zimbabwe, kunyebera kushooter helicopter, ozonzi President. zvatofa izvo.

reason - 9 September 2014

Amai Mujuru just take aim at the uselees old man. Go for the Presidency. We will vote for you even as an independent candidate.

danger mubaiwa - 9 September 2014

Quite honestly,I'm anti ZANU PF but I feel mai Mujuru deserves respect in that party. Oppah should back off.Mai Mujuru &the nation lost her husband so tragically.MT lost his dear wife so tragically & some cruel people went on to plant women only to mock him as a womanizer after failing to destroy him politically.I will pray for Mai Mujuru.

TANGANDA - 9 September 2014

I want to remind mukadzi anonzi Runaida Mujuru kuti Jezebel haatongi chinhu kana Ahab akatsva. Vakairasa nekubata vanhu vaMwari Mujuru. You lake spiritual & divine wisdom of God. You shall not proceed from VP post in Jesus Name. Your woes will not end until you repent of your evils against God's prophets. I repeat in Jesus Name, No President!

WE SAID IT! - 9 September 2014

Oppah Muchinguri for VP. Watch this space. Mujuru is not presidential material.

Cheziya - 9 September 2014

Women are good only for either the kitchen or the bedroom! kkk

Johno - 9 September 2014

from the luk of things it seemz mai mujuru is on top besides ever wondered why mugabe wantd her in the vp post???? musabhaizwa that is a tough old lady and she wont go anywhere.....everyone knows that

jimmy - 9 September 2014

Mahure akaita savanOppah shut up. By now everyone knows your role in the war....kufongorera maboss..hahahahah. Soon you will tell us the true story about Togo and Mahachi. We must have a secret ballot for the president, VPs and and and...muone kuruza kunoita Mugabe.

Garikayi - 9 September 2014

Garikayi wandiwuraya nekuseka - wati iwe vana Oppah mahure basa rekufongorer ma boss! Mbabvu dzangu dzave kurwadza nekuseka.

Er - 9 September 2014

Pamberi naNgwena ini ndinofamba naMnangagwa .Mai Mujuru hapana chavanoziva .Ipai Mnangagwa Chigaro muone zvinoitika.Mukaranga ngaambopindawo .Pinzai muVhitori nyika inane iyoooooh!

manfred c - 9 September 2014

I believe we should have a clean mechanism of conducting our internal elections in Zanu pf.Mai Mujuru has the ability and she is a respectable sober mentality one who speaks with her own mind.Now we appeal to party members to have their choice governed by sense and not mere propaganda and discrimination on basis of gender.Let it be a smart duel between the candidates.

carson Macate - 9 September 2014

I think its time, Rex achidzoka ini. Gore iroro. Vanhu vese vachamhanya vachitiza kuState House. Do you really believe kuti akafa? Pane DNA evidence yakabuda here yekuti bosy yakatsva yaiva yake?

Sabhuku - 10 September 2014

sabhuku i also agree with you i believe he is hiding somewhere because the enemies were around him lets wait for December to see what gona happen izvi zvepfambi dzakaita sana Oppah nana Grece ngatisiyeyi tione tsvimbo nedowhe kwazvichawira

chabata - 20 October 2014

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