Obama scared of me: Mugabe

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe yesterday said despite his small stature, US President Barack Obama was scared of him though he was not a wizard or a murderer.

The 90-year-old president told his relatives gathered to witness the enthronement of two chiefs from the Gushungo clan at his rural home in Zvimba that Western leaders snubbed him from leaders’ meetings ostensibly because they were scared of him.

Mugabe spoke after he was left out by Obama when he hosted  47 African leaders to the landmark US-Africa summit in Washington last month which widened US trade development and security ties with the African continent.

“Chinoita kuti naikoka kamhumhu kangu aka ndibva ndatotyisa vananaObama vese ava mufunge. Ose mamwe maleaders angadzi angaungane asiMugabe hatimude ndogoti ko munyama here wangu? (What makes people like Obama to fear me with this small stature of mine, imagine all leaders can meet but I will not be included),” Mugabe said.

Obama invited African countries that are currently in good standing with the United States or are not suspended from the African Union.

Seeking to strengthen America’s financial foothold in Africa, Obama announced $33 billion in commitments after the US-Africa summit aimed at shifting US ties with Africa beyond humanitarian aid and toward more equal economic partnerships.

The US indicated Mugabe was not invited to the summit because he is currently a “Specially Designated National” (SDN) or an individual with whom US citizens and permanent residents are prohibited from doing business with.

Mugabe is also subject to US sanctions for rights abuses, electoral fraud and undermining democratic processes and institutions in Zimbabwe.

Seemingly miffed by the snub, Mugabe said in the past, Western leaders have literally ran away from him whenever he attended the same function with them.

“Kana kareko taiti tikaenda kumeeting vakaziva kuti ndiripo vanongo nzvenga pese pandiri vachingo nzvenga vachingo nzvenga. Handiuraye munhu, handisi muroyi ini. (In the past when we went for meetings and they hear that I was around, they would avoid me. I do not kill people, I am not a wizard),” he said to rapturous applause and ululations. “Isimba ramakandipa. Saka handingakuregererei kuti mabhunu adzoke. (But it is a result of the powers you bestowed on me. We will never allow the whites to return and take control of this country).”

Mugabe’s broadside against Western countries is at odds with the new spirit of rapprochement  that has seen the EU, which imposed sanctions on Mugabe and his inner circle in 2002 over alleged rights abuses, ease the embargo.

In the wake of Mugabe’s re-election last year, the EU has said it was resuming  direct development assistance to Harare this year if the European Council of Ministers votes to lift the embargo.

Speaking about his recent four-day State visit to China, where he said he was promised aid to support vital sectors such as agriculture and infrastructural development, Mugabe said the West imposed “sanctions” on him thinking he would be left out in the cold.

Snubbed at the US-hosted gathering of African leaders, Mugabe turned to “old friend” China, but critics say Beijing’s support is inadequate to revive his collapsing economy.

“Vaifunga kuti hatina shamwari vachitiisira zvirango pamusana pekuti takatandanisa mabhunu muno. Ngavaone kuti tichine shamwari (The Western countries thought we did not have friends elsewhere after they imposed sanctions on us when we chased away whites. They should realise that we still have friends),” he said.

In Beijing he got  VIP treatment: red carpets were rolled out for him, received a 21-gun salute, and toasts to “traditional friendship ... forged in the glorious years when we stood shoulder to shoulder against imperialism, colonialism and hegemony”.

Chines President Xi Jinping hailed Mugabe as a “renowned leader of the African national liberation movement” and “an old friend of the Chinese people”.

He said: “The traditional friendship between China and Zimbabwe was forged in the glorious years when we stood shoulder to shoulder against imperialism, colonialism and hegemony.

“The Chinese people value friendship and we will never forget those good friends and good brothers who have shown mutual understanding and support vis-a-vis China and who have come through thick and thin with us.”

Mugabe said his most faithful friends are his ardent supporters, who he said have backed him through thick and thin.

He said the West is angry with his rule because he does not pander to Western whims and has expropriated land from whites for redistribution to landless blacks under his agrarian revolution.

Avoiding the contentious succession issue and the factional fights that are threatening to rip his party apart, Mugabe said the remaining white farmers in Zimbabwe should go back to their countries of origin.

His speech was replete with humorous anecdotes.

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Obama is known of disliking mingling with abathakathi . A murderer is the one who kills other human beings like want the gukurahundi did in the 80s so Mugabe you are a murderer full time they is no doubt about that unless you are saying those yo gurahundi killed were not humans

Diibulaanyika - 7 September 2014

Obama is scared of Mugabe? Seriously? About what? Kuti titi kachasu, mudzepete, kangopisa zvinodhaka zvawanda.

George Kamande - 7 September 2014

kamande wandikuvadza nekuseka.

taurai - 7 September 2014

Yes you are a murderer and a wizard, period.

Chipoto vhaivhai - 8 September 2014

Mugabe has bankrupted Zim to a non-entity.

john - 8 September 2014

No one in US or EU is scared of the brutal Mugabe.They just hate him for his self-serving leadership style. EU&US do big business with China, the whole of Asia & Russia. What is so fierce in hapless Mugabe?He cud just have been joking to his Zvimba people.Mugabe's personal but hypocritical hatred for whites does not in way benefit a black Zimbabwean.

HAPANA KUTYA - 8 September 2014

Obama invited legitimate leaders. He does not fear anybody especially little poor and collapsing Zimbabwe. Kangomirira anosandidzira chete.

maita - 8 September 2014

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GALLERYCARTRIDGES - 8 September 2014

Mukapururudzira benzi rinodhotera mundiro yesadza. The man is just insensitive to his count.....sorry.....to our country"s needs.is busy creating an anti-investment climate.who needs the doctor here?Bootlickers shall continue to give thunderous applause till the country's economy is on its knees.

Matilda - 8 September 2014

You forgot to tell us that after all the honors in China he was also reminded that he is now too old and must go before the Chinese commit any money

Charle - 8 September 2014

Surely who can enter a meaningful deal with a 90 yr old person?China signed an MOU with Mugabe to politely ask him to go to hell. ZANU PF mps recently told Chinamasa in parliament not to disclose the Chinese deals bcoz there was just nothing to tell the nation.

MADNESS - 8 September 2014

Mudzepete! kamhande. Kikiiiiki

chipazhamongo - 8 September 2014

imagine obama being afraid of RGM thats a joke period vana Saddum Hussein vakawanikwa mumwena lets not be tribesman who listen to old folklore stories .he was trying to liven up his suffering people

imagine - 8 September 2014

Facts speak louder than words. 50 African Heads of States shared US$33 billion amongst them, or US$660 million each from Obama's summit. Bob got, not US$4 billion but actually US$6 billion on his own in China. Zimbos, take your pick!!!!

mageja siziba - 8 September 2014

What a lie about China giving Bob US$6 billion! Even minister Chinamasa was asked not disclose what Mugabe brought from China. What is the source of MAGEJA SISIBA's information? Please the nation is suffering & dying for correct information yet some people dance around with lies about something that affects people's lives.It's not fair.

MAFIKEZOLO - 9 September 2014

We need to be realistic in our thinking that we do not part ways with nature.The former imperialists yes they are interested in maintaining the status quo,that is the reason why they are having sleepless nights over Chinas growth.Its all about invasion of space.Let take it in mind that President Mugabe became the first African leader to grab the bull by its horns and he is paying for the price via those sanctions and other forms of sabotage.What we need to do is organize ourselves better,like the President has to deal with issues of governance and succession as a matter of principle and urgency for the good health of Zim and well-keep of ZANU PF as a party,however,we need to take cognisance of the fact that noone is indispensable.Zanu Pf shall always be Zanu pf and Zimbabwe as Zimbabwe even with or without Cde Mugabe

carson Macate - 9 September 2014

the china men is helping with building roads all over africa this is a very good thing the first thing HITLER did was build high ways this will help china to overrun Zimbabwe in a couple of hours and murder all the slaves we have been slaves for the last 300.00 years just keep on sleeping you will find out sooner or later right now we have already more than one of those murdering gods.

jack - 10 September 2014

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