Mujuru prevails

HARARE - Zanu PF’s highest decision making body, the politburo, on Wednesday upheld the Youth and Women’s League election results, keeping alive vice president Joice Mujuru’s bid to retain her post as second secretary.

Led by President Robert Mugabe, the politburo, as expected, rejected a last-ditch attempt by the losing rival faction reportedly led by Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, to overturn the elections result tainted by allegations of widespread cheating.

Mujuru has swept the decks in all the party elections, leaving the rival Mnangagwa faction reeling.

The politburo verdict cannot be appealed against.

“The politburo endorsed the two results for the Youths as well as for the Women’s League,” Zanu PF spokesman Rugare Gumbo told a news conference around 10pm on Wednesday night after the meeting that lasted 10 hours.

With the legal hurdles out of the way, Mujuru would be able to speed up her faction’s preparations ahead of the December congress, where she is now a favourite to retain her post as Zanu PF’s second secretary, despite a mooted internal challenge by the rival faction.

A senior official in the Mnangagwa faction told the Daily News yesterday: “We feel we have taken this case as far as we can go.”

He, however, said the politburo concluded that poll irregularities were a factor in the poll outcome, but not enough to justify overturning the result.

“The scale of the election tinkering has to be kept in perspective,” added the official.

“The number of the complaints received indicates that the voter suppression effort was widespread but thinly scattered.”

The ruling left both sides in the dispute — the Mujuru faction in one corner and the rival Mnangagwa faction in another — claiming victory of some sort.

Officials in the Mnangagwa faction said they tabled the challenge because they wanted the truth to come out.

“I was appalled that someone tried to manipulate the youth elections in that manner, an irregularity raised by mukuru (the President) himself,” he said.

Members of the Mnangagwa-led faction made serious but unsuccessful overtures to try and dissolve the youth elections, that were won resoundingly by the Mujuru camp last month.

The Mnangagwa faction had alleged “massive” fraud in the election.

Six party provincial chairpersons, sympathetic to the Mujuru camp, would have been shown the door had the Mnangagwa faction triumphed.

“They (the Mnangagwa camp) wanted the youth elections overturned but the President said he was above the situation and knew what was happening in the party,” said a high-level source aligned to the Mujuru camp.

“At the end, it was resolved not to discipline the chairpersons.”  

Mugabe however gave in to pressure from the Mnangagwa faction to have charges against youth leaders aligned to the faction, who have been suspended or are facing disciplinary measures, dropped.

Gumbo told journalists that the politburo meeting was frank as members openly aired their views.

“In there, everybody put his cards on the table and answered whatever was alleged to have happened so it was a really straightforward meeting,” Gumbo said.

He said Mugabe was in control of the ruling party and no one was misinforming him.

“The president made it clear that he is in control and he is still charge,” Gumbo said.

“He said he is not misinformed as he is briefed by government officials, party officials and the state intelligence. He said he is on top of the situation.”

Prior to the politburo meeting, top party officials publicly tore into each other in front of journalists, with one minister remarking that Gumbo is a sell-out who fed the Mozambican government with secret Zanu PF information.

Confirming the fault lines in Zanu PF, politburo members arrived in groups, exchanged terse greetings with their perceived rivals and kept a distance from officials from a rival faction.

On Monday Gumbo issued a press statement where he railed at alleged sell-outs and regime change proponents who he claimed were giving Mugabe fake love. 

Gumbo yesterday said he did not want to be drawn into a war of words “over lies”. 

A jovial Mugabe, walking slowly and in high spirits, dared Gumbo to reveal the sell-outs as demanded by some party stalwarts such as his nephew Patrick Zhuwawo.

One of Mnangagwa’s key allies told the Daily News on condition of anonymity: “We know who rebelled against our president in Mozambique. We know who plotted the bhora musango in Goromonzi in 2008. We know those who worked against our President. We are not fools, we want them out.”

Meanwhile the majority of politburo members — wether sulking or celebrating — made their way to the resort town of Kariba yesterday, where Mugabe conducted the “ground-breaking” ceremony of the Kariba Dam expansion project.

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This confirms what we all been saying in the past that Zanu pf never win any elections fairly and transparently. Zanu pf is a master in rigging elections. It is now using the same tricks against its own members. Mnangagwa, "what goes around comes around"

Mukonjo - 5 September 2014

wishful thinking, nobody prevailed, the more the opposition paper supports the other faction, the more that faction loses just like MT.

reason - 5 September 2014

The two Zanu PF factions are busy fighting not aware that the country is facing an even bigger challenge in the form of the economic meltdown. What plans does Mai Mujuru have to revive the economy? None!

Wilbert Mukori - 5 September 2014

Kwahi 'Zimbabwe ndeyeropa' Its quite inevitable that Zanu Pf Succession debate will always be resolved by Violence 'Pfuti', even from its infancy.

Silas Badza - 5 September 2014

ZANU pf thugs are always intoxicated by sikokiyana and will never be sober bcoz they are now addicts and always nursing bhabhalazi so our economy will never wake up from the dead never under these jackals never .

Diibulaanyika - 5 September 2014

The more that this inappropriately named Reason person tries to irritate fellow readers on this website, the more irrational and irrelevant he gets. But one thing for sure is that he loves the Daily News, judging by his fanatic addiction to this website, despite his futile utterances to the contrary.

Moses - 5 September 2014

MDC Renewal is trying to curry favour with ZanuPF. One wonders why they do not just fold their party and join ZanuPF because they share the same policies. This is what I call the “Tiri kutengesa matemo” approach. “We recognise the liberation struggle as an integral epoch and cherish its legacy in the history and posterity of this great nation,” read part of the resolutions by MDC Renewal in Gweru. “However, we take great exception and have no kind words for our erstwhile liberators who have betrayed the promise of the liberation struggle.” The party said the war of liberation was fought principally to restore the people's freedoms, equity and racial harmony but not much headway has been made since the demise of colonialism. “The liberation struggle sought to redress the unjust land appropriation by the minority whites. While we recognise the land reform and its irreversibility, it is still sad to note that the majority of the black populace still has no access to land and those who do, still have no security of tenure which would totally emancipate them from being pliant to the Zanu PF patronage system,” MDC Renewal said.

Musona - 5 September 2014

There was never an unjust land appropriation by whites. Before 1890 there was no nation-state: different tribes lived in small different village clusters. The locals did not need any land before 1890. WHY DID THEY NEED LAND FOR WHEN THEY HAD NO IMPLEMENTS TO DO ANY FARMING? The GEJO (ox-drawn plough) was brought by the white man. There might have been one hand-hoe in a village which was shared by the whole village. Hand-hoes (MAPADZA) were very very hard to come by. How much can you till or plough with a back-breaking hand-hoe? Not more than an 18-yard area of a football field. Whites owned large tracts because they had the unique skills to do serious commercial farming and the money to do farming. All black people were poor and could not afford to build houses of their own let alone have money to do farming. Before 1890 there was no factory to make FERTILISER or IRRIGATION PIPES or HOSEPIPES and no RUNNING WATER so why would they have needed any land for? Senseless. It was the whites who brought about the concept of land ownership. We should be thanking the whites for opening our eyes. It was the whites who set out the large borders with big farms. The idea that before 1890 people owned fertile land does not stack up. Fertile land to do what with one BADZA? I defy anyone to tell me why the local people needed fertile at all before 1890 when they only had one BADZA per village and how much you can till with a BADZA. Bear in mind the GEJO was brought by the whites.

Musona - 6 September 2014

one BADZA the whole village fine but why didnt the whites use their ploughs in their white lands and leave us to till our villages. you seem to be that apologetic fellow who feels sorry to be alife. shame!

chitova parks methodist - 6 September 2014

@chitova parks methodist - the whites did not sign any contract to mother black people. You cannot say to someone who owns a car that he ahs a duty to give a lift to ll those who have no transport to go to work do you? Senseless. Youhave no brains at all.

Musona - 6 September 2014

Some fools have been brain killed by Mugabe such that they no longer know we are a country of mixed races and many different tribal groups To some idiots this country does not have white people who are citizens and have every right to do whatever they want bcoz this is their country , The same to black Americans, black .french .British and so on they are no longer africans they are now citizens of those countries . So white africans are africans finish and klaa anyone against that is a lunatic and nothing wrong with him or her bcoz the chap is insane they is no way we can knock some sense into a sick skopo.

Diibulaanyika - 6 September 2014

I didn't answer this person chitova parks methodist properly. I must have been in a rush when I read the comment first time. This person's comment does not make any sense at all.

Musona - 7 September 2014

musona you madeup your mind to side with whites. no one will ever be able to knock sense in your head thats the problem. chitova parks is asking where the whites got permition from to invite themselves into our country. if you are genuine answer the question. @der asked you weeks bask about a list of black company directors and millioniares in the 1970s. for once be kind and answer the chitova's question.

taurai - 7 September 2014

Vanhu itayiwo nyasha urema hausekwi. Musona is confused. Varungu vanoshinha vakamuti murungu aye ndokuti "sure here bhasi". Tinoziva kuti iye murungutema. Akakurira kumayard baba garden boy amai house girl. I don't blame for tap dancing to white folks music like a little house girl.

Musona Takavarasa - 7 September 2014

Zvakaoma zvasekuru ava. Pese pese smith.

taurai - 7 September 2014

saka ava baba ava vanongopembedza vachena kureva kuti there was never anything good about us black folks....SMH..what do they call hate of ones own race zviya????

Mwenewazvo - 8 September 2014

Let's not lie.There was just nothing good about us black people before colonialism.We have all adopted a white man's style of life.We did not even have huts,let alone houses & schools. But this should not justify racism.We need a truly non-racial society.This black vs white war will never be won by anyone. Musona is reacting to some stupid racial utterances such as''Zimbabwe is for black Africans.'' We can never call Chinese blacks simply bcoz they pretend to be our friends.

KUPERERWA - 8 September 2014


water 1 - 8 September 2014

Aaaah nhai iwe Kupererwa naMusona, dzakakwana here? Muri kumwa mapiritsi api chaizvo ? Hamuna kuanonokera here coz anomhanyisa pfungwa ukanonoka kupinda pachirongwa. Kana mamwe emaChina mahombe hombe aye kana ariwo amakatenga kuMagaba kumasimbi kuye mapinda bussy vapfanha. Muchatinetsa kwenguva yakareba pfungwa dzenyu dziri pafast forward kunge fen belt.

shame - 9 September 2014

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