Daily News publishes explosive Tuku book

HARARE - Zimbabwe's fastest growing newspaper, the Daily News has been given exclusive rights to publish extracts of Oliver Mtukudzi’s explosive but controversial book, Tuku Backstage written by Tuku’s long-time publicist and veteran journalist, Shepherd Mutamba.

From tomorrow, the Daily News will exclusively publish extracts of Tuku’s book after being granted permission by Mutamba.

The intriguing 300-page no holds barred book to be released before the end of the year, was written over five years and comprises 25 chapters and 200 pictures never published before.

Tuku Backstage dwells on Mtukudzi and Daisy’s romance, squabbles, separation, love affairs, divorce and re-union while the singer’s first wife Melody opens up on her marriage to the legendary musician and their eventual divorce.

The book also reveals Tuku’s never-before-told secrets including when his wife Daisy chased the music legend around with a gun after one of Mtukudzi’s previously unknown sons turned up at Sam’s funeral.

Tuku Backstage also looks at how Mtukudzi was accused of shutting out his own daughters Selmor and Samantha, coupled with his secret relationships with several women, as told by ex-wife Melody and wife Daisy and his workers. Daisy also says in the book that she believes women throw themselves at her man.

Melody was Mtukudzi’s first wife and the couple divorced in 1981. Actually, Mtukudzi had a secret friendship with Daisy while he was married to Melody.

The bride price for Daisy was paid when Tuku and Melody were still legally married and living together as husband and wife.

Mtukudzi’s relationship with Daisy produced a child Samantha born in 1982.

Tuku’s association with Daisy developed into marriage but Melody refused to be in a polygamous union and filed for divorce in 1986 which was eventually granted by the courts only in 1993, seven years later.

The late Sam, is Daisy’s son.

The author of Tuku Backstage, Mutamba says he wrote the book with Mtukudzi’s full support and blessings.

“While a number of sources could not openly speak, Tuku urged me to still write the book. The book comprises my memos, two years of wide-ranging interviews with his close families and the star himself.”

Mutamba says the book may cause some readers discomfort.

“That is inevitable. I must write my thoughts obeying only my mind because that is creativity. I take delight in the liberties of literature, freedom of imagination and supremacy of thought.”

Mutamba says people fail to separate Mtukudzi’s music and character; hence they see great music and a great father, great husband and a man of integrity together.

“Tuku’s character must be viewed on moral and ethical grounds separate from his music. The music must not influence our honest opinion of the man himself.”

The veteran journalist says the book seeks to unpack Mtukudzi’s legacy. “Do we find the legacy in music or in the character or both?

“The legacy is his extraordinary music created at the human level to touch our hearts. The music itself far outweighs the man, his deeds and character. In fact the music is the opposite of the man.”

In the book’s preface Mutamba writes: “Tuku Backstage cross pollinates four genres biography, criticism and photography steeped in the music and life of Oliver Mtukudzi aka Tuku but also recollects some of my own memoirs from life and work experience and woven into the context of the book.”

“From where I stood as Tuku’s long serving publicist, the book inevitably finds itself criticising the man and his character. I frankly articulate my thoughts about Tuku’s contradicting personality but I also pay homage to his honest music.

“Exclusive photography exploding with indescribable emotion and hitherto unseen gives readers insight into Tuku’s ordinary human side and artistic.

“In Tuku Backstage one gets a view of what is held back about Tuku and discusses what is rarely conversed about his music. That is why I titled the book Tuku Backstage because it explores issues tucked away behind the scenes and beyond what is ordinarily known.”

Comments (13)

"Melody was Mtukudzi's first wife and the couple divorced in 1981" ...........then............................... "Mtukudzi's relationship with Daisy produced a child Samantha born in 1982" ................then....................... "Tuku's association with Daisy developed into marriage but Melody refused to be in a polygamous union and filed for divorce in 1986 which was eventually granted by the courts only in 1993, seven years later." ????? Musangomhayira kupublisher without proof reading mhani.

JSC - 2 September 2014

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GALLERYCARTIDGES - 2 September 2014

Saka akanyora Book apa ndiani chaizvo? Is this some one getting into what he thinks is Tuku by trying to speak for Oliver Mutukudzi?

Tonderayi Chanakira - 2 September 2014

all this is bullshit noone knows TUKU FOR SURE

mashotopiyana - 2 September 2014

@JSC You telling lies it never happened the way you are saying.Oliver Mtukudzi married a woman who had a relationship with one freedom fighters.The woman had thought that the man was dead and no longer coming from the war but to their surprise he came back in 1980 and he claimed back his girlfriend,who was already Tuku's wife and the opted to go to his long time boyfriend and Tuku was left alone. Ask anyone its story known all over.So stop lying.

denny - 3 September 2014

Denny why don't you let those who have the correct information, have researched and also have worked closely with Tuku do the actual writing and articulation of his life story? You Denny are merely speculating and spreading "myth" that have been spread over time and believe you me, I too have heard that tall tale about an alleged war vet's wife linked to Tuku but does smoke always signal a fire? Mutamba has, despite allegedly exposing warts and all about the legend's life, been given the green light to document the life of one of Africa's most illustrious sons. If you feel you Denny have a better grasp of this artist's life-story what then has or is stopping you from penning your own unauthorized biography of Tuku? Well done Shephered, this truly is a first in this country where famous people are so uppity about their private lives and would be hostile if the truth about them is documented by an independent observer. Even Tekere's brilliant bio chose to airbrush some events about the man that were unsettling eg. his alcoholism and dangerous temper. I cant wait to buy a copy of Tuku Backstage once its been published.

tafamutekwe - 3 September 2014

Already salivating ,its gonna be juicy ....what with pipo `s comments already

Genesis Exodus - 3 September 2014

I tend to agree with Denny's version of the story. Way back then in the 1980s and immediately after this woman snatching incident, Thomas Mapfumo composed and sang the song 'Madhebhura' warning in the relics that if you take my wife I will fight back ferociously.

tomasi ndofeni tohwi - 3 September 2014

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GALLERYCARTRIDGES - 3 September 2014

This will be a good book. I will definitely buy it. Tuku is human after all. Who said he is a Jesus. The problem with Zimbabweans is that they think that famous people do not sin. Even a corrupt minister will still be seen by Zimbabweans as an untouchable holy person. Makamboona munhu we ma band anoita mukadzi 1 imi?

Emru Kunanti - 3 September 2014

@denny - Now where did I lie? I just quoted what is in the story, the inconsistences and told the daily news to proof read before rushing to print. The story start by saying they (Tuku and Melody) divorced in 1981, then went on to say they filed for divorce in 1986, which was granted in 1993. Hiow can this be when the first statement is that they divorced in 1981? Denny, next time read before you start throwing accusation and exposing your daftness to the public. Idiot.

JSC - 4 September 2014

As long as Baba Selmor is a human being he is bound to engage in any activity any normal person can be involved in. Even great Bible characters had their own flaws; David, Moses, Saul, you name them. Great men of God, even heads of state the world over have also had their share of ugly files. All we can do is learn from both their success and failures. Defending a human being is the greatest mistake we make because we are not always with them in every place. Every individual has an ugly file known only by him/her. There is nothing unusual here. Only Jesus is passed through this planet and left blameless. We all try to emulate him but fail.

Enock (Sr) - 4 September 2014

Saka zvinei nePublic? nxaaa nonsense!

vj - 9 September 2014

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