Daily News fastest growing newspaper

HARARE - The country's leading newspaper, the Daily News, continues to record phenomenal readership growth — the highest by far among all dailies in Zimbabwe — at a time that its competitors are stagnating.

According to the latest findings of the media industry body, the Zimbabwe Advertising Research Foundation (ZARF), the Daily News grew its readership by an impressive three percent — from 12 percent of the total newspaper reading community to 15 percent nationally — in the first three months of this year.

The paper, together with its sister titles the Daily News on Sunday and the Weekend Post, is published by the Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe (ANZ). It was re-launched a mere three years ago, following eight years of forced and unjust closure by President Robert Mugabe's government.

ANZ Group Editor, Stanley Gama, attributed this impressive growth, most of it seemingly at the expense of its stagnating competitors, to the newspaper's winning brand of journalism and ethical editorial approach.

"There is no doubt that our success is largely down to our commitment to quality journalism and to reporting on all the news worth knowing as it is, without fear or favour. This inimitable approach has seen us re-establishing ourselves as the pre-eminent media brand in the country in this very short period that we have been back.

"On that score, I would like to thank all our valued readers and advertisers who have backed us to the hilt, including in those early days when we returned to the market and when our detractors were beating war drums against us.

"The market is a wonderful and great arbiter as today these detractors and would-be competitors can only marvel at the stunning successes we are recording while they wallow in myriad difficulties. To my team, I say keep up the good work," he said.

ANZ General Manager for Marketing and Sales, Pilate Machadu, said it had been gratifying to witness the immense support that the group continued to receive from the market.

"These latest figures from ZARF merely confirm what everyone already knows, that the Daily News has re-captured its market-leading position in its few years back. I cannot thank our readers and advertisers enough for their amazing support and the vote of confidence that they continue to give us," he said.

ZARF's Zimbabwe All Media Products Survey, which interviewed a sample of 4 000 adults across the country, revealed that about 40 percent of the urban population reads a daily paper either bought from a vendor or borrowed from somebody else.

Comments (40)

I want to broach the subject of journalistic ethics at Daily News. Why is it that this newspaper is always sucking up to ZanuPF by saying ZanuPF is a 50-year old liberation movement or that Mugabe was a guerilla leader? You're poisoning the young generation by force-feeding them with inaccurate news. That is not ethical in any way. You are always lionising ZanuPF when it was our votes which got Zanu into power in 1980. Some of us voted in these elections and were following events by the minute at the time. We want accurate information. The reason why Zimbabwe is in a mess is because of the media heaping praise on ZanuPF when it was our own votes which got Zanu into power in 1980 after Muzorewa's reign. You say “reporting on all the news worth knowing as it is, without fear or favour” - you are not doing so. It looks like you are petrified of ZanuPF. What do you say to this? I am not holding my breath. When this newspaper was under the editorship of Willie Musarurwa and Shamuyarira in the early 60s it was outspoken but has lost its spark kowtowing to ZanuPF.

Musona - 1 September 2014

vari right baba musona. vasiyeyi vaite basa ravo. tangai renyu kana musingadi kuti vataure history yekusunungurwa kwezimbabwe. vote did its part after the gun had done its part. both are one and the same thing. there would not have been a vote without war.

taurai - 1 September 2014

While we are at it we might as ell talk about colonialism. My feeling, which is different from many gullible people but based on logic, is that colonialism was by far and away the biggest and best thing that ever happened to this land. And that our ancestors did not need any large tracts of fertile land because (1) they had no implements to do any serious farming - the ox-drawn plough -gejo was brought by the whites (2) our ancestors has no farming skills (3) there was no landownership before the whites came in 1890- this was a concept brought about by the whites (4) there was no fertiliser or irrigation, (5) crops like tobacco, cotton and many others like lettuce, cabbages, oranges, onions etc were introduced by the whites. Whites introduced education and industries to this land. Why should we continue to lie to each other when we know the truth? Are we suffering from an inferiority complex? If we lie to each other how do we expect our children and grandchildren to grow up as upstanding citizens? Why should we be afraid to tell the truth? The Daily News should be at the forefront of telling the truth. Food for thought.

Musona - 1 September 2014

taurai - garden boy CIO regera musona ataure. Iwe ndiwe ani? Nyika haisi yako wega. Ibva apo mhani iwe.

Der - 1 September 2014

who told musona that our ancestors had no need for larger portions of land? what does he mean when he says that colonialism was the best thing that ever happened to us? not even whites justify colonialism even though they benifited from this unjust practice. non of our fellow african countries celebrate colonialism. i do not think that we should sink this low to presuppose that we would not have been able to progress with oppression. i beg to differ with both of you guys. the majority of the country saw it differently hence the war that led to our liberation. chako ndechako haufanire kupembedza anokubvutira. its time we start to look forward not backwards.

taurai - 1 September 2014

@der, wakumbira list yema millionair hauna kuiwana. urikunyeperwa naasekuru ava. newewo ungabvume kuti vanasekuru vedu vanga vasina need nenyika yavo here? Kutitsvinyira kusvika pekupedzisira. musiwauchaziva kuti musona murungu ndipo pauchaziva kuti waivaraidza danger. ini sekuru vangu vaidawo ivhu rinorimika kwete kujecha kwataka tinhirwa nevarungu. unotrusta history yakanyorwa nemurungu ichimupembedza iye seiko iwe?

taurai - 1 September 2014

taurai - saka toterera history yako yeku ma hostel ne hu garden boy? Unorwara. Zvese zvaunyora zvinorakidza kuti fundo ishoma.

Der - 1 September 2014

How can you claim to be the leading newspaper when the findings of the research by the said organisation put the herald at 26%, way above your 15%

Ndugu - 1 September 2014

Comrade @Ndugu, maybe it's time to whip out that ancient dictionary of yours and look for the meaning of leading. Oh, better still, just do a google search, as it is quicker. Finally, allow yourself to think that Daily News has only been back for three years and it is at 15% readership already despite having been shut down violently by Zanu PF, and your beloved Pravda, oops Herald, is at 26% despite being around for more than 150 uninterrupted years. Do the maths! Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

Kt - 1 September 2014

I still feel that your paper is polarized, and very inclined towards MDC-T . You need to move with times. Some of us are no longer interested in politics issues. We are starved of developmental news and Zimbabwean citizens' acchievements

chireshe - 2 September 2014

This Musona guy, I think his brain was not only washed by the white Rhodesians. The brain was removed and replaced with the white man's faeces.

Gogodera - 2 September 2014

Congratulations Daily News on your well deserved achievements, we look forward to more. You are a very balanced newspaper with no side that you are tilted to be it MDC-T, MDC-Renewal, ZANU or MKD and that is why your readership continues to soar. Your online site is perferct as well, unlike those of the other newspapers.

Dr Know - 2 September 2014

Thank you dailynews, keep it up. Continue the good work and take over the market, do your best to bring more advertisers to advertise in your paper,reach to real estate property industry,employers for vacancy columns, begin by making discounts etc you will be at the top. God bless Dailynews .

pagomo - 2 September 2014

Daoly news is MDC -T- mouth peace. Dont write politics we are fed up. If you shift your focus to business news i will start buying your paper. So far hamusati mambowana dhora rangu since you started and you will not get it. Politics dzakubhowa

wind - 2 September 2014

Haiwawo vana Bad Wind, mungoti chete hamuna mari yekutenga mapepa, kwete kunyepera vanhu kuti hamutenge Daily News nekuti rinoreva chokwadi. Dai raikubhowai pepa iri hamusaiswera pawebsite pano.

Musorodamba - 2 September 2014

I have put my argument in a civilised manner and we have these morons who start using stupid language. I was born in Southern Rhodesia and changed to be a Rhodesian in 1965 and then a Zimbabwe-Rhodesian in 1979 then back to a Southern Rhodesian in December 1979 and from April 1980 I became a Zimbabwean. If you are Zimbabwean now then your parents and grandparents were Rhodesians at some stage. All nationalists had Southern Rhodesia Passports so they were all Southern Rhodesians. Mugabe, Nkomo, Parirenyatwa, Mundawarara, Bulle, Takawira, Chinamano, Chikerema all studied and/or lived in S Africa in the 1940s an 50s and so had Southern Rhodesia Passports. In the early days of nationalism black nationalists had no name for the country. There was the African national Congress of Southern Rhodesia before National Democratic Party in 1960. It was only after Michael Mawema came up with the name Zimbabwe that Zapu was called Zimbabwe African People's Union. Calling me a Rhodesian does not worry me because that is what everyone was before. Go for the ball not the man.

Musona - 2 September 2014

The name Zimbabwe is the anglicised, corrupted version of Zimbaremabwe. Zimbabwe is meaning les to the Zezuru. I don't like this name. This is from Zimbabwe Ruins in Masvingo were Michael Mawema came from. The Great Zimbabwe is Arab/Middle East architecture without a shadow of doubt not Zezuru. I don't call it Shona because my understanding it came from abantu betshonalanga from Ndebele, referring to us the Zezuru.

Musona - 2 September 2014

Leave those with shallow minds praise colonialism because they claim to know when they don't know . Who on earth would say being abused and regarded as aliens in your motherland is the best thing to ever happen to this country , unless you are an inmate at Ingutsheni

Mose Ruddolf ( Hitler) - 2 September 2014

Musona is full of knowledge unlike all other dimwits here who are always crying we were oppressed so what?Are you not oppressed now?You have education but no jobs,you have land but no food,you have right to vote but get beaten for your choice,you have a house but no water or electricity,you drink sewage water,you cannot discuss the future of your so called country because of fear of being labelled a regime change agent,a 90 year old grandfather is still deciding your future and that of your kids..hahahaha...where is the africaness in that where is the pride of being black in that..since 1980 how many innovations has self rule brought about?how many industries have opened?Besides being starving billionaire or quantillionaires, very sorry to this blackness if all it brings is poverty,suffering,oppression,self rule which lacks leadership qualities,lack of development,borrowing...where is the pride of a father if he cannot provide for his own family ?So pathetic Zimboz very selfish and very cruel u are..u claim to be educated but do not know how to use the education..even those not educated are worse off..you are all copycats..no wonder why we don't have even a national dress...

Tote - 2 September 2014

I am very much pro-colonialism. Instead of parroting the nonsense from the nationalists whose education was sponsored by the colonialists this newspaper should be at the forefront of stating fearlessly what priceless benefits we got from colonialism when our ancestors were mired in the Stone Age. One of the most important things colonialism brought was SCHOOLS, industries, weather forecasts, irrigation, MAGEJO (ox-drawn ploughs instead of our traditional back-breaking hand-hoes - MAPADZA), hospitals, tarred roads, electricity, Kariba Dam, mines, TOILETS, running water, spectacles, beds, shoes, handkerchiefs, underwear, watches, mirrors, matches, cars, aeroplanes, bicycles, hosepipes, books, pencils and pens, paper, toilet rolls, newspapers, radios, TVs, telephones, trousers, bras, banned primitive ritual of killing twins, banning early marriages for young girls, high-rise buildings or multi-storey buildings, razor blades, scissors, bath soap, towels, socks, coats, washing powder, rulers, calculators, camera's, railways, buses, trains, toothpaste, perfumes, combs, nails, hammers, spanners, needles, computers, photocopiers, guitars, envelopes, tractors, toothbrushes, saws, WHEELS, etc etc etc. We take most things for granted which were not there before colonialism. If you look around you will find 99.9% is from colonialism. That is an incontrovertible fact. Why should politicians want to be regarded as educated but anti-colonialist when education the brag about was only brought by the colonialists? Rank hypocrisy. I have never come across a single black person who does not want education or who does not want to be regarded as educated. Colonial education in the past was regarded as the measure of one's superiority - it still is. I am afraid it all started with colonialism.

Musona - 2 September 2014

Even the Blair toilet for the Reserves was invented by a colonialist's grandson.

Musona - 2 September 2014

Muson I repeat, the whiteman removed your brain and replaced it with his faeces.

Gogodera - 2 September 2014

Musona I repeat, the whiteman removed your brain and replaced it with his faeces.

Gogodera - 2 September 2014

But why does it take you long to update the news online. Please do something here.

tolga - 2 September 2014

Thats stretching the meaning of the stats to wring out a bit of silver lining. The Daily News will never eclipse its long lost popularity under Geoff Nyarota. Like most papers in the country it has become a shallow, elementary paper that uses misleading headlines to sell copy. We need a new rennaisance in Zimbabwean journalist with real thought leaders and opinion leaders in thenewsroom.

Observer - 2 September 2014

@Musona. While I support you on some of your views, I do not support you on your efforts in trying to mislead the public by referring the Zimbabwe ruins as an Arabic monument. Please stick to your reminiscing about the Smith era and stop dishing out that unnecessary lie. And to Gogodera, please that kind of language is totally uncalled for on this platform. Why are you people so bitter, and why attack each other instead of the system that's causing all this frustration on the both of you. The architects of your frustrations must be laughing and enjoying all this.

Dr Know - 2 September 2014

@Musona. One more point you need to know, when the Ndebeles spoke about 'abantu basentshonalanga', they were not referring to Zezurus but to the Rozvi people who spoke Shona in the persent Karanga dialect. Zezuru is just a sub-dialect that came to being much much later after the migration northwards of some Shona people from the Great City of Dzimbahwe.

Dr Know - 2 September 2014

I was not asking whether the ruins were Karanga or Zezuru, I have stated categorically that the Zimbabwe Ruins, so named by the colonialists, are Arab architecture, full stop. Believe what you want, to me itis typical Arab architecture. Built by the Arabs during the slave trade. Arabs used to trade in slaves in this part of the world. The nationalists will dispute this because they want the world tobeliee they are the original inhabitants. I can post what the Indian Ambassador had to sy about these Ruins. Dr Know is the same chap who is posting as Godegora and taurai. Son of a ....... Idiot.

Musona - 2 September 2014

@Musona, if you look at my kind of language, you will see that it is totally different from yours and that of Gogodera and Taurai. You are a bunch of bitter old men that are frustrated because you probably got left out when other people of your age were looting. Why do we always have to hear about mapadza and Smith? If you have nothing new to contribute, please do not waste space on this site. And if you were so learned as you would like to have us believe, you would have been able to read the instructions above which clearly state that we should refrain from using abusive, vulgar, racist, tribalistic, sexist and hurtful language. And can Musona explain why such architecture at Great Zimbabwe, Nalatalie, Dhlodhlo, Khami and other smaller ruins is only found in this part of the world , I'm yet to hear of such ruins in India or the middle east.

Dr Know - 2 September 2014

@Observer, the Daily News reached its highest ever circulation before it was shut down under the editorship of John Gambanga not Geoff Nyarota. You are peddling falsehoods.

Manyepo - 2 September 2014

@Dr Know - Zimbabwe is not your mum's private property you idiot. It's as if we are talking about your mum's bottom. Idiot. Someone must have told you this country was bought by your mum you idiot.

Musona - 2 September 2014

Musona, I feel very very sorry for you bitter old man. I wonder if your mum doesn't have a bottom too. You will die a very bitter old man, maybe you should have joined the gravy trian then you wouldn't be so bitter. May The Creator of heaven and earth help you.

Dr Know - 2 September 2014

@Dr Know - stupid bastard. Fils de pute

Musona - 2 September 2014

@Dr Know - whether I am frustrated or not is none of your business. I did not ask you to help me. I don't need your help. My comments have to do with the political situation which has nothing to do with you. My problems have nothing to do with you. You do not own Zimbabwe. Idiot.

Musona - 2 September 2014

mavakuona musona uya kuti ane agenda yake iri different from the rest of those posting comments on this site. haagumiri pakuti smith akanga akanaka. kwaari munhu mutema haasi chinhu. ndipo panda tadzana naye mumwe wangu uyu. imi vadiki tsvagai information mega kunana sekuru nana baba venyu vakakura nguva yaana smith and the you can reach your own conclusions on these issues. it may be risk to rely on someone who was educated by the opposite. there is no way smith would publish colonialism books that celebrate the achievements of blacks. maakumuona kuti iyezvino asiya smith avakuenda kumaarabs. zvese ndezvekunyepa.

taurai - 2 September 2014

dr know you are right vulgar and vile language haina kunaka. fun enough, musona claims to have been born in the 1940 which would put his age above 70yrs. but language yake does not seem to suggest that. perhaps tirikunyeperwa about his age again. @der any list of company directors and millioniares yet?

taurai - 2 September 2014

in my view, colonialists only gave very limited education for the purpose of exploiting and looting natural resources. vanhu varikutaurwa kuti vakadzidza nasekuru musona vakadzidziswa nemachechi kunyanya. zvikoro zvizhinji zvandinoziva ndezvemachechi. varungu vakauira pfuma vaisada kudzidzisa munhu mutema. zvekuti vakauya nemareza ndizvowo asi musakanganwe kuti vanhu vakatenge vavaku trader nemamwe marudzi. thats the reason tiinana sinyoro. kuti sinyoro chiputukezi meaning portugal. in time we would have arrived at the same level irikutaurwa namusona without smith crew.

taurai - 2 September 2014

I think this is a matter of semantics, The daily news is the fastest growing paper into oblivion, facts on ground point to everything like a once popular daily, then going down to zero and now its at 0.009, then it starts saying we are the fastest growing paper, or maybe as toilet paper because most of the publications will be superseded the next day by another large chunk of rubbish, most of it trying to prop up a clueless and dead politician in the name of chematama, so the result it becomes more of a wrapping paper or toilet paper used by the idiotic supporters and readers.

reason - 3 September 2014

Yippee, Unreasonable Reason is alive and spewing sewage from his mouth as usual. What a dunce. Kkkkkkkkkkk.

Kt - 3 September 2014

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