Yet another ridiculous decision by ZC

HARARE - The decision by ZC to suspend Tinashe Panyangara over an innocent WhatsApp video is totally absurd and a ridiculous one by fellows who continue to outdo themselves when you think they can’t get any worse.

Panyangara was expelled from Zimbabwe’s squad for the remainder of the triangular series with South Africa and Australia after the seam bowler tried to psych up his teammates by sending them a video of Australia speedster Mitchell Johnson’s fiery short-pitched assault against England in the Ashes.

Now this should rank as one of the single most embarrassing decisions ever made by a cricket body in the history of the game. It’s scandalous and incredible that ZC could get away with it!

An unbelievable decision, yet not one that particularly surprises me. If you can find an organisation that is more of a joke than ZC then you need to look far and wide.   

Who doesn’t know the threat posed by Johnson in his pomp, and how a simple reminder to your teammates of what to expect amounts to “indiscipline and disruptive behaviour” is nonsensical and sums up exactly what the people at ZC know about running the game, and their treatment of players.

Disgusting decision by ZC, but no surprise there. Another clear smokescreen for covering up the organisation’s failings.

A major organisation run top to bottom by jokers!

Mind you this comes from an organisation where the welfare of the people who bases the very existence of the association, the players, is not deemed worthy of high priority, so no one can be all that surprised at yet another mindless decision.

It does seem more than a little bizarre.