Zanu PF factions abuse First Lady

HARARE - Warring Zanu PF factions are openly abusing President Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace to settle political scores ahead of the decisive December congress, national chairman Simon Khaya Moyo heard yesterday.

A meeting of provincial chairpersons at the Zanu PF headquarters resolved to put a lid on the rampant abuse of the First Lady’s name.

Khaya-Moyo presided over the meeting along with the national political commissar Webster Shamu.

Khaya-Moyo reportedly read the riot act, fuming at “some power hungry elements” seeking to discredit rival factions by roping in the name of Mugabe’s influential wife.

He said in a statement after the meeting: “This (Zanu PF) is not a media party and its operations cannot go through the media.

“I must warn the party leadership at every level not to use the media to abuse the First Lady’s name for whatever reason. The first family must be respected at all times.”

Since her entry into mainstream politics after being nominated to be the Women’s League secretary, Mugabe’s wife has hogged the limelight, with feuding party officials concocting sensational tales which cast their opponents in bad light and placing them at loggerheads with the first family.

Torn between two factions, one reportedly led by vice President Joice Mujuru and the other by powerful Justice minister Emerson Mnangagwa, Zanu PF has been weakened by unprecedented infighting that has played out in the media in recent days.

Chairpersons perceived to be loyal to Mujuru have been the biggest casualties of a seemingly calculated smear campaign. They have been cast as opposed to Grace’s rise.

Zanu PF Harare province early this week frantically tried to quell speculation that the provincial chairperson Amos Midzi and some top provincial officials were opposed to Grace’s spectacular rise in politics.

To deflect the scandal, the province offered a central committee post to Grace. There were reports that Harare had rejected her and wanted her to to go Mashonaland West,  pointedly Zvimba, Mugabe’s rural home.

Apparently, the argument that Midzi alongside politburo member Tendai Savanhu, were against Grace was peddled by frustrated party officials with an axe to grind with the duo, officials said.

Across the country, some party officials have been suspended and in their defence, claim they are being purged because they support Grace.

A source in the ruling party said it would be suicidal for anyone to openly oppose Grace’s political ascendancy.

“That will be taking the (minister of Energy and Power Development Dzikamai) Mavhaire stance that Mugabe should go. We all know what happened to Mavhaire when he said that,” said a source.

Mavhaire courted the ire of Mugabe in the late 1990s when he infamously declared that Mugabe had to go. After making the statement, he sank into political oblivion and was only
extricated last year by the 90-year-old Zanu PF leader from the jaws of near-destitution.

Although the party position is that the provincial chairpersons meeting was an ordinary conclave, sources said it was “heated and tense.”

A senior Zanu PF official who attended the meeting told the Daily News that an angry Khaya Moyo told the provincial chairpersons to desist from handling “sensitive party information through the media.”

The chairpersons were told yesterday to deal mercilessly with those flouting the party’s rules.

“Provincial chairpersons were told to take a firm line and discipline people like (deputy Foreign Affairs minister Christopher) Mutsvangwa who have said ill of their seniors in the press,” said the source.

In a shocking and unprecedented move, Mutsvangwa recently attacked senior party officials including Mujuru, casting aspersions on her liberation war credentials.

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felix - 28 August 2014

Whatever happened to motormouth Jonathan Moyo? Silenced by Mugabe. Afraid of losing his job second time around. Very unlike him to be so quiet for such a long time. Minister of Information has gone for close to 2 months in total silence.

Musona - 28 August 2014

Mugabe must go damn it! He is 90, for sh!t's sake! he must take his lose woman with him too! that Goreraza former skank

Mapungubgwe - 28 August 2014

Moyo is quiet (mouthwise) but his pen is as busy as ever. Look at all the stories to do with factional fights in Zanupf, coming through Herald especially and you can see his hand at play. He is still pushing for his faction big time. Who do you think engineered this Harare province against Grace story? Check the Herald take on the story, its against VP's faction.

Watcher - 28 August 2014

Our country is being run by a bunch of old men like a it's a private company while we watch. We have Mugabe as the C.E.O and the ministers as the shareholders with us as mere poor consumers. When will all this craziness come to an end? Heaven help us all.

Dr Know - 28 August 2014

Mutsvangwa ndiye ega akarwa hondo saka mese nyararai.

Wasu - 28 August 2014

Day in day out we cry because this 90 yr kehla has soiled our country that it is now difficult to leave in it . We are now a nation of matshiyi nyokas and we all now want to leave this country bcoz of this bwidi demety!!!!!

Diibulaanyika - 28 August 2014

She has made herself available for abuse saka ndozvo.

John Banda - 28 August 2014

The notion that blacks were suffering until Mugabe and his gang rode into town is frankly a load of cobblers. Suffering from what? Most of the stuff you read about what was happening before 1980 is a pack of lies. US Secretary if State Henry Kissinger met Ian Smith in Pretoria on 18 September 1976, Kissinger proposed majority rule after a transition period of two years. However, the Frontline States then abruptly revised their stance and turned the Kissinger terms down, saying that any transition period was unacceptable! I don't know what the Front line states were playing at. Zanu and Zapu wanted power the next day but had no clue how to run a government! Zanu and Zapu were also fighting each other for power although they pretended to be united. We could have had the Angola situation where Unita fought MPLA government from 1975 up to 2002. It was nothing but a power struggle between Zanu and Zapu. These politicians just wanted power. They had every RIGHT to contest for power but they should not lie that people were suffering - I did not see that myself.

Musona - 29 August 2014

its either you do not know what suffering is or you are white. The rest of us suffered too much under smith. We don't even want to hear his name. Imi vakuru vekuHighfields maidya nevarungu vamwe vachitamba nhamo. Sera muchidemba murungu every day. It does not matter that mugabe nankomo vaida zvigaro. what matters is the country in no longer ruled by the vazungus. That does not exonerate the ills we are exposed to under zanu/zapu pact. No, we do not celebrate corruption. We are praying for the emergence of a future leader who would be patriotic in the truest sense. Untill then, we can only hope. No to smith mr musona. Teereraiwo vamwe.

taurai - 29 August 2014

Guys. the problem is that some of us keep placing their faith on Zanu pf. These dictators have failed long time ago. So best we organize ourselves now because honestly the Zanu pf ship will sink come December.

konaldo - 29 August 2014

taurai - regera Musona atipire. Why everytime uchingogambira? Uri CIO here?

Der - 29 August 2014

Zvawanyora zvirinani shamwari konaldo. Kwete zvaasekuru varirwarira kutongwa nemangezi. People should start thinking beyond the current state of affairs. Ramangwana rinoda kurongwa kwete kungo chema simiti simiti woye.

taurai - 29 August 2014

The First Lady has put herself on a platform where she should not be. So, she is bound to feel the heat of the kitchen. I think nobody sat down with her to teach her what being a First Lady entails. The national First Lady should not be a Zanu(PF) First Lady. But she has reduced herself to a party first lady, unfortunately, and now the consequences include the destruction of the party of her husband.

Chenjerai Hove - 29 August 2014

kwete @der. handisi c10. ndinodakuti iwe kana mwana wako agotongawo zimbabwe kwete kuipa kuvarungu. ndaramba murungu chete. tiri vanhu vakaenzana hapana anofanira kuita mumwe muranda.

taurai - 29 August 2014

taurai - unogoti kuronga rwamangwana seyi handiti kuronga rwamangwana kuziva kuti nezuro zvinhu zvaimbo famba zvakanaka seyi? To get solutions we have to look back and see why things weren't so bad before? Makes ssense doesn't it? Kwete zvako zvakuda kuvhara vanhu kuti musacheme nekuti iwe urikutambira mari yehu CIO. Ibva apo mhani iwe. Ko iwe ndiwe ani unoita basa rekurambidza vanhu kutaura? Chii chawaita kunze kweku vara musona?

Der - 29 August 2014

Grace Mugabe is NOT Robert Mugabe as she will find out when the time comes!

Johno - 29 August 2014

@der ndiri muzimbabwean through and through. I am not happy if any of my people is looked down on. Musona akati akadzika zvecolonialism ne history. History iyoyo yakanyorwa nani. Ndeya vanasekuru vedu here kana kuti ndeyevarungu. Zvinomeka sense nekuti zvakagarirwa pasi. Hazvisi zvechokwadi. ipropaganda yaarikushandisira kunemi vechidiki nekuti anoziva kuti you may not have experienced the era yaana smith. Mabatirwo akaitwa vanhu nanasmith ndiwo akakonzera kuti vavarwise. If they treated us as equals perhaps we would have treated them the same and maybe zim ingadai yakangoita sebotswana. Ini ndinoda kuti ti chengetedze nyika yedu. Hatitangire pa argument iri onesided ino pembedza varungu vega. Kana zvichibvira, chimbo mubvunza zvinhu zvitatu zvakakanganiswa na smith ti nzwe kuti anoti kudii. Zim inyika yako @der. Ndiwe watinoda kuti uitungamire kana uchigona kwete smith. to me that is a principle.

taurai - 29 August 2014

One wonders why CIOs always defend zanu and Mugabe when actually they are suffering like all zimbabweans Their houses or flats along Tongogara st in Harare for example have broken toilets which no longer flush , falling ,doors , dirty walls indoors which need painting . leaking pipes, lights missing . while drain blockages are the order of the day . You may be living there mahala but not comfortable I mean the guys are living like gulube and gundwanes the salaries are not good although they still go hunting for those who want to bring change or speak against their king Matilbili and kill them . They are also used to go to rural zimbabwe to intimidate voters . So one wonders if these guys have families which they look after or they just enjoy working and live under such pathetic conditions with no gainful salaries Hey !!! i fail to understand why a sane person can want to be a zombie for Mugabe forever pliz do not defend him you are killing this nation by so doing and you also gain nothing but bring poverty to your homes.

Diibulaanyika - 29 August 2014

taurai - kana iye Musona achiti varungu ngavadzoke arikukanganisa. Handina kuona paati varungu ngavadzoke. Inga arikuti ma politician echivanhu had every right to contest for power but they should not lie that people were suffering. I was in my late teens munana 1980 - I have a rough idea of what was going on. It was better. Ndinowirirana nevanhu vanoti Zanupf yatadza basa. Asi iwe taurai kana uchiziva kuti people were suffering taurira, se zita rako, musona kuti suffering yaive papipacho kwete kuti Ah haudi kunzwa ne zva smith kunge zve ma CIO. Regera zvese zvibude. We want to hear all shades of opinion esp kubva kune madhara. Today musona ataura zvinhu zvandakanga noising zive kuti smith akabvuma majority rule muna 1976 asi front line states ndokuzoramba. iwe regera vanodakutaura vataure. Kan usingade zva smith nana musona vhara page yacho - don't look at the comments. Urikuita zve CIO chaizvo kuti musa cheme, firai mumbereko. Haibude iyoyo.

Der - 29 August 2014

Muni'nina @der murungu akanga ariye final authority. Remember kuti ivowo vaiita propaganda just like kuti musikana asina ku trainer akadonhedza ndege yehondo. That may well be propaganda. Varungu vaiitawo. Most likely ndiyo mabhuku akashandiswa navamusona pazvidzidzo zvavo. Ini ndaigara kumusha kwaiuya mapurisa avo vaititenhera mumakeep semhuka. Taiiti tikaenda harare taigara kumbare mumahostels. Imomo tai inspectwa kunge mhuka. Zvaiti inspection ikamge yapera mososununguka. Waisa gara mumota nemurungu aito prefer gugara nembwa yake iwe mutema uri kumhepo even kuchinaya.Taive vasungwa munyika yedu. Munin'ina that was very provoking and thats why people in their big numbers left to join the freedom fighters. Kuna musona those who fought the war were misfits in the community. Kwandiri there was need for people to stand against such a system. That does not what is happening to day something to apprecite no. The level of misrule and corruption is too much. I do not agree with it. However, i also feel that if we cede our country we would have been unjust to the next generation. Thats the reason i disagree with musona. I did not discuss how whites excluded blacks participating fairly in economic matters. Kwaive nema stage humunhu first class ndivo varungu, second makaradi, then vanhu vatema. Nemabasa ndizvozvo. Kudzidza kana kusadzidza manager murungu foreman karadhi labourer or general hand mutema.

taurai - 29 August 2014

Our politics should be devoid of insults. we should teach our children how to respect leaders and also accommodate dissenting views. Pls logon to and earn some cash from home Registration is free

Joshua - 29 August 2014

taurai - zvawanyora typical Border Gezi school ye CIO. All the time ukabvunza any CIO anokutaurira nezve ma hostel, kugara kushure mumota yemurungu sebwa. Can you say inspection ye muma crowded and dirty hostel i suffering? Ma hostel were meant for single men chete yet ukaenda kuma hostel whole families are living in a space meant for one person. I have been to the hostels 3 times and zvandakaona muma hostel hausi hupemyu ihoho. Pamwe paive nema partition e curtain. Total chaos. From the information I gathered about ma hostels - some people were happy for the police kuti vaite inspection because they were losing possessions to strangers when they went to work. Some were complaining about noise. Some were beaten up by the powerful hostel dwellers if they complained about noise or encroachment. Iwewe taurai what were you doing ku ma hostel? Were you the legal tenant or relative of a tenant? There are constant fights in the hostels. Chaotic. Inspection inonzi nevamwe it was the right thing to do nekuti vaitombo sununguka. Zvaurikutaura kunyepa because if you were not a legal occupier you were thrown out. Zvana ma keep ku mamisha handiti kwakange kune hondo - ndo hondo yacho zve. Waikwidzwa motokari kangani ne murungu wacho? Muchienda kupi? Wakange uri garden boy here? Waigara wakakwidzwa kumashure muchienda kupi nguva yese? Zvakaitika kangani? Waidiyi kuramba wo tora lift? Zvema freedom fighters zvaiitwa ne vanhu vakange vanechigumbu chekushaya mabasa kana kunge vakadzingwa basa, kana kusaenda kuchikoro or kukundikana kuchikoro, uyezve vasina mhuri. Vamwe kwaingove kuenda kurikuenda vamwe. Cede the country to who? 14 million black ganda ceding to who in this age? Paranoia. Svondo rakapera musona akati kwakange kune ma director e ma companies echibhoyi wani? Inin baba mudiki vangu vakange vari production supervisor wani ne company car?

Der - 29 August 2014

taurai - I am sure wakaenda ku boarding school. Muma dormitories each student had a small bedside cupboard and a bed. Everyone went to classes at the same time, went for breakfast at the same time and went to bed at the same time. Hakuna aisara achivhura ma cupboard evamwe vari mu class. Ndizvino fanirwa kuita muma hostels. Mu nzvimbo yakaita se hostel zvinoti netseyi nekuti kana mumwe ane ma relatives vanosara vari mu hostel vachiita zvavanoda, kana kushandisa utensils dzemhunu ari pa next position mu hostel ariku basa - is that fair? Ko kana mumwe munhu ane mhuri ne vana vacheche vachiita mheremhere vamwe varikuda kurara vari ve ma shift kubasa - zvinoita here izvozvo? Wouldn't you want to go to work une peace of mind kuti ma possessions ako are safe ku hostel - kuti hapana anokubira? Saka inspection was the right thing to do. Handinzwisise kana uchiti - how whites excluded blacks participating fairly in economic matters. Ko zvakwakange kune ma company directors e ganda wani - zvaifamba seyi? musona akambotaura mazita avo ini handiazive. Asi vamwe vairambidzwa here vamwe vachibvumidzwa?

Der - 29 August 2014

taurai - zvino ndiyo suffering yacho iyoyo kuno manikidza kugara mu hostel mu position meant for one person iwe wo uya oti inspection yaitishaisa kufara. Zvese zvawanyora yazvina ne musoro wese. Enda ku ma hostel nhasi unozvionera kuti kwakamira seyi. I wouldn't want to live in such a place - dirty, smelly, noisy, no privacy, overcrowded, just like living in the open. Ndo inonzi slum chaiyo. To cede the country to who in this day and age? Ivo vacho varikuda kutibira nyika varikupi? Vangani? Zvana colonialism zvakapera karekare. Iwe ndiwe munhu asina ne ma facts kana. Urikungo wawata zvawakafundiswa ku ma Border gezi college. You are unable to substantiate what you have stated. Zve sure sure ungati pane vanhu varikuda kuita colonise Zimbabwe muna 2014? Zvine sense here izvozvo? Ibva apo uri zi benzi.

Der - 30 August 2014

MUSONA you are a liar , yes its true mugabe has destroyed the country but to say blacks were not suffering pre 1980 is a FAT LIE.maybe you were not born then .in those days blacks were amazed by simple things as owing a car, a bath tub , a bathroom in the house, built-in kitchen , let alone jumping on a plane to go to bulawayo , even breakfast with eggs was a weekend special in well to do homes. zanu fought for Independence because they were not cowards, but unfortunately mugabe has ruined the gains of independence with his chosen few and style of management

Harare - 30 August 2014

@Harare - stupid cretin - suffering from what? Melancholy? Idiot. You should explain what they were suffering from not just call me a liar. Idiot

Musona - 30 August 2014

Rhodesia under Ian Smith was the SECOND most prosperous economy in Africa. How could people suffer in the second most prosperous economy in Africa? Black politicians wanted to get into power, now if you want to get into power you cannot go around the country saying things are okay, you've to say things that make people agitated or worked up and in our case the easiest way was to blame the rich whites. You could never go wrong by blaming whites - that is the first step in black politics. Blaming the rich whites is the political FRAME. As long as you play within the frame you have a future in black politics. Mugabe has gone further by altering the FRAME by including liberation in the frame. So now all aspiring black politicians and others have to blame the whites and then say some nonsense about “liberation” - that is de rigueur. The gullible in society take whatever the politicians say slavishly. It's only now when they have begun to realise it was not he whites who were the problem but our own power-hungry black politicians. Getting rid of our black politicians is proving very difficult. They have come up with a new trick - liberation. If your parents and grandparents supposedly suffered in the second most prosperous economy then God knows how are you surviving under the second WORST economy in Africa under Mugabe?

Musona - 30 August 2014

would not come as a surprise if she will start ordering public executions and imprisoning those who speak against her when she rises through the ranks

Eagle - 30 August 2014

Where exactly did these three chefs who are crucifying Chris Mutswanga train during the war? Where exactly did they operate during the war years? I know that Chris is a war veteran,but these three... mmmmm

Aliphelithemba - 30 August 2014

@der, mafacts waaona. you discussed 1) mahostel, 2) kugariswa shure mumota murungu ainembwa yake even kuchinaya. I no that you would not do that to your gardener. 3) unfair distribution of wealth. wati sekuru vako vaive supervisor vaine motor yekubasa. In my view, blacks who got such positions at that time were far knowledgeable to deserve even higher managerial positions. Varungu would treat blacks that way even in their country. why my brother? why would you want to be treated as a second citizen in your own back-yard? This is what many people including some fair minded whites refused. Its not all whites who treated blacks this way. There are some who would not stand such levels of injustice. Ceding your country to others starts with talking. It starts by rubbishing your own credentials just like what musona says ; "Rhodesia under Ian Smith was the SECOND most prosperous economy in Africa. How could people suffer in the second most prosperous economy in Africa?" The rhodesian economy under smith was meant to benefit a few thousand whites. Blacks were earning peanuts. That is the reason they were housed in the hostels. In ndaigara nasekuru vangu vaishanda pa british american tobbacco. Mari yavaitambira yaingo kwana doro murambanai nebhazi yuenda nekudzoka kumusha pa easter ne xmas. tisu taive varanda vavo munyika medu. If this does not make sense to you, I wonder what does. I am not c10. I love my country and its people. I am refusing to side with the inteligence of smith. @harare says the same thing. Kukonewa kwevatungamiri hakufanire kuti titi better smith. Better iwewe nekuti ndozvazviri. Mwari vakakuita muzimbabwean for a reason. Ndiwo musha wakoiwoyo you do not need to wish for england.

taurai - 31 August 2014

taurai - hapana ma facts awapa. Urikuita invent stories. Waigariswa kuma shure mumota sembwa muchienda kupi? Waibvumireyi kugariswa kumashure? Waidiyi kuramba? Zvakaitika kangani kwauri? Waive garden boy here? Are you saying all white man did this to every black man? Saka vese varungu vaive ne ma trucks? Nyaya yako ine mabhuri. Saka iwe nukupusa kwako wakakwidzwa kumashure oti vanhu vese vakakwidzwa kumashure? Mainyanyoenda kuti kwacho? Kana ichiti unfair distribution of wealth unoreveyi? Obert Mpofu is now a very wealthy man and ndi minister - arikuita distribute wealth yake here? musona akapa mazita e vanhu vatema vaive ma company directors unoti kudii naizvozvo? Let's forget about managers and baba mudiki vangu for a while. Ma company director echivanhu uniti kudiyi nazvo? Company director aripamusoro pa manager whether ari white or black. Saka vamwe vanhu vatema vaibvumidzwa kuita ma company director vamwe vachirambidzwa here? Pindura. Ceding your country to who in this day and age? Tinoita cede nyika kumhepo here? Hazvina musoro zvauri kutaura. Usanyepe kuti vanhu vatema were housed in hostels - there are about 10 hostels chete. Kugara mu hostel handiti kuda - vaimanikidzwa here? Sekuru vako was earning peanuts - vakange vasinakufunda. Ma hostels are still there. Urikutaure kunge they are no longer there! Vakamanikidzwa here kusevenzera british american tobacco? Dr Lovemore Mbengeranwa vaitambira mari kupfuura sekuru vako nekuti Mbengeranwa akange akafunda. Ndi chiremba nanhasi. Kune vakawanda vaitambira mari zhinji kupfuura sekuru vako. Waigara na sekuru vako mu hostel meant for one person - imhosva yani iyoyo? Kunomanikidza sekuru vako woshora ma purisa e inspection - hauna musoro iwe. Baba mudiki vangu was promoted from a machine operator, ndokuzoita production supervisor ne company car asi vamwe varungu pa company yavo vakange vasina ma company car - he had no complaints at all. Uri mu CIO akakwana iwe.

Der - 31 August 2014

taurai - Chombo, ndi minister ane mari yakawanda ari kuita distribute wealth yake here? Kuita distribute wealth kuita seyi? Ku famba uchipa vanhu mazi mari here? What is it? Give an example of someone who is distributing their wealth today in Zimbabwe. Mugabe anorapwa ku Singapore - ndiyo here distribution of wealth? Vana va Mugabe vanofunda overseas - ndo distribution ye wealth here? Mugabe anofamba ne big entourage ine motokari dzakawanda asi vamwe vanhu varikufamba ne tsoka ndo fair distribution of wealth here?

Der - 31 August 2014

musona - please give me mazita e ma company director nguva yaitongwa ne mabhunu. taurai anonyepa hanzi ndaigariswa kumashure kwe truck ne bhunu rake asi haasi kutaura kuti vaienda kupi. Instead yekutenda kuti sekuru vaitombosevenza ku british american tobacco akushora mari yavaitambira ivo vasina kufunda vachigara kuma hostel. Dai pasina ma hostel sekuru naiye vazogara kupi?

Der - 31 August 2014

If Taurai was a teenager indeed in 1980, he will admit that not all rural areas had people driven kumakeep. Where I was we never had one. New locations constructed for our people had houses taken up slowly as most of our folks resisted preferring to stay kumaruzevha (Gutu's old location is one case in point). The suffering that I witnessed came during the war when the ordinary people were caught in-between. If you were male, either side wanted you to fight on their side and you were forced to side with one. Otherwise some of the so-called suffering is exaggerated. What Musona is highlighting is just a few of the things that I also witnessed and true history books for our schools need to be rewritten. Zanu politicking aside, Musona is not peddling lies.

wezhira - 31 August 2014

@der. two wrongs do not make a right i admit. the way wealth is being shared is obviously unfair no doubt about that. thats could be the reason @harare argues that the ills of the current government should not cause us to distrust our selves and wish for the smith regime. varungu vaisa bvumira vatema kukakavadzana navo. takanga tisina a right to question whenever given orders. kana waive garden boy waenda na basi boy kwese kwaida munhu anotakura anything. kana achida kutakura manyowa for instance waingonzi 'ngaipinde mumota' and thats it. in my view we were just as good as their things. i want you to understand however that some of us have grown past that era and its effects. i do have a good number of white friends who respect me for who i am. i know that it would be wrong to paint every white person with the same brush. what i object to is the idea that all was well in rhodesia. there was a lot of injustices commited against blacks for which they (blacks) willingly took arms against the colonisers. i do not know of anyone who was a millioner in the early and middle 1970s. vanhu vatema vaive nemabusiness emuriwo (samuriwo) mabhazi ekumaruzeva, zvitoro kumahight density nemaruzevha and such like businesses. in my mind i remember only paul mukondo as one person who rubbed shoulders with whites in the insurance business. for our population, one would have expected endless numbers of progressive men/women in industry.

taurai - 1 September 2014

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