Free for all in Zanu PF

HARARE - Long-suppressed succession ambitions by warring factions in Zanu PF battling to replace President Robert Mugabe have now exploded, igniting a  war that could get uglier as the party marches towards its crucial elective congress in December, analysts told the Daily News yesterday.

With several top officials lining up to grab key posts, analysts say the party’s wartime leader Mugabe, 90, might have lost control of the 51-year-old movement.

Vice President Joice Mujuru is currently in a precarious position as hawks in her party have unleashed an unprecedented challenge to her post and faction. Her chances of retaining the influential second secretary post now hang in the balance.

The unbridled attack on the party’s top hierarchy, including Mujuru herself and the secretary of administration Didymus Mutasa , hitherto regarded as untouchables, even by political featherweights such as deputy Foreign Affairs minister Christopher Mutsvangwa, bears testimony that Mugabe has lost control of the party, analysts said.

Uncensored and unfazed, Mutsvangwa has continued shooting from the hip, targeting senior officials whom  he insist should face internal challenge come congress and casting aspersions on a rival faction’s liberation war credentials.

While Mutasa’s intention to stand in the internal elections as the national chairperson has already caused serious divisions in Zanu PF, the entry into the arena of Home Affairs minister Kembo Mohadi has further muddied the waters, observers and insiders said.

Respected University of Zimbabwe political scientist, Eldred Masunungure, said there would be blood on the floor before congress.

“These are manifestations of power games, they are all aware that this is the right moment to throw their hats into the race,” Masunungure said.

“This might be the last race that Mugabe chairs or presides over a congress. So this is the last chance they have to position themselves.”

Mugabe, who has already been roundly endorsed by the party’s women and youth league arms, will be 94 when the country holds its next elections in 2018. For now he remains

But it is not free sailing for Mujuru, who is likely to be challenged by Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa or by a proxy of the Zanu PF stalwart.

While two officials are slugging it out for the vice president post, it is free for all for the second vice president post that Zanu PF usually reserves for politicians from Zapu.

Simon Khaya Moyo, who has long been regarded as the likely one to fill the post, now has the likes of shrewd schemer Kembo Mohadi breathing hard on his neck. 

Former ambassador to South Africa Phelekezela Mphoko and politburo members Mohadi and Ambrose Mutinhiri all have an interest in the second VP post.

Masunungure said: “This will get dirtier as factions will use resources in throwing mud at their rivals, because the man who was in charge is showing signs of fatigue and has lost control. People like minister Mohadi, who are dark horses, are being thrown in in order to hide the real power players, Mujuru and Mnangagwa.”

Alex Magaisa, a former aide to ex-prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai and a critic of the Mugabe regime, said its now showtime in Zanu PF.

“This is either a signal of how ambition has long been suppressed in Zanu PF and now that the Pandora’s Box has been opened, there is a sudden flurry of candidates demonstrating ambition,” he said.

“Second, it could be tactical on the part of some candidates. Just as Zanu PF has been known to sponsor dummy candidates to split opposition votes, it might also be the case that some candidates will be sponsored by others to split votes for their rivals.

“Dummies will be thrown into the mix to confuse things and split votes. Third, it could simply be that it is open season and people see this as their best chance to position themselves better in a post-Mugabe era.”

An insider said Mugabe has long managed to suppress ambition in his party as he did successfully in 2004, when he viciously thwarted Mnangagwa’s hopes of becoming the second secretary and instead picked Mujuru.

Pedzisayi Ruhanya, the director of political think-tank, the Zimbabwe Democracy Institute, said ultimately, Mugabe’s word will prevail.

“The entry of Mohadi is an indication that Mugabe is no longer happy with SK (Moyo) and Mujuru and is trying to put in a new team,” Ruhanya said.

“Zanu PF is an authoritarian party and come congress, there will be no competition at all. What Mugabe wants will prevail.”

Philani Zamchiya, an Oxford scholar and Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition boss,  said the flurry of activity in Zanu PF surrounding succession confirms the inevitable exit of Mugabe from the political scene.

“He can only be there for at least eight years only and that is a short period in politics,” Zamchiya said.

“When everyone is putting his hat into the ring, the country should not be confused that there is a genuine democratic process in the party. These people are appealing to the sectors and not the electorate. Everyone is defying Mugabe to astonishing limits.”

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Vakarasisa Ngwena in 2004 when he had been endorsed by 8 provinces & it is only fair that he be appointed as the other Vice President. In any case, he is a shrewed schemer and a master strategist who is best placed to save ZANU (PF) from inevitable extinction should the powers that be sideline him again. When all the others had thrown in the towel, it was ED who came to the rescue of the Party and it is time he is handsomely rewarded for his sterling efforts. Most people think he is callous and ruthless but he is not and one needs to have a frank discussion with him before judging him harshly. If the Party is not careful, it will go the UNIP way following the defeat of His Excellency, Kenneth David Kaunda, by the late Fredrick Chiluba. Hakuchadiwa mbwende

Chief Charumbira - 25 August 2014

Here are the views of one commentator who calls himself ZVOKWADI this morning - "Jobs were in abundance. Everything was cheap...Smith was a class act" Some people never cease DAY-DREAMING and HALLUCINATING!! Is he talking about the same Rhodesia where: [1] blacks were confined to reserves ["marizevha"] or tribal trust lands which invariably had poor soils?! [2] blacks could not walk in Harare's First Street?! [3] whites and blacks had to live in separate areas of the towns & cities; with successful black business men confined to Marimba Park [near Mufakose] or Westwood in Hre?! The only blacks allowed to reside in white areas were garden boys, cooks & nannies! [4] the expenditure per capita for a white child was far much higher than that for a black child who was catered for by a department for NATIVE EDUCATION?! [5] blacks were through "chibharo" forced to provide very cheap/free labour for the white man?! [6] blacks were forced to drastically reduce their herds of cattle, with the excess going to the whites. In fact, there was a LOOT COMMITTEE in which Thomas Meikle played a prominent part in robbing blacks of their cattle I could go on and on but is this the Rhodesia that some foolish, deluded and misguided elements are crying for??!! He can follow Smith where he is today, for all I care! One of the greatest tragedies in life is the reality that YOU CANNOT FREE A HAPPY SLAVE!!

Musona - 25 August 2014

My response to the above comment - @ZVOKWADI - I am quite happy to respond to your silly rant. I will continue the argument even when the editorial staff change the main headline for today. First of all - you are just parroting archaic nonsense. How old are you? That is important because I want real life experiences not facts from some embellished history books. There were reasons for what was done in Rhodesia. I will start by tackling the question of borders before 1890. I will answer to all your points one by one.

Musona - 25 August 2014

@ZVOKWADI - When the whites came in 1890 there were no borders. Yes the colonialists asked Lobengula for permission to look for minerals. At the time whites did not know that there was no land ownership in the land. When they realised there was no landownership that is when they decided to colonise. The colonialists realised they were dealing with backward people who did not know anything about landownership. They found people living in village clusters and no nation-state. They soon learnt that the Ndebeles had come from Zululand and settled on what is now Matebeleland around 1830s. That is when whites knew nobody owned land. Whites also realised that the Ndebele routinely raided the Fort Victoria and Midlands area looting and taking slaves back to Matebeleland which is why there are the Kalanga, a mixture of Ndebele and Zezuru. Whites did to the land what the Ndebele did to the Zezuru or Karanga before whites came in 1890. It was the whites who set out the present borders. Blacks at the time did not need much land because they had no use for land other than grazing and hunting - there was no farming at all. The little ploughing was done by MAPADZA which were hard to come by. How much can you cover with a BADZA? Not more than an 18-yard area of a football field. The GEJO (ox-drawn plough) was brought by the white man. The reason why blacks were confined to the Reserves was because they had no farming skills and were not putting fertile land to any use. Why would you give someone large tracts of fertile land when that person has a BADZA and no farming skills when whites had tractors and unique skills to do serious commercial farming? Before 1890 there was no such thing as a farm. Whites started farms. The Ndebele, Manyika, Korekore, Tonga, Zezuru, and Karanga were never one nation before 1890 - they were forced into one nation of sorts by the whites.

Musona - 25 August 2014

Instead of taking arms and fight yo present day oppressors yu spent the little energy cat-fighting on forums.Shame on u my countrymen.Shamu said the bullet is mightier than the ballot, until yu realise that you will always be slaves to the regime.@musona @chief charumbira and others, until yu take arms and fight the regime yo wits will be nothing. Its like have professors who just speak big words but without any action. The likes of Jona, Aurthur, Biti, Ncude: my pen is tired

Mapenzi - 25 August 2014

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wtr - 25 August 2014

lets all be concerned about peace in our country. pray for our beloved country.

wha - 25 August 2014

@Mapenzi - I am a pacifist. I detest violence. My aim is to teach/and/or reason with the young generation the true history not incite people to fight. Violence begets violence. We have had enough violence.

Musona - 25 August 2014

No borders as was later designed by whites-correct ,but there were kings,chiefs,headman ,etc.They designed fictitious Agreement for our kings/chiefs to sign when they knew very well that they don't read (eg Rudd Concession).This was not jungle area where there was no law . Being African is the skin colour , blacks in America are always referred as AfroAmericans. The whites who invaded Africa didn't bring domestic animals.Africans were not poor .Their questioning resulted in the First Chimurenga and then continued getting poorer and poorer when whites grabed our land ,resources,cattle etc in the pretext that we are subject to them,we must pay tax even if not employed by them or whatever.This resulted in the 2nd Chimurenga,which forced them to negotiating tables . Buying a hse in Borrowdale and then whites say-That area is reserved for whites-European desendents only ,it was ridiculous. Ana Musona,just because you are confined in Highfields telling yourself -its the will of God to be ruled by whites-To hell with your Smith and all your Bussboys dear,its over and will never happen again,never. What you now have is wishfull thinking that one day you see dem whites coming for you and your kids to be gardenboys and the like.My advise to you is to go to Europe munokwesha machembere evarungu misana, plus doing some of those things which we cant talk about here. As for those who want nyika yavo pliz let them enjoy free Zimbabwe now. The freedom that we have here in Africa cant be compared with the one you get in America and Europe.lf you see a whiteman showing you love he/she saying after all you are also a humanbeing-that's an insult in itself-because he/she is feeling sorry for your being black in that action.Musanyere naana Musona kuti Smith nevamwe vake vaikudai chaizvo!!!Don't lie and infact this is an insult mhani!!!

Hapaz Hapanyengwi - 25 August 2014

@Hapaz Hapanyengwi - Greatest nonsense. I am trying to conduct a civilised conversation and you come with this stupid incoherent rant. The mere fact that there were no borders or the concept of landownership makes it senseless to claim that the land belonged to anyone. Mzilikazi ran away from Zululand and settled in a vacant land now called Matabeleland - nobody has said he stole the land. You talk of garden boys as if people were forced to be garden boys, when some people chose to be garden boys. Are there no garden boys now in Zimbabwe? They are now called servants or domestic workers but the duties remain the same. What's in a name? The whites also discovered that the Shangana in the East were also from Zululand - nobody has so far accused the Shangana for stealing the land. People had only MAPADZA before whites came - what area can you cover or till with a back-breaking hand-hoe? The claim about land is nonsense because they had no use for land. Around 1902 the whites estimated there were 300 000 people inside the borders of Southern Rhodesia (capacity of three Bernabeu stadiums only). The area of Zimbabwe is 390 759sq km or 150 873 sq miles - this shows the country was vacant. When I lived in Highfields in the 1940s there was no single black person who could afford to build of buy a house like the ones in Borrowdale. The reason why people lived in Highfield, in houses built by whites, was because they had no money to buy or build their own houses. Borrowdale is a suburb built by rich whites. Let me tell you one thing - we in Highfield were the elite of all the blacks in Southern Rhodesia. You write as if blacks are the ones who built Borrowdale. Blacks were poor and it was not the whites' fault. Whites were more advanced than us in terms of richness and technology. While they were building planes we were still in the Stone Age. Our forefathers were used to the cob houses (mud round houses you find in the Reserves). Ignorant moron.

Musona - 25 August 2014

One sentence should read, "When I lived in Highfields in the 1940s there was no single black person who could afford to build OR buy a house like the ones in Borrowdale". We were all poor working for the whites including Mugabe himself.

Musona - 25 August 2014

Musona you must understand that no one should be allowed to bully others in thier own country. Even if blacks could only cover a small area with their primitive impliments, that does not justify another from a foriegn land to subject them to inhuman treatments. What they did to us provoked our fathers and they took up arms against them. Your langauge has the same provokative effect. Pls mukuru kindly decist from writing like this it hurts others expecially those who were subjected to inhuman treaments.

taurai - 25 August 2014

Asi iwe uri murungutema here to twist the facts. Lets face it you could not buy a house anywhere reserved for whites whether you had the money or not. There was Ndorochena, Samuriwo and John Nyandoro who operated stores after the first second world war but could not buy a house in a white suburban. You were not allowed to operate business in areas designate for whites. The blacks were not backward baby, they did not have need for commercial exploitation. They raise and grew enough fortheir consumption and were sensitive to preservation and avoid degrading the environment. Handiti zvayinzi kana uri musango vhima zvako zvino kwana kudya kwemhuri yako. In fact before the whites used iron we had smelting plants advanced beyond your people's standards. I agree we are screwing up in government and have a repressive regime that mastered the art of crowd control. Dai aya madhara a retire we could be entering a new stage with fighting but eventually peace will prevail for the better.

Taramba Rambanapasi - 25 August 2014

@Taramba Rambanapasi - who told you those you mentioned wanted to buy houses in the white suburbs? I don't know John Nyandoro. I definitely knew Isaac Samuriwo. Ndorochena? The name rings a bell. I know Shirichena. All black businesses wanted to be seen to be on the side of other blacks. By this I mean even if they had money there would not be seen living among whites lest they were labelled “sell-outs”. Black policemen were an exception - some black police camps were near white suburbs. The reason why there were no big supermarkets like OK Bazaar or TM in the black townships was because they did not want to outdo or drive small businesses out of business in the townships. Blacks were learning how to run businesses from the whites and the white governments wanted to give black small businesses a chance to thrive among other small businesses. Black businesses would not have survived in the city centre because of stiff competition from long-established big businesses. Black people do not buy or trust their fellow blacks to supply them with quality goods or services. Setting up a clothing business in Machipisa, Highfield, for example, would pose big problems for the owner because other blacks would rather buy their clothes in town, in white shops. I noticed he trend over the years. If they buy from Machipisa peers and the public would laugh at them for being unfashionable, buying cheap gear. Big supermarkets have moved into townships and small businesses have no chance. That was the logic. We, who were born in the towns know but people from the rural area and politicians do not understand this logic. OK and other big boys can build supermarkets every half a kilometre in the townships but then the small businesses will have to shut down because they do not stand a chance against the big boys.

Musona - 25 August 2014

@Taramba Rambanapasi - Some of the stuff you mentioned are fairy tales like “In fact before the whites used iron we had smelting plants advanced beyond your people's standards” - ANACHRONISM. You don't know what you are talking about. Revise your history dates. When was the industrial revolution in Europe? There was no single firm or industry in this land before the whites came in 1890.

Musona - 25 August 2014

Some of the questions have been brought up several times on many online forums from the same source like [2] blacks could not walk in Harare's First Street? - Nonsense. That is false I have referred people to a photograph of Salisbury in the 1960s with black people on cycles before it was turned into a no vehicles street - URL - The other question is [4] the expenditure per capita for a white child was far much higher than that for a black child who was catered for by a department for NATIVE EDUCATION? Whites paid income tax and all blacks were exempt. It was the whites who were sponsoring black education. If something is being done for you for free you cannot choose. Looking a gift horse in the mouth. In fact it was a bonus that blacks were having some education at all. Education was brought by the colonialists. Without colonialism there would be no education to talk about. In any case black education was just as good as white education - it is what you have in your head that matters not which school you go to. Some of us still managed to go to the same University as the whites. Sara Kachingwe was the first black woman to enrol at the University of Rhodesia and Nyasaland in 1952. One minute you are moaning about colonialism and the next you are moaning you are not getting enough for colonial education. Very confused. IN THE EARLY DAYS LOCAL BLACKS WERE REFUSING TO GO TO SCHOOL, REFUSING TO GO TO HOSPITAL, REFUSING TO DO ANY KIND OF WORK, REFUSING TO DO ANYTHING BECAUSE THIS WAS A TOTALLY NEW AND DIFFERENT CULTURE, UNDERSTANDABLY SO. It was only after they saw people originally from Nyasaland, Northern Rhodesia and Mozambique (brought in to work and living in Mbare and Old location in Bulawayo) going to these places did start also going to schools, hospitals, working and going to church. My own grandfather told me they would rather spend time drinking beer all day long than do anything.

Musona - 25 August 2014

If we follow what we said yesterday and want every Zim to follow suite, lets lead by good examples. This talk about succession to us all who watch from the terraces should not give people headaches. THE NEW CONSTITUTION CLEARLY STATES THAT IN THE EVENT THAT THE PRESIDENT RETIRES OR CANNOT HOLD HIS OFFICE THRUOGH ILLNESS, THE FIRST VICE PRESIDENT TAKES OVER THE REIGNS FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE TERM UNTIL THE HOLDING OF THE NEXT ELECTIONS, PERIOD. So, where is the noise coming from.

mhofu svinu - 26 August 2014

Please don't use bad things of the colonial past to justify Mugabe's failure to run the economy. Whether we like it or not,blacks were simply backwards while whites were far more advanced in almost everything.We didn't have education&farming. But that's not something to dwell on.We need FDI for jobs from the same whites. Are we not being hypocritical?We need a free,true non-racial society so civilization can prosper.It is simply primitive to keep talking or practicing racism.The whole world is now a global village.

zvakafa - 26 August 2014

Whatever people say blacks where not organised vaiteya mbeva nekuzambira zuva varungu kwakuuya kwakutitaridza zvakanaka asi we have now failed to maintain that goodness. We lie to each other tichiti its better to be misgoverned by our own than by a foreigner, nonsense, it is never a justification to misgovern. It is bad to destory your own home because it is yours no neighbours will label you stupid. When a white says he wants to build a dam he will buold and complete, when a black says he wants to build a road he looks at how much he will get as kickback, that is the difference. I am black but very few blacks are disciplined financially and morally and tgis is not disputable. I am not colonised mentally I am only saying the truth. Look how many Africans are drowning in the Great Sea trying to go to white lands yet we say Africa is a rich continent?

Maita Manyuka - 26 August 2014

I get angry when people always refer to the past when justifying failure. For 34 years this country could have been a jewel if we were morally right. Look at the poverty in Zimbabwe and look at the cars driven by mostly politicians that is how you can tell how corrupt this country is. Look at the squalor some people are living drive along new Chitungwiza Road and drive around Borrowdale and Chishawasha Hills, look at how some people claim the whole hill and build mansion in a sea of poverty and this will tell you how terrible black rule can be like it or not but that is the truth. Yes some worked hard to be in Borrowdale but mostly did it by exploitation of workers and company resources not by hard work. Now we have individuals owning residential townships in Harare or Bulawayo, how did that happen when that land should be for the Municipalities? We saw an improvement in our lives when MDC joined the government but then the balck mentality of get rich quick also visited them and suddenly they were now in Highlands driving all sorts of new cars yet their constituencies lacked basic infrastructure and water. Now instead of throwing that piece of indigenisation law which inhibits investments we are busy selling Zimbabwe to China, soon it will be the The Zimbabwe Republic of China.

Maita Manyuka - 26 August 2014

I also agree with Musona on some benefits we got. We did primary education free. I went to Kutama and was paying 75 dollars which included all uniforms. t At the Univeristy you would support your family or even marry using education grant if you were not a drunkard. When we did apprenticeships, during the rainy season blacks pulled out going to the reserves kundorima, so when they come back they will be behind and they think a white is being favoured.

Maita Manyuka - 26 August 2014

At Musona,pliz don't lie to kids that all was ok in Rhodesia,even if you had the cash to buy a property/land reserved for whites,you were not allowed to do that.Even if your kid is extra intelligent,he/she was not allowed to enter whites schools.For the few blacks who managed to acquire farming skills were not allowed to buy a farm in areas reseverved for whites.Even if you happen to be a skilled black person,you could not earn same salary/wage with equally skilled whites or even semi skilled whites just becoz you are an African.All this plus many more made blacks to take up arms and fight.Kune makuva akwawanda as we speak and this Musona is saying it wasn't necessary,are you sure of what u are saying?U must be insane to some extend, or u need mental decolonization-Wakapiweyi nevarungu iwewe?for our black gvt we got our land back and its paying dividends now.

Hapaz Hapanyengwi - 26 August 2014

i want people who are learneds who are responsible enough to see where we are going and coming from.who did what and not what,who we want and so forth but alas wait and see dog eat dog, i bet bet you there is going to be many surprises and disappointments and departures to the mighty Creator.

mashotopiyana - 26 August 2014

Chekutanga, Zimbabwe inyika yevanhu vatema here? Hongu ndeyavo. Ko Britain? Ndeyevarungu. Zvino murungu akuritsvakei kuzimbabwe post 1980? Kuzopamba hupfumi achiendisa kumusha kwavo. Kovaridzi venyika anovaona vakaenzana naye here? Kwete iye ndiye atove muridzi wezimbabwe ne Britain zve. Vabereki vedu vakati kwete tirivanhu vakainzana nemi. Kwabva vatora pfuti kwakudzinga varungu vaya. Hepano vabuda sarei komuka mumwe murungu mutema arikuchemera kuti vadzoke. A bodo zve nhai vamusona. Chiendai ikoko munotongwa nevanogona ikoko Bhiriteni. Isu tirikushuwa ramangwana ririnani. Mvura inonhuwa hatiidi. Nzara hatiidi. Kushaya mabasa hatidi. Tinokumbirawo kuti tigova neramangwana ririnani. Politicians come and go. One day a better one will come by and rule this country zvirinani. Vana vevhu, hatichengetedzei nhaka yedu dispite nzara. Murungu anekumusha kwake ikoko.

taurai - 26 August 2014

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Some of the arguments put forward show that most commentators were born after 1980 and believe all the lies they are told by politicians who are after power. If you were my age you would not be asking some of these questions because we saw the evolution of most of these things. Basically what held most black people back was poverty. It was not poverty caused by whites. Blacks were poor from time immemorial. I will give Mugabe as an example because he is the one everyone knows. His school fees were paid by white missionaries at Kutama when his father abandoned the home to live in Bulawayo. So Mugabe came form a very poor, dysfunctional family. He became a teacher. He chose to be a teacher - nobody forced him. He taught in Highfield at Highfield East School now called Mbizi School. He was given a cheap house to rent since he was a civil servant working for the Southern Rhodesia government. The salary he got was not enough to build or buy a house in the suburbs let alone buy a farm. Can you blame the whites for Mugabe's position? They gave him a house and a job. He later chose to be a politician saying how evil the whites were. I don't believe a word he says. The whites mothered him. Agreed or not? What did he want the whites to do? Buy him a farm when he had no farming skills or money to do farming? That would have been a waste.

Musona - 26 August 2014

Don't beleive this musona. He is also fighting for his masters using lies. He is using propaganda on the young generation. Whatever ills we are suffering lets agree not to cede our right to own zimbabawe to another race. We have let you down the young I admit, but zimbabwe is your country. If we do not change, you guys will be more patriotic in your time. Politicians come and go. Lets keep this love for our country and hope that whoever shall get a chance on leadership will be different. This musona lets shelve him and his ideology- a propaganda for smith.

taurai - 26 August 2014

Musona, I think you are confused, were did the whites or vadzvanyiriri get all this riches to built shops and whatever except from our resources, white pple will never like us at all except if they want something from you see what they are doing now they are shading bloody in all countries they knew its rich in a certain mineral in order to loot and zvinopisa tsitsi, now they are talking of rule of law but when they killed more than 50 000 they have never said anything like that ,another world avoid using derogatory words when yu almost knew the truth.

tijolo - 26 August 2014

There is one commentator who calls himself Hapaz Hapanyengwi who keeps asking the same questions all the time. His questions are familiar. I will repeat what I have told him before - George Tavengwa, the late owner of Mushandira Pamwe Hotel, first black multi-millionaire in Rhodesia, owned 9 large commercial farms, Phillimon Murambiwa, also known as Machipisa, owned a commercial farm where Edgar Tekere shot a white farm manager those years back. The ex-Zimbabwean Ambassador to Australia, Jaqueline Zwambila went to a white school in Rhodesia, Kelvin Sifelani, ex-BBC broadcaster, went to a white school in Salisbury, Albert Chanetsa, the late Judge Susan Mungwira nee Mwamuka went to a white school in Rhodesia. As for how much one earned - I all depended on what you negotiated with your prospective employers, THERE WAS NO BLANKET SALARY FOR ALL BLACKS -- that is unrealistic and not practical. There were thousands of blacks who earned more than whites. I used to earn more than white trainees at my place of work. At the job interviews I was always asked what salary I was expecting and I got something near what I expected. If I was not happy I moved on to other jobs. Simple. It's a load of garbage to say blacks earned so much and whites earned so much because we worked in different fields with different wages. If you were born in the Reserves you will not know all these things or if you were born after 1980 you will not know some of these things. Do not watse time saying things you do not know. Solomon Tavengwa was a company Director at Rio Tinto Rhodesia - he was earning more that the ordinary white workers at Rio Tinto. There were many black company Directors in Rhodesia like, Abner Bosch, Amos Chirunda, Honor Mkushi, Muchadeyi Masunda (ex-Mayor), Phillip Chipudhla, Gordon Muchanyuka and others. Little knowledge is very dangerous. If you do not know about certain things it does not mean it did not happen.

Musona - 26 August 2014

One sentence should read, "As for how much one earned - It all depended on what you negotiated with your prospective employers, THERE WAS NO BLANKET SALARY FOR ALL BLACKS -- that is unrealistic and not practical".

Musona - 26 August 2014

@tijolo - I will never be confused with what I saw. You are imagining events, I saw these events that is the difference. These are things I witnessed firsthand whereas your arguments are based on hearsay most of which are lies. I always give names and dates in what I say. It is up to you to verify what I write.

Musona - 26 August 2014

@Musona I wish you could write a (history) book of Zimbabwe since colonial times. It's always good to learn from people who have seen it all and who are not hoodwinked by the so-called revolutionaries. Our history is so distorted...

Hasu - 26 August 2014

please fellow zimbabweans, musona is absolutely right, people talk of the white man's riches, hey, there was a progression to those riches not overnight riches as we see today. it is true that smith was arrogant but to a certain degree his arrogance meant well, initially he said not in a 1000 years, but later stated that he wanted the majority blacks to acquire the necessary skills to govern, yes smith was against universal sufferage, reason is exactly what we are seeing today. i remember that those days, voting was restricted to the few who were deemed to know why they are voting, look at what is happening today, anyone can be a councillor whether he/she owns any property in the area, it does not matter, anyone coming from the sticks today can vote so long as he/she has been brainwashed by a smooth talking politician, the result is for all to see all around us, noone cares about infrastructure anymore. if people care to remember, almost each surbub had its own governing council, governed by locals who owned properties therein, thus their decisions were aimed at improving their neighbourhoods, rates were levied accordingly and these rates computed with local needs in can go on and on about what should be done now but the problem is we have some amongst us brainwashing others that the country is about to be returned to the whites, please that is sick...@musona, please keep up the good work of educating these youths

wacpop - 26 August 2014

The land that lies between the rivers Limpopo and Zambezi was occupied and belonged to the Rozvi people who were under Mwenemutapa's leadership. When the Ndebeles came from Zululand, they did not find a vacant land, they found these Rozvi shona speaking people whom they nicknamed "abetshonalanga" and hence came the name shona. They were not hunter-gatherers as Musona would like us to believe, they practised mixed farming meaning they grew crops and reared cattle, goats and chickens. Instead of wasting precious time glorifying the Smith era, why don't we point out where our present regime is messing up and make suggestions and recommendations as to how things can get back to normalcy.

Dr Know - 26 August 2014

@Musona, wandishandimisa wena , first of all how old a yu to witness all these histories of 1980s ,be serious old man. 2. Uri kuramba here kuti our fathers were killed caz of their resources. some of them vakararama zvairwadza nguva ye slave trade. 3. Do you the whites loves us. Just now nyaya ye racism iri kutongonetsa ask Peter Ndlovu a former football player how was he treated. 4. Wake up my lovely Zim

tijolo - 26 August 2014

vakomana, we still talking of slave trade, this day and age, agreed our forefathers were killed then, however, still now our kinsmen are being killed for merely questioning why things are being done the way they are being done, for questioning any idea, you are labelled mutengesi and one can disappear, the truth is noone likes/loves anyone unless they no each other well, just becoz am black does not necessarily mean our millionaire chiyangwa will like/love me...

wacpop - 26 August 2014

this Musona is a nonsense mhani, all over Africa people had to fight against what only this Musona says was right! All were wrong,kune makuva in Moza,Zambia etc,but this man says it was all not necessary. This stupid guy must never be taken seriously.

Hapaz Hapanyengwi - 26 August 2014

this Musona is a nonsense mhani, all over Africa people had to fight against what only this Musona says was right! All were wrong,kune makuva in Moza,Zambia etc,but this man says it was all not necessary. This stupid guy must never be taken seriously.

Hapaz Hapanyengwi - 26 August 2014

this Musona is a nonsense mhani, all over Africa people had to fight against what only this Musona says was right! All were wrong,kune makuva in Moza,Zambia etc,but this man says it was all not necessary. This stupid guy must never be taken seriously.

Hapaz Hapanyengwi - 26 August 2014

this Musona is a nonsense mhani, all over Africa people had to fight against what only this Musona says was right! All were wrong,kune makuva in Moza,Zambia etc,but this man says it was all not necessary. This stupid guy must never be taken seriously.

Hapaz Hapanyengwi - 26 August 2014

@Musona. Imagine what a shame Australia would be had the Aborigines sought independence. The system of a Government was created by the whites and the blacks should have accepted a watered down take over to allow themselves enough time to understudy the whites. I think you are giving many a chance to view matters from a different perspective as opposed to the usual rhetoric from politicians. It would be interesting to know from you as well how best you think the Africans can come out of the quagmire

chamubhabhama - 26 August 2014

@Musona thank u for the time to write this piece of history tht us the born frees never got to see, let me b frank in saying to all those opposing u they are nt even coming up with facts save for emotions of how painfully they were ill treated, as if blacks dont ill treat blacks even in this day and age, we are tired of non factual stories,thnx musona again for this,plz right a book or a blog about this so th young generation can debate and learn this side of history willingly hidden from us,I have a question to all those championing black supremacy, should we turn th other side if what is done by a black person doesnt make sense simply bcz he is of th same skin color as us?

IgnoranceNoExcuse - 26 August 2014

if musona did that then @chamubhabhama we can start to see a balanced debate. as of now musona is one sided. singing sweet songs about the white regime while ignoring the ills they commited against us. Imagine he rubished makarau for mentioning inhuman inspections that people were subjected to. He ignores the fact that there could have been a better way of co-existing in our space alternative to imperialist practices. In my view, i see him as one who was either colonised through and through or a coloniser purpoting to be a black man. For the age he claims, i think he should have been ashamed to use vile language on those who differ with him. I am glad more and more people are seeing the poison in this man's one sided contributions. There will be zimbabwe after the current crop of politicians. That zimbabwe will be lead by the young generation who have a different orientation to the corrupt men and women of today. I do trust that we will one day become a prosperous ppl.

taurai - 26 August 2014

um a born-free and never experience life under smith regime, but wat musona says makes sense. mo sense than the rubbish that comes from zpf

born free - 26 August 2014

@born free what musona is saying is not true. the majority of people in their 40s have both experiences. They saw first hand what it meant to live in anevironment under whites and blacks. The white era was bitter just as you may have seen portrayed by the film sarafina which is a true portrayal of the brutality of whites to blacks. However lets suppose that the whites were good to blacks as he seem to suggest, does that cause you 'born free' to conclude that you can not lead your own country and thereby would think it best to invite some european to comeover and be your president? Why not musona himself? Why not born free? I am refusing the supremacy of whites in Zimbabwe not in their countries lest i be a racist. I am saying we can do it dispite the poor showing of our current leaders. Hatifaniri huita hasha dzemhashu inoti ikatsamwiswa yodambura makumbo iwo ariiwo anoibatsira kubhururuka.

taurai - 26 August 2014

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