Tsvangirai raises alarm

HARARE - Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday accused President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF apparatus of recruiting Israeli officials to rig the 2018 election.

He spoke as analysts warned that the renewed fighting between government and the opposition may raise tensions, a year after a disputed presidential contest that unleashed accusations of ballot fraud.

Tsvangirai, who controversially lost last year’s presidential vote, said the plot centred around Nikuv, an Israeli IT firm. He said he had also unveiled fresh evidence of ballot fraud from last year’s poll that included coercing village administrative officials by the army to back his rival.

The MDC leader claimed rigging for the 2018 poll was now underway.

“Nikuv, I understand Nikuv is already in place and instead of actually hiring, now they have localised,” Tsvangirai told a news conference at Harvest House, the MDC headquarters in central Harare yesterday.

“They are training at KGVI (army headquarters). They are training local operatives so that they can continue the Nikuv programme.

“We are also aware of 14-year-olds who are being registered because by the time we go for the 2018 elections, they will be 18 years.  All those are shenanigans that Zanu PF is putting in place before the next elections.”

Nikuv yesterday denied involvement in any rigging plot as Tsvangirai ordered a probe into the allegations. The ruling party and the military have previously denied that they helped Mugabe and Zanu PF retain power through ballot fraud.

“We regret that you have been provided with false, defamatory, slanderous information regarding our work in Zimbabwe,” Anat Saadon, PA to the Nikuv CEO said in e-mailed responses yesterday.

“Needless to say, the allegations made by the MDC leader against Nikuv at today’s press conference are blatant lies and utter nonsense. It is quite unfortunate that a senior Zimbabwean politician has chosen to base his political agenda on the lawful and proper work of a skilled IT company. Apparently, Nikuv is being used as an innocent scapegoat in Mr. Tsvangirai’s attempts to explain his political losses within his party and to his voters.

“These shameful efforts to drag a private service provider in Zimbabwe, such as Nikuv, into the heated political arena have been made before and Nikuv has always refused to be pulled into a political embattlement, and we continue to so refuse.”

Saadon said Nikuv was an established IT company which is managed within the framework of sophisticated, modern guidelines and standards which ensures the integrity of a modern, private company.

“Any attempt to claim otherwise is pure slander and defamation,” Saadon said. “This response applies to all of the allegations of Mr. Tsvangirai mentioned in your email and we shall not dignify each and every ridiculous and imaginary allegation with a formal response.”

Tsvangirai, a former prime minister and trade unionist, insisted there was a vote-rigging plot.

He said more evidence was tendered during his party’s national executive’s three-day retreat in Kadoma this week. He alleged that there were fresh details on how Zanu PF stole the vote.

“But perhaps, more interesting is the new details that continue to be revealed about how that election was a fallacy,” Tsvangirai said.

“The national executive heard more intriguing details only last week of how the people’s will was subverted.

“As I said in my letter to Sadc heads of State last week, we in the MDC are aware of how the theft was executed and last year we produced a detailed dossier of how the election was stolen, which dossier we distributed to all diplomatic missions accredited to Zimbabwe.”

Asked to reveal what fresh information he had received, Tsvangirai said: “Were you aware as journalists that the military was deployed at every traditional leader’s homestead to drive and frog march people to the election?”

“Were you aware of the elements of pungwes (all-night vigils) in rural areas to intimidate and coerce voters? Were you aware of the extent of Nikuv involvement in terms of voter displacement and voter disfranchisement?

“Ah, were you also aware that in one incident, in one constituency, all the returning officers in that constituency were relatives of the Zanu PF candidate, in Mberengwa? So, we can go on and on, the truth of the matter is that the election was not a contest but a (process of) retaining of power and nothing else.”

Mugabe won 61 percent of the presidential vote on July 31, followed by  Tsvangirai at 33 percent, securing the 90-year-old in power for 34 years, another five-year term in office.

Tsvangirai said he was withdrawing the call for dialogue with Mugabe, and is now focusing on mobilising the people to confront the ruling regime.

“We are drawing a line in the sand and we shall pressurise and mobilise the people because those who claim to be in charge have not demonstrated any desire and commitment to solve the pressing national issues,” he said. “They have become by-standers while the country burns.”

He refused to be drawn on how he plans to confront the government, saying the form and content of the mobilisation and pressurisation is for the MDC to decide and not for media consumption.

Tsvangirai said his party’s national executive resolved not to participate in future by-elections or elections until agreed electoral reforms have been implemented.

He spoke as Mugabe yesterday signed into law the Electoral Amendment Bill.

“The national executive was seriously concerned with the persistent disputes over elections in the country and resolved not to participate in any election, including by-elections, until and unless all reforms are implemented,” he said.

The MDC leader warned Mugabe against the introduction of the youth service programme.

“The information I have, sadly, is that Mugabe, instead of doing everything possible to solve the crisis, is determined to confront the people by bringing back his militias to cow the nation,” Tsvangirai said.

“Let him be warned, that if we cannot live as free men and women in the country of our birth, we would rather die.”

The MDC leader said the government should fully implement the new Constitution and all other attendant reforms, including availing a transparent voters’ roll that will ensure a free, fair and credible poll.

“The national executive is seriously worried about the non-implementation of the Constitution, including the failure to reform all institutions of the State and to unshackle one party’s hold on key national institutions,” he said.

All party members who stood as independent candidates during last year elections have been pardoned, Tsvangirai said, adding that over 60 members who recently defected from the party have shown interest to rejoin his party.

Comments (35)

Although protests will be met by a brutal response. it is step in the right direction because we have all seen that Mugabe cannot be removed through the ballot. Senior CIO operatives have confirmed Morgan won 2002, 2008 and 2013 elections and he is the person who should be the President. But that is water under the bridge now and we have to focus on the present and future. Despite appearing to be invincible, Mugabe has some weaknesses and Morgan should focus on those. One of Mugabe's key strengths is his access to huge reserves of cash for personal and security purposes. It is this cash that Morgan should focus on. Mugabe and his cronies have stolen a lot of public funds and this is one area that Morgan needs to focus on. The cash is most likely stashed in Asian banks and the US can assist in going after and freezing suspicious bank deposits.

Zvichapera - 23 August 2014

Tsvangirai should vacate the political field, he is not a politician.

dungas - 23 August 2014

Morgan my brother while we worry about israeli it copmonies and the ben manashes and what note the president is getting ready for 2018 which i suggetst you should do.instead of licking wounds and looking for evidence get a leaf from the old man book and nikuv or whatever this israeli company is i thnk they are more advised to concetrate on it technologies that can stop hamas from sending rockets to the holy land or dig tunnels under davids city than to help in " innovative technologies" in a country that doesnt concern them

lloyd mandiwa - 23 August 2014

From the Independent newspaper on the 7 November 2012 - MDC-T's own goal - Since the formation of the inclusive government, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and MDC-T officials in government have been throwing plaudits to President Mugabe and Zanu PF, however, without reciprocation. Tendai Biti described Mugabe as a fountain of knowledge and stability while Nelson Chamisa, applauded Mugabe's “visionary” leadership, claiming “the president has provided leadership from the cockpit and we are prepared to be the passengers”. - Chamisa went on to say Mugabe's “wisdom” makes sure the plane does not crash. - Following in this disingenuous path is Tsvangirai who last week said his party would have caused chaos if it had gone into government without the “apprenticeship course”, under Mugabe's mentorship. “It would have been chaos and fighting each other if we had gone straight into power, but God had a plan,” the Herald quotes him saying. “God has a purpose for everything. He did not allow us to go straight into power, but allowed us to go through an apprenticeship course where we have been taught how to rule and know where the keys to govern the country are found.” Taught by who, we wonder? We hope it is not Zanu PF. Such daft comments are unlikely to inspire confidence in voters ahead of elections.

Musona - 23 August 2014

Tsvangirai has proved to be a cry baby when it comes to politics. Zimbabweans are looking for a leader who delivers not one who just offers hopes and dreams. The MDCT is busy doing nothing for the people that voted them into power. For instance suburbs like Mabvuku/Tafara nothing is happening and MP James Maridadi is enjoying whilst the people that voted him into power have no water and there youths are languishing in poverty and not benefiting from the youth funds and the community share ownership trusts (CSOTs). Maridadi mwana wekuTafara asi kuti afungewo kwaakabva haadi kuzongoda kuonekwa 2018 akuda mavotes evanhu chete manje muchadyiwa futi. MDCT inonyanya kurelaxer vanhu havadye kuchechema kwenyu Mr Tsvangirai.

Simon Kanyenze - 23 August 2014

Here is a true leader who never tires to lead zimbabweans to free themselves from the yoke of Lucifer zanu pf . Where are the other opposition leaders in the country ? they are only waiting for next election were they will start fighting Morgan instead of Mugabe. Remember zanu has never been confronted by the citizen despite abusing them . I do not see much resistant should we zimbabweans decide to show Mugabe and his band of thugs the exit door. The regime is broke it is no longer mobile as it was during the 80s when they had just taken over a well oiled and properly train Rhodesian army .It is up to us to remove the spirit of being docile like donkeys and free ourselves . Remember fortune fevers those who brave

Diibulaanyika - 23 August 2014

Tsvangirai is really a confused person! He complained of the same issues while he was in government and was given the RESPONSIBILITY to preside over the whole electoral process. He in turn appointed Ihan MAKONE TO CHAIR ALL MEETINGS OF THE ELECTORAL COMMSSION. He had the power to ask investigate, to visit any department or place that had to do with elections. Infact he actually beat his chest just before the elections claiming that he held the key to the elections. So what happened Mr Tsangirai? Either he went to sleep (with women sic) or he and his henchman had no clue as to what election management is all about!! How then can the elections be stolen right under your nose. It is this shocking state of total ignorance and naivety that mdc presents to us as bravery to challenge zanupf!!!

observor - 23 August 2014

Plesae give us a break . Surely this NIkuv was there during the GNU. That was the best time you should have exposed these criminals. Tell me here, Does the MDCT hAVE ANY INTELLIGENCE DEPARTMENT? What is it doing since 2000? They should have picked all these loopholes and also advised Morgan not to fall into Zanu's traps especially on women. It looks like Mugabe 's pple of intelligence are far ahead of those of MDC. Its too late to start talking about Nikuv now. THey are already busy with the next assignment of making sure Mugabe wins the 2018 and 2022 elections with a landslide

kujo - 23 August 2014

Morgan uyinkunzi you have never let down your people . You have stood firm like mount Zion for want you believe do not worry about those who are saying wuu!!!!! wuu !!! wuu !!!! and bwa !!!! bwa !!!! bwa!!! to you bcoz they are worried and few Mugabe .'s matako lickers. Whatever you say is music to your masses wena ungu nsimbi ayigobi you are our hope .tshesa mpama.

Diibulaanyika - 24 August 2014

What are MDC-T policies does anyone know? What was the strategy of going into a coalition with ZanuPF because MDCs came of worse than they were before 2008? MDCs are a confused lot. Tendai Biti and Mangoma were the chief negotiators for MDC-T when they were negotiating going into the coalition but now Biti's Renewal Team is saying Tsvangirai should apologise to the people of Zimbabwe for ”going into government” among other things! Renewal Team's Jacob Mafume said on the 22 August 2014, “Actually, Tsvangirai is the one who should be asking for forgiveness from the people of Zimbabwe; one, for the beatings that Mangoma and his supporters got; two, for going into government“. Tsvangirai is bleating that “Nikuv are training at KGVI (army headquarters). They are training local operatives so that they can continue the Nikuv programme”. What is he going to do about it? Tsvangirai and his mates are trying the impossible - to unseat a ZanuPF military dictatorship in elections. The army General Chiwenga blatantly told the nation that Tsvangirai was a sell-out or words along those lines. MDC-T and Tsvangirai completely ignored Chiwenga's outburst by pretending they did not hear what Chiwenga had said because they are petrified of the army. I cannot see how any civilian party or partiess can unseat a ZanuPF military dictatorship in an election, now or in the future. Yes, Tsvangirai is raising the alarm so what? He is powerless to do anything.

Musona - 24 August 2014

One sentence should read, “I cannot see how any civilian party or parties can unseat a ZanuPF military dictatorship in an election, now or in the future”.

Musona - 24 August 2014

If zimbabweans standup and start doing something to free themselves from this evil troop of thugs pretending to be leading us then they will be free but if they shut themselves in their houses and start morning about their hardships then nothing will change simple as that remember even god helps those who try to help themselves . We must refrain from looking at zanu's face and then run away saying they kill with out challenging them. Everyone can be a killer we have given zanu too much respect since 1980 and now we are finally zombies this party .Morgan as a leader has tried many times to awaken masses so that they can smell the coffee but unfortunately their noses are blocked and worse still they can not awaken from the deep slumber . Anywhere for the love of his country the guy has stood by what he believes hoping that one day zimbabweans will wake up from the deep slumber and free themselves.

Diibulaanyika - 24 August 2014

@ Diibulaanyika - People are not forced to go into politics or to from political parties. Morgan CHOSE to go into politics, he was not forced or asked by anyone and he is not serving any purpose at all. You cannot try and silence criticism of your favourite Morgan by saying he has been trying this and that. You would have made more sense if you had said, “In your opinion Morgan is tying to do (a), (b) etc..” not to try and defend him saying he has tried many times. He is not doing anyone any favours - he either can do it or he cannot, end of story. In politics you cannot get credit for trying - whatever you do should be logical and be seen to be progress. This is precisely why I am asking what the wisdom as of going into a coalition. People have got every right to ask and criticise - that comes with the territory. You write about “slumber” what did you expect other people to do? I remember vividly Morgan saying emphatically that from 15 September 2008 things in Zimbabwe will have changed for good politically - this has not been the case. Why should anyone listen to him now? This time he is raising the alarm - what does he want done and by who? What did he spend 5 years doing in the coalition? Let me tell you one thing which is clear as night follows day - Morgan will never unseat ZanuPF. MDC-T will lose the 2018 election and the one after. Your comment does not make any sense at all. You might be a Morgan devotee, I am not, and not everyone is. To me Morgan is a waste of space, politically space.

Musona - 24 August 2014

One sentence should read, "This is precisely why I am asking what the wisdom WAS of going into a coalition".

Musona - 24 August 2014

One sentence should read, "To me Morgan is a waste of space, political space".

Musona - 24 August 2014

@ Musona so to you only those who praise Smith are correct the rest is rubbish . Day in day out you sing praises to yo smith should we say you are forcing people to agree with you that he was a hero as you always imply it. i have every right to write what ever i want this is not Musona 's paper . Smith will never come back never in 1000000 times he is now a spook . I have respect for Morgan for trying to get rid of those who have destroyed our country not Smith who is dead and useless .

Diibulaanyika - 24 August 2014

@ Diibulaanyika - Listen here you fool - Under Smith this country was second most prosperous economy in the whole of Africa despite stringent United Nations Trade sanctions from 1965 to 1980. Smith never asked for any foreign investment from anyone. Smith never got any foreign aid from the World bank or Africa Development bank or from UK or USA or Canada or Australia of New Zealand or European Union. Under Smith there were no DIAMONDS discovered at the time. Blacks in formal employment were exempt from paying income tax and black businesses were exempt from paying corporation taxes as well which Zanu compelled all blacks to pay from 1980. There was never a time when there was no electricity or water. Jobs were in abundance. Everything was cheap. Everyone was paid on time either weekly or monthly without fail. Ian Smith was a class act whether people like it or not. Whether I praise him or not will not change that under him this country was the second most prosperous economy in the whole of Africa. That is a fact which most people find it unpalatable. I did not force you to agree with me and have never forced anyone to agree with me. I do not see how it is possible to force someone to like someone who they probably never saw? Explaining or comparing Smith with present politicians is not forcing anyone to like Smith. You would be an absolute idiot to be forced to like Smith, who is already dead, whom you probably do not know. I often write about Smith as COMPARISON to present politicians NOT to solicit support. In any case I never mentioned Smith in my comments above. I was criticising Morgan and then you mention Smith. And at no point did I ever say you should not write what you like but your comment was directly below mine which I took to be a response to my comment - that is the reason why I made the rejoinder. You are free to lick Morgan's bottom to your heart's content - that is your choice. Stupid cretin.

Musona - 24 August 2014

Here we go again! Morgan you are the leader of opposition & instead of crying around you gotta figger this out. Please if you do not have any counter & winning strategy pliz hand over to somebody to have a go while there is still time. We are sick & tired of the rigging excuse, if you are constantly beaten by the same trick then you know its time to change tack.

Gatsi - 25 August 2014

We thought Mr Tsvangirai had grown up. If he has evidence of 14 year olds on the voters' roll, he should say so. This is verifiable. I thought he, as leader of the biggest opposition party would offer us an alternative choice in any election. But he proves to us that he holds press conferences to formalise and give official form to kombi and bar talk. How do you become my president Morgan, if you will always remain a child?

machakachaka - 25 August 2014

Language yavaMusona yakaoma. Ndinofunga kuti vanhu vakuru vanofanira kuvamuenzaniso kuvadiki. Zvituko zvezvinyadzo hazvitaridze muenzaniso wakanaka babaMusona pls.

taurai - 25 August 2014

I would also like to add that under Smith the country did not get any financial aid from the International Monetary Fund or any money from Toll Gates. Smith would not trade with any other country other than S Africa and Portugal but managed to make the country the second most prosperous economy in Africa. Burst sewer pipes were attended to promptly. No potholes on the roads. The system by the whites was run on merit alone whereas ours is run on patronage or sycophancy. There were black multi-millionaires in Rhodesia which goes to show that if you were enterprising enough, the sky was the limit. MY FAVOURITE SUBJECT IS COLONIALISM. I am more than happy to make comparisons. I am lucky to have been born in Southern Rhodesia, educated, worked and started a family in Southern Rhodesia and am in a position to make informed comparisons. I have no hesitation in stating categorically that colonialism was by far and away the biggest and best thing that ever happened to Africa. Without colonialism we would still be mired in the Stone Age. Some people complain/lie that colonialism was painful but to me it was a small price to pay for the advancement we got. I am not a hypocrite like most politicians whose schooling was paid for by the colonialists. Show me one first generation politician whose education was not sponsored by the whites and I will show you a pathological liar.

Musona - 25 August 2014

CHIDOFO NDICHO CHAKAWANDA PANA CHEMATAMA!! If he was sure that there was vote rigging, why did he withdraw the court case last year??!! Handiti kwaive kuziva kuti haana solid evidence to back up those claims!! Even now, all that he is talking about, i.e. pungwes, forced voting, etc hapana kana any real evidence which can stand rigorous scrutiny in any court of law!!...it is all pub-talk!!

ZVOKWADI - 25 August 2014

"Jobs were in abundance. Everything was cheap...Smith was a class act" Some people never cease DAY-DREAMING and HALLUCINATING!! Is he talking about the same Rhodesia where: [1] blacks were confined to reserves ["marizevha"] or tribal trust lands which invariably had poor soils?! [2] blacks could not walk in Harare's First Street?! [3] whites and blacks had to live in separate areas of the towns & cities; with successful black business men confined to Marimba Park [near Mufakose] or Westwood in Hre?! The only blacks allowed to reside in white areas were garden boys, cooks & nannies! [4] the expenditure per capita for a white child was far much higher than that for a black child who was catered for by a department for NATIVE EDUCATION?! [5] blacks were through "chibharo" forced to provide very cheap/free labour for the white man?! [6] blacks were forced to drastically reduce their herds of cattle, with the excess going to the whites. In fact, there was a LOOT COMMITTEE in which Thomas Meikle played a prominent part in robbing blacks of their cattle I could go on and on but is this the Rhodesia that some foolish, deluded and misguided elements are crying for??!! He can follow Smith where he is today, for all I care! One of the greatest tragedies in life is the reality that YOU CANNOT FREE A HAPPY SLAVE!!

ZVOKWADI - 25 August 2014

@musona, What seems to weaken you hypothesis is that the whites intefered with our setup. You can not conclude an argument based on evidence arrived at from one angle. If blacks had been left to develop themselves around other friendly countries they were already trading with, things would have been different. Look at china for example; it took them longer to fully develop but they have shown the world that economic sucess is not solely dependend on a single people. That blacks where multi-millioneers during the colonial era seems an exagaration to me. Can you site 100 of such people sir? I also feel that if whites were to be the best compliment to blacsk in terms of development, there would not have been need for inhuman treament of blacks. Ini ndinorangarira ndichiona munhu sometimes mukadzi akagariswa kumhepo mupick-up murungu achi sheya seat nembwa sometimes kuchinaya. With all respect sir, your judgement in this matter is flawed, miscalculated and a gross misrepresantation of what transpired. You may come to this fora armed with knowledge of your masters or being a former master yourself but we are also armed with experience. What those people subjected us to is engraved in our minds. I would never take sides with people of your orientation. sorry sir.

taurai - 25 August 2014

@ZVOKWADI - I am quite happy to respond to your silly rant. I will continue the argument even when the editorial staff change the main headline for today. First of all - you are just parroting archaic nonsense. How old are you? That is important because I want real life experiences not facts from some embellished history books. There were reasons for what was done in Rhodesia. I will start by tackling the question of borders before 1890. I will answer to all your points one by one.

Musona - 25 August 2014

@ZVOKWADI - When the whites came in 1890 there were no borders. Yes the colonialists asked Lobengula for permission to look for minerals. At the time whites did not know that there was no land ownership in the land. When they realised there was no landownership that is when they decided to colonise. The colonialists realised they were dealing with backward people who did not know anything about landownership. They found people living in village clusters and no nation-state. They soon learnt that the Ndebeles had come from Zululand and settled on what is now Matebeleland around 1830s. That is when whites knew nobody owned land. Whites also realised that the Ndebele routinely raided the Fort Victoria and Midlands area looting and taking slaves back to Matebeleland which is why there are the Kalanga, a mixture of Ndebele and Zezuru. Whites did to the land what the Ndebele did to the Zezuru or Karanga before whites came in 1890. It was the whites who set out the present borders. Blacks at the time did not need much land because they had no use for land other than grazing and hunting - there was no farming at all. The little ploughing was done by MAPADZA which were hard to come by. How much can you cover with a BADZA? Not more than an 18-yard area of a football field. The GEJO (ox-drawn plough) was brought by the white man. The reason why blacks were confined to the Reserves was because they had no farming skills and were not putting fertile land to any use. Why would you give someone large tracts of fertile land when that person has a BADZA and no farming skills when whites had tractors and unique skills to do serious commercial farming? Before 1890 there was no such thing as a farm. Whites started farms.

Musona - 25 August 2014

We have a Pastor's Conference at Prophetic, healing and deliverance ministries...in Waterfalls, Harare. I believe this conference is key to the revival that has been prophesied in Zimbabwe.

Lisa - 25 August 2014

the difference between Morgan and Bob is 1, whatever Morgan says i will do he cant do it and whatever Bob says shall come to pass. Morgy lacks Principle or Discipline. Actually he is lazy to THINK. politics is about planning. u cant win any election by shouting that you discovered what others are planning when u are not planning yourself. while zanu pf is doing whatever they are doing, what are you doing Morgy, nothing and the election results must favour you nevertheless?

Doctor - 25 August 2014

Morgan Tsvangirai...start your plans now to win the Election...you see Cde Mugabe had started...so don't cry like a baby who is on crawling stage.....stupid Bitish puppet......

silungisani ndlovu - 25 August 2014

@zvokwadi! pls dont take this musona seriously. His history is a propaganda for whites. Do not tolerate him. He is either a bitter white man or a die hard supporter disapointed that the country is not under his masters any more.

taurai - 25 August 2014


ex-mdc voter - 26 August 2014

Morgan stop crying foul and let your party come out in their numbers and be vigilant at the polls .Pls logon to www.monthlyyouth.com/?ref=161115 and earn some cash from home Registration is free

Joshua - 29 August 2014

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