Police quiz Henrietta over Magaya

HARARE - Police yesterday quizzed former Zifa boss Henrietta Rushwaya over extortion charges, after she was implicated in the on-going Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries case involving a man who claims the church’s leader Prophet Walter Magaya’s had an affair with his wife.

Rushwaya, who is also a member of the PHD Ministries Church and had become very close to Magaya, was summoned to Harare Central Police Station where she was grilled about the  alleged extortion claims.

Charles Chinyama, Rushwaya’s lawyer, confirmed to the Daily News that Rushwaya had been quizzed by police, but said he was still in the dark on the actual allegations being preferred against his client.

“We have not yet got the full details,” Chinyama said.

Harare provincial police spokesperson Tedious Chibanda referred questions to Tarirai Dube, whose phone went unanswered.

According to sources close to the case, Rushwaya was called in for questioning over her alleged “scheming” after a Harare man Denford Mutashu demanded adultery damages from the prophet.

A PHD ministry official who spoke to the Daily News yesterday said Rushwaya and other officials at the church had fallen out of favour with Magaya after being implicated in sting operations to fleece money from the popular preacher.

“There are a number of people who had somehow become close to Prophet Magaya and the prophet thought that they had come for deliverance and to serve the church. But certain developments and subsequent internal investigations proved that there were a number of senior officials in the church who would organise underworld rackets to fleece the man of God of his money.

“They would come up with people who would cook up all sorts of stories and threaten Prophet Magaya with bad publicity in the newspapers. These officials close to the prophet would then advice the church to pay them off to silence them. But the man of God refused to be drawn into these issues because he is clean and does not need to bribe anyone.

“That is why he is prepared to fight such allegations to the bitter end. We cannot have people coming to church to look for money, this is not a business, it’s a place of worship. PHD will continue to expose more people implicated in this,” said a pastor with PHD Ministries.

It could not be established at the time of going to press if Rushwaya was being accused of involvement in the Mutashu saga.

Mutashu claims Magaya is having an illicit affair with his wife Nomsa Memory Ruvazhe.

Mutashu filed a lawsuit against Magaya, demanding $500 000 in adultery damages and has since filed criminal charges accusing the celebrity preacher of bigamy and making death threats against him.

He said some senior police officers were stifling the criminal proceedings.

However, Ruvazhe has strenuously denied having an affair with Magaya.

While, the matter is still yet to be resolved, a new chapter was opened yesterday with the calling in of Rushwaya to the police for questioning.

The case has been dramatically evolving, with claims that Ruvazhe’s husband was seeking to extort money from the prophet, apparently with help from some members of the PHD Ministries.

In her July 30 affidavit, Ruvazhe claims her husband’s demands were premised on an extortion plan.

“Of late, my husband seems to have devised a plan to extort money from Prophet Magaya based on his false allegations,” the wife said in the affidavit.

Ruvazhe said she began having problems with her husband after she visited Magaya’s guest house in Marlborough, where she stayed for three days seeking spiritual guidance and divine healing.

But Mutashu claims Ruvazhe was cohabiting with Magaya for the three days and the prophet was having an inappropriate sexual liaison with his wife.

She said in the affidavit she refused to go along her husband’s devious plan, which she branded an “evil scheme”.

“I have resisted all efforts by my husband to falsely accuse Prophet Magaya to be in an adulterous affair with myself,” Ruvazhe said.

Mutashu, through his lawyers from Mugiya and Macharaga Law Chambers, insisted in their High Court application, that they have love text messages and a print out of mobile phone communication between Magaya and Ruvazhe.

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The circus goes on and on. One wonders who is the "clown" of the show.

Johno - 21 August 2014

@Editor - This article and the responses to a similar article yesterday and the number of comments yesterday and this morning clearly indicate how backward this country is, that is, the reporters and the people in general. Why would such an idiotic article about some idiot pastor be main news when there are much more pressing issues like companies closing down? Why put salacious stories ahead of serious issues like the economy which is going south, erratic power supplies, erratic water supplies and companies closing down? This shows how this modern society is so docile preferring to comment vigorously about silly stories and keeping schtoom about much more important issues. It shows immaturity on the part of the Editorial staff. How can this be main news and how can so many comment on such a silly story? When it comes to pastors and sexual matters people pay special attention.

MUsona - 21 August 2014

Whom are calling idiot pastor....???? uzvibate benzi remunhu... your points are valid but be careful who is an idiot pastor....

Bisto - 21 August 2014

@Bisto - idiot pastor is the one by the name of Walter Magaya. And you, Bisto, Stupid brainwashed fool.

Musona - 21 August 2014

Musana, you are confused and illogical. Your comment shows that you are also following the story!

Bradwell - 21 August 2014

bigamy is when one weds another woman when the other mariage is still in existence . Its funny that journalists dont understand this dispite those degrees. did magaya wed another woman whilst his first marriage was still in existence, if not where are the bigamy allegations come from. And when did adultery become a criminal offence. papers should not just write stories without adequate reseach thereby deforming and injuring feelings of other people for the sake of greedness.

richman - 21 August 2014

@ richman, taura hako. If committing adultery is a crime mu Zimbabwe then tangai kusunga Matibili akaita upombwe na Giresi apa aine mumwe mukadzi Sally

matombo - 21 August 2014

@Bradwell - I was not following the story I wanted to find out what the fuss was all about. When I saw the heading I wondered why it was main news. I only read to find out what the fuss was all about. I did not find anything mature or interesting at all.

Musona - 21 August 2014

What I have noticed over the years is that most people just follow slavishly what politicians or church pastors tell them. This includes the educated people. I don't understand how a learned Judge can say, “I remember it was the time of the colonial regime, when we were subjected to house inspection (Mabvuku township) by the city council officials to limit the number of people coming from the rural areas to live in the city. All the city families were being asked to register the number of their children with the local authorities”! This was Justice Rita Makarau. How did she become a Judge when she does not understand the basics which make a better society? The inspections carried out by the white governments were absolutely necessary to weed out would-be thieves, for security reasons- to make sure there are no people loitering around for the purpose of stealing and contagious disease containment. If council officials did not register how many children are in a household how were they going to plan for schools or nursery schools, plan water reticulation or provide adequate housing? This should be simple common sense which this Judge hasn't got. She was trying to sound pan-Africanist or nationalist at heart by saying such drivel. This whole thing about registering children and authorities knowing who is sleeping in the houses brings the Ebola issue into sharp focus - if the deadly Ebola virus were to take hold in Zimbabwe then eradication would be nigh on impossible. In an orderly system, where authorities know who lives where, they would easily contain the disease but as this are at the moment where would they start when the authorities do not know who lives where? Life in Monrovia, Liberia, is so chaotic the authorities have their work cut out trying to contain the Ebola because they have slums all over the place where the authorities have no clue how many people they are dealing with.

Musona - 21 August 2014

Musona, when things get as bad as they are in Zimbabwe and the government still does nothing, or keeps on stealing, you need some light relief.

Oprah - 21 August 2014

Its too early to speculate, Magaya does not deny the allegations, he wants specifics about time and place of the encounter. Why threaten the complainant. Surely its a matter of time before the truth is known. Magaya and his Nigerian friends are causing havoc in the name of Jesus Christ. I hate these prophets, their miracles and their teaching. How many white people perform miracles, why us blacks? Are we more blessed? Its quite clear that there are a lot of beneficiaries in these "church schemes". What is the solution to this? Who can solve this? I am convinced that there is any joy coming from these deceitful pastors. Families are torn apart, woman are in trouble. These are our mothers, sisters daughters etc. Can you imagine the families concerned, the trauma and embarrassment. Shame on us. Families must unite, guide each other. We must all pray for wisdom and salvation, our Lord is Good and will always be. Away and down with these false prophets.

tom - 22 August 2014

All newspapers reported prophet Magaya's story. People the world over,are naturally excited about scandals involving pastors,priests prophets&politicians. Recently, the Catholic pope apologized for the sexual crimes committed by certain Catholic priests. It's totally unfair for anyone to castigate Daily News for publishing this prophet Magaya extortion story.Please Daily News keep up the good work.

gorekore - 22 August 2014

I think Mr.Chimutashu should just apologize & repent for his devious plan.No normal man can expose his dear wife to the level he did. And demanding $500 000,00 for adultery is just ridiculous.

ZVOKUBA - 22 August 2014

No one should be allowed to treat other humans disrespectfully. It is the actions of subjecting blacks to such things like those inspections that caused people to take up arms against the rhodesian government. Pls sir, note that whenever you write like this you cause others to hurt. Rita is a judge - i am not sure what you achieved mr musona. pls mind your language.

taurai - 22 August 2014

Chikurwadza vanhu ndechekuti Prophet Magaya is not guilty nyaya ya muMutashu haina direction..His allegation should just be dismissed, No negotiations..

SIBONGILE - 22 August 2014

rushwaya i hure remaZanu Pf big wigs saka muchi ona achi regerwa achiita zvaanoda.i moving toilet yemaserf kana voda kurasa hasha vangazoenda ku jeri vachimutevera here?she has to be on the outside and be readily available

BHOBHOJANI - 22 August 2014

Ana..... Musona munoita kunge munofunga pasina kana one.... chinhu chauri kutaura iwe. Ana Musona murikuswera mavakutaura nyaya dzaJustice Makarau... aita sei nyaya dzisina zvekuita in this case. Iwe hauzive kuti this was a security measure yaitwa nemabhunu... here??? not for planning. They wanted to monitor anamukoma.... inga wakapusa wani. iwe leave Prophet Magaya alone.... you do not have any information and you are relaying on media like all of us....in law thus hear say evidence and not permissible in the court of law. when people judge according to media reports it show level of maturity.... Musona wandipedza wavakutaura nyaya dzevarungu... muchifamba makaisa zvitupa muhuro kunge mombe ine mbero.....kkkkkkkkk

Bitso - 22 August 2014

@Bitso - incoherent garbage. What is your point you stupid ignorant moron?

Musona - 22 August 2014

Musona..... kane hasha wena..... asina handina kupusa sewe nhai.... my point is you are a fool who is mixing issues including our learned friend Justice Makarau.... we are discussing issues not concerning her.... Musona.... asi uri mukoma waMutashu here????? ini ndiri mwana weMuporofita W. Magaya... iwe mukoma waMutashu.....

Bitso - 22 August 2014

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Ndangoti nditsiure benzi rinonzi musona iro? uzvibate shamwari....be very careful about how you address my Father in Christ, Prophet W Magaya. @Bisto siya benzi iro zvako iwe mwana wemuporofita. Musona uudze blaz vako Mutashu kuti haalume!

Mayaya - 22 August 2014

@Bitso and Mayaya - you ignorant morons. Very backward. You believe in the supernatural. Before the whites came in 1890 nobody knew about Jesus Christ. It was the whites who taught black people about Christ. You have to have very low intellect or are very desperate to believe in this Magaya fellow. Occult is synonymous with low intellect. The country cannot move forward if the majority believe in this nonsense about black prophets. Is Magaya a traditional prophet or modern day anglicised prophet? Is he a Christ prophet or Mudzimu prophet? Which is which? Where did he get the supposedly supernatural powers? Was he born of ordinary man and woman? Frankly, it's a load of bollocks. What gets my goat is that this Magaya matter should not be main news but should be relegated to the social affairs section in the newspaper and that people should not show more eagerness to comment on sexual matters and pastors when the country's politics is in a mess. It's better to write about political issues not spend time arguing about this prophets and other salacious garbage. Magaya should be conducting his backward activities in the Reserves where we, the enlightened, don't see the nonsense. We need to scrutinise what Judge Makarau said a few days ago which is a load of nonsense.

Musona - 22 August 2014

Mayaya uri right mwana wemuPorofita.... benzi iri rinopenga.... hapana kana one chine musoro charehwa.... tingatambisirwe nguva.... komakatadza kuita Judge here kana muchifunga.......kkkk mupengo Musona.....

Bisto - 22 August 2014

Taurai,don't mix the Magaya issue with that of your useless Rita just because you hate Musona. This idiot Mutashu's attempt to extort money from Magaya with the help of Henrietta Rushwaya has hit a brick wall.Mutashu can go to HELL.

SEKAUREMA - 22 August 2014

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