Nepotism destroying Zanu PF: Sibanda

HARARE - War veterans’ leader Jabulani Sibanda says the ruling Zanu PF party has gone off the rails owing to endemic nepotism and corruption.

In an interview with the Daily News last weekend, Sibanda said his party was no longer respecting the egalitarian principles of the liberation struggle as evidenced by growing cronyism.

Citing the example of how the party allocated proportional representation parliamentary seats, the outspoken Sibanda claimed the seats were given mainly to those women whose husbands are in the top echelons of the party.

“On this one, I want to be very frank with you, the revolutionary party has lost the revolutionary way because of nepotism and corruption,” Sibanda said.

“If you look at our women, how many of them benefited from proportional representation? It is only wives of party bigwigs because they are influential, at the expense of the ordinary women who are the genuine cadres of the party.”

Last year’s poll in which Zanu PF won a crucial two thirds parliamentary majority continued the party’s legacy of  “power couples.”

Sibanda said a number of senior officials and their spouses were finding their way into Parliament.

Notable figures include Umguza legislator Obert Mpofu who was joined by his wife Sikhanyisiwe in the august House.

Sikhanyisiswe got into the National Assembly through the women’s quota.

Tambudzani Mohadi, wife of Home Affairs minister, Kembo, again retained her position in Parliament through the women’s quota. In the 2008 elections, she won the Beitbridge senatorial seat.

Zanu PF secretary for legal affairs Emmerson Mnangagwa and deputy Foreign Affairs minister Christopher Mutsvangwa’s wives, Auxillia and Monica respectively, also got into the National Assembly through the women’s quota.

Mutsvangwa’s wife is also Labour deputy minister. She represents Chimanimani Constituency.

Constance Tsomondo Shamu, wife to Zanu PF national political commissar Webster Shamu, is also a beneficiary of the proportional representation system.

Sibanda said the party’s patronage system was not in tandem with what the liberation struggle was about.

“The party no longer has direction because of this and that is why there are factions threatening to tear the party into pieces. This is not what Joshua Nkomo envisaged, what he stood for has been lost,” he said.

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zanu pf wil be gone come december. instead of simply watching the shinanigans unfolding in zanu pf, zimbabweans should start preparing for the eventuality of brutal warlordism in zanu pf and the need to create a new society without these vultures because in their coming brutal war, they are going eat each other out.

prepare for the eventuality - 19 August 2014

Jabulani Sibanda that was a known fact when you moved around the country terrorizing people because you wanted to perpetuate this legacy. What you have to know Jabu is no country which does not change leadership can reign in on corruption or develop because those who stay longer stay due to patronage and cronysim, What leadership change has ever happened in ZanupF let us forget MDC but just change in zanupf itself would have helped this countrt but you moved around saying those in power should stay in power and this is what they do when they get it on the silver platter. The genuine cadres will always cry whilst they as fat as they are will not remember them. China is ruled by one party but the leadership changes almost every five years hence it develops. RSA has changed leaders and it is ne of the few african countries that can claim development albeit some pockets of poverty but most;y due to the fact that some of them are lazy that is why our own people find jobs there.

Maita Manyuka - 19 August 2014

ZANU PF has never been a revolutionary party ever.They merely hijacked the armed struggle for political power which they enjoy today.Webster Shamu was just a DJ in Rhodesia.He never fought anywhere although he was broadcasting in Mozambique after the hijacking of the true liberation war.Racism,regionalism,tribalism,nepotism are all so common in ZANU PF. This is a ''tamba wakachera party''.

GAMACHUCHU - 19 August 2014

“If you look at our women, how many of them benefited from proportional representation? It is only wives of party bigwigs because they are influential, at the expense of the ordinary women who are the genuine cadres of the party.” - What is your frank view on the promotion of Madam dis-Grace to be head of womens league?

Lt General - 19 August 2014

Jabu zvorwadzaka nekuti waifunga kuti zvawakaita sa Chinos zvekuuraya vanhu pa Hondo yamaiti yeminda uchaonekwawo zvino hasi muzezuru ndizvo zvinoita Mugabe izvozvo sorry

mr honest - 19 August 2014

Point of correction Maita Chinese change leadership after every 10 years.

Coolers - 19 August 2014

What Joshua Nkomo envisaged was lost over ten years ago Jabulani and people like you contributed a lot on that. When you were force marching poor rural residents in the middle of the night to hold all night meetings,threatening and forcing them to vote for ZANU PF, do you in your honest opinion think you were doing the right thing in Joshua Nkomo's eyes? When you went around the country destroying and burning houses of suspected opposition supporters' houses and property, is that what Joshua Nkomo envisaged? When you threatened the whole nation just before the elections that if they did not vote ZANU PF back into power you would go back into the bush and trenches and wage war against innocent unarmed civilians, were you doing so with Joshua Nkomo's vision in mind?

Dr Know - 20 August 2014

@Gamuchuchu! You are on point my dear. What the opposition have been saying is what is manifesting today in zanupf. Power and greediness is order of this party under the guise of empowerment. The question is who are they empowering? The answer is what Jabu is saying now. kkkkkkkkk

Chinos - 20 August 2014

true Jabu but then what is the way forward. we don't want people who just point the obvious and do nothing about it at the end of the day. let's hear your solution to this.

haya - 20 August 2014

Hey wait a minute Women of Zimbabwe we mean to say we can not chair the women's league .Only the Mugabe family can do it. I think I overhead that as long as you did not go to war you can not make it as a leader.Tables have changed.Where are you women,I feel sorry for myself because I am not woman enough shame on me .

mariyeti Mpala - 20 August 2014

Jabu today you are talking about ordinary women being genuine party cadre forgetting that it was you who was frog marching and intimidating these women to vote for zanu or you will go back to war. Maiti zanu inotongwa by those who fought in the liberation struggle saka nhasi Grace is one of them. Kana usina zvekutaura zip up your mouth.

Dunga - 20 August 2014

zanu taneta nayo. Ours was a struggle that never was a struggle. A struggle of betrayal , oppression and self enrichment by the so called leaders.

dunga - 20 August 2014

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This is bull shit Jabu,we are in this mess because of people like you.

Pusisa dube - 20 August 2014

WAR VET Jabu you cannot solve a problem you helped create to a larger extent. Now that the wife of the first secretary of Zanu (PF) has been literally given the top post ''at the expense of ordinary people,'' whats your comment on that???

Muchayina Haasimurungu - 20 August 2014

i think the African problem is a genetic one ,whoever tastes power would never want to leave and all of them forget the true and founding values of the journey to where they seat now,from Cape to Cairo the story is the same .

Jahure - 20 August 2014

where were you when we needed you most,were you not part of the mobs than threatened other countries that wanted to help poor Zimbabweans to have a better future by allowing change of leadership through constitutional means ,zvibike nemafuta ako iwe Hochi iwe

january - 20 August 2014

Pamhatakatereera Jabulani.

rasta - 21 August 2014

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