War vets back Mujuru

HARARE - War veterans have defended Vice President Joice Mujuru, saying she deserved to be the country’s second in command despite reservations from a Zanu PF faction battling to succeed President Robert Mugabe.

Jabulani Sibanda, the war veterans leader, told the Daily News at the weekend that Mujuru was overwhelmingly endorsed by the people at successive congresses and said the war heroes were surprised people were now questioning her credentials a decade down the line.

Describing those who considered Mujuru an unelected official as misguided, Sibanda said the group which was publicly disparaging the vice president was itself guilty of bringing in “new faces” whom he said were causing confusion in the party.

“When she was elevated in 2004, this was well agreed to by the entirety of the party. It was like the world had endorsed her and it is strange to hear 10 years down the line people saying that,” said Sibanda.

“It is even shocking when some of the people who are saying this are the ones bringing in more new faces into the party.

“When she (Mujuru) was elevated to VP, it was like the whole world was in agreement and that remains the case today.”

As the factional fight to succeed Mugabe gets nastier by the day, supporters of a faction allegedly led by Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa argues that Mujuru’s “unelected” position does not make her ambition for the presidency any more superior to the claims of rivals for the job.

Mujuru reportedly leads a faction in Zanu PF that rivals that of Mnangagwa in the race to succeed the 90-year-old Mugabe.

Deputy Foreign Affairs minister Chris Mutsvangwa, who is believed to be a top Mnangagwa faction member, told the State media at the weekend that Mujuru was an unelected vice president and also claimed she lies about her liberation war exploits.

Mutsvangwa also took a dig at Zanu PF secretary for administration, Didymus Mutasa, and questioned his war credentials.

He accused Mutasa of taking advantage of his powers in the party to push through the Mujuru agenda.

In the controversial interview with the State media, Mutsvangwa claimed that Mujuru’s exploits of having shot down a Rhodesian helicopter were lies.

Asked about his views on the issue, Sibanda said he was not qualified to comment on what obtained in Mozambique  as he was stationed in Zambia during the war.

“It is interesting to hear that being said by Mutsvangwa. We would also want to hear from them who was there or who was not there because even in Zipra, I cannot even tell all what happened because I could not have been everywhere,” he said.

But Sibanda had no kind words for the warring factions in Zanu PF.

“I can honestly tell you that the ideals of the revolution are being betrayed with what is happening in the party.

“Founding values are being lost and even Joshua Nkomo’s legacy has been destroyed,” Sibanda said.

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There is no true liberation hero in ZANU PF.Mugabe simply took advantage of Chitepo,J.Z.Moyo's death & that of Tongogara.Sadly,we recently,lost retired general Solomon Mujuru under very suspicious circusmstances. Zimbabwe is cursed for sure.True freedom fighters are gone & we are left with pretenders.

GONAKUDZINGWA - 18 August 2014

True Heroes like Mark Dube are not being said

mhofela - 18 August 2014

Your heading is grossly misleading because when you talk of War Vets supporting VP Mujuru, it looks like the whole body of War Vets share Jabulani Sibanda's views yet this is not so. Many War Vets I know back Ngwena (ED) and who is Jabulani Sibanda as far as ZANLA cadres are concerned. His war credentials have been questioned many a time and all he does is to sing for his last supper. For ZANU (PF) to remain relevant both ED & Mai Mujuru should embrace each other and rule the country together after Jongwe's retirement. ED is a master strategist and Amai is equally good. Iwe Jabulani don't cause disunity within the ranks of genuine war vets. You just can't compare yourself with Honourable Mutsvanga whose war credentials are not questionable sewe.

Chief Charumbira - 18 August 2014

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sammy - 18 August 2014

saka Jabulani uyu ndiye mao-vets, kkkkk, zvakaoma muZimbabwe.

Zimbo - 18 August 2014

saka Jabulani uyu ndiye mao-vets, kkkkk, zvakaoma muZimbabwe.

Zimbo - 18 August 2014

mutsvangwa must be punished for his rantings against his senior, remember he is the same mutsvangwa who ranted against his boss at Foreign affairs. mujuru is a figher and no one will ever take that fact away not even Mugabe, not even Grace , not even Oppah, everyone knows that the whole party suppored her acsendency to VP and on top of that she is a God fearing woman whom God has already chosen to lead Zimbabwe. ViVA MAI Mujuru

cobra - 19 August 2014

Mujuru was chosen by R.G Mugabe when it later turned out that 6 provincial chairman wanted to endorse ngwena instead of mujuru hence all 6 of them were suspended so mujuru is unelected in that context, Mugabe has final say in this matter,stop posturing pliz,Ngwena is more senior than Mujuru as he was there since 1963, Mutsvangwa is also senior or equal level with mujuru so thats why he is correcting records, if there is anyone who was there who has a different record to what happened let them challenge mutsvangwa, as zimbos lets not be impaired by our liking of someone in establishing the truth kana takanyeperwa ngazvibude pachena.

letsgetitright - 19 August 2014

@letsgetitright iwe unopenga iwe Mujuru is senior ot Mutsvangwa and put that in yo thick head. why didnt mutsvangwa put the record straight long back if it was a lie that VP Mujuru downed a helicopter , its true and Mutsvangwa is trying to play politics here, he knows that he is junior. 34 years after yu start to tell us yo rubbish GO TO HELL MUTSVANGWA , WAT HAS YO USELESS WYF DONE FOR MUTARE AND CHIMANIMANI. NOTHING NOTHING , NOTHING , PANZE PEKUNGOTAMBA ZVIMAJIVE ZVISINA BASA. AS FOR OPPAH I WONT SAY ANYTHING , SHE IS JUST A PERENIAL LOSER WHO HAS NOTHING TO OFFER

cobra - 19 August 2014

Chief Charumbira,letsgetitright& cobra are only confirming the terrible chaos in EVIL ZANU PF. None of the mentioned people, including Mugabe himself,deserves to be president of Zimbabwe.Those calling themselves freedom fighters like Mutasa fought for Mugabe not Zimbabwe.Ex Rhodesian DJs are now political commissars in ZANU PF & even ministers with Madzakutsaku political turncoats in that gvt for loudest praise singing .

RONGEKAYI - 19 August 2014

Being endorse by some filthy rat like Jabulani Sindaba is not a blessing but a kiss of death!

Wilbert Mukori - 19 August 2014

''Some filthy rat like Jabulani'' endorsing an equally filthy rat like JOICE MUJURU ?Then which filthy rat will also endorse filthy EMMERSON MNANGAGWA? It seems all these are filthy rats.Apa pane basa chokwadi.

HOYIHOYI - 19 August 2014

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