Bid to block Mujuru

HARARE - Hawks in Zanu PF yesterday pushed for party leader President Robert Mugabe to suspend results of the disputed youth league conference elections which saw a faction led by vice President Joice Mujuru thumping her rival, Justice minister Emerson Mnangagwa’s group.

Sources told the Daily News late yesterday that the Mnangagwa camp is pushing for the party’s sole leader since 1977 to suspend the poll results with the endorsement of the politburo.

Mugabe yesterday summoned ministers, top Zanu PF officials and youth league officials as well as those suspected of belonging to the two factions to present their cases for and against reports that the youth polls were rigged.

Informed sources told the Daily News yesterday that Mugabe was presented with evidence by the Mnangagwa camp which they claim proves that senior party officials used money to influence the outcome of the bitterly divisive youth elections. But the Mujuru camp reportedly also came up with their own dossier to counter the Mnangagwa faction’s claims.

Sources told the Daily News that after more than eight hours of fierce deliberations, accusations and counter accusations Mugabe resolved that the politburo would come up with a position.

“It was a tense meeting at which top Zanu PF officials engaged in a fierce war of words. President Mugabe wanted all facts on the table and those who were lying about Amai Mujuru having used underhand tactics were exposed as liars.

“The “Ngwena” (Mnangagwa) group wanted youth elections reversed but they failed. They were disappointed but we have to move on,” said a highly-placed source.

Mugabe yesterday did not make any reference to the youth elections, in his speech while officially closing the women’s conference.

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Things are falling apart for Mugabe and ZanuPF. After years of trying to suppress the obvious fact that Mugabe is a dictator it is all now time for his party to deal with him. He ios the cause of all this chaos. If he had gone when is time was up the country would not have been held to ransom by these silly games. People want food on their tables and not these stupid games. It is a good wake up call for SADC who ignored Tsvangirai's calls for help in dealing with a brutal dictator. In a few months time SADC will be dealing with another Zim fallout.

Disaster - 16 August 2014

For Morgan and us the pipo, this is the best time to organise ourselves and demand our country back from the mafia. Lets raise up.

changu - 16 August 2014

It's quite refreshing to hear Chris Mutsvangwa revealing the much-hyped 34 year-old myth that Joice Mujuru shot down a Rhodesian helicopter was one big lie - party propaganda. We never heard or read reports that a Rhodesian helicopter had been shot down. Joice Mujuru should have come clean long time ago to say it was not true that she had shot down a helicopter. She kept quiet and the young generation were led to believe the lies. We have been telling the young generation for years this was a lie but they swallowed the myth hook, line and sinker. Honesty is the best policy. We will be getting more revelations as the internecine battles hot up in ZanuPF. The fighting by Zanu and Zapu has no connection whatsoever with the attainment of black rule in this British construct now called Zimbabwe. Black rule came via negotiation. The truth will eventually come out as it has on the helicopter nonsense. This country should be run by competent people not because someone skipped the border in the 1970s.

Musona - 16 August 2014

viva mai mujuru , pasi namunangagwa,

cobra - 16 August 2014

it wont change a thing only gods" time is awaited Bob has been given another term to contest 2018 at 94 so that he takes zim to his grave.What a shammmmmmm mmmmmmm------------

manje ? - 16 August 2014

pls dont take this musona seriously. he seems to have a hidden agenda against black rule. anything that was achieved the war participants is nothing to him. i do not think that he stands for black people. sorry sir i dont beleive you.

taurai - 16 August 2014

zanu pf is rigging rigging is zanu pf. there is no difference. musona is rigth. independence was negotiated. after all those who really fought the war are either dead or they are poor. those who were in office and who negotiated are the rich mugabes

dexter madhodha - 17 August 2014

@taurai or scotv or Sdazo - every time I defecate you are there like a voracious house fly. You follow me everywhere - from Newsday to Daily News. I have no hidden agenda - I am always very explicit in what I say. I am not looking for a political position - I reached retiring age long time ago. So far Mugabe's rule has been excruciating. Harare hospital has not had water for months, companies are closing down daily, the country is using multi-currency regime because the Zim dollar has been rendered worthless by Mugabe, unemployment is around 90%, the once thriving railways is defunct, big Zisco steel is defunct, some people have not been paid for months, the government is failing to pay civil servants, the list is endless. What do you want me to say? You might be enjoying it be most of us are not enjoying life. WE WERE A BILLION TIMES BETTER OF UNDER WHITE RULE. This is my message to the young generation. Hidden agenda is defined as undisclosed motive or aim: a plan, motive, or aim underlying somebody's actions that is kept secret from others. I am always very explicit in my criticism I don't know why you say hidden agenda. I am not as brainwashed as you. If things are not right I will say so. ZanuPF has been lying for the last 34-odd years that Joice Mujuru shot down a helicopter but 2 days ago Chris Mutsvangwa revealed this was a lie. I knew it was a lie - where is the hidden agenda?

Musona - 17 August 2014

If people have no water or electricity for months they do not need Musona to tell them the government is useless, they can see it for themselves. Mugabe's rule has been chaotic, reckless and error-strewn all the way. Mugabe might not admit it but I am sure he now knows Smith was right after all. We all wanted a black government to rule but I am afraid it has been nothing short of disastrous. We cannot compare Mugabe to Smith. It will be like comparing a gnat to an elephant. I have realised majority rule is not quite the right thing for African countries after all. We are not all the same - some of us in towns are more advanced that those in the Reserves who are in the majority. We are forced to go by what the unsophisticated majority Reserve folk do or vote for. The majority Reserve folk are very poor and easily bribable come election time - which means we cannot removed non-performing government. Smith was right when he spoke of “irresponsible majority as opposed to responsible majority”.

Musona - 17 August 2014

One sentence should read, "The majority Reserve folk are very poor and easily bribable come election time - which means we cannot remove a non-performing government".

Musona - 17 August 2014

VaMugabe nyaraiwo...a country that can not even tie its own shoe laces nokuti munoda kutonga?

MutemaMunhu - 18 August 2014

Whether it is said by Musona or not Mugabe has led a very disturbing, chaotic and shambolic government, nursed thieves as Oppah rightly said, nurtured them into gansters an now they are at each other's throat, but who suffers it is us the povo, chavarikurwira kuenda pa dhuze ne school of thieving kuti vadzidziswe kuba and this stealing is nursed by high office so moda kuti vaidiiwo.

Maita Manyuka - 18 August 2014

Sir Musona, you seem to be aware that what you say has an influence on the young generation. You lack obejectivity in you generalised statements. For instance is it true this current governement has been a failure the whole of the past 34 years? If i may ask, what are three positive things that Mugabe achieved for zimbabwe and three things in which Smith failed the Zimbabweans? If you are able to answer then you would have been balanced in you ctiticism. Otherwise it sounds like you are hurting and waiting for any given opportunity to pounce on Mugabe.

taurai - 18 August 2014

Frankly,if you find any positives for Mugabe then you can pick up a needle blind folded in a bush.Please taurai rwara hako zvakanaka. It's very difficult to be balanced in criticising a devil.

RONGEDZAI - 18 August 2014

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