Zanu PF should throw in the towel

EDITOR — Zanu PF has a tendency of holding everyone to ransom and it is high time people of Zimbabwe wake up to this.

After the controversial election win in 2013, judging from the current socio-economic decay one wonders where these people want to take our beautiful country.

Zimbabweans urgently need food on their table, peace, jobs and liberty.

Instead of making concerted efforts to address people’s needs the Zanu PF-led government is busy drawing our attention to their infighting and nobody among them is addressing the economic situation that they put us in.

With or without sanctions, Zimbabwe’s problems are a result of economic mismanagement, period.

What can minister Mavhaire offer to the Energy ministry? Why are the same people who have failed to perform since 1980 still getting the nod to lead and run down other ministries?

My father recently retired from the Education ministry because he is aged 65 and yet we have people 10 years his senior being deemed fit to run ministries?

For once, Zanu PF should take the people of Zimbabwe seriously, and try to take this country forward.

They have been given way too many opportunities but all they have done is destroy all our institutions.

How many economic blueprints have they come up with?

Which one has ever succeeded?

Many people have no idea how people in the rural areas are suffering. And to think that they are the ones who support Zanu PF to the extent of beating up opponents is pathetic.

For once, I want to ask, when will this country ever achieve something?

Because all we hear are promises and blueprints that never bear fruit.

Change is needed, not from anyone else but Zanu PF first.

If they become accountable, if they start to think beyond tomorrow, maybe they can start to serve the interests of the people.

Enough is enough, 2018 is like a lifetime, because all hope has been lost.

Solve this crisis now or just throw in the towel.

Firifiti, Mberengwa.

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    Well said Firifiti, it is us the pipo of Zim that must make these clueless old pipo to go or deliever, wait a minute. They just cant deliever so they MUST GO!!!

    changu - 14 August 2014

    @ Firifiti Mberegwa Could not agree with you more, the country is sinking and the people are suffering. Since the rigged July 2013 elections, Zanu PF tried to rig economic recovery but has failed as is shown by the empty ZimAsset begging bowl after a year of frantic begging. Mugabe has given up on ever getting the ZimAsset funding and the economic recovery but he will never ever thrown in the towel and give up power willingly because it is not in the DNA of tyrants to give up power. He would rather sell the whole nation to the devil himself than do that. The people need to wake to the reality that they will have to stand up to Mugabe and demand their basic rights and freedoms including the right to have their economic grievances addressed in a meaningful way and the their right to life itself! The mistake the people have make ever since the nation attained its independence was to let Mugabe and Zanu PF doll out basic human rights and freedom as if they were sweets, given to some and denied to others. The people must now claim their basic human freedoms, rights and human dignities as their birth right or this tyrannical regime will grind them into the dust before their time!

    Wilbert Mukori - 14 August 2014

    Selfishness & greed are the cornerstone of ZANU PF bigwigs's survival.Forget about ever getting anything form these corrupt thieves. They are the worst tax evaders,they don't pay ZESA, COUNCIL or ZINWA. They don't even want to pay their workers.In fact these were the intended beneficiaries of Chombo's cancellation of city council debts in 2013.

    SELFISHNESS - 15 August 2014

    zpf to me is a terrorist group just like hamas in gaza, bokoharam in nigeria or isis in iraq. they dont care about the people. they care abt power and amassing wealth fr themselves and their immediate families. zim would hev been better off under smith than these bloody thieves.

    jurist - 18 August 2014

    YOU CAN GO ON DAY-DREAMING AND HALLUCINATING THAT ZPF WILL THROW IN THE TOWEL!!...tichazokumutsa in 2018 after ZPF has romped to yet another landslide victory!!

    ZVOKWADI - 19 August 2014

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