Violence flares up in Zanu PF

HARARE - The Women’s League vote is driving another rift in President Robert Mugabe’s faction-ridden Zanu PF as officials question the legitimacy of the poll amid violence and “kidnappings”.

Days after the Youth League vote was sullied by allegations of electoral fraud and vote buying. Officials said bacause of the violence it would be “absurd”  to proceed with the Women’s League vote at the conference which starts today.

Discord over the internal election is pushing Zanu PF’s two main factions said to be led by Vice President Joice Mujuru and Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa further apart.

Another disputed election would highlight the party’s difficulties in asserting control as the party’s unrest spreads countrywide.

Kwekwe Central Zanu PF MP Masango Matambanadzo’s bouncer on Monday “bashed” the secretary for security for Kushinga, Marco Msipa at Amaveni Shopping Centre after accusing him of
being aligned to the Mnangagwa faction.

Matambanadzo reportedly charged that Mnangagwa was “finished” and that Msipa was wasting time backing him. Msipa claimed he reported the matter to the police.

Matambanadzo, who is linked to the Mujuru faction, declined to comment on the alleged assault that came just a few weeks after he was involved in a public fist fight with fellow Zanu PF legislator for Gokwe — Kana Owen Ncube in Kwekwe over allegations of fanning violence.

“Who told you that I fought Msipa? Do not just rush to conclusions,” he told the Daily News yesterday before hanging up. Efforts to reach him later were futile.

The Kwekwe incident flared up as Oppah Muchinguri, the Women’s League boss, addressed an unprecedented press conference at the Zanu PF headquarters in Harare on Monday detailing three kidnapping incidents she said had taken place in Mashonaland Central, Masvingo and Manicaland, where delegates were held against their will.

Muchinguri sensationally claimed that party bigwigs had kidnapped and sequestered Women’s League members in the three provinces in a bid to coerce them into voting for their preferred candidates ahead of their conference today.

However, the Zanu PF leadership in the three provinces dismissed Muchinguri’s claims as “cheap politicking” ahead of the Women’s League election, which has turned out to be the new theatre of action for the warring factions.

Callisto Gwanetsa, Zanu PF’s Masvingo provincial chairman, claimed no member of the Women’s League had been kidnapped or intimidated in the province.

“I think those who are making such allegations are just politicking because we are on the ground here and we have not received any such reports,” Gwanetsa told the Daily News.

“Even the (Women’s) League’s provincial chairwoman Shyllet Uyoyo has not given me such a report.”

There have also been reports that the party’s inter-district elections that were held on August 6 in the Midlands province had been characterised by kidnappings and intimidation.

Melania Mahiya, the Zanu PF MP for Gokwe-Gumunyu, yesterday wrote a formal complaint to Zanu PF national chairman Simon Khaya-Moyo protesting that the elections had been rigged.

Mahiya, who was seeking to be nominated for the post of women secretary for administration, but lost to Flora Bhuka, alleged that about 55 chairpersons had been held captive for a whole week, denying her the chance to canvass for their votes.

“On the date of accreditation, the 55 chairwomen were ferried in 13 kombis (minibuses) to the accreditation venue where I was denied the chance to talk to them as they were heavily guarded by main wing members namely Renias Madende, Stephen Ngwenya, NCA (National Consultative Assembly) members namely Tariro Mutingwende and her husband Sabian Chiromo and three chairpersons from Nembudziya constituency namely Jetina Marange, Kudzai Mtema and Shupikai Masonga,” reads Mahiya’s  August 13 complaint to the National Elections Directorate.

While Mahiya claimed that she had made a police report at Nembudziya Police Station, police said in a statement yesterday that they had not received any reports of violence or kidnapping.

Paul Nyathi, the police spokesperson, said they had checked after party officials had approached them to confirm the allegations.

“We have since checked with all our stations, districts and provinces and for the record, no kidnapping cases have been reported,” Nyathi said in a statement.

The police spokesperson said the public should report such cases at police stations who are mandated with investigating and accounting for suspects.

“We therefore appeal to anyone with information on the kidnappings to report to the nearest police station so that necessary action can be taken,” Nyathi said.

The Zanu PF National Elections Directorate met yesterday at the party offices in Harare to iron out the differences that are threatening to tear the party apart.

Insiders said there was little doubt that the legitimacy of the Women’s League elections will be questioned and most probably not accepted by some party officials.

Zanu PF remains determined to hold “honest and transparent elections,” administration secretary Didymus Mutasa has said.

Criticism of Zanu PF’s handling of elections upped after violence escalated recently, with officials telling the Daily News that Mugabe was “deeply outraged at the actions of some officials, actions that can only be described as criminal”.

Attitudes are also hardening. Rival factions have set out to create “a centre of instability, indeed anarchy” in the internal elections, the senior official told the Daily News. The conflict is “due to rival factions’ aggression,” he added.

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wtr - 14 August 2014

Violence begets violence.Anyway this is purely a ZANU PF vs ZANU PF war. The party is so infested with masqueraders, pretenders, psuedo war vets who always want to reap where they did not sow.Yes as their leader hijacked the liberation struggle, they can also pretend to be anything in their party of gangsters.Some claim they are war vets of 3rd chimurenga which spearheaded the destruction of commercial farming on pretext of correcting land imbalances of the past.Ooh, that terrible chaos continues to this day.

magooruma - 14 August 2014

I would like to carry on with our dingdong over my statement that "The fighting by Zanu and Zapu has no connection with the attainment of black rule in this country". This was after one Daily News journalist by the name of Fungi Kwaramba heaped praise on Mugabe for "playing a prominent role in Zimbabwe's liberation struggle”. I voted in 1980 and what this journalist is saying is a load of garbage because black rule came via negotiations instigated by foreigners, who had nothing to do with the fighting, not Zimbabweans or Rhodesians.

Musona - 14 August 2014

Bulalanani bathakathi Thugs will remain thugs . Hey!!!! imagine being kidnapped and clobbered for a dead donkey zanu yakaora your head will be full of rusted stinking water. But one day is one day when zimbabweans will chase them away from power lets keep our fingers crossed while abathakathi kill each other for a dead donkey.

Diibulaanyika - 14 August 2014

@Musona- The chronology of the events you mentioned are factual and clear fall all to follow. However, what you choose to avoid is the fact that the war dynamics played a central role in enabling the ballot. You unwittingly admitted that when you said "Smith expressed great reluctance, but agreed on 24 September after Vorster intimated that South Africa might cut off financial and military aid if Smith refused." Smith knew he could not hold ZIPRA and ZANLA forces on his own. As a result he noticed that it was better to negotiate. Its funny that Musona choose to ignore the famous statement proclaimed by Ian Smith that "I don't believe in majority rule ever in Rhodesia... not in 1,000 years." A man with such stubbornness could not have parcelled this country to the same people who looked down upon. Another thing Musona is that you don't necessarily have to have been there to critic what transpired in the same vein a Judge should not have been in the crime scene in order to give an unbiased adjudication. Its sad that Musona still has that mindset? Another question are you white or black. I have another friend of mine a Rhodie Charles Cockram an ex Rhodie Policeman who thinks like you. No offense I understand. The reporter wrote a good story.

Sdazo - 14 August 2014

Am I missing something here. About two months ago someone send me on app exaclty the same picture as the one in this story. Is it just coincidence or is this a cooked up story. There is even a video of the same guy achiti akazvamburwa nemukadzi .

Dread - 14 August 2014

@Sdazo - The statement about not accepting majority rule in a 1000 years was just a simple metaphor which some misinterpreted - no man lives up to 1000 years. You have to be very foolish to believe someone can live up to 1000 years, most people do not live up to 100 years let alone 1000 years. This is one statement I never took seriously because no man lives up to 1000 years ever. If a person says “I am over the moon” do other people honestly believe that person will actually take off into space and go over the moon? It's only a metaphor. The “1000 years” would have indicated to any intelligent person that the statement was not to be taken seriously. Most people point to this statement and I just shake my head? Taken out of context. However, I quite agree NOW on what he said about “irresponsible majority rule as opposed to responsible majority rule”. I did not believe it when Smith said it at the time but from what I have seen he was absolutely correct.

Musona - 14 August 2014

@Sdazo - Your example of a Judge not being at the scene of crime but able to give an unbiased adjudication does not apply here because I was following events by the day and could not find any connection with what Zanu was saying and events on the ground. Most people I spoke to in the 1980s are of the same opinion as me. Without our votes Zanu would not have got into power. My judgement of events I witnessed is much more accurate than someone who reads about it 30 or 34 years later when it has been embellished to suit certain politicians that is for sure. Some people are claiming Smith was forced to the negotiating table by the fighting. Smith did not instigate the Lancaster House Conference - he had already left office. The Commonwealth heads of State urged Britain to hold one in 1979. I hold no brief for Smith but I want the truth at all times. The events in this country since the late 1950s show that negotiations have always been taking place and breaking all the time. Even before there was any fighting various meetings were held. For example, the first meeting between British PM Harold Wilson and Ian Smith took place aboard HMS Tiger in 1966, while the second, aboard HMS Fearless, was held in 1968 off Gibraltar. And then in 1971 there was a meeting with another Foreign Secretary Alec Douglas-Home and Smith. Then there was the Geneva Conference, held between October and December 1976 under British mediation, which also failed. Meetings or Conferences have always been taking place when there was no fighting and when there was fighting all instigated by the British. When Zanu and Zapu say they “liberated the country” what do they mean? Most of them brag they defeated Smith but are unable to say where and when. “A mindset”? Definitely not gullible. Why are you telling me about your friend? Are you hoping it might somehow change my outlook and go with the gullible flow? I do not believe in fairy tales.

Musona - 14 August 2014

@Sdazo - I want to tackle the judge example. The Rhodesia-to-Zimbabwe liberation scenario is like having a driver (Zanu and Zapu) who is involved in an accident (war) on the street and there is a witness, not connected to the driver, who saw the accident happening (Musona in 1978-80) and then comes other onlookers (Sdazo and others who were infants or not born around 1978-80) who ask the driver what has happened and form their opinions rightly or wrongly. The police are called to the scene. The driver's account will not be reliable because he will obviously say he was right - that is natural. The witness has to be relied upon because he saw the accident. The onlookers who came after the accident had happened cannot be relied upon to give credible evidence - theirs is hearsay. The witness evidence will carry more weight in court than that of the driver. The judge was not at the accident scene but he has to rely on the person who saw the accident not the onlookers or the driver. The Judge will ask the driver to give his side of the story but the judge knows the driver will be defensive. The Judge will give an unbiased adjudication depending on the evidence is presented to him. Readers have the right to attack the authors of news reports which is why there is a section for readers' comments. It comes with the territory. If reporters do not want to be attacked they shouldn't be working as reporters then.

Musona - 14 August 2014

ZANU&ZAPU never defeated Smith through fighting. It was never a ''From Bush To Office''event. Muzorewa was the first black prime minister just before we voted for Mugabe after the Lancaster Hse conference. Muzorewa , NOT Smith, led the internal delegation while Mugabe & Nkomo jointly led external one to the Lancaster Hse conference which produced the 1980 elections.The wrong facts have been exploited by some criminal elements to masquerade as mujibhas,zvimbwidos,war vets&ex detainees . Of coz ZANLA&ZIPRA fought in the liberation war but they never won that war. Indeed, the Lancaster Hse conference forced the 1980 elections which got Mugabe into power.


spare us the nonsense you bloody murderers! you lucky that you are kidnapped but remain alive, you crying wolf because your many degrees in violence are now being used against you.kill each other, go ahead with your criminal activities and 'nikuv' each other. this is what the people have always said that zanu pf can't run a clean election but you dismiss us because it serves your selfish needs, now face the music and stop crying. zanu pf is a criminal cartel,period!

chitova - 15 August 2014

See how the clever old man is saying now ,he is going to step down at December congress because he is going to Sadc summit.He nows very well they are going to grill him and after the summit he can change his mind

Tinotenda - 15 August 2014

@sdazo munhu anonzi musona haanzisisike. Zvakaoma kuti munhu mukuru ashanduke. Zvinoita sekuti aneshungu zvinji ne vendatta nehutungamiri huripo. It takes a very frustrated mind to deny the role played by war in the political dynamics of zim as you mentioned bro. Not to play down the fact that as a people, we are suffering, no but despite the hardships we face, we are better off if we be a people of principles. We should be able to say no where necessary. No to white rule. No to segregation whether by a black man or any race. On a positive note, lets continue to find ways of contributing to real change in our country. We have known of dark days for too long.

taurai - 15 August 2014

Violence is manufactured/brewed in Zanu Pf self-proclaimed degreed masters of violence

Mukanya - 15 August 2014

@Sdazo I was very young during the liberation struggle but what I see is the lies as propagated by ZANU(PF). We blacks did not win the war, but we won the elections. Remember that Smith had a paid army but ZANLA and ZIPRA were volunteers, The war was having an impact on the economies of South Africa and Rhodesia just as the situation now. The humanitarian situation was dire. The British had identified their stooge in Robert Mugabe whom they brought in after recieving their education in Scotland Edinburgh. How could one be in exile in the country of the oppressor? All the fallen fighters were used in a dirty political game masterminded by British intelligence. The statement by Ian Smith referred to the readiness of the black majority to run a country. Damn he was right! look at how they have ran down the country since 1980. The number of public facilities has gone down instead of increasing in tandem with population increase. Former Selous Scouts will tell you that they had very few casualties but how many of our liberation fighters we lost?

Sabhuku - 15 August 2014

Please guys,no one plays down the great job done by ZANLA&ZIPRA. Equally the same,we can't play down the great job done by the povo in the former war zones.It is the naked corruption, hypocritical creation of classes among us&the running down of the country's economy by our leaders that angered the people,You can't keep taking people for a ride.This divide & rule tactic by Mugabe is totally unacceptable.We can never accept a MUGABE DYNASTY in Zimbabwe.

PAMUROMO CHETE - 15 August 2014

@Musona the discussion is not about metaphors, its not the subject or substance of the matter . However a metaphor is a figure of speech in which a term or phrase is applied to something to which it is not literally applicable in order to suggest a resemblance. In another sense it shows a deep seated emotion about a phenomenon. In this case Smith never thought there would be black majority rule in his lifetime. Alas this happened during his lifetime. So to suggest that the war of liberation never brought indepedence is like failing to accept that the sun rises from the east.

Sdazo - 15 August 2014

Sdazo I agree with your points. When people go on a march to demonstrate, they are putting a message across that they have an issue they are not happy about and therefore need it to be addressed. In the end and in most cases, their grievances are listened to and if there is a way of solving them they get solved.The same way that ZANU and ZAPU did when they waged a war against the Smith regime. After some years of fighting, the only solution was for Smith to give in to their demands at Lancastire. So to Musoni I say you got it wrong when you say ZANU and ZAPU did not bring Independance to Zimbabwe. ZANU, ZAPU , the masses and other well wishers from abroad and even whites here in Zimbabwe played a role in bringing about independance. Of course no man lives up to a thousand years, Smith was talking about black majority rule when he said never in a thousand years and not about a man living that long.

Dr Know - 15 August 2014

@sabhuku, we all agree ZANUPF has run down this country, but we cannot distort the fact that ZANLA and ZIPRA liberated this country. Sabhuku like Musona you unwittingly agree that the war dynamic played a part in liberating this country when you say "The war was having an impact on the economies of South Africa and Rhodesia just as the situation now. The humanitarian situation was dire." So you see If it was not for the bombings of several service stations, the failure to get resources from South Africa and Britain to support Smith Regime's war" this country would still be under white minority. It is the 'dire" situation in the ground that brought about the negotiations. What Musona and Sabhuku do not understand is that wars are a demonstration of resources might either economic, intelligence or information. Guerilla warfare is a complex war strategy that was practised by both ZIPRA and ZANLA forces it entails us of irregular warfare in which a small group of combatants such as armed civilians or irregulars use military tactics including ambushes, sabotage, raids, petty warfare, hit-and-run tactics, and mobility to fight a larger and less-mobile traditional military. In other words sabhuku it means even if you are small as our 2 forces they still had the ability to take down the Goalith.

Sdazo - 15 August 2014

@Dr Know , well said. Things might have gone wrong maybe as some see now but let the truth be said this country was won through a protracted struggle fought by our brothers , sisters and fathers for us to be able to vote. Smith's machinery was crumbled by ZANLA and ZIPRA and you can take that to the bank

Sdazo - 15 August 2014

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