Blood on the floor

HARARE - There are fears Zanu PF factional fights could turn bloody after the party yesterday said dozens of women countrywide had been kidnapped as the fight to replace President Robert Mugabe intensifies.

The Women’s League conference starting on Thursday has become the latest battle front amid reports of bribery and intimidation taking centre stage as the factions led by vice President Joice Mujuru and Emmerson Mnangagwa make clear their intentions ahead of the elective congress in December.

Zanu PF insiders said while their party had already been divided, First Lady Grace Mugabe’s entry into politics had triggered a dogfight of unprecedented proportions amid indications it could get worse ahead of the congress.

Yesterday, Zanu PF Women’s League chairperson Oppah Muchinguri confirmed that alarming levels of intimidation had rocked the party.

Muchinguri addressed a press conference in the company of politburo members, Jonathan Moyo, Ednah Madzongwe and Patrick Zhuwawo. Also in attendance were Monica Mutsvangwa and Phillip Chiyangwa.

Said Muchinguri: “In some cases, the league has received reports which border on criminal conduct where its members have been kidnapped, or sequestered against their will and without the knowledge of their families who do not know the whereabouts of their loved ones.

“These reports are very worrying and they must be condemned in the strongest possible terms. The league wants to make it very clear and put on record the fact that any of its members who are kidnapped or sequestered ahead of the conference will be deregistered.

“For the same reasons, the league calls upon law enforcement authorities  to take the kidnapping reports seriously and let the law take its course against the culprits regardless of their standing or station in the party or society.”

Asked to name the top officials, Muchinguri said the culprits were known but they wanted police to carry out investigations first.  Observers said the comments were directed at the Mujuru faction.

Judging from the display of manipulation, outright bribery of voters and rigging at the ruling party's internal 6th National Youth League elections last weekend, divisions in Zanu PF may escalate to unprecedented levels.

Observers said allegations of rigging and vote buying raised by Zanu PF youths and Mugabe during the Youth League elections also cast doubt on the credibility of Zimbabwe’s electoral processes even at national level.

It has emerged a dossier submitted to the party’s politburo last week revealed plans by senior leaders to rig the internal elections but it was ignored.
Officials complained the party was reluctant to act on the irregularities, including allegations that party officials in their 60s from Mashonaland  East and Manicaland provinces voted.

The Daily News has learnt that the dossier prominently names the offices of party bigwigs as being at the centre of the plot, which last week triggered chaotic scenes and caused a night-long tallying of votes at the youth conference.

While Zanu PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa was unreachable for comment yesterday, national chairman Simon Khaya Moyo declined to comment, referring questions to Shamu, who was also not taking calls from this paper yesterday.

Rival Mnangagwa and Mujuru factions clashed amid allegations youthful voters were bribed with cash and entertainment vouchers, including tickets to Jah Prayzah's show.

To forestall chaos at the Women League vote, Khaya Moyo has called an urgent meeting of the National Elections Directorate at the Zanu PF headquarters tomorrow to heal widening rifts ahead of the vote.

The meeting has been called as Zanu PF senator Monica Mutsvangwa, believed to belong to the Mnangagwa faction, publicly sledged Mutasa for engineering her defeat in provincial polls. She has formally lodged a complaint with the provincial executive citing vote rigging, accusing some Politburo and Central Committee members in Manicaland of plotting her downfall.

National Assembly MP for Gokwe-Gumunyu, Melania Majovani has also lodged a police report against minister of State in the Office of the President Flora Buka for abducting her Women’s League supporters in a tussle for Gokwe Women’s League first candidate.

“I am calling for a meeting of members of the National Elections Directorate on Wednesday the 13th of August 2014 at the party’s headquarters,” Khaya Moyo said in a statement.

“The meeting will start at 2pm and is meant to finalise preparations for the Women’s League conference which starts in Harare on Thursday the 14th of August 2014.” Confronted with the ugly scenes of factionalism, Mugabe acknowledged that internal wrangles hurt the credibility of the party’s electoral system, and indeed, that the youths were compromised with inducements.

“I know there have been hitches, ndinoziva zvangu kuti vakuru vamwe vakamboedza apa nepapa, (some top officials tried) some monies and so on,” Mugabe said. “Get away from that! Mukaita tsika yekujaira kupihwa mari (Don’t be in the habit of receiving bribes)  and you want to act nekuti ndatopihwa mari (I have been bribed) kana ndisina kupihwa mari hapana chandinoita, (No bribe, no vote)  you are spoiled already.

“To me you don’t deserve to be a youth leader at all. If you allow other people to buy you and if you have ....  goodness me, you are rubbish. You are just rubbish, dirty rubbish as the person who has given you money both of you.

“The giver and the given are alike but we know, you have emerged, most of you are not like that but some are like that we know and kumusoro kwedu kune vane tsika iyoyo, vanonotsvaga mari yekuti vatenge kuti vadiwe, kutenga kuti udiwe. (Even among us the leaders, some use bribes to gain votes) You are not political prostitutes, are you? Some people will want to make you political prostitutes.’’

It is these events that observers of Zimbabwe’s political landscape argue have set the stage for a chaotic Women’s League’s national conference this week.

Analysts said it was worrisome enough when it is only Zanu PF fighting,  “you don’t want to imagine what will happen when there are other party colours.”

Pedzisai Ruhanya, the director of political think tank Zimbabwe Democracy Institute (ZDI), said there would be problems at the next level as a result of this, adding elections in Zanu PF were just a smoke screen.

“The leadership of Zanu PF since its formation has never been chosen democratically,” Ruhanya said.

“Since Mugabe came to power in the party in 1977, there has never been any contestation to his rule. We are yet to see an open election. There could be a third force in Zanu PF that could come and wrestle power from these two factions.”  Analysts said the majority of the people in Zanu PF cannot trust their party now and aggrieved party members have continuously accused senior party officials of vote buying, using parallel structures to rig the system in their favour and that of their political allies.

Long-time rivals Mujuru and Mnangagwa are using the internal elections to position themselves to succeed Mugabe when he eventually steps down. They add that the ruling party risks losing its own followers. Several hard-liners in the defeated Mnangagwa faction broke a taboo by harshly criticising the poll as rigged.

Mnangagwa’s protégé Lewis Mathuthu who lost to Varaidzo Mupunga from the Mujuru camp in the Youth League vote said the poll was flawed.

“I know that it was an internal process, but let me be honest, the elections were not fair,” he said. “It was very unfortunate that senior leaders had an interest. People were given money, there is overwhelming evidence that the elections were rigged.”

The winning candidate, however, maintains the poll was free and fair.

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Mr R G Mugabe musasvore vamwe varikupinda pazvigaro ne back door, itsika yenyu, thats what you have been doing since 2000, saka musaona kuipa kwazvo, coz thats how you are yourself. Why would ZEC be staffed by ZANU PF officials, from the head to the sweeper. Itira wekwako zvaunoda kuti iwe ugoitirwawo. Mugabe you have destroyed Zimbabwe and Zanu pf. I just pray kuti one day is one day, as for your wife Grace advise her not to enter into politics now coz when you are gone your wife and your children vakasatiza vanokutevera kumupfiganebwe. I am not saying this because I hate Mugabe but I am just giving him a free advise that he will not get from his advisers, not because they dont want to tell him but fear for their lives. Mugabe think of your children's future, now

MOyoJ - 12 August 2014

Mugabe et al have been bribing their simpleton supporters to win elections since 1980 & those who refuse get murdered

Galore 123 - 12 August 2014

You reap what you sow...

Tawanda - 12 August 2014

So where are the professors, educated, zimboz who ALWAYS have shit to say if it was in the MDC yevanhu? Matuzvi ezanu murikuaona here?

changu - 12 August 2014

The waste is yet to happen in ZANU. What they used to do other Political parties will happen to them the difference being that it will be ZANU ON ZANU violence. The tragedy is only that it will drag the whole nation with it God forbid!

Zimtroulbes - 12 August 2014

Police should not take any action they should remain put bcoz this politics . Let those women who were kidnapped be also be raped so that they can they party ' s medicine . Let this evil party collapse

Diibulaanyika - 12 August 2014

I ask again where does President Mugabe expect his followers and theFirst lady to look for honest leadreship. When Baba Mugabe wants to point to credible leadreship in his party whom can he point to?

Abri - 12 August 2014

Here is what Lovemore Madhuku had to say on 2 days ago, “The NCA believes that the institution of war veterans as a national historical asset and reference must remain independent of partisan political manipulation so as to preserve the integrity and dignity of our liberators before all Zimbabwean citizens regardless of their political affiliation”. Madhuku was born in mid-1966 and around 1980 he was 13 years old living in rural Chipinge. He was barely political conscious in 1979. How can he talk of “liberators” when he did not experience life as a working adult before 1979? Even though Madhuku is a Law Professor he knows nothing about life before 1979. All his facts come from reading not what he experienced as a working adult. People like Madhuku are a danger to society because they lionise things that they don't know but only read about in some book. When Madhuku made this statement he was calling for ZanuPF to go but the so-called war veterans to be lionised. Who is ZanuPF and who are the so-called war veterans? Madhuku has no clue about the political set up in this country. How can he be a politician when he does not know who is who? It is like a man saying “I just love than woman but the only problem is I don't like her face and her ears”! Or “I like that car, but I don't like its body”! Absolutely bizarre. Madhuku is not the only non-ZanuPF politician who is confused in this manner - they all are. You cannot dislike the body and like the car.

Musona - 12 August 2014

ZANU PF ndeyeropa.Isinjonjo tamba wakachenjera.There can never be fair play in an evil party. Grace's entry into politics can only add to the confusion&war in ZANU PF. By the way she told the nation that her wonderful son-in-law was lucky to marry her virgin daughter & that the newly weds should fast track a child so sekuru may live to see his muzukuru.But,how can a 2nd wife be a First Lady?

kwavakubayana - 13 August 2014

To be 13 at independence does deprive people of knowledge of thier country. As a matter of fact most of the things you say are a misrepresentation of what our country is and has been. I notice that you write proficiently, no doubt about that but you will do well to listen and learn from others too. It is a historical fact that Zimbabwe was once colonised and was liberated by war vets. While you sound of the same age with some of then, sir, it is unfortunate that you chose to side with smith and still do even though he and his influence are not anymore. I do not think it is credible for people to redicule those who fought for the liberation of the country. Yes, the economy of the country is in shambles but that does not justify your disrespect sir. Think before you comment - that might be helpful. Lets engage in positive debates that would help us find the way forward.

taurai - 13 August 2014

first sentence should read 'does not' soory for the mistake.

taurai - 13 August 2014

You respect things of the Party more than human life is your Motto in ZANU pf. How do you feel Oppah terrorizing a defenseless Gumbura Family and traumatizing the Gumburas without any proof of misconduct claimed as 'RAPE' through the 'Dirty' Courts. Oppah because of selfishness for gain you are crying foul play. Muchadura chete na Jesu Mutongi Pasi rose.

Zvinorwadza sei? - 13 August 2014

@Abri. The only sense I can make out of your whole comment is actually what Madhuku not the nonsense you spouted afterwards.

mau mau - 13 August 2014

If there is rigging manakirwa chaizvo.

Jori - 13 August 2014

@taurai - I was born in Highfield in the 1940s. What I write is what I experienced. I lived through various white prime ministers and Ian Smith was the last white prime minister. You generalise to say most things I say area misrepresentation of what the country is and has been - you are saying I should not say things as I saw them and lie. I saw the formation of NDP right from day one and have followed all events by the day. Before 1890 there was no nation-state - that is fact not a misrepresentation. I know the nationalists had no name of the proposed state when the NDP was formed in 1960. If there was a state what was it called, where were the borders? It was the whites who created the country which is now called Zimbabwe. The Ndebeles came from Zululand in the 1830s and settled in what is now the south west of Zimbabwe. Rhodesia was the second most prosperous economy under Ian Smith. The Rhodesian Dollar was equivalent to the British pound. Before whites came in 1890 there was no single school in the land or factory in the land. If someone told you there were schools then by all means give us the names and where these schools were or factories were. What you people, including Madhuku, refer to as “liberation” was nothing but a frenetic struggle for power by black nationalists after UK and indicated it was going to give up its overseas colonies. Was Gukurahundi part of the “liberation”? How can it be called “liberation” when the whites brought advancement to this land which was in the Stone Age? I am not supporting Ian Smith I am comparing what Smith did vis-avis what Mugabe is doing. If Rhodesia was the second most prosperous economy in Africa why should I not say so? Right now Zimbabwe's economy is the second worst in Africa - that is a fact. I WILL NOT HESITATE IN STATING CATEGORICALLY THAT WE WERE A BILLION TIMES BETTER OFF UNDER WHITE RULE. AND THAT THERE WAS NO RACISM.

Musona - 13 August 2014

Every Zimbabwean played their part in liberating the country.Not only the ex-combats did the job as what Zanu pf would've us believe. And to say ZANU PF has destroyed Zim is not being disrespectful. Any political party has the right to be in government if supported by the people. Zimbabwe is for us all.ZANU PF should not behave as our new colonial masters & it's true,Smith ran the economy a lot better than evil ZANU PF. This evil party wants to monopolize everything.

honest - 13 August 2014

Before whites came our ancestors were very very poor. That is not the white man's fault. Poverty was there since time immemorial. Our politicians only wanted power and they came up with all sorts of lies. Whites were rich and had unique skills to do serious commercial farming which is why they possessed more land. I grew up at a time when owning a bicycle was regarded in the community as a major achievement let alone own a tractor to do commercial farming. Before the whites came our ancestors only used MAPADZA to plough small patches. MAPADZA were not easy to get. It was the whites who brought ox-drawn ploughs (MAGEJO). How much van you do with a BADZA? Surely not more than an 18-yard area of a football field. Therefore why would our ancestors have needed vast tracts of land for? Senseless. Our ancestor did not need land at all. Landownership was brought about by the whites. There was no landownership before the whites came in 1890. Why would any reasonable person say whites who brought us MAGEJO, SCHOOLS, INDUSTRIES are bad? There was no need for the so-called liberation struggle at all in my opinion. What for? I never had any problems in Rhodesia. Most people I know never had nay problems. The problems were caused by politicians seeking power. My questions are - would we be having (1) more jobs or (2) less jobs or (3) no jobs at all if this land had not been colonised? Would we be having (1) more educated people or (2) less educated people or (3) no educated people at all if this land had not been colonised? What Smith did was paternalism not racism. People mistake realism for racism

Musona - 13 August 2014

There were black multi-millionaires in Rhodesia. How could politicians say the system was oppressive or meant to benefit whites only when there were black multi-millionaires in Rhodesia? Before 1980 we blacks were exempt from aying income tax and black businesses were exempt from paying corporation taxes. But Zanu compelled us to pay income tax and black businesses to pay corporation tax. Where the hell is the “liberation” here? A black government making black people pay income and corporation taxes when white governments exempted all blacks. Is this “liberation” of little knowledge? I think it is little knowledge. No politician or political party ever mentions this fact. This is not a misrepresentation.

Musona - 13 August 2014

@taurai - at 13 years a person is considered immature and is therefore not allowed to vote because society regards them as minors. Simple common sense. At 13 a person has not yet learnt much at school to be able to make a sound judgement on the affairs of the state. At around 18 years , and preferably working, then a person is considered by society as reasonably mature to vote.

Musona - 13 August 2014

Thanks my brother for responting but i do not see value in your argument. In my view, your home is yours whether you can afford more or less. No man should be allowed to 1) takeover your home and 2) dictate what goes on in your house no matter how clever they are. My experience with the rhodes though i am very young during war time, was not the best in as far as they treated my father and myself. I do not believe that you and I are second citizens even in our backyard. I am sorry I felt that way and for that reason I appreciate those who dislodged those brothers from power. You must understand that zim was not the only country to fight for its independence - the rest of africa did including our neibghours south of limpopo. Development is measured by time. In appropriate time zimbos would eventually develop at their pase. Who knows, perhaps we would just like china rise to become a prominent economy in the world. My little knowledge tells me that our forefather were already starting to develop as is testified by the Zimbabwe ruins and such like places. Our forefathers did not understand the concept of making badza from europe they already new how to work with mhangura and fire. They were already trading with other fair minded countries like India. I am not sure how you authenticate your view point cause even europeans themselves admit that colonialism and imperialism was a wrong practice. I am not sure you are one of us and respresenting the thinking of fair-minded zimbabweans. However, i respect your judgement and agree to disagree respectfully

taurai - 13 August 2014

The fact that zimbabweans were not asked to pay tax is evidence that they were oppressed. If we were paid the same salary bracket, why not - we could have contributed as well. My father worked for very little wages. I got paid too little as well even after independence. Ever read about critical whiteness theory sir? I believe that all humans are equal before God. I am friends with many of them but my principle is 'fairness and justice for all'

taurai - 13 August 2014

There is no justice in Zimbabwe. A ZANU PF member is never equal to an MDC member. We took land from whites more than 10 years ago but there is no meaningful farming taking place in Zimbabwe. It's foolish for one to justify our suffering saying,'' we are in our country.''We can't just failure so foolishly. We can't return to colonialism but not everything about colonialism was evil.Our lazy black nationalists used us for their own benefits.That's why we're crying...

INJUSTICE - 13 August 2014

true @injusice i resonate with your disapproaval of the current state of the economy. What i am respectfully objecting to is to wish for smith's era. The question is; how do we peacefully move forward without loosing our freedom?

taurai - 13 August 2014

White farmers used to pay government taxes & so did the industrialists.We encouraged& later destroyed our black home industries which well contributed to gvt&city council revenues.Now all those key gvt revenue bases are gone. The meaningless outcry is ever on sanctions yet we destroyed our own revenue bases.How foolish it is to expect uniformed forces to help revive this dying economy.

DESTROYER - 13 August 2014

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Fungi Kwaramba where do you get these wild imaginations? Are below 35 years Fungi - you fall very low in terms of political commenting and analyzing . Actually it is pathetic!

dungas - 13 August 2014

Mukoma taurai,please let's not distort facts.I never&will never mourn the demise of Ian Smith's gvt. I am only stating the truth that Smith ran the economy better&we cannot pretend that everything is now fine simply because we now have a black gvt. We don't have to kill our economy for it to germinate from nowhere. Do you seriously believe that our economy should be based on the informal sector? Do you really think it makes sense for ZIMRA to chase street vendors for income tax? We need not lose an iota of our freedom to move forward.The problem is that our leaders relaxed too much after independence&they should all go...

INJUSTICE - 14 August 2014

that our leaders mismanaged the economy is public knowledge @justice and for that matter no one in thier right mind can attempt to defend. What i objected to is for us to resign our country to the whites. I am hoping that with time God will bless us with patrotic leaders in the truest sense and as such together with the rest of the populus would work for the good of the country. The first huddle was to take power. The second, though quite a challenge is to grow the economy even in the face of these surmounting challenges of unprecedented levels of corruption..... (you name it).

taurai - 14 August 2014

Thank you mukoma taurai for acknowledging that our leaders grossly mismanaged the economy. There is just no excuse for that serious crime.That's why people are very angry after trusting thieves for 34 years.PLEASE THESE PEOPLE MUST GO & HOPEFULLY,WE WILL GET BETTER LEADERS. But whoever comes in will face the same wrath from the people. REMEMBER, LEADERS COME & GO...No one will ever suggest that we resign our Zimbabwe to whites,come what may.

INJUSTICE - 15 August 2014

Fine my brother. But remember the catastrophy started in 1999 to date. We can fairly ascribe reasonable governance to zanu pf prior to 1999. Its true we are hurting but we have to be objective in our criticism. The past 14 yrs have been a total disaster. We are praying for change so that we can once again be proud of who we are.

taurai - 15 August 2014

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