'Mugabe holding Zim hostage'

HARARE - Opposition Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn (MKD) leader Simba Makoni says President Robert Mugabe and his cronies are holding the nation hostage, feathering their nest amid a deepening economic decline that has condemned Zimbabweans to extreme poverty.

A year after the 2013 harmonised elections which were controversially won by Zanu PF, economic experts say Zimbabweans are worse off than they were before the elections.

Analysts say the ruling party’s much touted economic blueprint, Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (ZimAsset), has failed to deliver and was pie in the sky.

The MKD leader told the Daily News on Sunday this week in a wide ranging interview that Mugabe does not want to address Zimbabwe’s deepening problems because he was benefitting from the crisis.

“The point is that Zanu PF does not want to solve the problems because the leaders are Zanu PF,” Makoni said.

“Jonathan Moyo called this normalising the abnormal, they are quite happy to call the abnormal normal because for them it is profitable and beneficial.

“This is why we believe there is need for a national joint effort, beyond politics, not just cooperation among political leaders, but cooperation among all leaders.”

The former Zanu PF Politburo member said the problem was not the ordinary Zanu PF members as they were also suffering.

“Where Zimbabwe is now, Zanu PF is incapable of taking it out of the doldrums, but even if it had the capability, Zanu PF doesn’t have the will to solve the people’s problems, because leaders in Zanu PF, and I make a very clear distinction, it’s not ordinary members of Zanu PF, are selfish,” Makoni said.

“Mind you, ordinary members of Zanu PF live in Chitungwiza and sewer lines are flowing in the areas inhabited by Zanu PF members, Zanu PF members haven’t got jobs in as much as non Zanu PF members have no jobs. They are selling trinkets, potatoes and tomatoes on the edge of Fourth Street bus station just like non Zanu PF. So the problems we are facing are not distinguished to members of this party or that party, they are covering all of us.”

Makoni said there was increasing need for a broad-based indaba that will not only consist of political leaders, but cultural, spiritual and civic society leaders to hammer a solution to country's deepening woes.

“Over the years, I have been calling for a broad based national consensus leadership — leadership that brings people in politics, civic society, professions, people in faith, traditional leaders together so that we can chart the way forward and solve the problems of the people,” he said.

Turning to the economy, the former Finance minister  said Mugabe and his administration should be pragmatic and start implementing policies that will increase agricultural produce and revive industries.

“Mugabe knows what he needs to do,” Makoni said. “Chinamasa (Patrick) knows what he needs to do. We need to promulgate and implement, and put emphasis on implementing, correct policies that put Zimbabwe farmers back to farming, that puts manufacturers back to their factories. We need policies that enable Zimbabwe miners to produce minerals and market transparently, above board.

“We need policies that enable Zimbabwe traders to move goods from point of production to the point of consumption, policies that enable Zimbabwe power producers to produce without stoppage."

The MKD leader said Mugabe should also implement all the policies that government has promulgated if the economy is to be move out of the comatose state that it lies in.

“I would say let’s dust up all the plans we have. The latest is ZimAsset. Before that there was the MTP (Media Term Plan), before that there was the National Economic Development Priority Programme, before that was the Millennium Economic Recovery Programme,  before it was Zimbabwe Programme for Economic and Social Transformation (Zimprest), before it was Esap (Economic Structural Adjustment Programme), before it Growth with Equity and the Transitional National Development Plan," he said.

“We make an industry of producing plans we have no intention of implementing. What do we do? Let’s implement them and then we will address the liquidity crunch.”

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No No No Simba Makoni it is not a case of simply trying to implement these idiotic economic plans, what is needed is a change OF government not a change IN government. Mugabe has totally failed, clueless. All he can do now is blame sanctions (VAROYI). Under Ian Smith with much more stringent UN trade sanctions from 1965 to 1980 Smith managed to make Rhodesia the second most prosperous economy in Africa. All political careers end in failure. Mugabe has failed. The longer he stays in office the worse the situation is going to be. He is full of himself. ZANONDOGA AKASIYA JIRA MUMASESE. Ko kunonzi kukundikana ndekupi? The lies propagated by these politicians over the years have come back to bite them on their bottoms. Zvinonyadzisa. Iwo ma minister acho akati ziii kunyarara - basa ringa pere. Why hold the Sadc jamboree in the midst of extreme suffering? Kuita se baba anoenda ku bhawa achinotenga doro rakawanda asi kumba vana vane nzara! Kuti pinza panzara. Ndo “liberation” iyoyo?

Musona - 10 August 2014

Mugabe chikwambo.

Bingo Wokwa Gutu - 10 August 2014

I think a political party called TRANSFORM ZIMBABWE had already moved in that direction. We need God fearing leaders to deliver a new Zimbabwe,.

Governor Louis - 10 August 2014

Support Transform Zimbabwe. It is the only answer. Its not in MDC or ZANU PF. Its in new breed of leaders who can give Zim a new glorious face

Governor Louis - 10 August 2014

I will always cite Ian Smith when comparing with Mugabe and ZanuPF because Mugabe and ZanuPF were hankering to govern. We gave Mugabe and ZanuPF the benefit of doubt in 1980 to show us they could do better than Ian Smith. They did not say they can equal what the white government was doing/had done but they claimed they could do BETTER. We thought the nationalists knew something which we didn't. I will always criticise these politicians because we did not ask them to enter into politics. We should not accept anything less that what we used to have before 1980. It is the same country and the same climate which had sanctions under Ian Smith from 1965 to 1980 which is now under, slap of the wrist, targeted measures. We were doing just fine before NDP was formed in 1960. Then came the nationalists, lies and all. Everything is falling apart including the white man's Kariba Dam. Who would have thought the big Zisco would cease to function under a black government? That we would be using multi-currency regime because our own currency has been rendered useless? That our once thriving industry would be a rust belt? That we would have no water in the towns for years on end? That corruption will be the order of the day? In Rhodesia everything worked like clockwork.

Musona - 10 August 2014

Surprise; surprise! Has this MKD outfit leader now seen new light? Is it not the same fela in a marriage-of-convenience with ZAPU 's Dabengwa who ensured Mugabe remained in office in 2008, as per their own open proclamations soon after the election?

mapingu - 10 August 2014

You implement this and that nothing will happen to our economy as long as zanu and the oldest semi blind Mugabe are in gvt . This is the guy Mugabe who who has jammed every development in this country as long as he is around suffer continue for every one including those idiots who always vote for him . The only solution is to have Mugabe out of power and totally destruction of this zanu thing nothing else

Diibulaanyika - 10 August 2014

join Transform Zim zvipere

Tmimi - 10 August 2014

Firstly to Simba I say you have shown that you do not need to be surrounded by corrupt individuals when you left Zanu pf, and also when you expelled Energy Mutodi from your party MKD, because the man is just a fraudster. But look Mutodi goes to join Zanu pf which gladly approves his membership into the party. This shows you what kind of leadership Zanu pf has. On the economy I think we need to start addressing the problems instead of coming with these blueprints. Lets fix the infrastructure, unemployment. We need an efficient and effective use of resources, making sure that the funds are channelled to the fiscus not to Zanu pf coffers. Also we need to urgently address the political risk that the country is currently experiencing.

Eddy - 11 August 2014

Simithi chino, simithi icho. Kungomuka simithi kurarira simithi. Simithi nguva yake yakapera karekare. Haadzoki zvekari. Iyi yave nyika yemaZimbabweans vana simiti vaneyavo uko o o kuchando. Kanganwayi mukoma mugadzire imwe nzira yekuronga ramangwana. I trust that you can rise above the storm that our country is passing through.

taurai - 11 August 2014

MaEconomic plans takamboita hedu, zvimwe ndezvimwe...but things have been sliding down from 1980 ...mabrakes haasi kubata kana kaone. Matibili zvamukona uyu. inongovawo mbavha zvayo.

Tongogara - 11 August 2014

I think things slid for the worse post 1990s. Before then i want to think that the economy was performing fairly well. By then taitotaisira vamwe pasi kunyaya Malawi, Moza ne Zambia. Zvinhu zvakavhiringika imo muma1990 chakuti kusvira nhasi. Tikati hapana chakanaka chakabudiswa nehurumende iyi tinenge takoniwa. What i see though is that people are bitter about the current state in which the economy is and for that one can only justify them. I have always wanted to encourage us to look beyond the setbacks and perhaps come up with positive contribution about the way forward. We can not continue to morn over spilt milk. we have tomorrow to aspire for.

taurai - 11 August 2014

Simba has run the finance ministry before. May he may be able answer a few questions I have. My opinion is that the Gvt can unlock a lot value by (a) spending money in right areas. Imagine the jobs that will be created by releasing cash for the rehabilitation of major infrastructure. Take Harare's roads, the Hre-Beitbridge highway....etc. Instead of spending a billion on guns and ammunition, for a major road like the Hre=Beitbridge highway, industries like cement manufacturers, stone & gravel quarries, transporters, bitumen manufacturers steel merchants, diesel providers, heavy machinery part suppliers, vana mai vanobika sadza, all will benefit across 4 provinces as thousands get employed to get the Hre-Beitbridge back on its feet again. In turn these newly employed people will have buying power that will in turn be liquidated in supermarkets, clothing shops, food outlets etc. as people buy daily essentials with newly found cash. Finally all the industries mentioned above will pay the Gvt through taxes. (b) the Gvt reduces tax for individuals by 10 percentage points and for corporates by 3 percentage points. Temporarily ZIMRA will see a revenue dip but what it does is that close to 2 000 000 people will have improved buying power enough to rejuvenate a lot of ailing industries. These industries will in turn fund the Gvt through taxes. My questions to Simba and others is that is this not feasible Mr. former Finance minister? Have we tried it before and if yes what was the outcome? Is this too childish economics? Ko toita sei? We want our economy to work again.

Gwavava - 13 August 2014

Simba Makoni should NOT pretend to be a saint!!...what earth-shattering contribution(s) did he author when he was finance minister??!! Can the truth be told of exactly what happened when he was Executive Secretary at SADCC, the pre-cursor to SADC??!!

ZVOKWADI - 13 August 2014

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