Zanu PF youths invade Dabengwa's farm

HARARE - Zapu leader Dumiso Dabengwa’s  Rudy Farm in Nyamandlovu has been invaded by Zanu PF youths.

The former Home affairs minister told the Daily News yesterday that the  youths seized the farm on Monday.

The former Zanu PF politburo member said the youths initially invaded his farm two weeks ago before they withdrew after he reported the matter to the local police and the Zanu PF leadership.

He alleged the youths, operating from the so-called “Cowdray Park command centre” returned armed with axes and started parcelling out pieces of land among themselves.

“This is clearly a deliberate provocation and persecution of myself because this is a farm I bought and have title to,” Dabengwa told the Daily News.

“It is my only source of income and I don’t know where they want me to go.”

The former Zipra intelligence supremo claimed the Zanu PF activists were destroying property on the land as well as chopping down “Inkusu trees”  (hard-wood) at the farm.

Rugare Gumbo, the Zanu PF spokesperson, said he was not aware of the invasion.

Dabengwa said he had engaged the Zanu PF chairman for Bulawayo Callistus Ndlovu, who told him that the youths had not been instructed by the ruling party.

He said he had also reported the case to police at Luveve Police Station as well as to Zanu PF officials.

“The police told my foreman two weeks ago to report to them if the youths came back but they have not made any arrests up to now although they were informed of their return,” Dabengwa said.

“I do have a constitutional right to own land but here we have a government that does not respect that. I don’t understand it because I did not get the farm under their land reform programme. I am waiting to see if the police will act like they promised before we take action.”

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When will this madness stop guyss...ini ndaneta neZimbabwe haaa tosvika rinhi with this barbaric ZANU madness...

pooty tang - 7 August 2014

Dabengwa,you must understand why MT is fighting ZANU PF. You blocked him in the 2008 election & you are now getting the taste of your medicine.ZANU PF has never been,is never & will never be for the people.War vets blindly vow to continue with the madness of land invasions as they still enjoy ZANU PF's blessing.

DZASUKWA - 7 August 2014

what kind person is this called zanu pf youth shame i don't think this people will understand what is needed to solve this economic turmoil that had ravage this country . we don't need this sort of behavior we shouting for reconciliation in order to attract investor to come and boost our economy .

twas - 7 August 2014

Ko iwe Dabengwa unogita purazi seyi isu vamwe tisina kana muhomba chaiwo? Ndochii ichocho? You should give land to the poor first not pracel land amongst yourselves you politicians.

Mew - 7 August 2014


fivestar - 7 August 2014

Intelligency supremo Dabengwa cant understand political intrigue. you said stop Mugabe monarch and there you get the results and you wonder aloud what is happening. kkkkkkkk wanzwa butter!!!!!!!!

gwabu - 7 August 2014

Intelligency supremo Dabengwa cant understand political intrigue. you said stop Mugabe monarch and there you get the results and you wonder aloud what is happening. kkkkkkkk wanzwa butter!!!!!!!!

gwabu - 7 August 2014

Dabengwa should just let them take over, as what comes easy, also goes easily. Easy come easy go. Easy come power easy go power. Power brewed in an African Pot.

themba - 7 August 2014

The rule of law is no more and every one must defend his or her property . ZAPU youths must take action and bring some order at their leader.s farm which he bought using the money he worked for not stolen money now .!!!! . Zapu is the oldest liberation movement and its leader can not be treated like kak by zanu thugs enough is enough .

Diibulaanyika - 7 August 2014

Dabengwa you were trained by the KGB do what you know Best kill one by one these rowdy elements

mavusani - 8 August 2014

where are Zapu youth stop these babies

terera - 8 August 2014

Dabengwa is a BIG COWARD & a selfish tribalistic hypocrite.For his selfishness, Dabengwa dined with ZANU PF. When he eventually saw light,he tried to break away from ZANU PF which is too late for him to be saved.He will die a frustrated man.

HOKOYO - 8 August 2014

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Why cant we invade ZANU PF farms as well on a hit and run. Nite time is the right time. Subbotage ZANU yacho ndokuti vazive what they are doing isnt right.

Ziziharinanyanga - 8 August 2014

@HOKOYO Dont worry, you are not alone; 90% of Shonas are victims of gukurahundi Mugabe tribal politics upbringing. Anti-Ndebele attitudes come naturally to them - you are just one of the many. Dabengwa breaks ranks with ZANU PF/Mugabe; he is a tribalist. Simba Makoni breaks ranks with ZANU PF/Mugabe - he is no tribalist! You see what a gukurahundi upbringing does? Even you cannot explain the twisted logic!!

GAZLAM! - 8 August 2014

Please my dear brother don't remind me of the evil GUKURAHUNDI. There will never be any justification for butchering those innocent souls even in a thousand years.. I don't understand how such a heinous act can be forgiven.

HOKOYO - 8 August 2014

@HOKOYO I am not reminding you about gukurahundi. I am just saying that it is a gukurahundi upbringing which makes a number of Shona people, including yourself to think "TRIBALISM", each time they have to criticise a politician or anyone from Matebeleland. It doesnt matter whether there is or there is no evidence of this "TRIBALISM" . It just comes automatically to them that, because Dabengwa or Welshman Ncube are from Matebeleland, it therefore follows that they are tribalists. Mind you, this never applies to any Shona politician, whoever he is. This is what Gukurahundism taught you people.

GAZLAM - 11 August 2014

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