Paul Siwela floats secession plan

BULAWAYO - Paul Siwela, a former presidential candidate and self-exiled leader of Matabeleland Liberation Organisation (MLO), has said the “people of Mthwakazi” were getting ready to execute the secession plan.

The 50-year-old Siwela, who is thought to be domiciled in Sweden after skipping the country amid a treason trial, accused the ruling Zanu PF party of running down the country and failing the Matabeleland region.

“Zimbabwe is a failed State and heading towards the abyss,” Siwela told the Daily News from self-imposed exile.

“It is for this and other reasons like gross abuse of human rights, corruption, Matabele genocide and lack of accountability and abuse of office by the government and failure to address Matabeleland political grievances that the current situation shall deliver the birth of the Republic of Matabeleland.”

Siwela together with Charles Thomas and John Gazi, former leaders of the Matabeleland Liberation Front, were arrested in 2011 on allegations of treason and attempting to subvert a constitutionally-elected government.

The trio distributed fliers calling on members of the public and the army to rise up against the government. The High Court has since acquitted Gazi but ruled that Thomas and Siwela have a case to answer.

Speaking to the Daily News, from his base yesterday, Siwela said: “The people of Matabeleland have been suffering discrimination since November 3, 1893 when the British colonial masters annexed the region.

“As if that was not enough, they further lost their independence and sovereignty and suffered genocide under President Robert Mugabe who has dismally failed and falsely projected himself as a pan-Africanist yet he is an anti-thesis of pan-Africanism.”

While not giving a time frame when the plan will likely be put into motion, Siwela said MLO intends to raise the national flag of the “Republic of Matabeleland” by 2018, claiming they have already penned a national anthem that is set to be sung during the inaugural hoisting of the flag.

He claimed Matabeleland and the Midlands provinces were ready for the so-called separation.

“At the moment, the agenda is to commit to the independence of our country,” he said.

“We have finished our constitution for the Republic of Matabeleland and we have our coat of arms as well.

“The people of Matabeleland have resolved to combine their efforts and work towards establishing their independence from Zimbabwe which is a colonial master being a successor to Rhodesia. Remember, there was no country called Zimbabwe before April 1980.”

Spelling out his ambitions for the new State, Siwela said they would recruit 30 000 civilians to form the Matabeleland Defence Force “to defend and protect our political integrity.”

He added: “We will have a 10 000-member police force, 3 000 correctional services, 1 000 civil servants that would include district, provincial and central government; some would be absorbed in the agriculture, mining, tourism services,  a few parastatals and State-owned entities, industry and wildlife.”

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Hallucination of a tribalist drunk on the wine of the European masters.

Kuda Muchena - 6 August 2014

mago epadendere rekadhiidhii, unge uripamberi tione.

Chidondova - 6 August 2014

Quebec tried that and had a referendum which the No vote won by 60-40. Scotand will also have a referendum to break free from UK in about 6 months. If Matebelelnda wants to take that route, we look forward to the referendum. I will campaign for the NO vote. In the meantime, you can dream on!

Buhle - 6 August 2014

I come from the Midlands and I have no intention of being incorporated into this mythical Republic of Matabeleland. I have no idea when this man held a censors in order to come out with such fiction. To imagine that a serious man believes that the Midlands and Matabelaland(South and North) can be run by 1 000 civil servants is really the height of folly. The man is not serious!

Chenjerai Hove - 6 August 2014

Ndezvako izvo Siwela enda ku KZN unopihwa homeland yako

Nyamhangambiri - 6 August 2014

hic hic. what is this guy smoking. he evn has the audacity to call for such when he is not on the ground himself.

ndozvo - 6 August 2014

Matebeleland,Midlands Mashonaland was the creation of colonialists.Zimbabwe must remin a unitary state and if posible aim to incorporate Mozambique as this was part of the Mwenemutapa's empire.Dividing Zimbabwe into 16 states is delusional and should be dismissed with the contempt it deserves.

Guranyanga - 6 August 2014

Who are the people of Matabeleland. All Zimbabweans are people of Matabeleland. I reside in Masvingo but my mother is from Kezi. Anyone who wants to make my second home (Kezi) a foreign country should be very ready to fight me, and I am not soft.

machakachaka - 7 August 2014

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Isusu vekwa Mambo hatina basa nazvo. VaSiwela zvavanotaura ndizvo ka. Kana vaMugabe neshamwari dzavo vatadza nyika ino kusvika zvino, nhai muchirikufunga kuti kuchinezimwe zvakanaka zva vachazvozviita here. VaSiwela ndizvo, kugarisana kwakaita Muzilikazi navana Mambo isusu kwakanga kwakanaka sitereki. If this was going to be done tomorrow I would celebrate nekuti machinda edu atadza nyika ino. Viva Muthwakazi viva.

Mambo - 7 August 2014

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eee - 7 August 2014

Paul Siwela is a dangerous dreamer who needs to be reminded that people no longer really look at each other along tribal lines, and even when they do, they do so working together. How many people in Zimbabwe can honestly say they do not have relatives from the other tribe? If any not many. Siwela should keep on enjoying the donor funds he is getting and the good life in Sweden and leave us to work towards a better Zimbabwe to gether-Blacks, Whites, Shona, Ndebele,Tswana, Venda, Tonga, everyone. Does he not admire South Africans have done, they have created a Rainbow nation where everyone's language is respected and tolerated. I can't start to imagine what life would be like in this Mthwakazi nation.

Dr Know - 7 August 2014

Siwela is a terrorist and an insurgent in waiting , so we must be aware and and keep a sharp eye on this lunatic who wants to divide and distabilise our country. Siwela is a power hungry buffoon who will lead Zimbabwe's Ndebele youth to disaster if he embarks on forming this ridiculous and mythical Mthwkazi army in Matebeleland. His notion of a Mthwakazi land is a pie in the sky.

Pie In The Aky - 7 August 2014

If let's say Siwela comes to power one day , Siwela will turn out to be just as corrupt as all other African leaders in the whole of Africa , who steal state funds and bank them overseas and enrich themselves and get very very very rich stealing . Who wants to send their children to become Siwela's terrorist soldiers, to fight a futile war so that Siwela becomes a president of a Mthwakazi State and become very rich? All Siwela wants is to become a president of a land called Mthwakazi and become rich, there are riches up for grabs when a person becomes a president in Africa, What country in the world wants to waste its donor funds to fund Siwelas' day dreaming party so that he forms a Mthwakazi State? Siwela stay there in Sweden and daydream till cows come home !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Security Guard Wemasvosve - 7 August 2014

Whilst it is clear that Siwela is part of a small minority of trouble makers, those with power should be accommodating and practise statesmanship. The best way to defeat extremis is to be magnanimous. it is obvious there is a lot of suffering in Zimbabwe and people like Siwela, will alays take advantage by perpetuating lies that Ndebeles are denied rights

Tafadzwa - 8 August 2014

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