We haven't failed — Zanu PF

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe’s ruling Zanu PF has said it is too early to judge its performance in government.

Rugare Gumbo told the Daily News yesterday that it was unfair to allege that Zanu PF has failed to run the economy.

Exactly a year after the 2013 harmonised elections which were controversially won by Zanu PF, critics say Zimbabweans are worse off than they were before the elections.

Analysts say the much-touted economic blue-print, Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (ZimAsset), has failed to deliver.

But Gumbo insisted his party would fulfil all the promises that it made.

“That is nonsense! We haven’t failed, “ he said. “We said 2,2 million jobs by 2017 and seriously can you expect us to create the 2 million jobs in a year?

“We are working hard and doing all our best to revive the economy. Our harvest was better and it’s an improvement. All you want to do is note the negatives only.”

Asked how many jobs his party had created so far, Gumbo said: “We don’t have to do any mathematics. We said 2,2 million jobs by 2017. Let’s wait for 2017 and then we can talk.”

Meanwhile, Zanu PF’s central committee will meet tomorrow to deliberate on the forthcoming youth and women congresses.

“The central committee will meet on Wednesday to discuss about the youth and women conferences. Other than that, I don’t think there will be another agenda,” he said.

Gumbo said names of candidates would only be available after the meeting.

The youth league conferences will be held at the Harare International Conference Centre from August 7 to 10, while the women’s league conference will be held at the same venue from August 12 to 15.

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I did nothing wrong: Shamu, WE ARE NOT LIARS.....KHAYA MOYO, WE HAVENT FAILED....RUGARE GUMBO.........saka team iri rakungoita basa rokureplyer pressure irikubva kuvanhu. hahaha munonyepera aniko?

Chidondova - 5 August 2014

/we-have-failed Maziwisa nokuku.....unotoshaya kuti zvirikumbofamba sei, pamwe mupfungwa manzvenga

Chidondova - 5 August 2014

Let's take a hypothetical situation that if this land not been COLONISED by the whites from Britain in 1890 would we be having (1) more jobs OR (2) less jobs OR (3) no jobs at all? Also let's take a hypothetical situation that if this land not been COLONISED by the whites from Britain in 1890 would we be having (1) more EDUCATED PEOPLE or (2) less EDICTED PEOPLE or (3) no EDUCATION at all?

Musona - 5 August 2014

History will record that zanu pf was very successful in ruling a developing nation. Peaceful,educated & in control of the means of production. Give the guys a pam pam, congratulations Team Zanu. However, history will also record that zanu pf presided over the worst economy in the world. Destroying the breadbasket of africa into a basket case, overseeing the most corrupt era in our history and claiming that diesel was oozing from a rock in chinhoyi. Yes, history will record this and that is why Chamareza gave up on these chaps long ago.

chamareza - 5 August 2014

your goals are not smart, rugare. they are so verge. you are not so clear in most of what you tell the people. you will fail by 2017 and yet tell people that you real meant this and by talking about 2.2 m jobs. now you are saying you have made 500000 jobs by this makorokoza business. these guys are struggling to even get any gold there. you say have done well by settling people on farms who are doing nothing on those farms. to you that is success. please dont be verge when say your things. in 2008 when mdc had won the election which you did well by stealing they had a clear 100 days recovery plan which if they had failed we were going judge them by. why do you always want play around with words to protect yourselves you zanu people. this political game can only be used to a certain extent. you are taking it too far. your own children will kill you soon. what i know is that you will fail in this like you did with this farm thing but because you are not clear on what you are real saying you will again have a very good excuse tell and to cheat those clueless rural people to vote for you come 2018. its a shame

see - 5 August 2014

rugare we are working hard to revive the economy we destroyed and people will be with you. at least that will be a starting point for people to join you in this hard work

s - 5 August 2014

Hey Rugare,you seriously think we should wait until 2017 to see your obvious failure?You want us to starve for the next 3 years then you start your lying games again.Please you may lie to your family,not to the nation.

kAKARA KUNUNA - 5 August 2014

In an oppressive system like ours, ZANU PF select&feed a few while the rest live in abject poverty.The well-fed few will then be used to hoodwink the starving povo for votes come 2018. If the povo vote the opposite way ,then ZANU PF will use one of their thousands of dirty tricks to retain power till dogs stop barking&donkeys grow horns. Rugare has spoken....

GUTSARUZHINJI - 5 August 2014

How can people say ZANU PF has failed? Go to Uzumba-Marambapfungwe,Gokwe Centre, Murambinda,Marange,Jerera,Masvingo etc & see for yourself,how the strategic industries are flourishing there.We don't care about those lazy bastards in Byo&Harare.They should go to MT who they voted for.After all ZANU PF can put on the Marange regalia to win votes in 2018 although we are Catholics at heart.

MUGARANYENZE - 5 August 2014

He doesnt want to do any maths. His is based on "faith"..the same diesel pachinhoyi faith. Not ANYTHING planned and can be tracked quantitatively. Zvonetsa zvemathematics. Mabasa achangodonha kudenga on 21 Feb 2017 zvapera izvo!

Tony Blair - 5 August 2014

It is unfortunate that in Zimbabwe there is no separation between a political party and government. Rugare Gumbo has no business being asked or responding to questions about job creation or lack thereof of the government. He is a paid political operative, what else do you expect from such a dim witted... nincompoop. His argument does not even begin to make sense. Just wait till 2017 then you can ask your questions? Its one year since the blue-print, show the partial results. What has changed and how in Zimbabwe's economy... It is the same tired threats, and blind faith that can not fool anyone. ZANU-pf has never been able to deal with economics, for two decades in the 80s, and 90s, they relied on IMF borrowing, now all of that has dried up, it is sanctions that are causing the problems of zimbabwe... During the period of GNU the economy grew, and job security improved, but the so called sanctions were still in place were they not?

tino - 5 August 2014

@mugaranyenze. so you call that development. at one time some blind people were asked to touch an elephant, and they described the elephant according to what they touched. sir you are blind and this zanu has done the greatest sin on you.

s - 6 August 2014

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Sorry Mr.s - you failed to understand me.Is there any industry to talk about in the areas I mentioned?

MUGARANYENZE - 6 August 2014

Apart from the 2,2million jobs falsely promised,let's take note of the following; a) Why did we have the FAST TRACK on our land in year 2000? b)What did the country gain in that CHAOTIC LAND REFORM? c)When will the land invasions by war vets end & what will Zimbabwe gain as a country? d)How do you hope to solve the problem of landlessness&yet we create more landless people? e)Did it really make sense to you Rugare,that we had to try&import tones of maize from the same farmers we sent packing earlier on? f)Do we really have to suffer a liquidity crisis in Zimbabwe & spend millions of dollars on the presidential scholarship for our people to study in SA the same degrees offered here? g)Do we really need the Mazoe & Chingwizi disasters in a well run country? I BEG TO DIFFER !!!!

DZVERENYENJE - 6 August 2014

@mugaranyenze, sorry about that we are together.

s - 6 August 2014

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