Prophets under siege

HARARE - Zimbabwe’s leading prophets —Emmanuel Makandiwa, Uebert Angel and Walter Magaya — are under siege following several blackmailing reports and plans aimed at extorting money from them.

Last week,  a Harare man reportedly wrote a letter demanding $500 000 from Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries (PHD) leader Magaya, claiming that the prophet was having an affair with his wife.

The man is demanding a whopping $500 000 to stop him from pursuing the matter with the courts.

The amount alone raises suspicion as it is glaringly too high from an ordinary demand.

The three are well-known in Zimbabwe and the world over because of their prophecies that have seen foreigners flooding their churches for spiritual assistance.

The charismatic Angel’s church has not been spared either in the conspiracy theories, amid reports of sustained efforts to tarnish his personal image for financial benefits.

Reports indicated that Angel has actually relocated to London over allegations that he externalised about $60 million to the UK and other countries where he has business interests.

But church officials maintained that Angel was busy ministering in Europe and also West Africa and was also attending to personal issues in the UK which they said takes him out of the country for eight weeks three times a year.

They maintained that he will be back home in time for their yearly conference scheduled for September.

Like Magaya, Angel has also been the subject a rumour mill with allegations that a woman went into overdrive, claiming that she had an affair with the Spirit Embassy leader who had promised to marry her.

While there was no comment from Angel or his church, a senior pastor at the institution told the Daily News on Sunday that they were aware of the rumour but laughed it off as a hoax.

“Our focus is God but we understand that all men of God even if you go on YouTube you will see the likes of TB Joshua having women claiming one thing or the other against him. All men of God are faced with that so it’s a non issue but as for externalisation of money we have heard of it.

“We co-operate with the government of Zimbabwe and we very much respect the laws of the land.

“However, we can tell you there is no Government body that has raised that issue with us and it takes a foolish person to think $65 million can be externalised that easily and coming from where in this country. And as for the taxman, we are very open with Zimra and have a very good working record with them and Zimra has access to all our books,” said the pastor

Their “rich” tag has also caught the eye of the “taxman”, with reports that bogus Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) officials were pursuing Makandiwa’s incomes.

There were reports that Zimra officials had in the past few weeks visited UFIC offices in Harare demanding books of accounts accusing the popular church of accumulating millions of dollars but failing to pay tax.

UFIC spokesperson Pastor Kufa also weighed in last week and said: “Everything we do at UFIC is above board and our books are okay and Zimra knows that. They have all the information they want and we are available with our records 24 hours a day.

“Here and there, we get people claiming to be from different institutions claiming to be investigating this and that.

“It is shocking that for more than a year, different sets of people come to us demanding information.

“Different officials have been coming to us demanding the same information, saying they would have lost our documents. We furnish Zimra with up-to-date information,” said Kufa

Asked to comment on reports that rival churches were out to tarnish the church Kufa said: “At UFIC, we don’t have time for petty fights and jealousies. We concentrate on delivering the word of God which is our calling.

Zimra spokesperson Taungana Ndoro expressed ignorance on the developments.

Kufa insisted that  UFIC had become a victim of conspiracy theories.

Every Sunday, the prophets’ churches draw several thousands of worshippers. The prophets are now being considered as some of the most influential people in the country.

While, their prophetic power has grown by the day, it also comes with a price, as the men are now falling prey to tricksters, who want to get rich overnight.

The tricksters know that the prophets, because of the large flocks that they lead, have a reputation to protect, thus by blackmailing them; they can easily back-down and meet their demands.

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Do you remember the story of Bar Jesus that is what is happening in our country too many fake prophets have cropped up confusing desperate and poor zimbabweans .These prophets have come instant rich guys . Wake up zimbabweans these are the prophets that the bible says are going to exist during the last days open your eyes feel them they are here do not follow them .

Diibulaanyika - 3 August 2014

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wtr - 4 August 2014

Zimbabwe Media!!! I am ashamed of you shuwa Want cant you change for once and appreciate What God is doing it these times.Some of you are going to Hell soon repent there is no time to talk this nosense.

sarawoga - 4 August 2014

i think you are running out of work otherwise your days at those places are numbered. your professionalism is doubtful, you keep repeating the same unfound stories you sound like women at the well vanongoti hanzi hanzi hee zvirikunzi vasina kana evidence makuhwa ega ega

munombodeyi - 4 August 2014

anywhere panongoita chakanaka chese or kunzvimbo kunobatsirwa munhu ndokwaanotsoropodza.munoda kuchenjedza vanyamukuta kuzvara muchada

ma1 - 4 August 2014

Kosei nyaya dzekumwewo kumachurch dzisingambobudewo mumanewspaper kuchingobudiswa vana Makandiwa,Angel and Magaya???Zvinongoratidza kuti vakuru pamweya ndiyanani.....

roman catholic - 4 August 2014

Newsman I have a suggestion for you; follow-up on people who claim to have been healed of incurable diseases such as HIV AIDS, Cancer etc and let the people know the truth. There are many suffering from these diseases yet some are claiming healing let people know the truth and you will have done your role of informing the public that by His wounds we are healed.

ronny - 4 August 2014

So who excactly is under seige here, are these not mere allegations yet to be proved?

nunu kumwe - 4 August 2014

surely you have the prophets to thank for making your paper sell, is that all you can report on 365 days a year???? every headline story has to do with prophets ndovega here

JULES NDOU - 4 August 2014

surely you have the prophets to thank for making your paper sell, is that all you can report on 365 days a year???? every headline story has to do with prophets ndovega here

JULES NDOU - 4 August 2014

i dont really care whether one has women filing exaggerated lawsuits or unverified zimra dues, all i want to know is what is being done about the unemployment crisis, some of our children have been roaming the streets for the past so many years, we need stories that also help us please

alice tall - 4 August 2014

zvikomana zviviri izvi zvirikuirasa, shoko ravakada haribvumiri kutora chemunhu manje honai zvaako. hokoyo neshamu yaMwari.

Chidondova - 4 August 2014

daily news munotipa nyaya dzinoperera mumhepo. gore riya makati Makandiwa had ran away. Hamuna kuzotiudza kuti zvakazofamba sei . hamuna concrete stories. munovenga vazodziwa vaMwari

taa - 4 August 2014

very soon noone will be buying your newspaper..the crowds you always write about that follow the Prophets teachings can make or break your sales.#just saying God Bless Zimbabwe for these wonderful Men Of God.Mbiri kuna Jesu

Thandie - 4 August 2014

i want to urge those who are quick to analyse to concentrate on their own spiritual uplifting QUIETLY, if you do not believe in their works do not be part of them, do not judge them before our Lord. Namatha mwari wako wakanyarara

Wise Solomon - 5 August 2014

Nyaya iripo ndeyekuti vanhu vari kutambudzika. so if you are a man of GOD and you go on to use the hard earned congregants money to buy a posh car, seriously even God himself should be wondering. in short JESUS was humble and not extavagant with shiny tight fitting designer shirts. Be warned people of the wolves in sheep's clothes.

panashe - 8 August 2014

Mukaverenga kuna 2 Chronicles 18 munoona kuti panotaurwa nenyaya yemaprophets emhando mbiri. Paive nemaporofita amambo Ahab vaiswika 400, ne muporofita wamwari ainzi Micaiah mwana wa Imla. Vaporofita vaAhab vaitarawo muzita raMwari kunyangwe zvichioneka munyaya iyi kuti vainyebera mambo kuti aizokunda muhondo yaivemberi kwake. Muporofita anotaridza kushaya hupfumi ndiMicaiah muporofita waMwari. Ndiye oga akanzi aizodya chingwa chekutambura. Vaporofita havafanire 1) kunyeba, 2) kupfumiswa nekusvina vanhu kunyanya varombo,3) huye hupombwe. Kuzvidaidza kuti muporofita hazvirevi kuti ndewa Mwari. Ndinofunga kuti zvinooneka kuti vari kuita business neanomirira basa raMwari ndiani. Ngatingwarei vana vaMwari. Handifungi kuti muporofita weidi anofamba nema body guard bodo.

pastor - 8 August 2014

Long ago there used to be prophets of God within our churches but nowadays churches are full businessmen. Proof of this is the rate at which they are multiplying. Everyone wants to make money, rather than guiding people to eternal life. But I believe each one of us is going to be held accountable for all his / her acts be it good or bad .

pmacombe - 27 February 2018

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