Homopoliticus dog whistle

HARARE - There is a quaint foible associated with homopoliticus which they never let go that has a canine reference usually taken as insulting.

Quisling is not amazed at all most homopoliticus take the ulterior trait as an operation manual even when no homosapiens want to be associated with a comparison that remotely equates them with a dog.

It is called the politics of dog whistling.

Quite how the homosapiens are mesmerised, hypnotised and willingly succumb to this phenomenon is rather intriguing.

Dog whistle politics relates to weird explanations trotted by homopoliticus to the homosapiens which reinforce their view of the world they intend to foist on homosapiens.

Homosapiens are drilled to believe there are treacherous domestic enemies teaming with international conspirators intending to victimise the homeland and thwarting the nation’s ability to regain its rightful place internationally.

The broad aim of dog whistling politics is to rally homosapiens enthusiasm even when the explanations trolled pass from one ear through to the other for all other homosapiens not already in sync with such a siren call of conspiratorial fantasy.

Homopoliticus strive to turn dog whistling into some type of hammock that lulls homosapiens into lives of dependency and complacency which handcuffs them from interrogating the homopoliticus explanation about how long they should live in constant fear of re-colonisation.

“In manipulative ways, homopoliticus trump up fear in the homosapiens who instinctively rear their heads in response to whatever conspiratorial theory homopoliticus embroider so as to divert attention from more important issues of governance deficit and commonplace inequality,” Quisling says.

Homosapiens are bamboozled and convinced through phoney conspiracy theories which marshal intense fear of collusion by imperialists under the behest of reprehensible foreign influences allied with local homopoliticus in an intricate web of plans deliberately designed to crush the gains of liberation struggle.

But Quisling thinks that is especially a cynical calling when homosapiens know damn well that there are no longer an intrepid imperialist any more. Would-be imperialist have been dealt a telling blow by the proverbial winds of change and resultant globalisation.

He is convinced fickle ideology and resource nationalism as an alternative dog whistle stands out as the nemesis to progress.

“Those homosapiens that have fallen easy prey to dog whistling politics have never interrogated why homosapiens are so keen on blaming everyone else except themselves for their state of poverty and deprivation vachifa nenyota makumbo ari mvura (thirsty for a radical change of circumstance in a country that abounds with resources),”

Quisling says. Most homosapiens have been at as-you-were since time immemorial and doubt whether homopoliticus bother a toot about their necessitous status.

They see that instead, homopoliticus are more concerned with polishing the halo above their heads while homosapiens thrash their hands about in frustration over the fractured chaos on the ground.

Quisling was taken aback by a homopoliticus in Jozi dog whistling in critical fashion about Juju the Lame One’s growing popularity:

“Malema is a “Hitler in the making and his strategy of attacking us was complete with a uniform of red berets and overalls while his liberation repertoire is what the Nazi leader used in his rise to the top” he ranted.

Typical of homopoliticus dog-whistling the Mzansi homopoliticus deployed the scare tactic saying Hitler  then set the country on fire the same way Juju and his Red Berets are going to unleash a tragedy of monumental proportions.

But Quisling takes the diatribe as an expression of excessive fear typical among homopoliticus made from a position of threatened privilege and their misconception that without them at the helm, the world of the homosapiens will collapse dramatically.

Obviously menaced by rump competition and rising popularity of Juju from the ashes of vilification in the fashion of the proverbial Sphinx from the ashes, the homopoliticus claims homosapiens have witnessed the entering of a fascist movement into parliamentary politics.

Quisling takes offence when homopoliticus deem themselves as bequeathed with an incontestable right to ride rough-shod over the homosapiens without consequences.

Obviously the homopoliticus has never countenanced the appeal that Juju’s populist rhetoric resonates with homosapiens aspirations.

Neither does the homopoliticus fathom the rump appeal in Juju Malema’s founding manifesto which hit the right cord with the homosapiens thus:

“Those who fought the gallant wars of resistance did so to resist force dispossession of land, wealth, livestock and heritage which they cherished and inherited from their forebears.

"More than three centuries later the war of resistance has not been won and the battles that were fought almost represent nothing because after the attainment of formal political freedom, the homosapiens still live in absolute poverty, are landless, their children have no productive future, they are mistreated and they are looked down upon in a sea of wealth... The conditions of the homosapiens are generally deplorable and show no evidence of a liberated people.”

Hear! Hear!

If the scared homopoliticus had taken the limits of dog whistling into account he would not have ranted about Juju’s movement using uniforms (red berets and red overalls and aprons) to mobilise homosapiens in the same way that Hitler used the Brown Shirt (Mussolini used the Green

Shirts just like our local homopoliticus used Green Bombers).

“The worrying factor is its use of anarchy and destruction as their mode of operation which fits into the paramilitary content of their strategy and clearly shows signs of a rebel movement, designed and calculated to undermine democracy and state institutions,” the homopoliticus dog whistled.

And came the plunger that  Juju and his cohorts religiously opposes anything government does whether the proposals makes sense of not and had taken an adamant and dogmatic opposition to any proposal put forward with an intention to delegitimise and weaken the ANC as a liberation movement with the intention to dislodge it.

Helele wena!  The homopoliticus sees Juju as an agent of regime change!! So liberation movements deem it their right to eternalise their stay at the helm until Kingdom come?

Sometimes homosapiens opt for non-conformism by displaying open disdain and loathing of all homopoliticus of whatever hue do which appear spiking at an astonishing rate among those identifying themselves as homosapiens. But by some strange miracle, the loathing and utter disdain fizzles out the moment homopoliticus dog-whistle.

The local homopoliticus dog whistle views that are radically unhelpful and when it comes to economic well-being of the rest of the homosapiens they use egalitarian rhetoric when they are outright capitalists who prey on state resources to advance individual business interests.

Quisling says it is certainly not too much of a stretch not to agree with the stark fact that homopoliticus antics are skewed away from the needs of the majority; that they are purely self-serving and in sync with profligate lifestyles of a tiny minority.

Homosapiens are somewhat ill-equipped and still politically illiterate to win the battle against homopoliticus dog whistling.

They flick the same switches and find there is no reprieve nor political dividends. Instead there is trouble.

“Because of self-inflicted loss of self-esteem it is more a case of the homosapiens mood moving ahead of most mainstream homopoliticus who tend to look back to the immediate past for guidance without innovative ideas that best adapt to a changing tide but come short of rattling the homopoliticus to his senses.

They can do themselves a great service by simply ignoring the dog-whistling.


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