Mugabe parties while Zim burns

HARARE - The ruling Zanu PF yesterday shocked the world by holding celebrations to mark the anniversary of their electoral victory on July 31, 2013 despite widespread poverty gripping the nation.

Their victory celebrations at State House came at a time when citizens are blighted by a deepening liquidity crunch while President Robert Mugabe and his Cabinet have failed to live up to their electoral promises to grow the economy and create 2 million jobs.

The celebrations have been dampened by reports by the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions that over 300 people are being retrenched every week.

The broke government is not only struggling to service its wage bill but is also failing to guarantee pay dates.

This state of affairs has literally turned Zimbabwe into a nation of vendors and beggars.

Analysts told the Daily News yesterday that there was nothing to celebrate, one year after Zanu PF controversially won the elections.

University of Zimbabwe political scientist Eldred Masunungure said only a few elite had something to celebrate.

“The majority of voters have nothing to celebrate,” Masunungure told the Daily News. “There is a pervasive mood of frustration that expectations generated have not been fulfilled.

The State has dramatically and steadily deteriorated.

“The reality on the ground is that the people are in mourning even among Members of Parliament, they are fighting silently as few have much to celebrate on a personal level and even in the constituencies they represent.

“We have suffered regression. We have been in reverse gear and I am not sure if any rational person can celebrate that.”

Ibbo Mandaza, an academic and chairperson of Sapes Trust, said he did not know what Zanu PF was celebrating.

However, Charity Manyeruke, chairperson of the political science department at the University of Zimbabwe, said Zanu PF has everything to celebrate, including the break-up of the GNU which she said wasted a lot of resources and retarded development.

“This has enabled them to come up with solutions which include ZimAsset, even though it needs funding,” Manyeruke said.

On the biting liquidity crunch which has forced a significant number of people to live well below the poverty datum line, the political scientist said what was happening was to be expected under the circumstances.

“Zimbabwe is coming from a long history dating to 2000 land reform which created problems like sanctions,” she said.

“It is not going to be an easy road but it comes with understanding but it not only requires government efforts but international community supporting government efforts. Zimbabwe does not survive in isolation.”

She said Zanu PF also had a lot to celebrate because Mugabe will take over as chairperson of the 15-nation Sadc at a summit scheduled for Victoria Falls this month.

“There are countries which thought that Zimbabwe was going into a crisis but they are shocked to see that we are intact. The Zanu PF vision of seeing a country that is united is being fulfilled,” Manyeruke said, adding that having one government was supposed to bring clarity in terms of policies.

Stephen Chan, professor of world politics at the University of London, said: “As Zanu PF conducts its celebrations, it needs to be aware that only productivity and investment will lead to economic stability and growth.

“The only way the formal sector can grow, and thus form a proper foundation for tax revenues, is by a massive increase in liquidity — meaning, in Zimbabwe’s case, foreign direct investment. That will not come until there is crystal clarity on indigenisation policies. No one invests if immediately half of that investment is compromised.

“In any case, redistribution leads to changed ownership. It does not of itself lead to increased productivity.”

Beatrice Mtetwa, chairperson of the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, said there had been small but notable gains over the past year. The firebrand lawyer cited the gazetting of the Gender Commission Bill as a positive development.

“There have been small gains and if they continue we will see how much there will be to celebrate next year but realignment of laws has been a stumbling block,” Mtetwa said.

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'If here is no maize meal, why don't they eat potatoes? Our people have bad eating habits.....' . Who said these words?

Chenjerai Hove - 1 August 2014

Munogoti "Zim burns" seyi isu matumbu kuti fasha kukura tatovekuda ma mirror kana tave kuita weti. Varombo muchafa muri varombo isu tigere ta ta. Endai muno rima. Mune nungo. Pamberi ne ma celebrations. Kubvira nezuro tichingogocha. Weeekend uese ichapera tichidya gochas. Manje beer? Hameno zvavo vanokurumidza kudhakwa. Nyama ne doro rekurasa. Musangano wakanaka akomana.

Yona - 1 August 2014

@Yona. Imi Comrade kwanai mazvinzwa? If you are obese like the makwazvo/rwatata eating Mpofu then good for you but know that many of our people are struggling to get basic means. These people aren't lazzy but varikutoshaya pekutangira. Of course you people "high-up there" have lost touch and don't even know that many and especially Zanu-PF voters are still very poor.

selele - 1 August 2014

This article is an ugly mixture of half-truths, distortions and downright lies!! [1] were the electoral promises for just one year or for the whole 5-year tenure ending in 2018?! How can one objectively judge the failure of those promises just one year down the line?! [2] the issue of the economy is not exclusively ZPF's problem. Isn't it a public secret that the MDC-T cried, begged, and grovelled for sanctions from the west??!! Were the sanctions supposed to aid economic recovery??!! Pliz let's have objectivity in analysing/reporting on such issues!! [3] is it practical or common-sensical to expect that as long as there is somebody less privileged or the economy is not doing well, Gushaz should therefore not celebrate or do anything??!! What did Jesus say in response to those who were saying expensive perfume had been wasted on him when it could have been used to help the poor??!! Those interested can read Mark 14:1-9...

ZVOKWADI - 1 August 2014

@Zvokwadi Typical of Zanu PF to blame sanctions. Tell me why during the GNU period, economy had started improving? The problem that Zimbabwe is facing is BAD economic policies by ZANU PF that has made it impossible for investors to put in their money coupled by rampant corruption and selective application of the rule of law by the has scared away investors period! While Mozambique is recording US$5 billion worth of FDI & Zambia +US$2 billion, Zimbabwe figures are pathetic (less than $500 mil). Unless our political leaders stop finding scapegoats for the status quo, ZIMBABWE WILL CONTINUE TO BURN.

oolbw - 1 August 2014

ZANU PF idiots are selfish.There is no tomorrow for them.Remember such Black sell outs existed during Smith's time.And this is why even Adulf Hitler&Idi Amin had their supporters.The same goes for Tshaka the Zulu.


matimadii mati muri kushupika,muchamama ndove

mashotopiyana - 1 August 2014

If indeed it is true that ZanuPF and Mugabe won resoundingly in the mock elections in July 2013 then there is something wrong with the people voting. Either the voters are clueless as to why or what they were voting for or they were threatened to vote for ZanuPF on the pain of a beating or death. How can people vote overwhelmingly to remain poor? This is why I now begin to say what Ian Smith said those years back about a “responsible majority as opposed to an irresponsible majority”. When Smith spoke about “irresponsible majority” we all thought the man was crazy and biased. We all believed if we were in the majority we could overwhelm any unpopular minority which is going to govern us in the future - meaning now. Majority rule is not such good idea after all. My reasons are - in Zimbabwe 85 to 90% of the people live in the Reserves and are largely unsophisticated, gullible, docile and very susceptible to intimidation and bribes. The people in the Reserves know very little whether the government is performing or not. They have always been very poor and very little changes in their lives in the good economic times or bad economic times. We, in the towns, are badly affected by bad economic management, be it local or national government. We, the minority in the towns, might want to use elections to punish an incompetent government but the majority in the Reserves will vote for whichever party threatens them from time to time and gives them cheap bribes like a bag of powdered milk or tinned corned beef, for example. This is what Ian Smith meant by “irresponsible majority”. There should be a minimum level of education allowed to vote. ZanuPF will never accept this because they use the ignorance in the Reserves to maximum advantage. They do not have to perform to win by landslide. People in towns are moaning about company closures and lack of jobs but this does not affect the majority in the Reserves.

Musona - 1 August 2014

One sentence is incomplete, it should read, "This is why I now begin to say what Ian Smith said those years back about a “responsible majority as opposed to an irresponsible majority” is making sense".

Musona - 1 August 2014

There are none so blind and callous as the equally corrupt and fanatic followers of the Commander-in-Thief!

Kt - 1 August 2014

charity manyeruke, matuzvi chaiwo. Which development under zanu are yu toking about?

changu - 1 August 2014

Only insane people can see development in our country and no one can blame them bcoz they are insane. Suwa suwa is there anyone normal who still think zanu after 34 yrs will develop this country?As long as Mugabe is president we are heading no way like it or not bcoz the guy is empty in the head simple as that .i wonder if those idiots who were used to intimidate villagers were invited to the feast .

Diibulaanyika - 1 August 2014

mpofu, cuthbert dube,tanyanyiwa wechitungwiza,muchechetere,chombo......imarii dzavakaba,,,,,masanctions here? manyeruke pindura

goat - 2 August 2014

@yona your behaviour hais bho...

krats! - 2 August 2014

I am at this Musona, or whatever yo name is.l think before 1980 you were a member of the notorious SelousScouts, a GuardForce in the so called Keeps, an Axullary Force or something.Why ?Because u think indepence came to Zimbabwe as a result of voting in 1980(not considering that war caused pple to negotiate since all sides where loosing money ,time and value of resources used).You don't believe in land reform yet history tells us there was the First Chimurenga to fight for land ,then 2nd and finally 3rd.The majority blacks were denied sound education,only in 1980 that the government embarked on massive education campaign to educate majority and today we are no-1 in Africa.They are too proud to announce it that we are even better educated than most Europeans and Americans.Right now there is a silent war of trying to control our African resources by proxy and that's why the continue to hire former blackRhodesian Armymembers like this Musona guy,who are stupid and ignorant or rather educated fools to tell us that we never liked land ,never liked education ,never liked to control our own God given resourced. its a shame that we have black Africans who think we must be ruled by whites or rather Smith was better than Mugabe,in what sense really when majority during those days were sideline and the fact that they were quite is because they were denied voices to talk or challenge the system.Today we have freedom before ,during and after speech. Musanyepere vanhu imimi pliz,tell the true story and TELL IT LIKE IT IS.

Hapaz Hapanyengwi - 2 August 2014

@Hapaz Hapanyengwe - stupid ignorant moron. Before the whites came there was no single SCHOOL in this land. The Education you are talking about was started by the whites. Without the whites there would be no education to talk about. It is a LIE that the majority of blacks were denied the education that the whites brought to this land. Mugabe's school fees were paid by white missionaries at Kutama. EDUCATION WAS BROUGHT BY THE WHITES TO THIS LAND. IF THE WHITES HAD NOT COME TO THIS LAND WE WOULD NOT HAVE HAD ANY EDUCATION AT ALL.

Musona - 2 August 2014

@Hapaz Hapanyengwe - LAND. This land had no borders. It was the whites who set out the borders. You are displaying your ignorance. Before the whites came there was no nation-state. The so-called First Chimurenga was not people fighting for land, they were fighting the whites who wanted to establish some order in the way people lived. That is, some land for farming, some for houses, some for factories, some as game reserves, not have people roaming around aimlessly hunting all over the place. Our forefathers did not need much land - what for? They never did any farming, just simple ploughing using ma padza. And ma padza were hard to get. How many acres can you cover with a BADZA? Not more than an 18-yard area of a football field at the most. There was no point in giving large tracts of land to poor people who had no commercial farming skills. Whites had more land because they had unique farming skills to do serious commercial farming and the money to do so whereas our forefathers did not. The OX-DRAWN PLOUGH was brought by the whites together with education.

Musona - 2 August 2014

@Hapaz Hapanyengwe - I HAVE NO HESITATION IN STATING VERY VERY CLEARLY THAT IAN SMITH WAS A BILLION TIMES BETTER THAN ROBERT MUGABE. I was not a member of Ian Smith's forces at all. You are trying to silence me by giving me stupid labels. Why should I say Mugabe is better when he engineered the world's highest rate of inflation? I was born in Highfield and was very very free to do what I wanted and so did other people. It's vacuous nonsense to say we were no free. We were freer than we are now for your own information. Let me repeat once again - IAN SMITH WAS A BILLION TIMES BETTER THAN ROBERT MUGABE.

Musona - 2 August 2014

@Hapaz Hapanyengwe - One Saturday morning, in the year 2000, I witnessed one of the most amazing scenes will ever see in my life - I drove to Fife Avenue Shopping centre to buy some items in a Hardware shop. I went in OK supermarket nearby first and when I got inside there was commotion - I soon realised that Ian Smith was in the supermarket and was mobbed by shoppers and shop workers. Everything came to a standstill. People outside thought there was a fight inside only to see it was people cheering Ian Smith. I could not believe what I was seeing. When he went outside back to his red VW Golf car still he was being mobbed and cheered by almost everyone at Fife Avenue. People were shouting you were dead right Mr Smith. All spontaneous. He just smiled and never said anything and drove away. At the time cellphones were just being introduced but with no camera as we have now. In fact, if there was a video camera around that would have been a real scoop. The scene at Fife Avenue Shopping centre that day were astonishing. Jaw-dropping stuff. If Ian Smith's government was as our politicians say then he should have been attacked by the crowd but instead the crowd spontaneously mobbed and cheered Ian Smith like you will never see in your life. This was a very busy Saturday morning and people came rushing from all directions when they heard it was Ian Smith all cheering. He was alone without any bodyguards. This goes to show you how good he was.

Musona - 2 August 2014

AT u Musona again,l don't think you have history knowledge of what used to happen,except maybe that you were confined to Highfield as you claim.Blacks were subjected to segregation to such an extend that even if you become a millionaire black African you can not venture into White man business,buy a house in areas reserved for blacks.At college or Universities there were courses or qualification for blacks and those for whites.Those blacks who made money those days and have acquired the farming skills were not allowed to buy land in areas reserved for whites,but will go to African purchase areas where the soils where not that good.During the CJ Rhodes(who happen to be your hero anyway)most of the whites who came here where semi literate and had nothing.They took our forefathers' cattle by force to sustain themselves,forced people into slavery under the socalled chibharo(a system where blacks were asked to work for no pay because they are doing that to pay tax)kushandira fovhoro even if you said l don't want to work because ndine mbudzi dzangu,mombe dzangu,zvinhu zvangu zvinondichengeta nemhuri yangu, u were forced to provide a service or else we take zvinhu izvozvo. MaSchools aunotaura aya kauya nemaMissionaries,of which they were never enough or adequate for those those blacks who choose to go to school seriously, instead people will endup going outside to learn.We talking of your bosses here Musona,the white Rhodesians. Their kith and kins the British will play innocent of all this,just like they are doing izvozvi in lsrael and Gaza where Palestines are dying. Look at how they quickly moved into Libya during Gaddaffi,in Afganistan,Iraq etc.Iwewe Musona you need to taken to any of these miracle making churches so that they cast Rhodesia demon in you so that at least you will be able to just understand that colonial injustices called for all the wars that brought independence on 18 April 1980.

Hapaz Hapanyengwi - 2 August 2014

for you those reading this forum,even in the right mind of this poor Musona, can he just arrive at an unoccupied land then just put up you pegs and say l now belong here?Yes there were no boarders so who gave the whites the authority to create bounderies? There were African chiefs ,Headmen and Sabhuku whom they should have asked for permission because they were the natural owners by birth.Anyway its now a wishfull thinking for Musona that Smith and Rhodesians were better than Mugabe and they are calling for sanctions to sabotage and prove a point.It will never be the same again and l am really sorry for this Musona guy(one of the fews blacks who voted for whites in 1980 l am sure).lf you think 2013 elections were a scandal wait for 2018,APA NDIPO PATCHABATANA MAOKO KUTI NADZOYI dzeRhodesia zve,bcoz it will be dead forever and ever amen.You Musona, M(ale)ORGAN and all ex Rhodesians will be History.

Hapaz Hapanyengwi - 2 August 2014

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