Madhuku blasts ConCourt judges

HARARE - Opposition leader and rehabilitated lawyer Lovemore Madhuku has sensationally accused Constitutional Court judges of being Zanu PF supporters who make decisions in favour of President Robert Mugabe’s party when it is cornered.

Madhuku, who was once convicted of stealing trust funds, stunned a gathering in Harare on Tuesday when he alleged that the judges were currently behaving at their best for the simple reason that “they do not believe that their political party is at risk — they support Zanu PF as you know.’’

Madhuku told a gathering of media practitioners that the judges in Zimbabwe’s highest court were “seasonal” and alleged they were at their best behaviour because Zanu PF was not under threat.

“The judges do not believe that their political party is at risk,” Madhuku said.

“They support Zanu PF as you know, most of the judges there.

“It is a common fact that they think Zanu PF is at its best and has no threat from anyone. It does not need criminal defamation, what for? That is the reason you get those (positive judgments) laws coming out of the Constitutional Court.

“... you suddenly have good judges that are committed to democracy, good governance, no not at all.”

Madhuku said the judges would change direction if Zanu PF finds itself at risk of being ousted from office.

“The Constitutional Court will change its direction,” he said.

“Now you can go to the Constitutional Court, you will be fine as long as Zanu PF is not under threat, that is the current situation, that is what you get.

“And whenever courts tend to be independent, they are only independent when their interests are not being threatened. So you get that in South Africa, the judges at the Constitutional Court, they do not support (President) Zuma as he loses every case.”

Madhuku said Zimbabweans should not be fooled to think that suddenly the right to freedom depends on the Constitutional Court.

“It is a very seasonal thing especially in our country, and they are seasonal,” he said.

“As long as Zanu PF feels it’s okay and the opposition are in disarray, all will be okay, but if Mugabe has political problems, the courts will get back to their old self and you have difficulty.”

Madhuku later became jittery over his comments.

“I am going to the courts now, but it is okay if you publish my comments on the judges,” he said. “They are good comments; we will see when they are published.

“As a practising lawyer, at times it is difficult when I go to the courts and try to behave like a lawyer.”

Madhuku shocked journalists and media practitioners when he urged the media to publish falsehoods as long as they were about public figures.

“You can publish lies on public figures as long as it is in the public interest, but you cannot do that on private individuals,” he said.

He said journalists should not keep stories about public figures for long if they fail to verify facts.

“As long as you have proof that you phoned or contacted so and so, and failed to verify on a particular story concerning a public figure, publish it because it is in the public interest,” he said.

“The media can be exempted in such circumstances.”

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Is this the same Madhuku who masqueraded last year as a Zanu PF Law guru, busy supporting the same Judges' decision to force Zimbabweans to participate in a snap election? To be honest I sometimes do not understand these "educated" guys, what do they take Zimbabweans for....fools? Huh? Madhuku where do you get the temerity to speak like that, weren't you the one saying last year the judgment made by the same Judges was spot on? So you knew the truth but because of your foolish and selfish political ambitions you supped with the devil at the expense of innocent Zimbabweans. What a sell-out? If I may ask, what has changed now, that was not happening then to warrant your comeuppance? Are you out of your mind? I have heard of the term devil-incarnate I think it resonates with you more than anyone. For what you did last year, I will never forgive you until you repent and ask for forgiveness from all Zimbabweans. I know you will read this comment and you will know not all Zimbabweans have a short memory.

Tonderai Gonzo - 31 July 2014

Madhuku is spot on - these Judges were given free farms by ZanuPF (bribes) and will always rule in favour of ZanuPF. There is no such thing as an independent judidicary in Zimbabwe.

Musona - 31 July 2014

Mr Musona, yes he may be "spot on" but my grind with Mr Madhuku is not on whether now he is correct or wrong, do you remember Madhuku appearing in stateowned newspapers everyday singing praises for the same Judges for ruling that Zim must hold an election on the 31st of July 2013 without fail? Do you remember? So what has he seen now that has caused him to attack them which he did not see last year? That is my question that begs for answers. The question of whether he is correct now can not be answered if no one has provided an answer for his actions last year.

Tonderai Gonzo - 31 July 2014

@Tonderai Gonzo - you are absolutely correct. It's just that you posted your comment exactly at the same time I posted my comment. I wasn't at all opposing what you have said which is 100% correct. The thing with these politicians is that they are not consistent at all. One minute they are opposing ZanuPF tyranny and the next they are attending Heroes Acre to curry favour with ZanuPF.

Musona - 31 July 2014

so attending heroes acre means you support zanu pf and staying away from heroes acre means supporting mdc. musona ndiye asina nyaya manje.

ole - 31 July 2014

Madhuku expected a ministerial position in this gvt.The guy is like a chameleon. Madhuku is totally unreliable&can do anything for money. Just look at what he did with NCA.

kushandiswa - 31 July 2014

Some people mistake academic achievements for wisdom. No single university degree covers all professions on earth.One can never be a competent lawyer & an engineer at the same time. Some professor lawyers have a serious problem.They foolishly deceive themselves &think they have the monopoly for all knowledge.That's typical Madhuku.

mararamire embavha - 31 July 2014

@ole - At no point in my comments have I mentioned any MDC. This is your own opinion, definitely not mine. If you don't understand someone's comments then you should ask them to clarify what they mean instead of writing nonsense. All along Madhuku has never attended the Heroes Acre but did so after ZanuPF had stolen the election which he, Madhuku, said was free and fair. Madhuku has not attended Heroes Acre since he made the announcement that the election was free and fair. Where does MDC come into all this? Are you not aware that Heroes Acre was meant for ZanuPF officials and the people who attend are mostly ZanuPF supporters? You are a big fool, Ole.

Musona - 31 July 2014

@Musona and guys you know wat you are talking about.....@ole....i think you are a moron

lolo - 1 August 2014

Madhuku is a dangerous lawyer who mislead the nation in 2000 at Chidyausiku Commission referendum. He advised the nation to vote no to the constitution which was to give the President only two terms to rule, see now Mudhara avekufira pachigaro

fundai mushunje - 1 August 2014

@fundai mushunje.he thot one day ple will give the constitutional mandate to his NCA and whe GNU gvt decided to go it alone he then critisced the whole idea of the constitution making and decided to change NCA to a doomed political party

musona - 1 August 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, don't waste your time and energy on Loveless Madhuku!

John o - 1 August 2014

You can believe big skopo at your own risk . Many time it has been said zim is full of educated idiots who are pretenders .

Diibulaanyika - 2 August 2014

"Madhuku, who was once convicted of stealing trust funds..." shows the journo is biased. Does that in any way degrade the import of the argument Madhuku is making here.

Observer - 2 August 2014

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