Conspiracy against Makandiwa?

HARARE - The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) yesterday denied that it was pursuing Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s United Family International Church’s (UFIC) incomes following reports that officers from the revenue authority wanted to garnish the church’s account.

Reports indicated yesterday that Zimra officials had in the past few weeks visited UFIC offices in Harare demanding books of accounts accusing the popular church of accumulating millions of dollars but failing to pay tax.

But Zimra spokesperson Taungana Ndoro said he had not heard of any such investigation but promised to check with authorities at his organisation.

“He had not responded to e-mail questions sent to him by the time of going to press.

Makandiwa’s spokesperson Prime Kufa said UFIC had no issues with Zimra and but confirmed that his church had become a victim of conspiracy theories.

“Everything we do at UFIC is above board and our books are okay and Zimra knows that. They have all the information they want and we are available with our records 24 hours a day.

“Here and there, we get people claiming to be from different institutions claiming to be investigating this and that.

“It is shocking that for more than a year, different sets of people come to us demanding information.

“Different officials have been coming to us demanding the same information, saying they would have lost our documents. We furnish Zimra with up-to-date information,” said Kufa

Asked to comment on reports that rival churches were out to tarnish the UFIC image, Kufa said: “At UFIC, we don’t have time for petty fights and jealousies. We concentrate on delivering the word of God which is our calling.

“You will never hear us attacking other churches because we serve one master — God.

“While this has been going on, spiritually we have been witnessing a mighty move of God and amazing miracles are taking place and our numbers are increasing and we are buying more tents to accommodate the increasing numbers. We will remain focussed on our primary objective which is preaching the gospel,” said Kufa.

He also denied media reports his church was in competition with other churches for people.

A Zimra official, who refused to be named, said it was common that officials from other church organisations can be used by individuals to pursue personal agendas to settle scores without the official knowledge of authorities.

“In Harare, anything can happen, you find that these youngsters are paid to harass rivals using the name of Zimra, and any employee caught doing this is severely punished,” said the source.

The development comes as churches appear to have taken their campaign to woo people into overdrive.

In Harare on Monday, fliers were thrown in the city purportedly from Prophet Walter Magaya’s Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) ministries which read: “Prophet Walter Magaya is the only man of God and a real Prophet in Zimbabwe... the only true prophet who pulls the largest crowds through soul winning in Zimbabwe. Come and witness him performing real miracles every Sunday at Zindoga Shopping Centre. Don’t be left out.”

A top PHD official said she could not immediately comment on the fliers as she was out of the country.

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Ane bhora ndiye anomakwa. Baba vangu ndinovaziva!

Bernard Chabvukwa - 30 July 2014

Zimra needs to mature

gore rino - 30 July 2014

Zimra is a high security institution and we are ashamed to hear their bosses say 'some may be masqaurading as our officals'... that is utter nonsense.

zora - 30 July 2014

PHD must mature, why throw around fliers to outwit other ministers? Its a parade of shame magaya

REAL TRUTH - 30 July 2014

Mazuvano hakumakwi ane bhora .Kunomakwa space .Sorry

totaura - 30 July 2014

Prophet Makandiwa is doing well above most of us. I plead with men of God in this nation that instead of fighting him, lets support him since this is God's work. That is the only way we can also be great like him.

Prophet Japhet Magariro - 30 July 2014

ZIMRA is a failing institution, squeezing people's hard earned monies and now after prosperous churches. Where are we going as a nation under such evil anvils? Leave the church ALONE!

DELIGHT - 30 July 2014

ZIMRA is a failing institution, squeezing people's hard earned monies and now after prosperous churches. Where are we going as a nation under such evil anvils? Leave the church ALONE!

DELIGHT - 30 July 2014

Prophet Makandiwa is a success, Jealousy is now sprouting from the four corners!

JAY - 30 July 2014

honestly ZIMRA you can do much better than that. following after a church a non profit making organisation, are you through with the profit making ones?

makachiveyi - 30 July 2014

Why should Zimra think the few rand coins that the church raises per service is much to be shared between the church's expenses and them? In some nations its actualy the state that finances the church not the reverse as we see here. May our leaders grow up and make it easy for God to bless this Country.

BHORA MBERI - 30 July 2014

Afamaba nemota, hanzi motaidzi ndedzekuba. Avaka imba hanzi mari iyi yabiwaa...haaaahaaaahaaaa nyarara kana usingazive zvaukutaura. UFIC ndiyo yega here chechi muno munyika zvamunoisona kudaro?

Puro - 30 July 2014

Somebody needs to put zimra or whoever in their place.

shame - 30 July 2014

if there is an organisation that calls itself a church and enjoys fighting other churches, I wander if that organisation is a church at all for there is no kingdom that fights itself. i see no reason why churches or men or women of God would be fighting each other if they serve only one master unless it be for their names sake

religious - 30 July 2014

Seriously Zimra should change the way it operates...apa makubatana nemachurches zvinoda hungwaru nekuti kereke ndeya Jehovah...

meso meso - 30 July 2014

to all UFIC rivals, if only you could stop the silly and unbelievable stunts, they are not gonna take you anywhere. rest assured there is nothing that you 'rivals' are gonna get on UFIC or its visionary except your shame.

diehard - 30 July 2014

Magaya akuzviadvertiser.kkkkkkkk seriously

makabvepi - 30 July 2014

Zimra bosses you better those people who are masquerading because they are seriously putting a shame on you.This news is not good on your part...Better work on it.

musa - 30 July 2014

Zvekwa kesari kwakesari l think this issue is clearly stated in the bible ZIMRA is only carrying its mandate that of collecting taxes. If UFI are paying up their taxes they are spot on both at law and as stated by the bible. If ZIMRA officials are not following proper ways of collecting their money yes they must put their house in order so that they put the name of the organisation into disrepute. Hazvidi hasha zvingoda reasoning chete.

goodlife - 30 July 2014

hanzi prophet walter magaya is the only prophet...kikikiki like Elijah who thought he was the only one until God had to telll him He had 7000 more prophets. lake of maturity in the things of God.

regai - 30 July 2014

The church can only be under attack from the devil himself. So whatever situation that brings a predicament on the church is the devil's engineering. Zimra needs to be very careful, it might be used as a devil's device. Never attack the church, you will be a tool in the devil's hands.

GAYA - 30 July 2014

matax collectors akagara akavengwa even in the biblical era kikiki yaive mhosva kuonekwa uchidya kana kufamba nemuteresi,these guys are evil naturally. (highly corrupt)

darlington marumbe - 31 July 2014

prophet magaya never said anything about prophet makandiwa and prophet makandiwa knows that. these are wonderful man of GOD. someone is saying things they never said. keep it up Men of God, we have an enemy to fight.

see - 31 July 2014

Pliz pliz leave my prophert Walter Magaya in this.He has never commented or attacked anyone even a single day.Guys watch out this is the work of the enemy who wants to put grudges between the men of God.To prophert Magaya and prophert makandiwa,pliz dnt listen to these stupid media and vanhu vari kutumwa nemasatanist to destroy these 2 ministries becz they are powerful and disturbing the kingdom of the Devil.

ome - 31 July 2014

Jesus is coming soon .Everything is vanity .Kana kuri kuziva kuchapera,kuprofita kuchapera zvakakwana kana zvasvika

truth - 31 July 2014

Who ever akakanda maflyers mutown ,shame on u ,haunyare kuda kurwisanisa vanhu vamwari ,u are so stupid.Prophert Magaya never advertised himself,people's testimonies ndiwo ano advertiser ega.Manje hauhwine PHD haimbovharwe and UFIC haivharwe .Saka iwewe uri kutumwa shame on you,u wont achieve anything,uri bharanzi

ome - 31 July 2014

Evil people come up with all sorts of stories trying to tarnish the image of the Prophets.Prophet Magaya always tells people not to say anything bad about Prophets, for they will be inviting curses to themselves.He respects other prophets.He does not advertise himself.Whoever printed those fliers, did that in order to tarnish the image of Prohet Magaya and PHD MINISTRIES.However the evil will not prevail over good.God is on our side.They may try all sorts of tricks by manufacturing stories but they will never ever win the battle against God's work.Mbiri KUNA JESU!

Samaita Yadah - 31 July 2014

Now I see how people want to associate with christianity yet knoweth not who christ is. Zimra islike Julius Ceaser's tax collectors, of whom Jesus sayeth: "To ceaser what belongs to Ceaser " He also says 'The love of money is the root of all evil'...'You cannot love God and Money at the same time, for a servant cannot serve two masters, he can only love one and not serve the other" In short, churches have no business accumulating money, any such church doing that is a front for the devil's evil schemes. If Christ encourages his followers to pay tax to Ceaser, whose followers are you then to deny Zimra its tax dues?Is it not the Ceaser of the day that Jesus spoke of? Churches should not gather for themselves treasures in this world full of moths and weevils...only the Devil's corrupt influence does that in congregations that masquarade as christian gatherings. Christians pay tax fullstop.

Shame - 31 July 2014

Isusu tino ziva kuti Varume vakatumwa naMwari kuita basa raakavagadza. They are each playing their own roles and we benefit from them acording to the wisdom of God. Let us thank god for such a season of favour where the Might Power of God has been poured on such astounding and verifiable scale. Chokwadi inguva yekubata testimony. God bless and cover His anointed ones.

Passmore - 1 August 2014

Noone in the world is the 'only man of God'. By using 'only', one purports tha God cannot send anyone else, and implies that all others are false. So when God calls and tasks someone and you say that cannot be true, you then question God's own plans and action by denying that there could be someone else sent by God for similar or different mission. Pastor Kufa is right that at UFIC, no denomination is demonised, and I know that non-UFIC members who sometimes attend services there are told to listen to and to submit themselves to the leadership at their church organizations. That is not competition, but true spiritual maturity.

machakachaka - 1 August 2014

Both Prophets are Prophets of integrity and are true Men Of God.Thank God for blessing Zimbabwe with these men.

Thandie - 1 August 2014

I think people should learn to disserminate the right information to the readers, it is killing the nation as a whole.may we all be transformed by the renewal of our minds.We all need God's blessings. At the end of the day, you dont gain anything by feeding people with wrong infor about the prophets of God.Think about it, lets all work out our salvation to God.

faith - 1 August 2014

Touch not my annointed. Says the Lord. Unokuvara!!

chikokoto - 4 August 2014

pliz respect every man of God,if u disrespect them u disrespect th one who sent blessed n pray tht noone mislead u in Jesus Name..LET LOVE LEAD!!!!!

kolwani mtuliki - 5 August 2014

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