Chinotimba named legislator of the month

HARARE - He is a brawler and a fighter, not highly educated, uncouth but very intelligent.

His name is Joseph Chinotimba.

From the ashes, he has risen to be one of the foremost legislators of the current bi-cameral Parliament.

While his peers have slept through crucial parliamentary sessions, he has been in the thick of things, refusing to be shackled by his lack of basic education.

Chinotimba, the legislator for Buhera South, is by miles the most prominent legislator, not only because of his public fights and satirical style. But, crucially, because of the outstanding contributions he has made in Parliament.

Illuminating the usually gloomy house by his jokes, Chinotimba is testimony that holding an academic qualification is not what makes a good MP.

The bearded war veteran leader has made incisive arguments that have left many eating from the palm of his hand. He has embarrassed erudite ministers and his double edged sword has no respect for political parties. He is a brawler, a noise maker, a bitter villager who espouses the expectations of his constituency.

Whenever he takes to the floor, something that he does often, he lights up the house.

While some of his fellow MPs have not even opened their mouths to speak, he has been at the forefront, plunging into any debate, stepping on the toes of some ministers, and definitely taking no prisoners.

  Just last week, he almost exchanged blows with another MP, the second such occasion he has done something not so honourable.

Chinotimba has attacked Jonathan Moyo, the minister of Media, Information and Broadcasting Services over the Information and Media Panel of Inquiry (Impi). His argument, though fiery, is reasonable.

  “We hear of a commission of inquiry in the media that is being undertaken and  we ask who is funding  them as we are hearing stories that some of the members of that committee were getting $300 per day as sitting allowances, with their bosses collecting $10 000 per month,” Chinotimba asked.

“Who does not know there is no radio and television signals in Buhera or Tsholotsho but we are hearing that these people are getting a lot of money, saying they want to do work for media and broadcasting and what work are they doing that  justifies these allowances?”.

Impi, conceived last April by Moyo, is mandated to “inquire into, assess and determine the policy, legal, technological, business, human resource and institutional adequacy and readiness in the information sector.”

It is made up of top editors from the public and private media, marketing and advertising representatives, information and communications technology experts, civil society members and other professionals.

The panel has been travelling around the country, collecting information on media issues by holding public hearings.

Chinotimba’s antics continued this week when he nearly traded  blows with Binga North MDC MP Prince Madubeko Sibanda on Wednesday in Parliament during a public hearing. They labelled each other “murderer” and “rapist”.

Efforts by Local Government committee chairperson Irene Zindi to cool flaring tampers failed as the two legislators continued to trade insults, denigrating each other in the august House.

Chinotimba branded Sibanda a sex offender. Sibanda is on $400 bail on rape allegations.

Proceedings were interrupted as the two MPs exchanged harsh words as they angled for each other. Police at Parliament Building had to be called in to restrain the two.

The melee begun when Chinotimba raised a point of order that Sibanda was being given written questions by journalists attending the meeting to ask Chombo.

“Madam Chair, the honourable member is getting written questions from journalists yet this is our meeting,” he said.

“It is not fair that members get questions from journalists.”

In the ensuing exchanges, Chinotimba then shouted: “Ndosaka wakarepa (That’s why you raped).”

This angered Sibanda who repeatedly shouted: “Pfutseki Chinotimba, ndati pfutseki Chinotimba.” Chinotimba shouted at Sibanda, saying he was a fool and a rapist who knew nothing.

“I don’t talk to rapists, you are a rapist,” Chinotimba charged.

That was just another episode of the many that Chinotimba often produces.

On the same day, he questioned why the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa) was charging for water it obtains on a shared river basin.

“Let us take an example of the water that is in the Zambezi River. Zambezi River originates from DRC,” Chinotimba said.

“Zinwa expects us to pay for water that is coming from DRC and yet it is not their water. We do not pay a single cent to DRC, where the water is coming from,” he said to uproarious laughter in the national Assembly.

Chinotimba named legislator of the monthStarting this month, the Daily News on Sunday introduces a new column titled Legislator of the Month. And to get the ball rolling, we name one of the best State legislators in the National Assembly. Zanu PF representative Joseph Chinotimba is the Legislator of the Month for July 2014.

He represents Buhera South.

First elected to the House in July 2013, Chinotimba has been a champion for increased transparency and a tireless advocate for improving the lot of his people back in Buhera. 

Though indecorous at times, we hope leaders across the political divide, particularly those in the ruling Zanu PF, express their appreciation to this outstanding leader.

Comments (19)

sure indeed I support your assertion. whereas the educated try to buy time and show they are good at spoken English they don't achieve anything on the ground or ask the pertinent and relative questions

madzimba chengeta - 27 July 2014

Varikuto kwira ladder vakuru ava takango tarisa. Dzine njwere idzi. He makes some of the so called education look simple. In life hard work pays. I do not recommend anyone to take this guy's route to success though. But i realise he is making personal progress. All the best venzira. Buhera netara.

taurai - 27 July 2014

God help this nation if we start thinking that Chinotimba and Mliswa are credible leaders. They are the guys who helped getting us into this mess.

Tiger Shona - 27 July 2014

CHINOTIMBA IS MURDER GUYS! mukasekerera benzi richigeza rinodya sipo! musamupempedzee sezvinonzi arikushamisira, arikutotishamisa! akapisa dzimba, kurova nekuuraya on the run up to 2008 elections . i mhondi iyi varume. believe me one day richabatwa vamwe vake haasari!

mambamba and chombo - 28 July 2014

@Tiger shona,you are right, they are trying to cover the mess they caused (land invasions ,corruption)chinotimba waindoba sugar ku triangle .being an MP that's his last more goingup chinoz.

two-by-two - 28 July 2014

Chinotimba is a two different person, yes he is a murderer but when he does something good why not appreciate. This is a noble idea well done Daily news.

Peckson paul kazingizi - 28 July 2014

We have MPs and councillors who feel by being elected into office, they would have been given the green light to amass wealth at whatever cost through land grabbings and other such corrupt activities. Just recently we had two lowly educated MPs from the same party who reside in the same town clutching at each other's throat over the control and influence of illegal gold panners. Then we have legislators like Chinotimba, though without much education, he has represented his constituency well and indeed the whole country by speaking sternly against corruption across the political divide.

Dr Know - 28 July 2014

chinotimba imhondi chokwadi kana munhu akaponda vamwe vana saimba kuti apinde mu parliament moti munhu akadaro ano gona chiyi chacho

mr honest - 28 July 2014

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Never accuse anyone unless you have proof. Did you witness him commit murder? or its just an assumption

Tau - 28 July 2014

Listen who is calling someone a rapist yet he is the master rapist and murderer. Akaraper akadzi evanhu muBuhera umo pamwe nemhondi dzake dzaaishanda nadzo!!

Takaz - 28 July 2014

MP of the month, yes! Clever, yes! But intelligent, NO!!!!

Ngwena - 28 July 2014

Cde Chinos maybe anything you want to name him; be it gangster, murderer but I for one in this august house I think he has outperformed all and sundry. Whether he got this constituency by whatever means I mean give it up to him for having stepped up to represents even those who may have not voted for him. He is one voice of reason who knows what is required to be an MP. Development initiated by him in Buhera South is alos testimony to his tireless work rate. Hongu ndiye akatipinza panzara yatiri but panguva yatava I will teke my hat off for him and it would do good for others even the so called learned to take a cue from him. He doesn't care whether he is ruffling Zanu feathers or the opposition as long as he has put his facts across. Chero ana Munangagwa are not sure of what he will do next just like the Sibandas from Binga. I can see him having a go at Mpofu if it is brought to his attention from his contituency. I wish we had at least 10 frank like him legislators then it wouldn't be a napping house as people would be kept on their toes.

Qawe laMaqawe - 28 July 2014

I will never forgive nor forget that the same "legislator of the month" tied a corpse to the back of his truck and dragged it around the village for all to see!

Johno - 28 July 2014

Celebrating ignorance. Chinotimba is MP today not because he is the most qualified person to represent his Buhera-constituency but simply because a lot of people, including Zanu sympathisers, do not want to be associated with this politics of failure.

selele - 29 July 2014

Chinotimba, he is more practical than all the MP ever elected in zim, so he deserves it.

tin tin - 31 July 2014

sando kuna chinoz

calist chafadza - 1 August 2014

sando kuna chinoz

calist chafadza - 1 August 2014

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