Tsvangirai heads to UK

HARARE - Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai is heading to the United Kingdom to deliver a keynote address at Chatham House, a leading political think tank.

Tsvangirai will be the guest speaker on Friday at the British Royal Institute of International Affairs, better known as Chatham House. He will speak on the “The Future of Opposition Politics in Zimbabwe.”

Tsvangirai will reflect on recent developments within MDC, the importance of strengthening opposition politics for Zimbabwe’s future and the role that international partners can play in Zimbabwe’s democratic progress.

Luke Tamborinyoka, Tsvangirai’s spokesperson, told the Daily News yesterday that the former premier was thrilled with the invitation.

“The (MDC) president has an opportunity to speak about Zimbabwe after the sham 2013 elections,” Tamborinyoka said. “He is going to present the way forward for the country as the opposition leader in the country. It is a very influential think tank.”

Tamborinyoka said the July 26 visit to the UK has rattled Zanu PF. He referred to the Nathaniel Manheru weekly column, which questioned the motivation behind Tsvangirai’s invitation.

Wrote Manheru: “The invite is a definitive statement against (former MDC secretary-general Tendai) Biti and his renewal fellows, a clear warning to Zanu PF that it is still alut!”

Manheru claimed the trip was meant by the British to collect “raw materials for a second round of conflict with Zimbabwe”.

After a poll rout in 2013, a fractured opposition limped on, feigning bravado and unity of purpose, but then splintered as former partners turned on each other.

Biti, the former Finance minister has teamed up with the likes of Elton Mangoma to form the MDC renewal team.

Although Tsvangirai has been deserted by some of his closest allies, he has soldiered on and appears to enjoy considerable grassroots support.

The invite to Tsvangirai has been seen as a British slap in the face of Biti.

Insiders said Tsvangirai’s latest visit to the UK offers a platform for re-engagement with key partners.

Tamborinyoka told the Daily News that the former trade unionist would hold bilateral meetings with MPs from the Labour party and UK government officials.

While in the UK, Tsvangirai will also meet key party structures, hold a rally in Birmingham and then partake in a £100 ($170) per head dinner with party backers, as he seeks to fundraise capital for the party’s congress pencilled for October this year.

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How can he address people in the UK when he doesn't know what is happening in Zimbabwe? I understand he was booed in the UK in 2008 - i hope they boo him again. Tsvangirai waste of space.

Musona - 22 July 2014

the lunatic goes to sell out

peter seru - 22 July 2014

Musona, une twakowo iwe. Siyana naTsvangirai. If you disagree with him, it doesn't mean he is stupid.

Mike Hove - 22 July 2014

Peter Seru, who is the lunatic, and what is he selling out. You sound more like the lunatic, you Peter Seru

Daniel Berejena - 22 July 2014


Danaga Remombe - 22 July 2014

Why worry if the lunatic is going to be booed like in 2008??The man is BIG in opposition politics& we know he has a noble mission; hence great wailing by his detractors. Let him work for his party which some idiots say is dead&buried. Steeling an election & thanking China for the evil work will not rebuild the dying economy.

zvarwadzaka - 22 July 2014

Tsvangirai was invited by great people who understand the importance of him in Zimbabwe. He earlier on was ignored when he called for dialogue among all stake holders for the way forward on our tittering economy.One idiot carelessly declared, dialogue was irrelevant but now he has turned round&said,''LET'S TALK.''

Gurukushwa - 22 July 2014

@Mike Hove - Unogoti haasi stupid chiyi chaaita since 1999? Iye ega akabvuma mu "Personal Reflections" yake 2 weeks ago iwe hako blind follower wave kuti akachenjera? Unorwara iwe.

Musona - 22 July 2014

Ko iye wacho wakangwara akaitei for the past 34 years?Ko ivo vasiri mablind followers varikumboitei chinovaka nyika?Some armchair critics can only complain without giving any solutions.Tsvangirai is very innocent&trying his best although he is meeting formidable resistance from the same people he is fighting for.Why do we expect manna from the man we are working against??


hate or like him MT is relevant in zim politics

mdct - 22 July 2014

Mazimbos muno makisa sure mngatukana sure kuti Tsvangison has been invited to UK. Sound like sour grapes asi manga muchidawo kuendawo here. Can the whole country be invited. Why not join opposition politics if you wish to be invited. Thot the article clears states that he is going to talk the relevance of opposition politics in Zim. Can we say those who invited him know nothing isu chete tisu tinoziva. Kubva unobva watoshaya kuti zviri kufambasei?

goodlife - 22 July 2014

Zvichaita chete.

Hazvie - 22 July 2014

You can underestimate Tsvangirai all you want but the real truth is that he is the most influential person in the country right now and for him to be invited to such a big platform only reflects that.

Dr Know - 22 July 2014

Given how he has squandered his political capital, I dont Tsvangirai will acquit himself well on this visit! He may read well the prepared for- him speech! But he cannot impressively answer questions on the political misfortunes of the so called democratic movement in Zim. What a mammoth task awaiting him , when he has failed to unite the party since 2005 split, while ZANUPF has remained united despite the natural debates in the revolutionary party! Being at variance with the Pan African view on the last elections will not even assist the leader`s inertia view on the last yr`s elections! This is more so when the breakaway ``Renewal``leaders have alleged poor leadesrhip and lack strategic planning on the part of MDCT becoz him!

Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof) - 22 July 2014

The only matured and visionary leader left in this country is Morgan the rest rubbish kuphela . The man is very responsible we know he is not going to start insulting every body there like one lunatic usually does .Normally when you invite some one you consider few things like good manor you do not invite a foulmouthed person no no no !!!!!!. You can rig elections but can not rig the economy tshesa mphama tshesa.

Diibulaanyika - 22 July 2014

shaa, ini handiverengi ma article evanhu ava but ivo vanoverenga kuti tsvangson aitei everyday, akuendepi. vanomutya ava. SAVE muri simbi. forward ever SAVE

visionery - 22 July 2014

Famba Tsvangirai famba usa chewuke muridzo.

gugurahundi - 22 July 2014

yes its proper that he goes abroad to talk at an international forum about chaakudzipa vanozviti vanogona vezanupf

wilson chikerema wachitenga - 22 July 2014

Famaba zvakanaka Tsvangirai, uchenjere kunoitwa mukadzi navachena vakarashika patsika nekururama. Iwe ndiwe wakadhuvawo kuti 'gay rights are human rights' Vachasvika vokuti give me my rights. He he! hameno zvako.

Bhora Mberi - 22 July 2014

Musona it is you who dosen't know what is happening in Zimbabwe just like your Matibili (mantinji) who. Matibili does not know what is happening in Zimbabwe as confirmed by his statement when he visited Zimbabwe that the economy is rebound then the following day his finance chief says otherwise. He is always in the plane and only visits on heroes deaths to eulogise at the hill in Warren Park then talks nonsense whereas Tsvangirayi is here with us.

Tagwireyi Muza - 22 July 2014

MT is a great man in Zimbabwe.All the ZANUs are terrified that the man has been invited to UK where he will tell the whole world what has destroyed the Zimbabwean economy.Gay rights are not at all a national issue.The Zanu PF leaders & followers cling to petty issues just to vilify MT. They foolishly think that 'hate speeches' would be credited as SOVEREIGNITY which we threw away with the useless Zim dollar.. RGM is a clear puppet of the EAST...

murambatsvina - 23 July 2014

The best headlin would have been Tsvancry circus goes to entertain UK AUDIENCE, and the cover charge is 100 pounds, the man is no different to shogo, parrafin, mukadota , any Muppet shows that you may think of, and of cause he needs to put posters.

reason - 23 July 2014

There is no doubt that Tsvangirai would have earned enormous respect from zim and the world over had he passed the baton to someone else. By just managing to share power no matter how meager it may have been, he demonstrated distinguishness in zim politics. None of our former politicians managed that feat. The idea that he sees himself just like some of his supportors as indispensable is now erroding all the respect he had accumulated since 1999. He is presenting himself as another 'handiende'. What he was campaigning against is what he has become. Perhaps thats the reason his dinors are inviting him to try and consceintise him about the importance of allowing others to lead the party. No hard feelings about his success, just that power is adictive.

taurai - 23 July 2014

You the Man Tsvangirai.... ! we all know that, ask Bob.

soda - 23 July 2014

makumberi save marema

chimudhara - 23 July 2014

You can not keep a good man down, can you? The man commands massive respect. Well done and all the best Morgan.

perfect moyo - 23 July 2014

We should not denounce Morgan Tsvangerai for being an amorphous lump of rancid adipose tissue . Our disenchantment with his must be based on the fact that he is a traitor and he makes Judas look like an amateur. The British will exploit "The Big Mouth Puppet" but will not welcome him as a permanent citizen. He is jumping out of the aircraft without a parachute and will leave a lump of rancid fat on Mugabe's beautiful country.!

Dharma Appavo - 23 July 2014

We should not denounce Morgan Tsvangerai for being an amorphous lump of rancid adipose tissue . Our disenchantment with his must be based on the fact that he is a traitor and he makes Judas look like an amateur. The British will exploit "The Big Mouth Puppet" but will not welcome him as a permanent citizen. He is jumping out of the aircraft without a parachute and will leave a lump of rancid fat on Mugabe's beautiful country.!

Dharma Appavo - 23 July 2014

Tsvangirai haape chimuti asati asvika, Hapana asingazive kutsvingirwa nokukakatwatirwa kumashure kwaaitwa mumujahwo wacho. Ndiani angapiwe chimuti, Biti puppet ye zanu pf. Anenge amhanyira pasina. Regai MT apendze race yake ega kana ahwina achapawo mumwe. Ko iye anechake akapa ani. Zvavari kunge vachaurayana vemba imwe wani madii kutaura musatanyoko wenyu.

chimurenga - 24 July 2014

Zimbabwe can never be called a beautiful country under Mugabe. We're not worried about what a few malcontents say.They don't care what happens to this country as long as they receive their sell out peanuts.However some of these CIOs & uniformed forces are beginning to realize that the country is being ruined.

dununu - 24 July 2014

zimbabweans we are woodwinked easily tsvangirai was invited to deliver a speech on a relevant platform e future o opposition politics in zim and like it or not "HE IS OPPOSITION POLITICS" since 1999 he has given e tyrants like some african leaders i knoe something to think abt and proved a better leader in terms of friendship fodging as he led a successful gvnt during 2009 and 2013. so think abt it wat has been done since 1980 besides preeching blood lost during e war while roads delapidate and sewers burst and above all people are slaughtered

the patriot - 24 July 2014

Nhayi chimurenga shamwari, tsvangirai ndiye ege here muhutungamiri hwe bato renyu? Kana murikuita team work, then hapana need yekuti apedzise ari iye. Whoever takes the baton to the finnish line does not matter as long as they are MDC. perhaps you are saying that tsvangirai is bigger than your party and its structures . If not, another person can carry on from where he left.That is if he does leave.

taurai - 24 July 2014

chinhu chese chine nguva jst keep on going" SAVE" we will get there one day.

last - 25 July 2014

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