Mugabe differs with the rest

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe yesterday shockingly said the economy is on a recovery path, despite his government struggling to foot the civil service wage bill and the continued suffering of the general populace.

Speaking at this year’s President’s Medal Shoot prize giving ceremony at Cleveland Rifle Range in Harare yesterday, Mugabe, who was the guest of honour, claimed government was going to put in place measures to ensure the economy recovers.

“Let me assure our people that the country’s economy is on a recovery path. Government is going to employ several measures aimed at achieving desired results,” Mugabe said.

He further said among one of the key strategies was the implementation of the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (ZimAsset).

However, the Mugabe administration is still battling to get a footing to fund the economic blueprint, which requires a $27 billion seed.

Several companies are closing shop, and the unemployment rate continues to soar, with analysts saying it is hovering above 80 percent.

The country is in dire straits, as government is struggling to foot the civil servants’ wage bill and failing to guarantee their pay dates. People are also struggling to pay school fees for their children, pay bills, let alone buy food, due to non availability of cash, but Mugabe is optimistic ZimAsset will bring results.

“ZimAsset will have all government and quasi-government institutions formulate their strategic action plans to be supervised through the Integrated Result-Based Management (IRBM).

“IRBM is a strategic management tool aimed at effectively eradicating mal-performance. It focuses on enhancing commitment and duty consciousness in all government work-force,” Mugabe said.

He told the gathering made up of service chiefs and ministers that he was confident the implementation of IRBM would effectively bring about the desired success and the much needed economic turn-around.

Mugabe’s declaration will come as a shock to millions of people in Zimbabwe who are wallowing in poverty and who are losing jobs as companies continue to close. Several members from the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), Zimbabwe National Army, Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS), War Veterans, Air Force of Zimbabwe and civilians, who participated in the shooting competition, were yesterday presented with prizes and medals.

Gregory Mugova from the Air Force of Zimbabwe was the overall winner of this year’s shooting competition, and walked away with $1 000 prize money sponsored by Mbada Diamonds and a Zimbabwe independence trophy.

Olivia Kachamaedza from ZPCS was this year’s overall female winner of the shooting competition and walked away with a Mbuya Nehanda trophy and some prize money.

Mugabe, who was accompanied by his wife Grace, commended the participation of women in the competition. Out of 528 participants, 383 were males, while 145 were female.

“This high number of female participants attests to the growing interest among women involving themselves in a competition previously male dominated,” Mugabe said.

He commended the security forces for earning recognition in various regional peace keeping missions.

“As a nation we are indeed proud of our security forces who have illustriously distinguished themselves in various missions across the globe, in East Timor, Kosovo, Sudan, Sierra Leone and Guinea Bissau,” Mugabe said, further thanking Namibia for its support during the Tsholotsho floods disaster.

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Mr President, which planet are you on ???? or what are you smoking. Please stand down, as every day you remain the president , you just make a fool of yourself and Zimbabwe. Seriously you are just sooo out of touch with reality , it's embarrassing to all of us, it really is.

Ronaldos - 21 July 2014

“IRBM is a strategic management tool aimed at effectively eradicating mal-performance. It focuses on enhancing commitment and duty consciousness in all government work-force,” Mugabe said. He told the gathering made up of service chiefs and ministers that he was confident the implementation of IRBM would effectively bring about the desired success and the much needed economic turn-around my question is, with the current crop of ministers and mps, how effective will be IRM? or both IRM and ZimAsset are two of a kind

kt - 21 July 2014

It is very obvious that RGM doesn't really know what is happening in zimbabwe. You are too ashamed to accept that you have indeed failed.

kt - 21 July 2014

Let's continue to dream on.

Gwenaz - 21 July 2014

What else can he say. The economy has all but collapsed there is nowhere to borrow money. Grace wants to be at state house. This morone of a president does not understand a single thing.

Edzai - 21 July 2014

During comrade Gwanzura's burial President His excellence commander in chief ZANU PF first Secretary comrade doctor Robert Gabriel Mugabe promised to built a state of the art Gwanzura stadium something like Maracana stadium! Too many promises. Civil servants were promised houses. Now is no longer time to promise or talk too much it is time to act. Act

SHAVA - 21 July 2014

The President is living in a fools' paradise. As long as he can fly to Singapore now and again, and pay Charamba and Dube ridiculous directors' fees, then everything is fine.

John Foroma - 21 July 2014

This old man is demented to the bone marrow. For lack of a better word this evil walking the face of this earth. How did he arrive at this conclusion? Even the guys who write his s

vongai - 21 July 2014

This old fool is demented to the bone marrow. This is evil walking the face of this earth morally, spiritually and emotionally bankrupt. With all this suffering the people are going through because of him and his gang of thieves he dares talk like that. Maybe it is the suffering he is referring to kuti jaira for 34 years hamusati majaira kutambura. Which economy is he talking about that is getting better? Based on what? Shame on you.

vongai - 21 July 2014

My first reaction was to laugh but then I caught myself because this is no laughing matter. But seriously, people of Zimbabwe, we need to face one fact and that fact is that Robert Mugabe and ZANUpf are no longer compatible with Zimbabwe. Either Zimbabwe survives and ZANUpf doesn't or vise-versa. The choice is ours.

Kefakwejeyi - 21 July 2014

If the IRBM policy is that good why was it not implemented before? Integrated Result-Based Management (IRBM) the panacea for the economy! Shangri-la. Mugabe is immaturing with age. Economics illiterate. This is a man who engineered a world record rate of inflation - that record is going to take some beating. Mugabe castigates people like Dr Leonard Tsumba for their “textbook economics” and then one minute he is talking of sound economic policies (IRBM). Totally confused. Putting up a brave face in the hope of some miracle. It's like trying to cleanse the fabled Augean stables. Pie in the sky. Mugabe must be told the country's economy cannot be resuscitated by high sounding words. Mugabe was VOTED into power not because he was/is an economics genius or because of some business empire he had built. The economy he inherited was created by the whites (second most prosperous in Africa) and he has messed it up. He cannot go handing out free money and free farms (buying loyalty) to cronies in a poor Third World country like Zimbabwe and expect the economy to thrive.

Musona - 21 July 2014

Many times we have said zim is being run but a confused person with chakuti chakuti degrees . But he going too far with lies he getting into the pockets of the suffering masses and we can no longer afford to have him as president of this country he is totally unfit to be leader of anything even a tuck shop .Now to those idiots who voted for Mugabe see what you voted for . From 1980 the gvt going to the gvt is going to stupid old man.

Diibulaanyika - 21 July 2014

Dressed in immaculate ZANUPF T shirts, holding nice ZANUPF torches and mugs and reading the ZANUPF Herald promising 2 million jobs, my brothers and sisters rushed to endorse the rejuvenated ZANU PF regime which promised improved service salaries, the restoration of productivity and resuscitation of mines and industries and every other promise the learned Professor and his team-ZANU-PF could dream, they marched or where marched to the polling stations and hoped against hope for a new Zimbabwe. The question is where is Chinamasa and his team taking us? Mr President thank you for the statement of faith. We truly hope for a rebound.

New Tekere - 21 July 2014

For all out verbalattacks on Mugabe, I fail ti understand how we all seem to fail to convince his support base ( army & police) to be on our side. They the security services do experience the economic meltdown just like the rest of use. It does have to be a coup . We should double our efforts in wining more support from those few who are benefiting from Mugabe led looting.

Tafadzwa - 22 July 2014

IRBM introduced in 2005, and up to now not yet implemented or is it being implemented. Was copied from malaysia. it will never apply here.

mabhunu muchapera - 22 July 2014

Tine Mishonga yechivanhu inowedzera nguva pabonde kuti irebe, inokudza nhengo dzana baba, inosimbisa musana, inopedza zvirwere zvepabonde, inorapa asima, zvirwere zveshuga uye newekuuchika unoita kuti pamuviri pabate. fonai pa 0737286007.All herbs does not have side effects and comes from Malawi. Free deliveries in Harare and outside we can send through swift

CHIREMBA - 22 July 2014

ZimAsset needs US$27billion. Ironically,we cannot even borrow a billion US dollars.One wonders what's the hell Mugabe is waffling about.Maybe his prophet promised him some miracle money. But at some stage you hear Mugabe brag that people used his passports in the diaspora yet he often castigates them.Age seems to be catching up with our president.Where are we going??

dzvetsverere - 22 July 2014

Zim Asset is a political statement isina zvainoreva and hapana chinobuda kunyeperana kwega kwega. Shame on you....!!

Dr Nhero - 22 July 2014

Just do not know why every body is so worried by the year 2999 we will all live in the MUGABE LAND OF PROMISSES

jack - 22 July 2014

Dear President, Are you sure this time around. I was your fanatic for a very long time and still am to some extent. you used to inspire me and would memorise some of your classical sayings, and to some extent , you still do. But on this one, Mr president, with all the respect I have for you, and for your immense contribution to this country, may you kindly revisit your basis for proclaiming such. You let me down once in the 80's but you are human. Dont let me down this time. Last time I quoted you saying:- 'What! governments are not private companies. Governments do not go broke'. In view of the forgoing please revise your claim for it is a good day dream. But an expensive one for the nation as it brings in complacency, at least.

tanaka - 22 July 2014

Mugabe is too old to lead Zimbabwe.

Narciso - 25 July 2014

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