I'm now a spirit medium: Shaba

HARARE - Luta Shaba, is a women’s rights advocate who bridged the gap between women at the community and national policy level by making them more conversant with the law and enhancing their participation.

She also rose to prominence with the “women can do it campaign” which encouraged women to offer themselves up for public office.

Her success in this regard can be measured by the fact that for the first time in the country’s history, more than 800 women offered themselves up for public office during the 2008 harmonised elections while the period also recorded an increased number of women casting their vote.

Shaba also had a brief stint in politics but has turned a new leaf and is now a spirit medium and seems comfortable with her new role as an oracle.

The Daily News caught up with Shaba last week in Harare.

“I am a  svikiro (spirit medium) and my spiritual name is Ambuya Muhera. I am possessed by Mbuya Nehanda’s spirit. I am now based in Arcturus in a holy land behind mountains. I was directed to leave my Borrowdale home to reside in the area that Musiki (God) directed me.”

Wearing beads synonymous with a spirit medium, Shaba, 45 said: “I come from all over the place. My grandparents are of Zimbabwe and Malawi origins. I am mixture of Nguni, Karanga, Ndebele and Chewa. I was born in Highfield.” 

Shaba, a lawyer by profession and the founding executive member of Women’s Trust, said she was initiated into the spirit world in 2009.

“One never graduates from the initiation until the day that he or she dies. You learn the basics and start the spiritual work. I came out in 2012 that’s when I started performing the spiritual duties,” she said.

Spirit mediums assume different roles and Shaba said her part is to teach what she calls the way of the light.

“My mandate is to remind people on the ways in which our ancestors prayed to Musiki, (God) and the roles of ancestors and then the traditional spirituality.”

Shaba claims to have been sent with an urgent message to the people of Zimbabwe.

Tarasa hunhu, (we have lost our humanity), Munyika mazara rima, (we are being overcome by darkness). We are now worshipping money, we have changed our God to money. There are lots of prophets’ leading people astray. We need to reconnect our personhood for example, unodya cheziya, (one eats fruits of their sweat)”

The oracle also had a message to the people to protect the environment, the forests, mountains and rivers. Shaba said people should come to the realisation that they are one with the environment.

She challenged people to use their brains so that development would not cause environmental degradation.

Zimbabwe is reeling under an economic, social and political crisis that is affecting the nation. Shaba said the nation should approach the spiritual world and alert it of the challenges being faced and seek solutions.

Shaba has published a book entitled The way of the light Book 1 and is working on her second book.

She has also composed and released a music CD titled Vepasi Mbira Music and is currently working on the release of her second album.

Shaba has been active on radio discussing the African tradition. She provides expertise on a programme aired on a local radio station.

“People do not read. Zimbabweans read to pass exams but people do not read to acquire wisdom. It is also sad that our radio stations do not play mbira music.

“It’s a problem because someone from outside would re-brand our mbira music and bring it back to us as a new sound. We have a collective low self-esteem as a nation as we wait for foreigners to lead the way,” said Shaba.

She quoted musician Bob Marley’s Redemption song to illustrate a point.

“Emancipate ourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds,” adding that this is the epitome of her message to Zimbabweans.

Shaba is a holder of Honours Degree in Law from the University of Zimbabwe and a Masters Degree in Policy Studies.

She also trained in leadership in Africa, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

“I have worked and travelled internationally and I have worked in all the Sadc countries as a consultant in social development and women’s rights.”

During her time as the executive director of Women’s Trust, she managed to make gains for women by influencing policies that affected women.

She no longer practises law.

She is involved in social activism for women and other vulnerable people.

Shaba takes her new role seriously and said it is a continuation of working on social justice. As a parting shot, she said all families in Zimbabwe should engage in ceremonies of showing gratitude to their ancestors.

    Comments (25)

    Ita kuti ndiri n'anga ndinshanda mu office yaSatani-period.

    Tawanda we Ufic - 21 July 2014

    @Tawanda we Ufic why are you calling her what she did not claim to be. She said she is a svikiro and has told us that Zimbos have lost their humanity and tradition. Zimbos are focused on money and hence an abundance in these false prophets. Like it or not the svikiro thing is part of our culture. On top of mbuya nehanda I think you have heard of Chaminuka, Nehoreka, place like njelele. Your comment proves that what she is sying about Zimbos is right we are a lost nation.

    Gwenaz - 21 July 2014

    truly a lost nation. shaba go ahead you are in the right direction.

    mabhunu muchapera - 22 July 2014

    Thanks a lot Shaba. We can no longer identify ourselves as a people. We have borrowed a lot from other cultures such that we do not know who we are. A lot of the young guys have not bothered at all to find out the differences between n'anga, svikiro and mhondoro. What were their roles in our society? I would like to meet Shaba to get more insight about our culture from someone who is educated, a lawyer, and as someone still practicing our culture. It is only by understanding these issues that we will be able to know right and wrong, what to embrace and what to discard but remain as a people with a culture.

    aleco - 22 July 2014

    @tawanda-imbwa yambuya vako

    SHATSO - 22 July 2014

    Calling a Traditional healer Satan will not make u holy. Many people (Africans in particular) have lost their culture, are quick to embrace foreign value with high esteem. U find someone shunning African herbs yet (s)he is eager to take Chinese herbs. My fellow people has been so brainwashed that they know not who they are now. We still need to liberate ourselves from cultural imperialism.

    Tokonyai - 22 July 2014

    Traditional prophets/godfathers/apostles/oracles/facilitators/pastors/lawyers/n'gangas/svikiros/holy messengers...etc all found in ZIMBABWE yonakidza nyika iye zvino.

    Mukanya - 22 July 2014

    Ana Tawanda. Ko munoziweiko mabhosvorina???? This lady is promoting our Zim Culture yet u call her a N`anga. these flamboyant churches you go to have brainwashed you. Chivanhu chakagara chiriko and it needs our contribution to add value and recognise it. ndonhaka yedu isu vanhu vatema. i salute this woman, she has chosen to spearhead the campaing of our culture. PAMBERI NEDEZE UKOOOO

    Takaz - 22 July 2014

    Aaah! Vana Tawanda! Vana Tumbura tigoche. Shame on you man. You really don't know who you are. Chikristu! hauchigone! Chivanhu chedu worse. Ndimi vaya vanoenda kuchurch kunovurirwa maverse naPastor and never take it upon yourself to read it on your own. What is it in the article above that is satanic such that you would call Shaba that? In any case the bible says thow shall not judge and where do you derive guts to judge Shaba? Vana Toendawo shame on you.

    NdoChivanhu - 22 July 2014

    Sorry Imearnt yet you call her Satan!!

    Takaz - 22 July 2014

    Uyu Tawanda we Ufic ndiye mupengo benzi zvaro dununu. Once again Tawanda's idiocy just goes to prove what the lady Shaba is advocating ie urging Zimbabweans to embrace who we are and recognize our rich culture and traditions.

    Zaka Jerera Gabarinocheka - 22 July 2014

    Takaz bata ruoko wamai. Wakuma hameno vanaTawanda marwaivhi. kikikikiki. Chivanhu chedu kwakadaro kupu. Nditawanda uyo kwati nechikristu hanzi zvedu zvakan'ora. Vakan'ora mafake "Prophets".

    NdoChivanhu - 22 July 2014

    The lady is on the right path and she needs the nation's support. Keep going Shaba and lunatics like Tawanda are like a little dog barking at a lion or an elephant. We certainly need to recover ourselves and reclaim our culture.

    Kufakwejeyi - 22 July 2014

    Say it out bro Tawa. Asvotwa ngaarutse.

    Hazvie - 22 July 2014

    Red Indians in the Americas, Maoris in New Zealand, Aborigines in Australia, Bantus in Southern Africa just to mention but a few, all had their own beliefs and ways of worshipping and praising their Creator. When the white men came to their lands, they labelled their traditional beliefs as evil which is very very wrong.Almost everyone is brought up as a Christian now, but we should not look down on our ancestral way of living I say way to go Shabba. There are a lot of motivational speakers who masquarade as Pastors and Prophets out there looking at nothing but to milk us out of our hard earned money.

    Dr Know - 22 July 2014

    Ambuya Muhera, please tell us what to do with Sekuru Mugabe. Isu venyamama tapererwa, zvotoda imi vemweya!

    Johno - 22 July 2014

    Asi Johno wataura. Ndiyo inofanira kuve task huru yaambuya iyoyo. Handifungi kuti mbuya nehanda varikufara nevazukuru vavo vaitwa nhapwa munyika yavo nedzevamwe pasi rose. But vanogona kungoudzwa kuti masanctions vakazviteerera. I hope not.

    Kufakwejeyi - 22 July 2014

    Tawanda is 100% right that lady has demons satani chaiye akagara paari whether mukaramba bu that is is the truth. Masvikoro mweya wasatan from hell!!!!

    Chief - 22 July 2014

    Ko svikiro rinodeyi mustudio kunorecorder music nemidziyo ngaagare kumakomo achiita zveusvikiro hwake opfeka nhembe ngaasapinde mudhorobha ogara mubako achiita moto wekusika nezvimiti nekuti ana sekuru vedu ndozvavaiita , matches vainge vasingaizive Satan kana akuda kuparadza munhu ndozvanoita anokudzimaidza

    Kalimatsenga Mwacheka Lizznet - 23 July 2014

    Ko svikiro rinodeyi mustudio kunorecorder music nemidziyo yechirungu ngaagare kumakomo achiita zveusvikiro hwake opfeka nhembe ngaasapinde mudhorobha ogara mubako achiita moto wekusika nezvimiti nekuti ana sekuru vedu ndozvavaiita , matches vainge vasingaizive Satan kana akuda kuparadza munhu ndozvanoita anokudzimaidza

    Kalimatsenga Mwacheka Lizznet - 23 July 2014

    Ana Twanda Chikirisitu chamakabatira pamusoro chichakunetsai Verengai Bhaibhiri kwete kuverengerwa nevamwe.Kana maziva zvirimubhaibhiri mozotanga kutuka vamwe zvamunoita izvi Anhu anagudzadungwe mukaudzwa napastor kuti munhu wese asingaiti zvichikrisitu ndewasatani mobvuma musina kuitawo tvsagiridzo zvichakunetsai

    hwezhira - 23 July 2014

    I think that what you are telling the nation about direct contact with Musiki is both revolutionary and it is bound to liberate us all. I want to learn some more outside the confines of internet.

    Eric Taurai Hamadziripi - 2 January 2015

    Vamwe vanhu vakawanda varasaHunhu, nepamusana pezvimweZvitendero zvaramuNyika.

    Willard Mukondiwa - 23 May 2015

    if Moslems had arrived earlier that Europeans we would have abandoned our religion to follow Islam. It was Europeans who were here first and we followed Christianity. As a process of colonisation, the white man told us that our religious practices were evil . We embraced that. Your pastors tell you that your parents are evil, you accept. The pastor also says you must financially support the church, not your evil parents and you agree. As I write this your parents cannot afford a descent meal kumusha uko iwe ichipa mari kuna pastor without fail. Shona traditions, the bible and Luta dictate that you look after your parents. They are right.

    Seremani - 13 June 2016

    I would love to know more about it??? Thanks

    waldo santana - 9 July 2018

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