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HARARE - There is a somewhat uncanny, yet surfeit similarity between revolutions that have occurred in the past, revolutions that have yet to happen and modern revolutions that happened but have lost their way.

Rival militia are pounding at each other with mortar bombs and rocket propelled grenades in Libya after they ousted the eccentric Muammar Gaddafi who they criticised for dictatorship and enjoying an extremely extravagant lifestyle.

The Egyptians ousted Hosni Mubarak but within a short time were hankering for his return even after they had revelled in his ouster.

Homosapiens on the continent are nostalgic about the good times they enjoyed under colonial government after waging arduous independence struggles to oust racists and segregating regimes because they can never come to terms with the strictures imposed by their own kith and kin to hobble enjoyment of the freedoms they fought for.

Fidel Castro’s young revolution was led by privileged bourgeois such as himself and Che Guevara.

It persecuted homosexuals, crushed the working class, established minority rule, outlawed democratic institutions, wrecked the Cuban economy and made everyone poor except the ruling elite.

Sounds familiar?

All parties that claim to be revolutionary have an abiding purpose to establish single party minority regimes supposed to endure until madhongi amera nyanga (donkeys  grow horns).

The harp ceaselessly about their independence war credential.

Revolutionary governance means setting up a liberation gravy train where an exclusive elite clique collects money and gets funding to live in luxury while purportedly working for the so-called oppressed.

Invariably with each revolution, the driving purpose has been lost in a labyrinthine maze of purposeful deceit characterised by incomparable efforts to mount spoofs that things are not working the way they ought to be owing to influences by envious external rivals who wish homosapiens ill-luck.

Candid commentators call it exogenous determinism or buck passing to cover up leadership deficit and bureaucratic ineptitude.

The so-called revolutionary homopoliticus operate in an ambit within the law of inverse absurdities, which compels then to adopt short-sighted policies and illogical focus on the present.

“You begin to wonder why homopoliticus are never embarrassed when speaking without a kernel of vision what is supposed to be done and what outcome to expect,” Quisling says.

“They couch their lack of substance with long winding speeches that mean nothing.”

In one of his iconic thoughts Mao de Zhung indicted against stereotyped homopoliticus pedagogy which harangues the homosapiens with endless baloney replete with empty verbiage.

“Some of our comrades write long articles with no substance. Why must we write such long and empty articles? (Or pontificate as is characteristic of most homopoliticus). There can only be one reason: they are determined the masses (homosapiens) shall not read them (or pay undivided attention.)

But because the articles (speeches) are long and empty, the masses (homosapiens) shake their heads at the very sight (sound) of them. How can they be expected to read (listen to) them (and the utter hogwash that forms the script)?

Such articles (speeches) are good for nothing except to bluff the naïve, among whom they spread bad influences and foster bad habits.”

Teach them comrade Mao! Vasingazivike? Ngavadzidziswe!!

Homopoliticus have a penchant for using high-sounding mantras in gladiatorial fashion to try and whip up emotions among the homosapiens. What they fail to realise is that critical quality mantras ought to contain the ability to deliver.

Every shibboleth ought to be followed by effective delivery of something tangible. So far slogans homosapiens are made to holler and shrill have failed to deliver and this is a part that does not resonate with most homosapiens expectation.

Homosapiens believe homopoliticus should deliver the Holy Grail. And true to form, the homopoliticus has never asked the homosapiens what they want.

“If ever they did,” Quisling vouched, “they will be told we demand better leadership, a clearer vision and more reason to hope but none of the illusionary blueprints.”

He says what the homosapiens seem to want right now is the kind of leadership that will inspire the ordinary men and women to feel that they too are part of a country that can do better for themselves and for the country itself.

No homosapiens wants homopoliticus that constantly disparage multitudes of biddable peasants and urbanites with charges of indolence and failure to put shoulder to the wheel when the vast majority of homosapiens just want to have the opportunity to have a job and be able to support family and relate openly with friends of all political preferences, religions and origins.

Neither do they want a profligate leadership that leaves behind a legacy of debt for future generations.

The nonconformist says every homosapiens hankers to see homopoliticus that don’t blame the poor for being poor or the disabled for their physical condition but sees everyone, including the less well-off and the less able, as significant contributors to the national well-being.

No homosapiens wants a divisive government.  All want a government that stands up for everyone including the less fortunate.

“And that spells disaster for a homopoliticus career,” Quisling’s snitch interrupted. He says Mamphela Ramphele lost the plot in the scheme of things because she was squeaky honest for a homopoliticus. Quisling could not resist wanting to know. “How so?”

His snitch says Ramphele made a no-holds barred admission of the evils that homopoliticus enjoined youths to commit as foot soldiers in a frank apology on behalf of her contemporaries.

Quisling snitch recounted Ramphele asserting the older generation has to apologise to the younger generation for letting it down and misleading them.

“First, we allowed the country to be sacrificed at the altar of party political agendas and ego. We used youths as pawns to take the battles of political opinion on to the streets as physical battles, placing youths in the line of fire, getting youths arrested, placing their futures at jeopardy while we got off scot-free.

In all this, perhaps the greatest tragedy is that our actions have caused youths to take their eyes off the common goal of ending corruption and restoring the promise of freedom. It led youths to look at one another as enemies as though youths were on different sides of the fence while, in reality, youths are all on the same side of the fence, collectively bearing the brunt of unemployment, inequality and corruption irrespective of their party affiliation and preference.”

Big up Ramphele for being devastatingly honest for a homopoliticus. Small wonder, the homosapiens withheld their support when it came to casting their ballot for her party.

She told it as it is and it only goes to show that homopoliticus and homosapiens alike did not want to be told the naked truth — nothing else but raw truth.

Quisling thinks the homosapiens find ethereal joy in being deceived by the type of homopoliticus Chairman Mao de Zhung indicted — those that stretch the truth beyond its trading limit. Truth is the rarely spoken of dissonance in so-called progressive politics.

“Honesty and truth among homopoliticus is the silver bullet that would deal with inequality, poverty and unemployment and thrust the lifestyle of the homosapiens into an era where they live the African dream,” Quisling says.

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    your piece is just the same ,empty ,long and meaningless big jargooned item

    manjowe - 22 July 2014

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