'It's not my fault'

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe yesterday called on workers to remain steadfast in their jobs and sacrifice for the country instead of fleeing to the Diaspora.

He spoke amid deepening economic hardships characterised by a biting liquidity crunch, but blamed Zimbabwe’s economic woes on Western sanctions imposed after controversial seizures of white-owned commercial farms from 2000.

Addressing mourners at the burial of major general Eliah Bandama at the National Heroes Acre yesterday, Mugabe said locals should not skip the country and seek asylum in hostile countries such as Britain.

Mugabe’s statements come in the wake of rising disquiet among civil servants, who no longer have fixed pay dates.

The 90-year-old veteran said hard-pressed workers should serve their country selflessly, without complaining, as freedom fighters did during the 70s liberation struggle.

Zvinovamwe vazhinji vanozviwona here izvi? Ndati imi sezvo murivashandi pamurikushanda ipapo, ukapihwa kamari ikaka, aah, chavachichemo, hurumende yakashata, haiiti nyika ino. Wajamba bhodha waenda kuSouth Africa (Do others realise this sacrifice as workers in your various fields. If you are given your salary, you start complaining, claiming that the government is bad, the country is not taking care of its people. This is when you see others opting to go to South Africa),” Mugabe said.

Several million Zimbabweans left the country in the era before 2009, fleeing political turmoil and an economic meltdown that slashed real wages.

Many say they went abroad to escape persecution by Mugabe’s dominant Zanu PF party, which critics accuse of using intimidation to stay in power.

The 90-year old leader blasted asylum seekers saying they wrongly used his name to gain entry into countries such as Britain.

Nhema dzichingorehwa chete. Ipassport yaVaMugabe iyoyo yaita kuti ubude nayo. Ukati ndinoda passport ndinobatwa naVaMugabe, maBritish ndozvavaida, kuti nyika yedu iyende pasi. (People are constantly telling lies. That passport which you used to travel is mine.

You go claiming that you need a passport because I will come after you. That is what the British want, to pull Zimbabwe down),” he said.

Estimates vary as to how many Zimbabweans live abroad, but rights and migration groups put the number at anywhere between two and 3.5 million, most of them in South Africa and former colonial ruler Britain.

Mugabe said some Zimbabweans were bent on sabotaging through lies the freedom fighters’ achievements in bringing independence  to Zimbabwe.

The Zanu PF leader however said Britain and its allies were now seeking ways of deporting some of the Zimbabwean citizens.

Nhasi vanhu venyu vavakuda kuti tivabatsire nematsamba ekuti vanhu vadzoke, asi vakambotorwa sei? (Today those same people you sought asylum from are now asking us to give them letters for you to return home, but how did you go there in the first place?),” he asked.

Mugabe, who has governed Zimbabwe since 1980 when his Zanu PF party won independence elections after fighting a guerrilla war to end white minority rule in then Rhodesia, denies rigging last July’s vote as alleged by the opposition.

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And we are always told Mugabe is an intelligent man. It turns out his brain only works when he is dealing with the opposition.

Disaster - 18 July 2014

I checked my passport. There is nowhere return Matibili or Mashusye. ipassport yeZimbabwe kwete yaMatibili. Zimbabwe will be there Matibili afa avora kare. Asada kuzviita iye Zimbabwe. Dzashota dzemudhara uyu.

Track44 - 18 July 2014

I checked my passport. There is nowhere written Matibili or Mashusye. ipassport yeZimbabwe kwete yaMatibili. Zimbabwe will be there Matibili afa avora kare. Asada kuzviita iye Zimbabwe. Dzashota dzemudhara uyu.

Track44 - 18 July 2014

I checked my passport. There is nowhere written Matibili or Mashusye. ipassport yeZimbabwe kwete yaMatibili. Zimbabwe will be there Matibili afa avora kare. Asada kuzviita iye Zimbabwe. Dzashota dzemudhara uyu.

Track44 - 18 July 2014

Wise men learn from past mistakes & never blame anyone for their own failures. Wise men are never vindictive& never use foul language against their own people. NYOKA HURU HAYIZVIRUME.

MAKOROKOZA - 18 July 2014

But Mugabe clearly told Tony Blair to keep his ENGLAND while He Mugabe kept his ZIMBABWE. Where does this sanction nonsense coming from? We can't talk of sacrifices by our exploited freedom fighters whose parents paid dearly with their very blood&livestock for our independence. This is a clear insult to people's intelligence.

DZIMBAHWE - 18 July 2014

Quite frankly a lot of Mugabe's ministers never fought in the liberation war but who misses his salary? The war is over,now people want the promised jobs. Failure is not excusable at all. 34 years ruling Zimbabwe & you keep talking of liberation war sacrifices. Who are you fooling???

KURUKURAI - 18 July 2014

Comrades and friends, I have nothing against leaders who ask their people to sacrifice for a course. But there is ONE condition: LEAD BY EXEMPLE!! If our president had shown some modesty and IF his Ministers had not gone on rampage looting everything they could lay hands on, I would follow his plea. If he had been anywhere near Thomas Sankhara's revolutionary and visionary spirit, I would follow without any questions. Infact I would have been in Zimbabwe today.

mumwe wenyu - 18 July 2014

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GET PAID - 18 July 2014

i may be out here but atleast i can afford to eat whatever i want when i want. Mugabe uri........ how can you be asking people not to complain about not having a fixed pay day//// what a stupid old man does rent not have a fixed pay day? and the peoples stomachs? bloody bastard old man

zvirikufaya - 18 July 2014

Its always somebody's fault never his. Its someones fault that he uses a commercial carrier like its a taxi, its someones fault that he has multiple farms when he was advocating that one farm for all, its someones fault that he goes to Singapore spending millions of money to get an operation that can be done in his country for free, its someones fault that his children are educated abroad when the local education system crumbles, its someones fault that he drives around in a very expensive motorcade with over the top security (an expense the country cannot afford), its someones fault that he bought $5M house in Asia when he is on $400 salary, its someones fault that he appoints the same dead wood as ministers into his administration...When are you going to grow up and take responsibility and show some leadership. You have security detail in numerous houses you dont even live in...if you lived a simple life similar to your poor people maybe your pleas might have some credence.

Lt General - 18 July 2014

Why don't you look within your Zanu PF party and you will see who the real enemy of yours is? Stop blaming the west for your mistakes. The Chombo`s, Mpofu`s are busy looting right under your nose, but you keep blaming the west for this unethical behaviour by your trusted lieutenants.

Nyika Yedu - 18 July 2014

Mugabe haasi wekutdzera. Hapana zvaanotaura zvinemusoro. Ndaifunga kuti rimwe zuva achati “Ah zvimwe zvandaitaura kwaive kunyepa kuti nditonge” asi anenge achaenda muguva akadaro. Ko zvaanoenda kunoita misangano nana Pope ku Vatican wani? The problem in Rhodesia was never about so-called oppression BUT poverty which was there since time immemorial. It's a false premise that whites stole land from blacks - absolutely nonsense. Borders were set by the whites when our forefathers had no idea what borders were. Our forefathers did not know about owning land at all neither were our forefathers farmers in the strict sense of the word. It is illogical to suggest that our forefathers were farmers - VAIRIMA NEYI? Badza rinorima pakakura seyi? Ox-drawn ploughs were introduced by the whites. Our forefathers had no use for land to be honest before the whites came. There was no factory to make ploughs before 1890. Ownership of land was as alien as going to school before 1890. What surprises me is that you will find University graduates who should know better behaving irrationally like uneducated people by jumping on the “stolen land” bandwagon. You can hardly call badza tilling or ploughing serious farming, can you? The definition of a farm is agricultural land and buildings: an area of land where crops are grown or animals are reared for commercial purposes, together with appropriate buildings. This never happened before 1890.

Musona - 18 July 2014

Our forefathers did not have the skills or money to do serious commercial farming why would they occupy vast tracts of land and lay the land to waste? Some pundits say how can you say this are you white - why lie? Why are we lying to each other when we know what the truth is? It's sick. When your children ask you do you tell them the lie or the truth? All done to show that whites did nothing but evil? There is a world of difference between tilling with a back-breaking badza and a tractor or ox-drawn plough for sure. Some can say COLONIALISM was bad - I absolutely don't agree. To me colonialism ranks as, by far and away, the biggest and best thing than ever happened to Africa. Privately everyone agrees with me except the hopelessly deaf and dumb. Politics yechivanhu ndeyekuti wazozvitaurireyi, carry on lying. Zvine hunhu here izvozvo?

Musona - 18 July 2014

Mugabe please, please dude give us a break. The economy needs, mobility and thinking brians, not begging bowels, you have educated a lot of Zimbabweans who you should watch doing their thing while you are at the grand stand supporting not leading. Retire old man and maybe someone will say something good about you before you kick the bucket.

Majorx - 18 July 2014

Ndozvinoita kutonga kunonakidza chose. Endawo iwe pachigaro tione kuti uno kuzobva here? Asi ngatisanyarare kutaura zvinotirwadza mukutongwa kwacho.

WATYOKA T S - 18 July 2014

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CHIREMBA - 19 July 2014

Like what musona had said colonisation is the biggest and the best thing that ever happened to Africa.Funga nguva inoyechando in a cave wearing a loin skin to cover your privates only,in a cave(facing the wind)In the morning going around without shoes and gloves to keep your toes and fingers warm.Funga nepopulation ye14M to feed mhuka dzingadai dzichiko here?Tangadaitisina kuona world cup ichingopfuura iyi.Now ngatingotevedza zvaapo then excel by following religiously I mean hapana kutsaudzira kwatinofanira kuita kana maita business munofanira kuita nemaaudits then macents enyu ofamba zvakanaka kwete kungoita business risina maaudits kana kuti mukabirwa nevashandi movasiya vachidya zvavo.

Obey - 19 July 2014

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Our country is cursed by having a so called president who only speaks about our problems when he is burying a dead person . A so called leader who can not take responsibilities , god what sin did we commit to have such a leader . He is clueless he does not know where to go economically Other leaders are calling for all political parties to sit down and map away forward for our dying economy but this oldest guy in the country does not listen all what he knows is election rigging but you can never rig the economy.

Diibulaanyika - 19 July 2014

"I am not the one..."

penny - 19 July 2014

VaMugabe, muzimbabwe hamusisina mabasa. Dai matanga masunga maminister enyu ecorruption yauraya nyika. Obert Mpofu is one of the culprits, he is owning Bulawayo as a whole. Akaiwana kupi mari yose iyoyo?

mhofu - 19 July 2014

"... remain steadfast in your jobs..". What jobs? Zimbabweans have been patient for 34 years and Mugabe is asking them to be patient for at least another 34 years, waiting for .... Nothing! because the West will still be there, the sanctions will still be there.

leximus - 20 July 2014

Mugabe always have someone to blame except himself. RGM you are the biggest problem. The sooner you know that, the better

kt - 21 July 2014

for the young there will one day maybe a 2030. i know from the bottom of my heart that there will be no mugabe around not even his spirit

see - 22 July 2014

All we have to do is work very hard go to bed with empty belly this way we will safe ZIMBABWE a lot of import on food and will be rich within 10 years Mugabe has told us

jack - 22 July 2014

I am a proud born free, i have relatives who fought in the war but have no food to put in their stomach. I have listened to our dear President for a while now even supported him at some point, truth be told Dear father Zimbabwe has gone to the dogs. No jobs = no food= unhappy Zimbabweans, Dear father how do u expect us to rally behind you when you are not bringing any food to the table. Companies are closing everyday more people on the street, how do we support you when you cant solve our day to day needs. People are simple we do not really care who rules as long as our needs are met and there is growth, but you have failed to do that. How do we keep on supporting you? while our trusted fathers appointed loot while the ordinary zimbabwean is suffering, people in zimbabwe are going to bed on empty stomachs because of a father not caring. Kana mumba musina chikafu vana vano tarisa kuti baba vari kuita nezvei. What are you doing for us? the born frees. People vote if they are happy with whats being delivered so far performance yeZanu =0. How do you expect us to rally behind you. Has Bona ever gone to bed without food? has she ever been chased from school for none payment, has she ever slept out side vadzingwa naland lord. You are far removed from the problems being faced by the ordinary Zimbabwean, born free or freedom fighter alike.

critic - 23 July 2014

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