Mugabe visits Trauma Centre

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe yesterday visited Trauma Centre, the country’s top-notch medical institution in Harare’s Belgravia area, but it was not clear at the time of going to press what his business was at the elite hospital.

Mugabe arrived at the hospital before lunch and spent nearly three hours at the institution.

His spokesperson George Charamba could not comment as he was tied up in meetings, and efforts to get him to give remarks later on the president's visit to the 24-hour private medical facility were futile.

Information minister Jonathan Moyo was not taking calls from the Daily News.

The Trauma Centre is the same medical facility where opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai in May sought medical attention for an undisclosed illness.

When our news crew visited Trauma Centre yesterday afternoon, there was a heavy presence of security details and the president’s motorcade.

However, to his credit, the 90-year-old  Mugabe did not bar other patients from going about their business.

Business went on as usual but the heavy presence of security details and armed soldiers could not be ignored.

Although strict security arrangements were made, officials said the hospital functioned normally and only the area being visited by Mugabe was cordoned off during the visit.

Relatives of patients in the hospital continued seeing their sick. Services at the trauma unit remained unaffected

While Trauma Centre leader Vivek Solanki was not taking calls from the Daily News yesterday, Prince Shumba, the personal assistant to the medical director, said the president did not visit the medical facility for treatment.

Initially, Shumba refused to speak to the Daily News but later phoned back with a terse response saying:

“The president is not sick,” Shumba told the Daily News. “He was not coming to be treated, he was visiting someone.” It was not immediately clear who Mugabe was visiting.

Trauma Centre offers 24-hour emergency executive medical check-up, cardiovascular checks, high care intensive care, invasive and non-invasive surgery, keyhole surgery, hearing tests among other services.

The hospital says it provides state-of-the-art equipment with a select group of specialists in various fields.

“High standard of care and facilities are provided to ensure patient comfort under competent care,” the hospital brochure says.

“This centre for excellence also provides medical admissions for the foreign services, NGOs, and clients from neighbouring countries and tourists.”

Over the past few months, the Zanu PF strongman has been visiting Singapore for what his spin-doctors say is “routine medical check-ups”

In May, British Channel 4 released video footage of Mugabe entering Gleaneagles Hospital in Singapore.

Mugabe has since admitted to being plagued by cataracts.


Comments (27)

if its for health reasons it is a good move for local is lekker than spending billions of scarce dollars on foreign medical trips

Gwenaz - 15 July 2014

Long live your Excellency. You are going to be burying all these idiots who are excited and itching to have you ill

Tshotsha - 15 July 2014

At 90, he is likely to buried by those who want him dead and those of us who want him alive - than the other way round. Its very unfortunatethat nature haina mugoni kana anozviita shasha! We are all on one way traffic...takananga 6 ft under!

Pongo - 15 July 2014

Hey truth ne? we will all die, but others will die first. Looks like 90 goes first than 20, 30, 40 ........ Kkkkk

Ngororombe - 15 July 2014

Why did some people skip the borders in the 1970s and ended up in Zanu and Zapu camps fighting the Ian Smith government? Did these people leave their children and wives to go and fight? Why would someone leave the comfort of their home to leave in the bush? How come children and close relatives of black political leaders did not skip the borders to fight like the others but ended up in either UK or USA studying or living in these countries? Why did politicians decide to form proper political parties in the early 1960s as if the whites had just arrived in the 1960s when whites had been here since 1890? Why did these politicians only realise they wanted to govern around 1960 after they had finished their studies and after whites had paid their College fees? Almost all of these politicians had worked for the S Rhodesia government in one capacity or another and given houses to rent in the townships by the whites. When Joshua Nkomo escaped from Zimbabwe in 1983, running away from Zanu, he crossed the border and went to Botswana but soon left for UK, the former colonisers, why did he do this? Why did he not stay in Botswana or any other country - why UK? It would help us debate constructively if you could give concrete examples, be it racism or any other reasons instead of just parroting what politicians say to get and remain in power. Please don't give us the nonsense “The whites refused to give my father a job” - because if you own a company you employ people who you like, you do not employ someone just to please them.

Musona - 15 July 2014

One sentence should read, "Why would someone leave the comfort of their home to live in the bush?"

Musona - 15 July 2014

Also when we debate we should bear in mind this is OUR country - it does not belong to one family or one individual. We have every right to ask questions on how we are governed, to get our history right. Our debates should NOT be visceral but intellectual. I noticed there are some who respond as if the country is their own personal property that we are talking about or as if they can change history. If you are happy with the present situation this does not mean we are all happy. We have a right to moan. Colonialism was there whether we like it or not - why should we not talk about it and make comparisons with the Smith era? If you are not happy with some questions or comments then it is best to ignore these questions and comments and click on to something more to your taste.

Musona - 15 July 2014

It is unusual that one can visit a sick person in a hospital for three hours . Next time Morgan you get sick never go to this hospital I smell a decaying rat . Visiting time for the sick people in hospitals is between 30 to 1 hour more than that is no longer visitation it is something else like seeking medical attention .Travelling to and fro Asia is tiresome especially for someone at 90 who is no longer leaving naturally but on chemicals .

Diibulaanyika - 15 July 2014

Munhu abvanekupi uyu vanu wee. Inga ibasa basa. Asi murungu arikunyepera kunge muzimba kanhi (pls note am avoiding colour I dont believe that we are necessarily black though i dont mind to be called such). Has this guy honestly seen a white person. Are they white for real. I saw a white paper. Plase spare us your thoughts they are not helpful. We will not resign our enheritance because of a few people's shortcomings. We will enventually emergy prosperous with time. Please spare us your comments they are provocative especially to those who liberated this country in any form.

taurai - 15 July 2014

But whats wrong with some of us people, Our Leader can go anywhere he wants, whats wrong with visiting trauma, whats wrong that he visited for 3 hours, I dont see anything wrong with that,, nayi, some of us have nothing to write about.

Mathabo - 15 July 2014

@taurai - ndozvandiri kutaura. Zimbabwe haisi ya amai vako stupid. Nyika iyi ndeye vanhu vese. You write as if you bought this country you stupid moron. Inogoti munhu uyu abvanekupi iwe ndiwe ani? Caucasians are called white whether you like it or not and the people in Africa are referred to as black you stupid fool. You should speak for yourself only. For your information Zanu or Zapu never “liberated this country”, it was our votes which got Zanu into power in 1980. I voted in the lections in 1980 so I know what I am talking about. Idiot. Unogoti it was "liberated" when or where?

Musona - 15 July 2014

Tine Mishonga yechivanhu inowedzera nguva pabonde kuti irebe, inokudza nhengo dzana baba mumazuva 7, inosimbisa musana, inopedza zvirwere zvepabonde, inorapa asima, zvirwere zveshuga uye newekuuchika unoita kuti pamuviri pabate. fonai pa 0737286007.All herbs does not have side effects and comes from Malawi. Free deliveries in Harare and outside we can send through swift

CHIREMBA - 16 July 2014

I was reading a book about Nelson Mandela, the restrictions which were pit on them by the white regime, hey alas how similar they are in new Zimbabwe.

Maita Manyuka - 16 July 2014

Huudze bwe.

taurai - 16 July 2014

After the successful operation on the siamese twins, the President has been convinced that our specialists are just as good as those in Singapore and Malaysia. It should be commended that he has finally put his faith on them and decided to get treatment at a local medical centre. And besides, trips to Asia are tiresome even in the first class especially for a person of advanced age.

Dr Know - 16 July 2014

Please,we liberated ourselves but alas, we unwittingly chose ZANU PF to form a new gvt which has since destroyed the country. It is very true that Ian Smith's racism was far better than the current nepotism &corruption in the ZANU PF evil system.Indeed, one may be forgiven to think that Muzorewa could have been much better economy wise..Mugabe is useless....

Kudzinetsa - 16 July 2014

There was no racism in Rhodesia. The truth is that when the whites came in 1890 our forefathers were living in village clusters - there were no such things as borders or owning land or serious commercial farming. There were around 300 000 people only inside the borders set up by the whites in 1902. Our forefathers were not farmers at all. How many acres of land can you till with a back-breaking hand-hoe? What did they need the land for? Our forefathers did not know anything about ox-drawn ploughs - these were introduced by the whites. There was no single factory to make ox-drawn ploughs before the whites came in 1890. WHY WOULD THE WHITES WHO HAD THE UNIQUE SKILLS AND MONEY TO DO SERIOUS COMMERCIAL FARMING GIVE FERTILE LAND TO OUR FOREFATHERS WHEN THEY COULD ONLY USE HAND-HOES? Where was the racism here? I grew up in the 1940s when owning a simple bicycle was regarded as a major achievement by a working black man let alone own a tractor to do commercial farming. How can anyone call this “colonial injustice”? None of us could even afford to build a house for ourselves how could we finance commercial farming operations? What a bunch of gullible and daft fools people are. Simple Simple Simple logic.

Musona - 16 July 2014

The politicians have all along been misleading people into believing whites had taken the fertile land for themselves. But honestly, if you have any brains at all can you not work it out yourself from your own experiences in your Reserve when you are the one who buys the fertiliser for your relatives and if you don't they are unable to produce anything? The bigger the field the more money you have to spend to buy more fertiliser. Right now the government is broke because they have tried to make mere villagers who have no farming skills into farmers by financing these villagers and chasing away those who had farming skills and money. Horses for courses. This government is now hostage to fortune. They promised everyone and keep promising everyone they can be farmers and businessmen/women by government edict. This is some form of Zimbabwean Ujamaa which was tried in Tanzania by Nyerere and failed. Mugabe arikutungamirira zvana land reform akamborima kupi kwacho? Mubhuku.

Musona - 16 July 2014

we will all get what we asked for if you like it or not.;

jack - 16 July 2014

Like him or hate him, this Musona is loaded with real facts.Our current black leaders capitalize on our ignorance.How can one believe such nonsense like,''MBUYA NEHANDA VAKATI MAPFUPA ANGU ACHAMUKA.'' ThAT poor lady knew totally nothing about any political party,let alone ZANU PF.

BVUNDUBVUNDU - 16 July 2014

History lessons inform us of the stone age, hunter gatherers and also the fact that we started growing our own food and rearing livestock way before the white man came onto our land, so we were subsistence farmers not commercial ones. Racism was rife in Smith's era but the black people who had the brains and will to succeed did so and examples are far too many to mention. A black man with more education qualifications had a white man as his boss and taking home tens fold more in salary than his black counterpart. That's all in the past though, let us focus on the now and the future, emotions will not get us anywhere. This article is about the President gaining some confidence in our health specialists and that should be commended.

Dr Know - 16 July 2014

One day kubasa kwandaishanda kwakaitika mistake. Pay yaiiswa muma envelope mazuva iwayo. Musiuyu vaiverenga mari vakaisa yaJohn murungu mupay pocket yaJohn muZimba. John muZimba paaka puhwa envelope yaipfachuka nemari akabva arova pasi. John murungu akatoziva kuti yaisave envelop yake nekungonzwa kureruka kwayo. John murungu akati kuna mabharani "what's this". Mabharani akati "that is your wages what is wrong with it, have you checked yet". Murungu akavhura pay yake ndokuona muine clock card raJohn Muzezuru. Nekukasika, murungu akanyorerwa check yekugadzirisa mistake. Kuzoti muzezuru adzoka Monday kubasa.Akabvunzwa kuti sei asina kuvimbika kudzosa pay yevaridzi. Akati "ndakafunga kuti mandirangarirawo sekuti ndinoshanda nesimba kwazvo.

taurai - 17 July 2014

@Taurai uri mboko because your levil of judgement is very poor and your argument is full of shit. Old Zimbabwe was good where our fathers used to go kutaundi kundoshanda vozodzoka havo nguva yokurima..... zviite ikozvino unowana pava nevamwe kana kuti kambani yavharwa. Imbwa nemombe, uye madhunduru amai pengera kubhadhara mitero nguva yevarungu inga wani ikozvino mave kubhadharisa mari refu. We are in total blackman oppression right now. When Smith was alive he even went as far as challenging Mugabe to walk with him in First St Hre or Main St BYO to see who was going to be pelted or attacked but Robert dismally failed to come out of his shell for such a challenge. Muzorewa said "munovhetera mbavha idzi kuti dzipinde muoffice, muchaona kuba kwavanoiita ummm from bush to office haaa mirai muone" ie immeadiately after Zanu PF got into power 1980. Suffer continue maDzimbabwe

KingZaka|| - 18 July 2014

sooooo what???????????

ndni - 18 July 2014

@kingzaka, remember there is no old zim yet. It is still the same zim from 1980 to date. My friend i am arguing that the suffering upon us is a phase that will eventually pass. It may be possible that a stable economic prospect is ahead of us. I am choosing to stay positive that tomorrow will bring change. I do not see this change coming through the cousins though. I think one of us will lead this country reasonably one of the coming days. Who knows, you could be right or i could be right.

taurai - 21 July 2014

@kingzaka ,tell me if you were to be given the power to give an opinion or lead us Zimbos what would you do . Its all so very clear that you could do jack , if Zim is to much for you then you are very much free and welcome to leave Zim and go to a place were you would be happy . Please siyanayi naGushungo he is our Farther , Leader , Teacher ,Hero , the least is endless. So Kingzaka we are Zimbo and Long live Gushungo , Pamberi ,Pambili , Forward ne ZanuPF

Cde - 21 July 2014

No normal person can ever call Gushungo a hero in any way.Of course there are hero worshippers in our midst but they unwittingly misplace that heroism.To such people, there is no Zimbabwe after their so called hero. Haisi mhosva yavo....

KURWAISIMBA - 22 July 2014

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