Tsvangirai targets Mugabe's people

HARARE - Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, riding a wave of anger against the ruling Zanu PF over increasing economic hardships, took his battle to President Robert Mugabe's citadel on Saturday, unveiling self-help projects to help villagers.

The MDC is seeking to uproot Zanu PF’s dominance in rural areas and has embarked on projects like drip irrigation and poultry projects, which will be unfurled to all rural areas. 

The former prime minister told voters to send the ruling party packing for its broken promises, including failing to deliver the two million jobs.

He said he has had to intervene to save the people from the effects of the economic meltdown.

Tsvangirai, in the latest leg of a rebuilding campaign after a devastating electoral loss to Mugabe last July, took his campaign to the heartland of Mugabe’s support in Mhondoro-Ngezi, which is under Zanu PF legislator Mike Gava, breaking a tradition in which top politicians stay off each other’s home turfs.

Such has been the intensity of the campaign and the hostility between Tsvangirai and Mugabe in the wake of last year’s poll which he insists was rigged that he did not spare the 90-year-old veteran and his ruling party criticism on their appalling economic stewardship.

He told party supporters at Mamina Business Centre in Mhondoro-Ngezi that the biggest question today was: “Where are the jobs?”

“We are starting self-help programmes, toda kuti chinja vanhu vachidya (We want to do political slogans while the people are eating),” Tsvangirai said.

Nyika yedu yasvika panguva yakaoma. Zvatibvisa chimiro. Rwava rwumbo (Our country is now in a crisis, we have lost dignity. The economic hardships are now a daily song). Kunzi baba rangova zita asi chavanouya nacho kumba hapana. (Fathers can no longer take care of their families). Munhu atipinza murwiyo urwu ndiMugabe neZanu PF (The author of this crisis is Mugabe and Zanu PF).”

Since romping to a controversial poll victory last year, Mugabe’s government has been faced with a daunting and deepening economic crisis that has resulted in an unprecedented industrial contraction, job losses and a biting liquidity crunch.

Now the greenback, the country’s legal tender, is hard to get for ordinary Zimbabweans, most of them living on less than a dollar a day.

The rural population, which lives primarily on subsistence farming and remittances from relatives in urban areas and the Diaspora, has been the hardest hit by the liquidity crunch.

Despite the fact that Mhondoro-Ngezi lies in a resource-rich region, many villagers are wallowing in abject poverty. The platinum-rich enclave has consistently voted for Mugabe. 

Tsvangirai, using his economic record as prime minister during the inclusive government, sought to drive home his advantage while seeking to regain lost ground.

He accused the ruling party of “looting” the country’s resources  and allowing rural areas to go to rack and ruin. He vowed to transform the area if he gets an exclusive mandate and make it a model for others to follow.

The ex-premier said the reason why he is now talking about the vibrancy of the economy during the Rhodesian era is because of the social and economic problems now bedevilling the country.

He has been roundly criticised in the State media for reminiscing about the days he used to get inebriated on £1 during the 70s glory days.

Kana tichitaura nyaya iyi yeRhodesia ndezvekuti where are the industries, where are the mines, where are the farms? That is the argument. If there are no jobs in towns, we have to create them here (in rural areas),” Tsvangirai said.

“We are stuck with an albatross called Robert Mugabe closeted at the State House and does not know what is happening around him.”

Hardships in rural communities have resulted in increased urbanisation as youths seek employment opportunities in urban areas, where jobs are hard to get.

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COMMENT above continued ….There's no way on this Planet Earth that any black government, now and in the future, can equal or better the performance of the white governments. The reason is simple - the whites are the ones who introduced the systems we are trying to run on our own. The system by the whites was run on merit alone whereas ours is run on patronage or sycophancy. Talk of racism in Rhodesia is absolute nonsense. Ian Smith was a realist not a racist. I remember Smith used to talk of “responsible majority rule” as opposed to “irresponsible majority rule”. Smith was trying to save us from ourselves. Why should someone residing in the Reserves have the same voting rights as me who is residing in the city? I pay rates and am in a position to see how badly the council and central government are performing whereas the person in the Reserves pays no rates and doesn't have to worry about the standard of service delivery and can be bribed to vote for someone with a 20kg bag of maize meal. And such people are in the majority. Some of us led very very very very fulfilling lives under white rule - much more fulfilling than right now for sure. It was the second most prosperous economy in Africa. There was all round stability. Old people would live happily on their pensions - that is something which never happens in African countries. There were black multi-millionaires in Rhodesia which goes to show that if you enterprising enough, the sky was the limit. Mugabe's rule is very excruciating.

Musona - 14 July 2014


darlington chigumbu - 14 July 2014

Musona, ndikakubata ndinokumamisa chokwadi nehupuppet hwako ihwowo

Tshotsha - 14 July 2014

Most of what Musona said is very true, however I do not agree with on Smith's racist stance. He had workable policies which were meant for the whites to enjoy fully, blacks got the crumbs which were much much better than the empty promises and non delivery we are getting now from the current government. They say half a loaf is better than nothing. Our currency was the strongest in Africa and was stronger than the greenback. Personally, I wish those days could come back. Civil servants could afford to buy houses and decent cars and send their children to schools which were well equipped and enjoy good health. Space won't allow me to say everything, but to cut the long story short- Life was way better then than it is now.

Dr Know - 14 July 2014

Those who did well at school during Smith's regime were guaranteed of jobs .University graduates were the envy of many let alone teachers , but today eish, the difference is nomore coz we are all vendors

chimuti - 14 July 2014

these guys who wish to stay in rhodesia,are real stupid,what they are clammering for is being eployed.how can we have a country of employees only,the means of production in the hands of foreigners oh shame. you cant see that during smith regime most if not all means of production where in the hands of whites,even agriculture.where on earth one would have his home build by someone.during smith it was easy to manage the systems of the economy because the means of production where under a few and kith & kin easy to control.we need to work up and start working for ourself benefits real benefits will come

mtombeni - 14 July 2014

Mtombeni is a fool. when discussing about jobs there were more jobs than today. when we discuss about land ownership yes we can say there are well connected blacks owning more land than before. but also look at the industries the likes of you have run, yes you have run them but run them down. you are just foolish

Mabara - 14 July 2014

Dear editor as mush as we are encouraged not to use certain language, iam sorry to say sometimes we have to call aspade a spade hence my earlier name calling. apologises but some of this foolishness is just beyond comprehension

mabara - 14 July 2014

ndiyo inonzi tsuro yatiza ?wonzi chii chaitika hauna mhinduro zvaita sei hapana?hapana chokubata kana pokutangira chaipo hapana zvino toita sei ? batanai vana ve Zimbabwe pa 2018 muvote pamwechete

timi - 14 July 2014

tshotsha urimbwende fuza rekupedzisira . stupid idiotic . Hitler had so many followers who said he was right. So does bob

musona - 14 July 2014

@Tshotsha - stupid morn

Musona - 14 July 2014

while i agree with you mtombeni that the racist rhodesia era catered only for a few fascist minority at the expense of blacks, but our black government has failed. i personally participated in the liberation struggle but whatever drove me to join other young people to fight the evil smith regime has not been achieved. now iam in my late forties but nothing has really changed. its still the same old story, upfumi is still in the hands of very few people, varombo kuvarombo, vapfumi kuvapfumi just like under smith. the standards which smith always talked about actually plummeted, schools have no books, clinics have no medicine, young university graduates are selling air time for lack of employment, its sickening.

cde churucheminzwa - 14 July 2014

@Tshotsha - stupid moron

Musona - 14 July 2014

I often hear these useless phrases like the discredited and archaic Marxist “means of production” and “racist Smith” being parroted by people with no substance at all. What does “means of production” mean? Before 1890 there was no single factory or firm in this land. The people who introduced factories were the rich whites coming from abroad. These whites employed us. They were under no obligation or contract to employ black people. What were the whites supposed to do? Build factories and then hand these factories to blacks for free or what? When you start a business do you do it for the benefit of the public or you start the business to make profit for yourself? What makes our people believe whites were under some obligation to indulge us by inviting us to work for them? I don't understand this line of thinking. Why did our people not start their own businesses like others did? Businessman John Ruredzo of Ruredzo Motors started his own business and employed white Diesel Mechanics to fix his buses. Originally he was employed by the white man but decided to start his own business later. Someone says “blacks got crumbs” - if you were lazy you got crumbs. Ruredzo did not get crumbs. George Tavengwa was a multi-millionaire in Rhodesia - how did he do it? You could not sit on your backside and expect the white man to invite you to a job. What made people think they had to work for the white man? Why did they not start their own businesses?. Most people mix up poverty and racism. If you are poor there is a limit to what you can do in life - the lack of money limits you, not your race. Most people parrot the word “racism” but when you ask them to elaborate with concrete examples you find they were born after 1980 or were infants around 1980 and never experienced life in Rhodesia as working adults and base their arguments on exaggerated and false hearsay.

Musona - 14 July 2014

mtombeni is right we should not talk jobs created by others.we zimbabwean are educated,lets forget about politicians,every one start to think how he / she can create one or two jobs,by using god given resources,iam sure we can be somewhere,these politicians have created jobs for them selves.work work work think think.

tadds - 14 July 2014

Someone says agriculture should have been in the hands of blacks - the reason why it was in the hands of the whites is because whites had unique skills and he money to do serious commercial farming and we blacks did not have the skills or the money, end of story. You cannot give people large tracts of fertile land when they have no money or the skill to do serious commercial farming just because they are black. This is precisely why today Zimbabwe which was a breadbasket a few years ago is now a basket case. There was no racism in giving land to rich whites to do the farming - they had the money and skills to do the farming. Simple common sense.

Musona - 14 July 2014

I salute you Musona for telling it as it was all what you said is spot on for some of us who were present during sweet days of Rhodesia . The economy was almost at par with Australia and NZ. we were the happiest africans economically .

Diibulaanyika - 14 July 2014

Lets use facts like musona kwete maemotions.Thank you Musona.My father was also very rich nguva yasmith bvunza vese vanobvekubirchenough bridge vanokuudza

OBEY - 14 July 2014

If a ZanuPF politician reads what I have written he will give me all sorts of names. From a populist point of view divvying farms up to give to villagers is fine but from a pragmatic production point of view this is a disaster because once productive units are wasted by villagers who do not have farming skills or the money to do farming. Farms are essentially business units which should be run along proper business lines for the farms to produce. Not every ZanuPF follower is a farmer. If you go around asking villagers if they want free land you will be inundated with request but what happens after they get the free land in quite another matter. If the villagers fail to produce on the former commercial farms what do you do? Nothing. I remember Mugabe castigating the late Governor Nelson Samkange for not doing anything at the farm he had been given. Samkange was not a farmer and maybe did not have the money to do farming so the farm lay idle. They removed a white farmer who could have been producing for the nation and gave the farm to a politician who did not know what to do with the farm. Didymus Mutasa said he was unable to plant anything this winter, at his farm. His excuse - because he was not so sure about the electricity supply! When will the electricity supply become reliable? Nobody knows, which means Didyms Mutasa will not be planting anything soon let alone the poor villagers all around the country. Serious commercial farming is very very costly. Resettled farmers look up to government to cover their costs - and the government is broke.

Musona - 14 July 2014

@Musona: what you are putting forward is very much un-appreciated. You are not sensitive to the facts that the few blacks that you mention as successful got to that level in a pinful manner and i fact they were not wealthy - just like what people can call a businessman anestore kumaraini kunzi "vane mari ka ava" just because he has a few second hand cars, a house(s). Vakomana ka! We mean serious business pano @Musona not mere mediocre thinking along your lines of thought - do you mean 20 000+ died mustruggle vachiona kuti they fighting for no reason? Ha yaya we have a long way to go especially paradigm wise. Aaahhh!

Name - 15 July 2014

I am not zanu but i do not agree with those who wish to be enslaved by the whites. Botswana is properous though not directly colonised by the Brits. Those with sound education would only affort homes in the high density surbabs. The economy was outstanding thats a fact but only whites nevazukuru vana Jones benefited. the rest of us where relegated to the hostels. Hamunyari here vakomana kuda kudzokera kulanguage yekuti tupwere twe varungu pikinini bhasa boy. I am hopeful things will change with time.

taurai - 15 July 2014

Tine Mishonga yechivanhu inowedzera nguva pabonde kuti irebe, inokudza nhengo dzana baba mumazuva 7, inosimbisa musana, inopedza zvirwere zvepabonde, inorapa asima, zvirwere zveshuga uye newekuuchika unoita kuti pamuviri pabate. fonai pa 0737286007.All herbs does not have side effects and comes from Malawi. Free deliveries in Harare and outside we can send through swift

CHIREMBA - 15 July 2014

Musona is simply a realistic man. We can never blame our current suffering on whites.Dishing out land from whites to Blacks will never remove an iota of our poverty.No one including whites got rich from free hand outs.RGM grabbed white land&gave it to Blacks just to recover lost political support,NOT to enrich anyone. The fall of our economy does not worry RGM&those few benefiting from his very bad economic policies.That's why the majority cry for a new political order without Mugabe&his crew.It is very clear to everyone that ZANU PF has failed us.

TAWONERERWA - 15 July 2014

We are sick&tired of the politics of the 1950s to the mid 1970s.Long gone are the dark ages of pickanini boss or boss boy.What really would we expect from whites? Does it mean that we should still have been under colonial rule had we been well treated?Thank God the world has become a global village where primitive racism does not work. Some people still want to hoodwink us by their meaningless sanctions outbursts.

MAFIKEZOLO - 15 July 2014

@Name - incoherent nonsense. You have no brains. What do you mean the few successful blacks got to that level in a painful manner? Do you expect someone to come to your house and hand you a firm for free? Are people being given firms for free by ZanuPF? If you want to be wealthy you have to work extra hard, simple as that. You talk of 20 000 + who died in the struggle - these were mainly ignorant drifters mostly from the border areas and delinquent school dropouts who went to newly independent Mozambique hoping to get jobs in an African country who had no clue they were running away from the second most prosperous country in Africa. Let me give an example - Joice Mujuru ran away from school in rural Mt Darwin to go to Mozambique when she was around 12 or 13 years old - how much did she know about jobs or racism in Mt Darwin when she was not even at a working age - she was still being looked after by her parents? I did not see the need for anyone to fight for the country. People were cheated by politicians who were desperate to get into power. Under Mugabe companies are closing down every day. My question is - had we had no colonialism in this land would we have (1) more people in work or (2) less people in work or (3) no people in work? Clue - Before the whites came there was no single firm or factory or SCHOOL in this land. It doesn't matter whether you have a black government or white government you still have to work the same hours but only this time for less pay - most of it goes to the tax man whereas under white rule we blacks were exempt from paying income tax.

Musona - 15 July 2014

@taurai - writing garbage. I don't know of anyone who was enslaved by the whites in Rhodesia. We had a choice to either work for whites or start our own businesses. Starting a business is not easy - you have to have enough money. You either stole the money to start a business or borrowed if you had collateral or win the lottery. Black rule does not mean instant riches as some have now painfully found out.

Musona - 15 July 2014

One Saturday morning, in the year 2000, I witnessed one of the most amazing scenes will ever see in my life - I drove to Fife Avenue Shopping centre to buy some items in a Hardware shop. I went in OK supermarket nearby first and when I got inside there was commotion - I soon realised that Ian Smith was in the supermarket and was mobbed by shoppers and shop workers. Everything came to a standstill. People outside thought there was a fight inside only to see it was people cheering Ian Smith. I could not believe what I was seeing. When he went outside back to his red VW Golf car still he was being mobbed and cheered by almost everyone at Fife Avenue. People were shouting you were dead right Mr Smith. All spontaneous. He just smiled and never said anything and drove away. At the time cellphones were just being introduced but with no camera as we have now. In fact, if there was a video camera around that would have been a real scoop. The scene at Fife Avenue Shopping centre that day were astonishing. Jaw-dropping stuff. If Ian Smith's government was as our politicians say then he should have been attacked by the crowd but instead the crowd spontaneously mobbed and cheered Ian Smith like you will never see in your life. This was a very busy Saturday morning and people came rushing from all directions when they heard it was Ian Smith all cheering. He was alone without any bodyguards. This goes to show you how good he was.

Musona - 15 July 2014

Me thinks RGM should not be blamed for giving farms to people. Look at business he has or those very close to him not clowns. Those business are classic, dont we buy quality milk? But clowns are messing up RGM's dream to empower blacks and feed the nation. RGM is true African leader lacking true supporters.

UNCLE REAL - 15 July 2014

i hope this dialogue is used somewhere to determine what the ruling party should consider solving this challenging situation that our economy is facing guys in nutshell view, its sad to note that someone said is educated is failing to make a u turn over his stupid policies that will lead our economy into mess 2 he also refuse for change ,he loses the great supposed since 2000 because he is rigidy , even just a reconciliation look mandela did he did reconcilation in order to run his state effectively loook south is doing well politically and economically . yes we have been colonised yes whitees were ruthless to our parents but we can't keep that grudge for life we should come to a point that allow us to benefit the fruits of our father regime but not only few to benefit.

taws - 15 July 2014

tell them the truth president tsvangi.weather zanu pf likes or not ,economically smith had good policies than robert and company.everyone agrees that we need not to be under the whites but what zanu pf has brought to the people of zimbabwe is a shame .dai mugabe akasiya chigaro kakapinda vamwe vadiki vane new ideas.34 years you continue talking about going back to the bush-rubish

judas iskariot - 15 July 2014

I have got no problem with anyone seeking or running for high political office in the land but my problem is that I expect those doing so to do better that what Ian Smith did. What is the point of clamouring to govern when you do worse than the white governments? Not all whites were Angels of course, but, by and large, life was quite normal under white rule and definitely much better than what we are seeing today under Mugabe. If everything was working fine as it should be we would not be moaning at all. The only people who are happy now are the top ZanuPF officials in government, more people are suffering, the country is broke. It you were suffering or someone told you they were suffering in the second most prosperous country in Africa, Rhodesia, then that person or persons are fools. How are they feeling now when the country is now the second WORST economy in Africa? Little knowledge is dangerous. Most people act irrationally because they have little knowledge of what the situation was in Rhodesia - they relied on hearsay. The only valid reason why whites had more land is that they had the unique skills and money to do serious commercial farming. Do you need some idiotic politician who wants power to tell you lies that land was stolen? Can you not work it out yourself from your own experience in your own Reserve where you are the one who has to buy the fertiliser for your relatives to be able to produce anything in the fields? If you don't buy them fertiliser the yields are less - it's all down to money. The bigger the field the more money you have to spend on fertiliser. Simple common sense which is not so common to some.

Musona - 15 July 2014

Yes Mugabe must be blamed for his chaotic land reform.He actually encouraged lawlessness&anarchy in his hypocrisy of black empowerment.One can only empower themselves through sheer hard work.Easy come,easy go.Free hand outs have actually created a dependence syndrome &encouraged laziness.Not a single white person ever received a free handout from Ian Smith....

Ngororombe - 15 July 2014

@Musona Imi Musona imi, you are no philistine in this. Nguva yaSmith 1978 kuHighfield maive muri yhusi yaMuzoo.Zvozikamwa sandi secrets ba. Kuda kunyepera kutaura this and that pano kunge ndimwi mune brain kukunda anhu ese. ChiAuxillary here chakakufonyora brain,you can't think straight, so? 20000+ who died in Moza were stupid and fighting for nothing? Apa toti muri mboko apa, saiboko regreen chairo- and be keyafu with yo mouse, mfana Tshotsha usedhuze ukaita zvebling bling pano apa bazakhubangaza. And just look at how ignorant you really are. You were told before that by 1890, minus Smith and kin Bantu schools were around and bantu factories were in full motion-people were employed there.And there were specialists in fine arts, industry, commerce, farming, medicine and so forth. Where did the spears, hoes, earings, beads come from if not Bantu factories, land and Portuguese trade in the east? What of the commercial hub Tuli and Dhlohlo?Ko kuNyanza kunaSave kuSofala kwaitengwa machira nezvuma zvemaIndiya, Maputukezi, wakambozvihwawo here nhai VaMusona iwe? Kusaziwa ikoko ndokunokupa muromo unotenderera chamutengure kunge vhiri rengoro kutaura nonsense. He-e-e Smith akazomobhiwa kuna 5 Avenue, akabhigwa maningi, Smith was right, he-e-e Smith what what. Wakaremara njere, kana kuti unogwara nefungwa? This Smith, and his kin reversed bantu industrialisation by a thousand years in 100 of colonialism. Bantus could have been somewhere far much better than this Ian Smith Rhodesian hotch-potch. Who told you Zimbabweans want land for commercial farming? Land yacho zvayaimbovapo mbuya vako Ian Smith vasati vauya, ndozvayaishanda zvecommercial izvozvo? Ndeyaaniko land yacho? Saka wagwadziwa nei kuti soma soma uchitiudza zvamabhasikiti echingwa pano? He-e-e bread baskiti 1980. he-e- basikiti case now. Uchatinetsa iwe VaMusona. Rhodesia zvayakatandandza ikafa karekare murikufa nezhara here muZimbabwe yavatema? Kana musi vashakabvu, musatinyaudze. Hatidi kuhwa nonsense isu.

Mukoma Wa Tshotsha - 15 July 2014

viva musona viva. facts well laid

tobaiwa - 15 July 2014

Musona....Ian Smith was thought you were subhuman. This is the man you call a 'class act?' . You're the kind of idiot white supremecists love.

taneta - 15 July 2014

Murungu haatonge futi. Vasingamuzive ndivo vanoshuwa kutongwa naye. They were just as corrupt as well. Those of our kind who had good education had to be automatically subordinate to the so called superior race. In any case, i do not think that there are any white people on this planet. Kuti white kuitira kuti vatitonge. It seems some of us have bought into that kind of propaganda. It is better for us to admit that our leaders mismanaged our economy hense the suffering we have been exposed to. Only a change of attitude is required for us to turn around the situation. We can do better ourselves. The day will come when zim will be at the top again. This is my prayer.

taurai - 15 July 2014

Imi munoti murungu haachatongi muno,ko muChina haasi murungu here?Meet any black working for a Chinese&they will tell you how cruel these Chinese bosses are to black Zimbabweans. Come what may, we are doomed under this regime. Musona is indeed factual!!!

KUSAZIVA KUFA - 16 July 2014

more smith did not have 7 degrees. he was only standard 5, but the economy was ticking under his rule.

rmunemo - 16 July 2014

Read my upcoming book on Africa, if you are brave enough and have the miolos to understand.

DADA! - 16 July 2014

@Name you talk 0f 20000 that lost their lives during the struggle and forgets there is another 20000 that died after independence of which the majority were unarmed. Businessmen of black colour during that time worked hard to get their business and for you to say these were "rural stores" is an insult to our intelligence, you cannot compare Ruredzo, Matambanadzo, Tawengwa, Zijena and others to the kombi operators of today. Yes Ian Smith was racist but he put down proper business policies that were conducive for any business to prosper yet our racist black government does not create any room for people to prosper unless you are connected to them. Masiyiwa, Ncube, Mushowe, Vingirayi and many others were hounded out of the country for not toying the line or crossing their path. Mawere and Makamba are classic examples of how not to cross the path. Yes people should have gotten fertile farmland but it had to be balance with food security by giving land to those who are able to utilize it.

Qawe laMaqawe - 16 July 2014

@ Taurai, Botswana does not have greedy ZANU politicians leading it. Their economic policies are practical ones that produce results. Botswana's relations with the rest of the world are healthy. ZIMASSET hapana nyaya. Take the last two letters and you have the real blue print on the ground. Zimbabwe is over managed and under led. Until Zimbabweans vote wisely, if they do, in 2014, ngoma ndiyo ndiyo: sanctions this, sanctions that; empowerment; employment blah blah blah. What do we expect from ministers who think Impoverishing teachers will make the work harder? What do you expect from ministers who speak against the use of contraception and condoms in this day and age? These guys are dull. just look at the number of ministers, deputy ministers, permanent secretaries etc. and the amount of production at the end of the day. Ridiculous inverse proportion! ZANU has no clue what to do, that's why toll gate fees keep going up! Iye Mpofu aiva kumines ndiye okwidza mafees? Mari yengoda makaisepiko bamboo?

upenyu - 16 July 2014

@ Taurai, right good education or nothing, you cant get a job. What is better, working for a white guy who know your value and pays you fairly for it or a broke government that can no longer publish pay date for civil servants because it may not have the money?

upenyu - 16 July 2014

I wanted to comment but @Musona said everything and more. Good work

brains - 16 July 2014

As usual, Musona is talking nonsense!

Fairtalk - 17 July 2014

@upenyu, you are so respectful and objective in your reply and for that i am humbled and greatful. It is true that Bots has sound economic policies which they strive to follow in their governance. I agree with what you are saying. However i wanted to keep hoping that one day by God's grace, someone more patriotic in the truest sense will come along and lead our country in a manner that allows for economic propsperity. Look at Zambia. The past few years have not been as bad as before. I choose hope and pray that one day things will change for us. I am only objecting the idea that we need another kind to lead us. One of our own will do the job - and do it very well for that matter.

taurai - 17 July 2014


question - 18 July 2014

Guys Smith was working with a budget of one million pounds for mostly 3ooo whites when total population of Zimbabwe was two million.How many secondary schools were there for the Blacks?Good luck for everyone who is dreaming about IAAN D SMITH.The POVO will not accept anybody who dream about the imperialists.

nkulumo - 18 July 2014

I salute Musona and Taurai for your well articulated facts. As for @fairtalk, where is your fairtalk? Don't just criticise without giving your own opinion (s) just for the sake of criticising.

kt - 21 July 2014

I only wish if the present govt would learn from the Ian Smith regime who made things happen regardless of tight economic sanctions

kt - 21 July 2014

Thanks @Ict. It seems we all long for a propserous country dispite the hard language from some of our friends. One may conclude that we are generally expressing our patriotic stand points. Its only a wish that our politicians new how we long for a stable home - where none will run away from to escape avoidable hardships. Lets keep hoping and believing - one day zvichanaka. Thats my prayer for my beautiful zim.

taurai - 21 July 2014

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