Let's talk: Zanu PF

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF said yesterday it was ready for face-to-face talks with opposition parties and civil society to find solutions bedevilling the country.

Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo said dialogue was possible  with former Prime Minister and MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai but first he has to drop claims that president Robert Mugabe and his party had rigged last July’s elections.

Gumbo spoke hours after Tsvangirai issued a statement dubbed “Personal Reflections” where he repeated calls for talks to help end the economic slide — part of a push by the opposition which fears the economic hardships could turn into a full-blown crisis and destabilise an already fragile country.

“The economic transformation that we want to achieve requires the voice of everyone, including the opposition and civic society,” Gumbo told the Daily News yesterday.

Gumbo however took exception to Tsvangirai’s blame game, saying “there is no point in pointing figures” but rather in working together in order to deal with problems besetting the country.

“He (Tsvangirai) has an agenda and he is just grandstanding,” Gumbo said.

“What we need to do as a country is to focus on economic issues affecting us. Many Zimbabweans do not understand the problems we are facing. Let us stop fighting for the sake of fighting.

“Let us eliminate criticism for the sake of criticism. It is a tragedy that Tsvangirai blames the president it is not a blame game. He just cannot open his mouth without uttering something bad. We want to change the landscape in our country.”

Zanu PF’s tone signals a shift in position, after initially out-rightly dismissing calls for dialogue to save the economy – describing Tsvangirai, who was in a four-year uneasy coalition with Zanu PF until last year, as a “daydreamer” desperately trying to worm his way back into government and enjoy the attendant perks.

This comes as Tsvangirai repeated calls for a multi-stakeholder national dialogue on the economy and there are growing concerns about Zanu PF’s capacity to turn around the economy.

The MDC rebels led Tendai Biti have also called for a “national transitional technical council (NTTC)” to run the economy. 

“Naturally the NTTC must be a by-product of broad national dialogue,” said Jacob Mafume, spokesman of the so-called MDC renewal team. 

“Further, the NTTC, cannot and should not be construed as a second government of national unity.

“As the MDC renewal team, we do not believe that a Government of National Unity right now, will be in the best interests of Zimbabwe contrary to the opinions of some of our former colleagues.” 

In a recent report titled “Zimbabwe’s international re-engagement: The long haul to recovery”, London-based Chatham House (Chatham) warned that the Zanu PF government cannot single-handedly resuscitate the economy. 

“The government… cannot reinvigorate the economy and this will require a truly national effort that – even if is temporary – brings together political parties, economic and social stakeholders in a collective effort to address the economic crisis. Otherwise, all the parties will lose credibility,” the independent policy institute says.

Since romping to an emphatic but controversial election victory last year, Zanu PF has been saddled by a myriad of problems, including managing public expectations, failure to pay its workers, provide clean water and electricity.

The ruling party is now banking on its economic blueprint, the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (ZimAsset) to revive the economy, but the blueprint is stymied by a $27 billion funding shortfall.

Insiders said a meeting between Mugabe and Tsvangirai, which would be their first face-to-face encounter since the election last year that the ex-premier insists was rigged, would be “critical” to finally halting the economic decline.

Officials said such talks might take place soon, as long as Tsvangirai recognised Mugabe as a duly elected and legitimate president.

Gumbo’s statements are the clearest indication yet that Zanu PF is now eager to seek help to tackle the economy, including with groups hitherto classified as enemies of the State.

Tsvangirai predicted that the economic turmoil afflicting the landlocked nation would bring Zanu PF to the negotiation table.

“In January this year, I made a state of the nation address in which I spoke of the need for dialogue to address the debilitating economic and social crisis that we face,” Tsvangirai said.

“I notice the emerging consensus on my call for dialogue. The same call has been made by international institutions, Cabinet ministers, economists and civic society.

“Given our current economic paralysis, that national conversation to rescue the nation has become more urgent than ever before. There is an urgent imperative for a national conversation of more players than just political parties. The important aspect is that our dialogue must this time be broadened to include the trade unions, the church, students, industry and other stakeholders.”

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Talk about WHAT. The people elected you to serve them and not for Opposition forces to SAVE them. If you have failed go home and rest. MT is right to mention names because you are sleeping on duty. Don't underestimate the peoples power iwe mdara.

mahwemasimike - 9 July 2014

Talk what? when we all know that its rampant corruption bedeviling the economy. Instead of talk its action required, stamp out corruption from minsters, ceo up to the man in the street, period.

reason - 9 July 2014

Yes cde Rugare Gumbo,dialogue is the way forward on our elusive economic solutions.Please forget about Tsvangirai's political statements or rejection of the election results.Our economy is much more important.Please go ahead to include as many stake holders as possible irrespective of political affiliation.We can't all be ZANU PF or MDC T.

KOROKOZA - 9 July 2014

Action please mudhara! Stamp out corruption from top to bottom & introduce pragmatic economic policies.

HEYONYAMA - 9 July 2014

Bhora mugedhi yafoira ka? maiti munozvigona! ungaisa economy musaga iwe? pwoya mugedhe pwoya mugedhe...munongoita manyoka nemumuromo muchataura propaganda rubbish dzekubira maelection chete! birai ka economy tione!

Tongogara - 9 July 2014

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water.. - 9 July 2014

it is never too late if all forces work together. what we need is a revived country with employment opportunities.

antie - 9 July 2014

Go for it Morgan. Wanga wanyanya kugara musango. I know you miss tea mu office ma mudhara. If you keep your cool and play your cards well, you could soon be having that tea again. We know you miss it.

machakachaka - 9 July 2014

Ve dailynews munokasika kutaura taura futi.Very soon muchanzwa Gumbo ava kuti hakuna zvakadaro.Why don't you wait and be certain that dialogue is imminent especially from Bob himself .At times you retard the progress with your reports.Pfavirai ngoma

chimuti - 9 July 2014

Maiti kurima hakunetsi, muchiti mombe munadzo, muchiti gejo munaro,....rakaimba dhara nerimwe gore. The bottom line is corruption is rampant with your clueless ministers. Tsvangirai dont make the same mistake like the 2009 one. This may be our last lap of suffering under the hands of dictatorship. Why do they want to talk to u when they would have failed to resucitate the economy. When they ended the GNU after rigging the elections things were better and now they are worse. Their modus is to destroy. When they got into power in 1980 they destroyed everything again. Let them fry Save!

Takaz - 9 July 2014

Viva Save Vivaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

Muduso - 9 July 2014

where is it stated in your article by cde Gumbo that ZANU PF wants face to face talks with the opposition

fatinimichael - 9 July 2014

Ngavatonge tione.Ndivo vakahwina.

chibata Matosi - 9 July 2014

Now that the looters' job is done,they call for help to resuscitate the carcass they stripped bare!

David Kasiyamhuka - 9 July 2014

''The economic transformation we want to achieve requires the voice of everyone, including the opposition & civic society, blah blah blah'' Gumbo told the Daily News. Can someone pliz help me to understand if this amounts to ZANU PF wanting face to face talks with the opposition.

Ndugu - 9 July 2014

Enda panyanga Sawe takamirira, Zanu yakundikana.

More Fololo - 9 July 2014

We must be very careful should Morgan revive the economy zanu is going to say they did it themselves and start calling Morgan names . Also Morgan should not give in and recognise Mugabe as a legitimate leader of this country after rigging last year .s elections . This time never give in to zanu pf demands . If they bring in dubious conditions for talks never enter those talks finish and kla.

Diibulaanyika - 9 July 2014

va mugabe once said tsvangirai is clueless politically . now if for five years he was in government and was having morning tea frequently with mugabe what was he talking about? what new idea does he now have that he could not advance while he was face to face with mugabe? five years wasted lavishing in semblence of power! gumbo is talking about national unity, national goal ,national vision and not talking to political outcast who have no understanding of zimbabwe and are of no political relevence in zimbabwe!

clement - 9 July 2014

Ah these old fools never seize to amaze some of us. Bhora mughedhi zvadini. Makahwina nemutsindo. Tongai ka tione. Makajaira imbwa dzevanhu. Just yesterday Mugabe was calling Tsvangirai all sorts of names and saying the time he was in the GNU he was a pain to work with. At this point in time Tsvangirai will be an idiot to accept talks on ZANU-PF terms. ZANu_PF SHIT Lucifer has no leg to stand on perennial failures thieves who have plundered the national economy with no sense of shame. All of you ZANU-PF idiots were clamoring for an election and used to tell all and sundry that once you are in the driving force without a coalition government you will deliver. Leave Tsvangirai alone the failure and deliver on your promises. We are waiting

vongai - 9 July 2014


jay jay - 9 July 2014

Rugare Gumbo should not set conditions.Its true the election was stolen

godo - 9 July 2014

It is pleasing to note that months of staring at that mockingly empty ZimAsset had taken its toll on our friends in Chibuku House; they have finally come to their senses. As some of us have been saying all along, rigging the elections was one thing; rigging economic recovery will be a different ball game. The West and China Mugabe expected to bankroll the ZimAsset plan will not be so easily bamboozled as MDC. These talks not going to be a waste of time then they must lead to free, fair and credible elec-tions because that is the only way out of this mess. Zanu PF's failure to hold free and fair election is the root cause of the country's political and economic problems and Rugare Gumbo demand that the nation should accept Mugabe's rigged July 2013 elections as legitimate is therefore totally unacceptable. This is the wrong we want put right; how can we do that if we accept the wrong as a right from the on-set! It was Tsvangirai's breath-taking incompetence in failing to implement even one reform that al-lowed Mugabe to blatantly rig the 2013 elections. The idiot had five years to implement the re-forms and failed to get even one reform implemented. Even with the benefit of hindsight he still does not have a clue what these reforms are about. It is would be better for him to shut his trap! Tsvangirai, muromo wako haumharwe nehunzi noti wakaite sei!

Wilbert Mukori - 9 July 2014

Munhu mutema akasviba nemwoyo wese - Kumhanyira kuti tinoda kutonga pasina chavanoziva. Iyezvino vave kuti huyayi titaurirane! Munoda kutaurirana nezveyi? Kana mataurirana ne ma MDCs ndo vachakupayi mari yezvikwereti here? Crazy morons. You have been making a mess for years and now you want everyone to help you get out of the mire. You failed long time ago - we don't know what you are waiting for. Ko ma degree or diploma a Mugabe arikushandeyi? Kuchiruka chiruka zvisina ne basa rese. Land reform (Ujamaa) was tried by Nyerere in Tanzania and it proved to be a stupid ideology yet you people do not seem worried that this is a useless ideology. WE WERE A BILLION TIMES BETTER OFF UNDER WHITE RULE. Because under white rule there was stability all round - everything worked like clockwork. Now with Mugabe and his henchmen there is no time to relax - lurching from one crisis to the other. Under white rule you could retire and rest in peace and stability - now it's as if you never worked in your life. The country has been turned into one big backward “Reserve” by Mugabe and his henchmen. Munogoti “empowerment” seyi imi ve ZanuPF makati tave kubhadhara income tax ne corporation tax yet under white rule we blacks were exempt from paying income tax ne corporation tax kune vakange vane ma businesses? Hatimbo nyarara kupopota - munomhanyira kuti munoda kutonga nyika pasina chamunoziva. Kuti pinza munzara. As for MDCs - what exactly are their policies? What was the point of being in the GNU? To taste power and then what? The so-called Renewal Team are no better than Tsvangirai. What is it that the so-called Renewal Team hope to do differently to MDC-T besides changing the party colours to orange? .

Musona - 9 July 2014

The problem in ZANU is that they don't know prophet Jeremiah of their day. Jeremiah munaye pakati penyu makaisa mujeri. Economy haife yakamuka iyi against God. Muchataura chete Mai Jezebel muri muHofice.

Gumbura Makasunga - 10 July 2014

rugare the talks will always fail as long as you guys dont show true repentance. from the beginning you ar e saying your sin of stealing elections should be accepted. there you are starting on a failing note. come into this situation in humility zanu and people will work. your arogancy displayed by many of you like you rugare, obert and even you leader robert will not work for our country.

see - 10 July 2014

Although talks with opposition parties, industry, students and the church may achieve something in terms of improving our economy, it is the Foreign Direct Investment that we really to focus on. However it is the same investors who are not happy with the current illegitimate government and its warped policies and that's where the major changes need to take place first before they can commit themselves. Rugare Gumbo and his team mates must just do the right thing and retire, after serving in government for over three decades surely they deserve some rest.

Dr Know - 10 July 2014

ZANU PF rigged the election just to protect their ill-gotten wealth.Now the going is getting tough for them,they need MT's help.They will get nowhere with their corruption. Worse still they want to give SAVE conditions for these very urgent, relevant economic talks. Cde Gumbo should avoid such careless statements as ''DIALOGUE IS IRRELEVANT.'' Gvt revenue base is shrinking everyday & no corruption can ever reverse that. MT should reject ZANU PF's foolish terms for this dialogue to take place. I for one think we need fresh but truly free & fair election to stamp out this dirty corruption & gain international recognition.

simangaliso - 10 July 2014

I think what Zanupf must remove is the revolutionary mentality approach to all issues. It must shed off the revolution party status and become a national party. They have entrenched politics in every facet of life, in villages, boreholes, vending streets, touting, industry, economy , agriculture sport and funerals. This is where everything went all wrong. Village menatlity in most of zanupf leadership must go and we can start rebuilding Zimbabwe maybe to a stage where it was when it was Rhodesia and then we carry on from there.

Maita Manyuka - 10 July 2014

Wilbert Mukori has a personal issue with MT so some of his rational thinking end up in a toilet mess once he start blaming Tsvangirayi for failing to force Mugabe to implement reforms, seriously do you think anybody is capable of doing that. All forces in the world where forcing Mugabe to carry out reforms and these forces failed and you blame Tsvangirayi alone. The wrong which was done by us Zimbabweans was to force Tsvangirayi into this GNU and it was us who forced him to sign like it or not but that is true. We all knew there was nothing in it for the people of Zimbabwe and Tsvangirayi. We will continue to blame Tsvangirayi as zanupf messes up the country. Can Mukori tell us where he was when the elections were being rigged as he say , why did he not demand his vote, he wanted only MT to do it for him. I am ashamed about these armchair critics. Kupa benzi mboma pa dhibha rinouraya tu mhuru.

Maita Manyuka - 10 July 2014

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CHIREMBA - 10 July 2014

ZANU PF rigged the election just to protect their ill-gotten wealth.Now the going is getting tough for them,they need MT's help.They will get nowhere with their corruption. Worse still they want to give SAVE conditions for these very urgent, relevant economic talks. Cde Gumbo should avoid such careless statements as ''DIALOGUE IS IRRELEVANT.'' Gvt revenue base is shrinking everyday & no corruption can ever reverse that. MT should reject ZANU PF's foolish terms for this dialogue to take place. I for one think we need fresh but truly free & fair election to stamp out this dirty corruption & gain international recognition.

simangaliso - 10 July 2014

After watching ZBC news last night I think the end is near.

Maita Manyuka - 10 July 2014

They are now coming home,just wait ,dont rush them,its fun ZANU PF ,haiteereri ,vakaudzwa kare kuti marima nzara vakati ivo ndivo vachenjeri,kkkkk muchamutsvaka chete TSVANGIRAI,mamboti madii,muchakaura, mangova chiseko chenyika nepadunhu.

sinyoro - 10 July 2014

The people with blind wishful thinking say ''Tsvangirai is irrelevant & finished. Tsvangirai this&that.'' But the truth is,we all including ZANU PF,need this man regardless of his obvious mistakes. We can't keep playing dirty politics at the expense of our economy.

RELEVANCE - 10 July 2014

i think tm is getting momentum right now this country or economy needs better solution i think everyone knws where the solution is lieing......... just go straight to the solution to revive the country is change

taws - 10 July 2014

can we propose for second chance of election arifair muone iwe iwe iwe

taws - 10 July 2014

Mari ye maelection echi two mati ichabva kupi. Dream on.

Rasta - 10 July 2014

If opposition forces don't want dialogue with ZANU becoz they think the gvt is failing ZANU should leave them...They will celebrate kuti ZimAsset/Bhora Mughedhi has failed forgetting kuti when hunger comes it will not ask for a ZANU/MDC card....If productive talks can be held which help us all as a Nation zvakaipa????

wezhira wezhara - 10 July 2014

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Wezhira,it's ZANU PF who dilly dally on the long called for economic dialogue. The opposition has nothing to fear as they are vindicated on their earlier call for dialogue which Rugare Gumbo claimed was irrelevant. Apparently ZANU PF fears a free&fair election. There will be plenty funding for a free&fair election:obviously NOT from ZANU PF bloody diamonds.


Even ZANU PF as a party has failed to pay its workers for months now. The economic issue is more than just stealing an election.Politics is not taking us anywhere as Zimbabweans.This torturing& killings of people won't revive this dying country.

vanyengedzi - 11 July 2014

Now that the bush is on fire the chameleon suddenly learns to run fast.

Shingi - 11 July 2014

Do we need talks? Talks on what? The issue on our economic is embedded in corruption and kleptocratic way of doing things in ZANU (PF). The envisaged talks should be between ZANU (PF) and ZANU (PF). This is where corruption lies. Tsvangirayi has no power to stop the rot in ZANU (PF). This should take a deep introspection within our leader and accept they need acceptance from the international community.

PAPA ACTION - 15 July 2014


KUNZIMA - 16 July 2014

ARREST AND IMPRISON WITH HARD LABOUR ALL CORRUPT PUBLIC AND PRIVATE THIEVES. Was reading a story about Pasi and his Zimra having a whole lot of plans to improve revenue collections. Guess where they want to start. Mansion owners etc. What a joke. For far too long you and your organization have been playing the blind game wen in actual fact you can see. Plug corruption at all levels and all the money will flow into treasury so that it can help everyone even one in Lupane or Domboshava. Talks, yes, but what really needs to be done is restore professionalism and eradicate corruption at all levels.

african - 16 July 2014

Dialogue is good if it includes everyone

zimbo - 16 July 2014

LET'S CALCULATE. A single police roadblock is 'stealing' {chivoko muhomwe} around $350/8 hour shift. Say we have 200 such roadblocks including mobiles per day for 2 shifts nationally. By day end these would have 'stolen' a total of $140 000. Come month-end we wld've lost $ 4 200 000. Come year-end we would have lost +/- $ 50 400 000. Note that this is a small part of a single department of a government ministry. If we are to put the total amount stolen from say 3 other departments dzaana Mayaya we will come to a total of $ 201 600 000 by year-end. Say the same ministry has 3 such active departments like registry, immigration etc.Multiply the annual loot of a single dept by 3 and we get $ 604 800 000. That's just a single ministry per year. Now, how many 'ACTIVE' ministries do we have? Say about 15 at least. Multiply our answer by 15 and you get $ 9 072 000 000 . Please note that this is money 'stolen' not money declared. Add this to wat we is officially declared. If you say this is an understatement of the actual 'SIZE' or extent of corruption in our land I agree with you. If all these monies are put in the 'national wallet' they will build roads, schools, clinics, hospitals, provide safe drinking water to everyone , improve even our soccer e.t.c for all to benefit. This way a 6 year old Tapiwa of Domboshava, Gugulethu of Lalapanzi and Ndou of Zezani can all go to a proper school and get proper education, to a proper hospital and get proper medical care. Proof that corruption is rampant in our nation- A civil servant earning around $450.00/month builds in a space of 3 months a property worth $150 000.00 . That person is not doing any form of business. Not even a loan . Simple maths will tell you this person earned around $1500.00 and stole $148 500

african - 16 July 2014

TALKS yes but lets ACT our TALKS.

african - 16 July 2014

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