Mugabe isolated, says Tsvangirai

HARARE - Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has accused his rival President Robert Mugabe of remaining ensconced in State House and not trying hard enough to turn around Zimbabwe’s struggling economy.

The former premier has warned that the domestic situation was deteriorating fast and was in danger of spinning out of control as Mugabe spurned calls for national dialogue to stem the decline.

“Closeted at State House, Mr Mugabe remains marooned from the reality of the national situation, oblivious to the daily predicament facing Zimbabweans as they struggle to survive,” Tsvangirai said.

Mugabe, who has largely escaped blame because of his enduring charisma and political mastery of using social subsidies to quell discontent, is confronted with a catalogue of economic problems and is rehashing his blame on Western countries for “sabotaging” Zimbabwe’s economy.

This is revealed in a document by Tsvangirai named “Personal Reflections” obtained exclusively by the Daily News.

The document was officially released yesterday, and the Daily News also published an abridged statement titled Reflections of a heartbroken leader.

The MDC leader said in his visits to the various districts after the election, he had witnessed the pain of Zimbabweans, the palpable despair among the people as they contemplated a future for themselves and their families under the Zanu PF regime.

But Mugabe is convinced that his government is faced with a covert economic war, financed by Western countries and led by Zimbabwe’s opposition.

Tsvangirai said ordinary Zimbabweans were simply failing to cope with life in the current socio-economic circumstances.

“I spoke to pensioners that have found themselves pauperised, disenfranchised and smothered by the debilitating economic policies and unmitigated mismanagement by the Mugabe government,” Tsvangirai said.

“I saw parents struggling to pay their children’s school fees and health-care; men and women emasculated by Zanu PF’s failing policies and company closures.

“I saw previously employed citizens and those seeking work who now cannot sustain a meaningful life, including university graduates vending airtime vouchers and anything else that can be sold.

“Indeed, the nation has become one big mall, a huge ‘Siyaso’ market with everyone trying to sell something to someone just to make ends meet.

“I saw villagers struggling to buy basics for their families, huge families surviving on far much less that $1 per day.”

Mugabe’s support among the poor depends not only on State-backed social programmes but also growth.

The economy expanded during the inclusive government when he shared power with Tsvangirai but maintaining that rhythm after the disputed July 31, 2013 election has been difficult as deflation eats away at living standards and limited investment prevents industry from boosting productivity.

“From where we had started since the formation of the inclusive government in early 2009 and where we had reached by 2013, notable progress had been recorded and hope for a brighter future sufficiently generated,” Tsvangirai said.

“The desperate times of the crisis era of 2008 had become a distant memory and a new sense of hope had crept in the country by the time we entered the last election.

“The past had become another country.

“We all thought that the election was going to result in the consolidation of the hope and the progress that had set in the country after 2009.

“My heart is heavy today, as we accelerate towards the same economic turmoil from where we had rescued the people of Zimbabwe some five years ago!”

Opposition leaders have lambasted the arbitrary use of State funds to heighten what they call Mugabe’s populist cult-of-personality and prevent challengers from facing the former guerrilla leader in a fair fight. Mugabe rebuffs such attacks with practiced indignation.

Tsvangirai said the July 31 election was the beginning of the unprecedented uncertainty “and we must budget for more such uncertainty under this dark cloud of illegitimacy.”

A power-sharing government that expired last year set up by Mugabe and his bitter rival stabilised the economy after the crisis which many Zimbabweans blame on Mugabe’s policies.

“All the hope that had been generated for the nation has simply disappeared,” Tsvangirai said.

“It had appeared to me after 2008 that Zanu PF had begun to appreciate the overwhelming impact of illegitimacy on all sectors of the economy. We all thought President Mugabe had come to desire a dignified exit. And again, that is as far as my humanity had judged. We were wrong.”

The former trade unionist said Zimbabweans remained a determined people.

“We are confident that the change we seek will definitely be achieved well within our lifetime,” he said.

“Naysayers and doomsayers may be prematurely writing our obituary but we remain focused on what we set out to achieve in 1999. And we will achieve it.

“I have great faith in the people of Zimbabwe. We are a heroic people that will not tire until we achieve the peace, stability, democracy and prosperity that our country desires and deserves.”

Comments (33)

We have seen this before. In soccer. When players or coaches are no longer good enough to play or coach, they appear on tv as "experts." They again and again mourn about what this player should have done, and what that coach should do. Go back onto the field and do it yourself. Our former prime minister has been in the executive, at very senior level, and should have contributed to this economic turn-around that he daily mourns for. If he wants to turn around this economy, we will be really grateful, but he should organise his party first, win elections and govern. In the meantime, may Tsvangirai please stop being a daily critic of Mugabe. What did you do, homeboy Morgan, when you were part of the government, besides enjoying your tea with Bob. Your criticising Mugabe daily does not move Zimbabwe anywhere, and if you think it's gaining you mileage, I will inform you as a dear homeboy, that people are getting sicker everyday with your wailing.

machakachaka - 8 July 2014

God bless you, Morgan Tsvangirai, remain focused the impossible is going to happen and is not too far.

pagomo - 8 July 2014

God bless you, Morgan Tsvangirai, remain focused the impossible is going to happen and is not too far.

pagomo - 8 July 2014

Truly,in good faith, MT entered the stolen election. It was not a sin for MT to trust that ZANU PF meant to serve the people&not to steel an election. MT admits that he was wrong & the war goes on.Yes we just have to keep fighting&ignore the hypocrites.

rangaridzo - 8 July 2014

Morgan does not refer to sanctions which are more responsible for our cuurent economic situation than anything else. People voted against him and his MDCT becoz of the evil party`s support for sanctions. We all still remember him being reported on the CNNTV recving money from a white farmer in BANKET and what the farmer said about him and his party !

Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof) - 8 July 2014

Morgan does not refer to sanctions which are more responsible for our cuurent economic situation than anything else. People voted against him and his MDCT becoz of the evil party`s support for sanctions. We all still remember him being reported on the CNNTV recving money from a white farmer in BANKET and what the farmer said about him and his party !

Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof) - 8 July 2014

One day is one day. A time will come when all this will be history and they will be smiles on people's faces

kt - 8 July 2014

Yes MT should never stop criticizing RGM to the end.We saw MT facing serious resistance from ZANU PF in trying to revive our economy.MT was clearly blocked when he tried to expose ghost workers in gvt. Mugabe ironically worked hard to convince the world that the GNU which he was leading, was useless. Zimbabweans should have seen it that RGM was merely politicking & now the economy is in ruins.You can't blame Tsvangirai for that.

NGOMA KURIRA - 8 July 2014

Travel bans on individuals were not at all sanctions!The land reform, especially the fast track ,coupled with stupid economic policies & corruption ruined Zimbabwe. ZIMBABWE was never under UN sanctions like Rhodesia.

scapegoats - 8 July 2014

So it was OK for civil servants to struggle to pay their kid's fees and for graduates to sell airtime as long as Tsvangirayi was PM? The 3 million spent on his house,1 million dollar motorcade,half a million dollar wedding,300k to Locardia,100k holidays on Cruise ships-all that money could have paid for how many children's fees??? Now suddenly he has a conscience?? No Mhani!! This guy is just another Mugabe...2 sides of the same coin and the sooner we all see it the better.

wezhira wezhara - 8 July 2014

People, some of the comments are lies, Morgan rescued us from total collapse in 2008 by accepting GNU, if not that could have led to bloodshed and lose of special life. Now we are walking freely towards the same situation because of elections that were not accepted due to numerous shot comings, people need credible elections, that is their voice and choice should be accepted not turned upside down.

pagomo - 8 July 2014

@ Wezhira I don't just understand you. it seems your blood is just boiling with venom and hatred for Morgan. So this country would be better off if was not staying in a 3 million dollar house? So yu mean investors are not comming to Zimbabwe becoz Morgan is staying in 3 million house? The industry is closing down becoz of the house? Corruption in Sate institutions is caused by Morgan's house. Do you really think before open your mouth or its vice versa? You think Zimbabweans are so naive to believe such hog wash? Use brains to think young man. your eyes should see beyond this palpable hatrage of Morgan. open your eyes and stop being drunk with this mercenary spirit. May the demon in you be exorcised prayerfully.

VISION 2020 - 8 July 2014

Morgan ngaambo tora time off. He failed himself he says this himself. There is no need to defend him. His party has a lot of capable minds to carry the struggle forward. Lets not be stark with one person. He is not indispensable. Life goes on.

taurai - 8 July 2014

When Morgan warned Mugabe that it was not good for people to crop every where like mash room Mugabe ignored him and what happened serious poverty descended onto the nation,He told us that muchashayisisa and we have seen that up today we have nothing. That is what really leaders are made of to see the future . Morgan uyinkunzi sithembewena kuphela.

Diibulaanyika - 8 July 2014

I wonder what sanctions are talked about for Zimbabwe as a country. The smallest exporting industry which has left is freely exporting the goods out of Africa. There was no embargo on any Zimbabwean goods exported out of Zimbabwe. Please stupid people who talk about Sanctions hear me, THERE ARE NO SANCTIONS ON ZIMBABWE AS A COUNTRY. THE ONLY EMBARGOS WE HAD WAS FOR THE ZANU PF PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SET THEIR FEET IN EUROPE AND AMERICA. IF ZanuPf still talk about sanctions they surprise us because Zimbabwe is a sovereign Country we are not under Britain's rule anymore. this mean if we cannot resuscitate our economy with our on strategis then we are still colonised with the BRITISH that's why we cannot build our country. we want the British to come and build our Zimbabwe like they did to Rhodesia. Zanu Pf must go because we do not want to remain colonised by the British. if it was not of Britain saying Mugabe and your Minister do not come to our country by now the economy could be stable because the British would still be bankrolling the economy of Zimbabwe. Mugabe Go, Zanu Pf Go. we do not want to remain colonised by the British because of you. Let Zimbabweans build their on country. Taneta nenyaya dzemaSanctions akaiswa pana Mugabe nemukadzi wake anotadzisa nyika kubudirira. ngavabve vaende ku Britain kwavo kwavanoda chaizvo zvaita kuti vaparidze neparufu kuti tinorambidzwa kuenda kuBritain. please vanonyora musanakirwe nenyaya yemasanctions yamusinga zive kwayakabva nekwainoenda. kana uchisvotwa neDaily news usariverenge kufanana nesu hativerenge Herald ne Sunday Mail. because rinondibhowa. usaye uchitudza kuti Daily news inobhowa nekuti hauna kumanikidzwa kuriverenga. zvino zvamunongochemera varungu vari Britain imi makadzinga venyu. munonyadzisa.

Danga Remombe - 8 July 2014

We are fed up netsvina dza MT what he is crying for is prestige sha zvakatopera zve GNU hapachisina urimboko chisiira vamwe I mean you are useless what is it htat you want kugadzira nhasi

jm kanhu kako - 8 July 2014

Yes Mugabe might be isolated but iwe siyawo vamwe vamboedzawo wongoitao party elder . You failed and prove to be a better leader by knowing when to leave. Those who are encouraging you Havana kusiyana ne those who did the same kuna President .

Chimuti - 9 July 2014

We know for a fact that those calling for MT to step down are ZANU PF cowards hiding behind their dirty fingers.MT has not failed in any way.We know dirty ZANU PF tactics are behind the suffering of people while they falsely blame everything on non-existent sanctions.RGM told Tony Blair to keep his England&let RGM keep his ZIMBABWE. He went further to foolishly declare that ''ZIMBABWE WILL NEVER BE A COLONY AGAIN.'' Now why cry for help from European countries? What sanctions are we crying about??

siyaso muzukuru - 9 July 2014

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we do it - 9 July 2014

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What is important for the people to be united especially for the revival of the economy.

moses - 9 July 2014

Now ZANU PF agrees that national dialogue is necessary but its a pity they demand that Tsvangirai should accept ZANU PF's unfair election victory. Tsvangirai,with his great vision called for this dialogue long back but Rugare Gumbo for ZANU PF kept dilly dallying. Anyway,why talk to a leader of a dead&buried political party?? Clearly,stealing an election will never take this country anywhere.

HUMANAYI HENYU - 9 July 2014

Tine Mishonga yechivanhu inowedzera nguva pabonde kuti irebe, inokudza nhengo dzana baba mumazuva 7, inosimbisa musana, inopedza zvirwere zvepabonde, inorapa asima, zvirwere zveshuga uye newekuuchika unoita kuti pamuviri pabate. fonai pa 0737286007.All herbs does not have side effects and comes from Malawi. Free deliveries in Harare and outside we can send through swift

CHIREMBA - 9 July 2014

Corruption is bleeding the nation. Mr President please do something to stop this rot.

GJ - 9 July 2014

You decided not to support Jono, instead you attacked him. Unotoshaya kuti zviri kumbofamba sei?

GJ - 9 July 2014

It's not steeling a win that really matters.We just want the economy to be revived.Conditions set for economic dialogue are senseless. How can we expect Tsvangirai to endorse an election he believes was stolen??People are concerned about the economy-NOT what Tsvangirai thinks of the July31 selection.Please economic dialogue pamberi.

KUTAMBURA - 9 July 2014

let zanu pf clean its mess .they messed the economy,why they need help of mdc.Tsangirai is just givimg a report of what is going on and what happened.We need new blood to rule the country.if an old horse is old can not compete with young ones even though it used to be a champion runner.

chadamoyo - 9 July 2014

Murikuda kuti Tsvangirai asiye chigaro che MDC kuti economy igonaka here. handizvizwisise kuti zvirikumbofamba sei. saka Tsvangirai ndiye wauraya Economy yenyika here. kana ariye ngaaende veduwe. zvino chinondishamisa ndechekuti magwara emuzimbabwe anotya kuudza Mugabe kuti mudhara chiendai munozorora. chero mukasunga vanhu muchikanda mumajeri hazviite kuti economy yenyika igonaka. chinota kuti economy igadzirike ndechekuti vaMugabe ngavaende kunogara kumba nevazukuru. Bona arikutozvara manje manje saka muzukuru anoda wekuswera naye. hazvibatsire kunyenyeredza nyaya iri pachena imi muchiiona. wamakadherera ndiTsvangirai ka. Musarove imbwa makaviga mupinyi. Taurai pachena kuti Mugabe ngaabve pachigaro economy igadzirike.

Danga Remombe - 9 July 2014

iwe CHIREMBA ibva pano murevi wenhema, unotengesera vanhu makwande akakuyiwa apo tsek. feki yoga yoga.

voetmahips - 10 July 2014

I once said if only Mugabe could just for 30 minutes disguise himself in an overall and a cap, walk down Robert Mugabe Way past Julius Nyerere, past Copacabana, go through the Gulf complex, cross to Magaba there and walk past Mupedzanhamo into Mbare behind Rufaro Stadium and end up near OK Mbare and then go back home say around 9 pm. After that reality will sink into him that this is the messs we are in.

Maita Manyuka - 10 July 2014

Mugabe does not associate with the poor.They can go hang...BUT ZIMBABWE WILL NEVER BE A COLONY AGAIN.Thanks to the CHINESE.

MURIKUTAMBA - 10 July 2014

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