You can't fight God — Magaya

HARARE - Walter Magaya of Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries (PHD) claims that some shadowy people are trailing congregants that would have testified in his church urging them to denounce him as a fake prophet who uses demonic powers to perform miracles.

Magaya said this during a big Sunday service which was attended by tens of thousands yesterday.

The Harare prophet, who is becoming increasingly popular with Zimbabwe’s prayerful society, said he had received seven cases of congregants who had been trailed after giving testimonies.

Magaya said his church would soon launch an investigation to unmask the people behind the smear campaigns.

“Who has ever fought God and won? Why are these people making an effort of fighting God?” Magaya said adding that; “They are after your testimonies, they don’t want people to testify.

“I am aware of seven such cases that have been brought to our attention.
We will require all the details so that we can make a follow up.”

The PHD leader said this after a 29-year-old woman had given a testimony about how she was taken by mermaids that gave her powers to seduce men when she was 13.

The woman identified as Charity Makurumidze of Harare said; “I was given powers to seduce men and beads to make them weak. I would target wealthy men and once they gave me money, I would take it to the waters every Friday and give it to the mermaids.

“We would then take all the wealth of the men and leave them broke. I only stopped doing this in 2008 when I discovered that the men did not have money anymore due to the economic problems.

“When I stopped, I was introduced to the apostolic sect and I started praying for people. However, I started bleeding because the Queen and King in water were not happy. I was bleeding for the past five years. I was using $200 for sanitary ware every month.” 

Makurumidze said she has since stopped bleeding attributing this to God’s work through Magaya. 

However, Makurumidze said after she testified in church and was placed on the holy ground some unidentified men offered her cash to denounce Magaya.

“They offered me $100 000 and to buy me a car and a house if I could just say I was in love with Magaya and what he was doing was fake. I refused their bait because I know Prophet Magaya is a man of God,” she said.

Meanwhile, Emma Chirebvu, 37, a former commercial sex worker testified that she had been HIV positive for two years but she was healed.

“I started using anointing oil and my cervical cancer and pain went away. I kept on using the anointing oil and I was healed of HIV. I am now HIV negative,” she said.

Magaya told his congregants that the big Sunday was meant to bring deliverance to born again Christians and others who had heard about all the miracles in the Bible.

“You have heard many miracle stories in the Bible but these miracles are not happening to you. I want you to be delivered today,” Magaya said.

Congregants from some southern African countries including Botswana, South Africa and Namibia gathered at PHD  Ministries church in Waterfalls yesterday to receive deliverance and listen to Magaya prophesying during the big Sunday ceremony.

Popular musicians Nicholas Madzibaba Zacharia  and Alan Chimbetu and the church band kept the bumper crowd entertained.

Magaya grew up in Chitungwiza and is married to Tendai Katsiga-Magaya who is a banker by profession and together they have been blessed with two children.

Magaya is Nigerian Prophet TB Joshua’s spiritual son.

Magaya insists that he is not the healer saying Jesus Christ is the healer while he is just a vessel being used to do God’s work.

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felix - 7 July 2014

God is truly at work, please do not find yourself fighting against him.

Bee- Mutare - 7 July 2014

he is truly the man of God.Go to his church PHD Ministries and see miracles.

mank - 7 July 2014

Vaprofita vawandisa, and vonyepa. Votsvaka mari nedemo semunhu wesewese. Voromba zvikwambo. its raelly bad, zvinokonzerwa nenzara chete and nothingelse.. Mugabe ndiye akonzera izvi, vangadyei, so they got to do jus anything

chakanaka mukuvaka - 7 July 2014

Prophet Magaya, better not waste your time to investigate this or that in quest to expose those who may be against you & the Ministry. It is a fact that most of front runner critics are those whose Ministries the Spirit does not move~gathering of philosophers. I know of many who preach that T B Joshua is a satanist. Prophet T B Joshua is the most persecuted Prophets on this planet, so dont bother but pray for those persecute you!

CT - 7 July 2014

@ CT - But this has gone a step further. These people are not attacking Prophet Magaya directly but are frustrating the congregants and threatening to kidnap those who give testimonies. Hazvingasiiwi zvakadaro. They are frustrating innocent souls. There is need to have them protected. Yeku Nigeria yawapa as example they were fighting Prophet TB Joshua and not tracking down his congregants threatening them. Yes he will pray but the law must take its course. Mbiri kunani. Hokoyo satan!!!

tindo - 7 July 2014

This is the evil finger of CIO. The devil is behind this Magaya. Just offer that prayer and ask God to deal with them once and for all. Have them die the death so that people learn NOT to blaspheme God. “They offered me $100 000 and to buy me a car and a house if I could just say I was in love with Magaya and what he was doing was fake. I refused their bait because I know Prophet Magaya is a man of God,” she said.

Hokoyo Blasphemers - 8 July 2014

These are the last days spoken of by Prophet Joel. Prophetic Ministries are sprouting in this day because God's coming is nearing. You must have a spiritual eye and realise your time and your word for this season. We NEED more prophets and prophesy to destroy the kingdom of the DEVIL. Lets expose them by prayer Prophet Magaya!

Gentlemen - 8 July 2014

i don't know what to say but this is the honest truth. my sister claimed to have been healed from a mental illness but since then she has got even worse to an extend that she hit my mom the things she claimed in the testimony that she has stopped doing. my sister was not healed to be honest. am not being evil or trying to fight the prophet or his calling. my anger is y wud h film my sister testfying and the disk makes rounds in th community only to learn through her behaviour that nuthing changed, in actual fact it got worse. let God be the judge on this one. dont scold m pliz ppl. rather pray for my family

clido - 8 July 2014

Dont get me rong pliz ppl. am nt denouncing his power or his calling or his God. am just telling what happened with my family and my sister. But in Jesus times he wud permanently deliver thoz wo were opresd lyk legion. it wasnt temporary deliveranc

clido - 8 July 2014

@clido Its happening almost everywer, coz these guyz are at work just like you and me so thats how they get their living. God seems to be playing second fiddle in these churches wer the prophets names are the greatest. My God truely deliver your sister and try to convince her to never attend these pentecostals rather serene churches for her condition doesnt nid noise, Im talking from experience.

kitsi - 8 July 2014

Prophet Magaya is a true man of God. The devil you are in trouble. We shall continue to testify the goodness of God through prpphet Magaya. Let there be light in Zimbabwe.

Rose - 8 July 2014

The lady who was healed of HIV please dont stop taking your tablets. Just a word of advice

Pompano - 8 July 2014

matthew 24v1 answers it and you will understand that these are the days days of false prophet spoken of by the real prophet Daniel

meludonsa - 8 July 2014

a short message to HOKOYO BLASPHEMERS. GET A LIFE. Wat does the CIO have anything to do with magaya's church? these are battles for followers between churches.

GAMBA - 8 July 2014

Kana zviri zva Mwari hazvidi ma investigators iwayo. God Himself will handle issues that have anything to do with his works. Suppose the investigators identify the so called culprits what is Magaya going to do to them?

Nyashanu - 8 July 2014

For too long l used to have a persist pain in chest stretching toward the heart. I visited several doctors and xray taken and medication given to avail. Ever since I started using anointing oil the problem has disappeared. Glory be to God. Continue with the good work man of God Prophet Magaya.

chaka fannie - 8 July 2014

a former prostitute/golddigger offer 100 00 usd and she does not take it, trully a god damm bitch

maone - 8 July 2014

@ Clido - Did you get a helpful response for your concern. I do not think so. And do you know why - your issue is misdirected. The ministry should have prayerlines where you can call, ministry website, facebook page. That is where your issue could be addressed and not on this forum.

Blessed - 9 July 2014

I was personally delivered from the spirit of allergy. Mweya waisada zvino nhuwira through the servant of God Prophet W Magaya. Mbiri kuna Jesu!

Favour - 9 July 2014

I want to travel to Zimbabwe from the united kingdom for a volunteer work in Magaya's Church for some weeks. How do I get connected to him? Could you help please?

TONIA - 24 July 2014

Prophet truly you are a man sent by God to deliver His people. we continue to pray for you. I am on my way to the healing school if i get the $200.00. ingore the people who are talking it doen't stop the power of God. I am really inneed of prayers.

Gertie Sitasha - 20 August 2014

We continue to pray for you ,you are a man sent by God to deliver His People. As soon as I get the $ 200.00 I will come to the healing school. I really need your prayers.

Gertie Sitasha - 20 August 2014

Prophet Magaya W. do not be swayed for wat is in you is from God and from God do listen. Even in the old old days not everyone was chosen to be a Prophet of God. You are a true Prophet of God!!!!!!! I look forward to meeting you some day. God Bless You.

Sakai - 19 March 2016

Here is Prophet TB Joshua Email: He healed me with his anointing water.

Cynthia Nicky - 21 August 2016


David - 19 December 2016

EMAIL: to order for the new morning water

cliff - 24 May 2018


Evangelist Annette - 13 June 2018

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