'Womanising phase over'

HARARE - MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai whose numerous affairs with women were extensively covered by the media says he has moved on from that sad chapter in his life.

The Daily News has exclusively Tsvangirai’s document, titled Personal Reflections, where among other cases, he addresses the issue of the women he was associated with following the death of his wife, Susan in 2009.

Now in a stable marriage with his wife Elizabeth, Tsvangirai admits in the document due for release today that the phase where he dated a number of women in a short space of time is over adding that he has to be accountable for what he does even in his private life.

He says his actions were those of a person who was on an emotional roller coaster after the untimely death of his wife.

“After my wife died in an accident back in 2009, life has not been easy going — that fateful day will not leave me, but despite sad experiences, life continues,” Tsvangirai said.

“As you all know, due to extensive publicity in the media with respect to my relationships with women, an attempt has been made to portray my perceived errors to be the sum total of who I am. It is possible after such a loss for one to be on an emotional roller coaster,” he added.

The 62-year-old said the affairs occurred during the time he was adjusting to life after losing a partner while at the same time trying to address a national crisis he had been burdened with.

Tsvangirai says he is continuously reflecting and trying to live up to the high expectations of public office.

The former prime minister said he was saddened by the preoccupation with his assumed weakness for women while diverting from real problems the nation is facing.

After Susan’s death, a string of women came forward claiming to have had intimate relationships with the former trade union boss.

One of them, 25-year-old Loreta Nyathi now claims Tsvangirai sired a child with her but is failing to pay maintenance for the child. But the former prime minister hit back saying Nyathi was being used by both Zanu PF and the MDC rebels to tarnish his image.

Among other women linked to Tsvangirai are Locardia Karimatsenga and South African Nosipo Shilubane.

Karimatsenga and Tsvangirai’s affair ended in an-out-of court settlement after the former withdrew her $15 000 maintenance claim from the Harare Magistrates’ Civil Court.

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was he de-bulled ?? Pasina izvozvo arikunyepa

dhlembeu - 7 July 2014

You are not the only who has lost a loved one Mr President, just embrace leadership renewal and you will be hero to the Zimbabweans

Nyamhangambiri - 7 July 2014

Nhai baba nyamhangambiri, your renewal song is now boring. Why don't you simply leave him and our MDC and follow your renewal comrads. MDC is going for congress in October and yu still make noise about leadership renewal? Anyone who wants a position MUST come to congress and contest or otherwise and forrver SHUT UP PLIZ.

changu - 7 July 2014

Haaa hapana chinosj hamisa pakuvingwa navakadzi vakawanda. munhu wese aripachigaro chepamusorosoro ndiye unotariswa. veduwe varume vose varipanyika ino taurai zvokwadi makavata navakadzi vangani. makabviswa here pamabasa amunoshanda. kana arimadzishe makabviswa here pavushe bwenyu nokuti mavata navakadzi vakawanda. kana imi maCEO emakambani munonyora izvi. ko imi MaCIO anochengetedza nyika taurai zvokwadi. saka Musatinyangadza nenyaya yaTsvangirai. urinane wakanga sitorina mukadzi mumba ko imi munodero masiya vakadzi mudzimba toti kudii. zvakanakira munhu kuti tarisa chitanda chirimuziso mako asi iwe unezidanda muziso rako. tanga wabvisa rako danda tozotaura raTsvangirai. Maoko kuna Tsvangirai wataua ehee ndakmbotamba vo navakadzi asi chikonzero ndakanga ndiri bhuru padhibhi. zvino ndawana chindiregai vo handichazviiti. Tatenda baba Tsvangirai.

Danga remombe - 7 July 2014

Vakuru vataura zvakakonzera kuti vanhu vavasiye. Hazvibatsire kuomesa musoro uchiziva kuti wakatadza. Ndizvo zvinoitwa neveZanu. He should now accept the loss that comes with these setbacks. Isu vamwe vekumusha kwake haticha trust vakuru ava. We are now assessing the renewal team. At leats they have the courage to challenge bad leadership.

taurai - 7 July 2014

Kupenga kuye kwava kubuda pachena zvino, inyaya yekuti ungataurire vanhu iyoyo, mari ndoyapera, kwete zemo, kuchona uko.

reason - 8 July 2014

Even priests,bishops,prophets or any man for that matter,sleep with married or unmarried women. What's so special about MT ? And so BITI &co rushed to try MT about their oranges!! That's the craziest rubbish ever.This is the rubbish they call democracy!!!


Thanks for telling us that zvehupfambi is over, however, you may have to accept that trust once lost would take a long while to rebuild. Tough luck Save- see younext time. For leadership kwete weBuhera. Chimboita zvembatya shamwari not politico. Nada pachiputokezi.

taurai - 8 July 2014

Pse why do you want to mix personal character with politics.Politics and character is water and oil dont mix. Tsvangisons character is that he is a womaniiser and thats his PRIORITY, and issues of the country follows later! How can you teach old dog at 62 new tricks! If you vote for him, you should vote knowing that, he will never change! If he becomes a PRESIDENT may be, and I very much dought that, and dont be surprised when your daughter,"ANHUMBURISWA" NAYE. Look at this girl Nyathi impregnated by Tswangirai just 22years of age. Kana uriwe wakarara pamusoro pa nyathi at 60, what do you think you will be doing.I beleive it shows character of cruellity "Hutsinye chaiwho". God will NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! make such people leaders! Yes mistakes are there ,but not mistakes every where you put your feet! Every where you put your feet, you are after a woman (eg) SA, ZIM etc. You need to be GOD FEARING smebody to rule the country! Good example is our PRESIDENT, he is "GOD FEARING".The word says GOD uplifts those who fear him and he gives them "ABUNDANT LIFE". Our PRESIDENT has got 'ABUNDANT LIFE" from the almight.Whether you want or not I always pray for every minute and every hour! He is the Gift from 'GOD".The bible says pray for your leaders and you will be blessed! simple! ALELUAGH! LONG LIVE MY PRESIDENT " R G MUGABE!

MANYOMBA - 8 July 2014

RSA is ridiculed for having a President who in this day and age has unprotected sex with multiple partners...Here in Zim Morgan has unprotected sex(as evidenced by the Pregnancy/ies) with multiple women and we still praise him. The only reason that chapter is over is becoz he is out of gvt and the gravy train..Zvikwanisiro hapachina...If he still had the cushy job,money and benefits hazvaipera.

wezhira wezhara - 8 July 2014

Just let us go. This shotgun congress you are plotting is a little too late and will split the party further. After spending the last 5-8 years purging dissenting voices, its time to listen. Its not even about you. If the party splits in half expect 700 000 votes next election. You had a good run for 15 years, became prime minister as well. Please don't kill the movement. Supporters need a new reason to fight from the mdc corner. Since its all been done before, a new approach to reinvigorate the movement is needed. Someone new to excite the base is needed. Stay on and lose or pass the baton and win. It's now a war between the individual and the nation

Way Forward - 8 July 2014

Looks like the new advisor that he hired hit the ground running. One can easily see that the article was a carefully coached one, maybe if he had hired this guy earlier he wouldn't have been taken to the cleaners. Im hoping this is the beginning of some mature and more robust politics

eddy - 8 July 2014

Tsvangirai never raped a woman. Those women like the thoughtless 22 year old who carelessly opened their legs for him have only themselves to blame. Of course women of loose morals don't deserve any sympathy at all.It's just for Tsvangirai's misguided critics to dwell on women while sensible people look at national issues which really matter.

imbengo chete - 8 July 2014

So who is also to blame for confirmation,women reservation seats and rigging done in the primary elections?And Mr Tsvangirai can u be clear with the issue of reservation of women seats coz its another factor tht contributed to loss bcos seats are now being personalised at the expence of the struggle and non perfoming female Mps

YOUTHS - 8 July 2014

Changu, you are not MDC leave me I am entitled to my views who are you to say I should shut up. MDC is a peoples project in case you didn't know forward with leadership renewal period

Nyamhangambiri - 8 July 2014

To err is human, to forgive is divine.Chamatama is a brave man who is ready to addmit his sins,regardless his motive. Wouldn't it be good to see more public figures confess and addmit their sins. That could put our country back on the road to a God fearing and Christian nation we claim to be. Tsvangirai's biggest crime was to clap the lion in the face. Akarova shumba mbama.

Mutiro - 9 July 2014

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