Homosapiens too scared to veer

HARARE - An attribute quite obvious about the homosapiens political psyche is that most are too scared to take a risk and veer into unchartered waters.

It is a trait difficult to wean the hapless homosapiens from — something that verges on being an addiction — regardless what level of development a country has attained.

Quisling thinks it is a worldwide phenomenon only contradicted by the Occupy Movement, pooh protests and the foot-stomping demonstrations witnesses when poor communities fell they cannot take it any longer.

This discomfiting consciousness prevalent among homosapiens has allowed homopoliticus to take advantage and intimidate them into a kind of unhelpful submissiveness which blights homosapiens ability and desire to free themselves from the tentacles of apathy to act on their own behalf.

Renowned Nigerian author Chinua Achebe used to quote a proverb that encapsulates homosapiens undesirable trait that says until the lions learn to write, the story of the hunt will always be told by the hunters.

In other words if homosapiens continue to refuse to become participants and allow the homopoliticus to always set an agenda for their lives, they will continue groping for confidence and miss realising  that none but themselves can disentangle them from the stranglehold homopoliticus appear to have on them.

“And they will unwittingly prolong their mental enslavement, relegating them to mere chanters of well-honed victim mentality slogans encouraged by their self-inflicted dependency syndrome,” the polemicist says.

Quisling says homosapiens should come out of their shells to galvanise demands for radical change in their quality of life; should force the homopoliticus account for their actions and bay for homopoliticus to walk the talk of combating issues of poverty and commonplace inequalities.

This would end the absurd pretence they are persuaded to believe that homosapiens are only patriotic when they do no rattle the homopoliticus cage and demanding opportunities to live better lives by setting their own agenda for self-preservation and survival.

They should operate on the basis of relentless demands that no homosapiens should be left hungry in a country that can fill everyone’s stomach, or face inclement elements when shelter can be provided on Churu Farm; or drink contaminated water from Mukuvisi that comprises half sewage effluent, urine passed by itinerant travellers and vagabonds at Mbare Musika and slimy algae where resources a should be made available to provide potable water.

“Homosapiens bizarre show of endless hope that things will turn out for the better by some strange miracle when evidence indicates otherwise demonstrates the hazards of staying-the-course while injustices are perpetrated,” Quisling says.

He says homosapiens won’t profit from being praised by dint of dazzling rhetoric, for making the best of a bad situation by homopoliticus.

When emeritus homopoliticus, nationalist and activist Ahmed Kathrada was asked why he decided to leave the homopoliticus scene he is said to have been honest with himself: “I did not think I was making a difference and I want to laugh if anyone in politics has such considerations (of making a difference) anymore.”

Quisling believes such an efficacious statement, loaded with candour can only emerge from homopoliticus of mettle and sincerity. It can only come from men of wit and courage who have political heft to sustain their crusade to expose homopoliticus ineptness, greed and deceitfulness.

“There are the kind of veteran homopoliticus who can withstand shot and shell from a rabble of pseudo revolutionaries whose endurance thrives on harping about their liberation credentials and flashes of expedient conservative radicalism,” Quisling says.

It takes enormous courage to ignore the misjudgement of believing there is more to it than diplomatic courtesy when homopoliticus sign memoranda of understanding (MOU) which have become a pet pastime nowadays.

Quisling’s snitch wondered aloud at the monotony of signing ceremonies beamed on the goggle-box.

“What is the purpose of these and what profit do homosapiens derive from these instruments homopoliticus fall over each other, hurtling to initial in front of television cameras?” the snitch asked.

“A memorandum of understanding according to Wikipedia describes a bilateral or multilateral agreement between two or more parties.

It expresses a convergence of will between the parties, indicating an intended common line of action.

It is often used in cases where parties either do not imply a legal commitment or in situations where the parties cannot create a legally enforceable agreement. It is a more formal alternative to a gentlemen’s agreement.

Whether or not a document constitutes a binding contract depends only on the presence or absence of well-defined legal elements in the text proper of the document,” Quisling explained.

“If it is what you have just said it is, why then the fanfare, pomp and ceremony that accompanies signing them? If it is not binding and does not imply a legal commitment why is there hullabaloo about it? Or is it merely thunder and fury signifying nothing or a means for the homopoliticus to be seen to be doing something and remain relevant?” the snitch asked with a hint of sarcasm and innuendo creeping in.

Quisling says it is native in the homopoliticus to indulge in gutter pronouncements with the precise intention to hoodwink the homosapiens that at least something is being done to ameliorate their circumstances.

The homopoliticus will go the whole hog to keep up appearances that his ambition is to see the homosapiens prosper and flourish.

“That is why both of us try to free the homosapiens from the straitjacket of conformism, trying to yank open their eyes so that havarambi vachidyiwa vakasvinura meso samatemba by the homopoliticus,”

Quisling explained.

He says it might take a lifetime for a MOU signed between two parties to be ratified — time so inordinate that the signatory homopoliticus might have already joined the has-been homopoliticus league for theother partner to consider the piece of paper relevant.

Homosapiens are worried about what practical steps are taken by the homopoliticus not how many MOU are signed. They want tangible evidence and accountability that shows the homopoliticus id living up to their promises and pledges not red herrings thrown around as indication the homopoliticus is working tirelessly for communal benefit.

“But that is the art of politics,” Quisling snitch reminded his mentor.

“That is what keeps the homopoliticus enduring sleepless nights thinking how best to ensure the rest of us are kept thinking something is about to happen by bamboozling them with bull.”

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