Prophetess Makandiwa awarded doctorate

HARARE - International Institute of Philanthropy (IIP) yesterday conferred Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa, wife to United Family International Church (UFIC) founder and leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, with an Honorary Doctorate Degree of Humane Letters.

Speaking after the convocation graduation ceremony held at a Harare hotel, Prophetess Makandiwa’s spokesperson Fortunate Kufakunesu said the doctorate degree was a result of the work she had invested in charity.

“I personally believe that she deserves this doctorate because of the work she has done for many people and I am glad it now being recognised by the secular world. She has invested her heart in reaching out to other people, not just to the church but also to the whole country,” she said.

UFIC’s Agape Family Care which is headed by Prophetess Makandiwa recently made a donation of groceries to more than 200 widows during a church service and  she has also donated top-of-the range medical equipment to Kadenge Rural Health Centre as well as food stuffs to Tanyaradzwa Children’s Home in Murehwa.

IIP is an organisation dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding of philanthropy, improving its practice while simultaneously acknowledging and honouring philanthropists.

Prophetess Makandiwa was among 10 graduates conferred with the Humane Letters Doctorate degrees. Among them was legendary musician Oliver Mtukudzi, Zimra commissioner-general Gershem Pasi, out-going Zinara boss Frank Chitukutuku, Avenues Clinic CEO Merissa Kambani and Isabel Chihuri, vice president of Kuyedza Women’s Club.

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Dr Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa we are proud to be associated with you...

Tawanda - 5 July 2014

NdiAmai vangu ivavo, hapana chimwe chinhu inyasha dzakavawana. Agape Family Care. Congratulations mum!!!!!!!!!!!!!

edmore chinamhora - 5 July 2014

Well done Mama, We love you

mahwemasimike - 5 July 2014

Congrats! There have been a lot of reports of briefcase unaccredited universities and bodies awarding doctorates to some of our well known citizens. Would someone please enlighten me on whether this organisation that has seen it fit to award doctorates to esteemed fellow citizens is actually mandated and accredited to do so. It is not our role to comment on whether or not the receipients are worthy. Its not for us to judge. But since the named persons are respectable and well known in society it is important that they be associated with credible institutions. On another note, would someone knowledgeable enlighten us on the question of the title "prophetess". Does it follow that the spouse of a prophet automatically becomes a prophetess? Suppose it was Mrs Makandiwa who was first to be called by God, would her husnband automatically acquire the title prophet? I have always been under the impression that God calls people as individuals and we are not identical copies of our spouses. I stand to be guided on this and will accept biblical authority on this question.Thank you in advance.

jojo - 5 July 2014

I agree with you brother Jojo.Zimbabwe as country is twisted beyond rehabilitation.A doctorate in Humane Letters is bestowed on person within a field of academic distinction,not false prophesy.Even Phillip or Phidza who does not have five o-levels let alone Zjc has a doctorate.The whole country including its education system is in shambles to accept fraudulent scams like this.I mean Beatrice,Big Josh Nkomo,Albert Einstein,Nelson, Robert Mugabe,Michelle Obama deserves a doctorate. but not the preachers wife.What she has donated is a drop in the ocean.its loose change compared to what she has fleeced from the poor flock.If its about charity what about Grace Mugabe????????/

Guranyanga - 6 July 2014

Dr Ruth Makandiwa is a wonderful mother and mentor. May God continue to lead and protect her.

machakachaka - 6 July 2014

Guranyanga phidza anebag ndosaka akapihwa doctorate kana iwe nekusadzidza kwako ukaita bag haushaye ano kupa doctorate,kana puff daddy vakapihwa ne a very respectable university in america, yaamai makandiwa iyi inonetsa handingaipindira , institution yacho inenge bogus kudira madigos kunge fertilizer, gershom pasi haatomboziva basa , there are many loopholes in our tax collection system, many rich people do not pay taxes in zimbabwe, uyo we zinara kana iye ari kutoshama kuti ipihwa dr, avenues ceo i dont her i just know kuti inodura my 3 kids were born there good service but expensive

Harare - 6 July 2014

Does it follow that a woman married to a prophet becomes a prophetess? On a different note, I am very surprised that the wife of Commissioner General Chihuri would be awarded this honour. Police camps and police stations used to be spotless clean. When we used to visit our relatives who lived in police camps we witnessed days when they would be scrubbing and polishing the floors, walls and sprucing up their gardens for what was called an inspection by some senior officer. In between these inspections, local members in charge used to inspect their own police camps and stations. We heard of disciplinary action being taken against those whose quarters were found to be below the expected standards. Fast forward Chihuri's reign, the police cells at Harare and Matapi police stations and indeed any other police station have been declared unfit for human habitation. This resulted in the high court ordering the ZRP to clean these facilities. As anyone who has had the misfortune of visiting the charge office at Harare Central, or worse still being detained there will tell you, the stench can be smelt as soon as you enter the police station at the public enquiry counter. Now, my gripe is wouldn't it be one of the noble duties of Mrs Chihuri to take the lead in initiating cleanliness campaigns across all police establishments? Wouldn't it be a noble idea for Mrs Chihuri to intiate income generating projects to empower police officer's wives most. if not all, of whom belong to the Kuyedza Club? Has anone heard of a campaign by Mrs Chihuri to empower any constables' spouses to augment their spouses' meagre salaries? If the doctorate was bestowed on Mrs Chihuri for charitable work, wouldn't it be great for the nation to read an account of those charitable causes she contributed to? Why are police camps so derelict, dirty and an eyesore? Why does central police station reek of smell of human waste? I await a response possibly from Charity Charamba on this one.

jojo - 6 July 2014

She surely deserves it, it has been long overdue.

progress - 7 July 2014

Who told you it was automatic for Prophetess Ruth to be called Prophetess because she is the wife of the prophet? What is God Himself had made her a prophetess even before meeting the Prophet for marriage?

REED - 7 July 2014

Prophetess Ruth is an anchor to the needy. We thank God for the passion Philanthropy.

ROSE TAGARIRA - 7 July 2014

Finally the world has seen the works of the woman of God. CONGRATULATIONS DR PROPHETESS RUTH MAKANDIWA. God remembered as women of Zimbabwe

Loveness - 7 July 2014

I do not give a hoot whether she be called a prophetess, a doctor or not but what i think to be done is at least appreciate the effort made by this woman. the list is endless but amongst others I have witnessed even on Christtv, assistance to the poor and needy, orphans and widows, even the able bodied and married, other men and women of God, prisoners, various communities and so on. so why not

vicky - 7 July 2014

Harare what are you talking about? You are struggling to make sense! Kuda kunzi ndataurawo chete here?nxaaaaaaaa

BULAWAYO - 7 July 2014

even if they say she fleeced the flock at least she ploughed back something into the people unlike some mongers we know that never get satisfied.

prophet Ess - 7 July 2014

@JOJO The bible referes to prophet Isiah's wife as the prophetess. So this is biblical and inarguably correct. Also who told you that she only became a Prophetess after marrying the Prophet, does God's calling upon a person get authentified by who they marry? She is a Prophetess who hears from God the Almighty. I wonder how triffling can some people be, how dare critisise someone whom God has given authority over your spirit? You should learn something: Spiritual leaders are not victim candidates of your debates, you are too small for that.

Ruthly desire - 7 July 2014

@JOJO Do you think this is a platform to throw your anger bouts to your police bosses? Think guy!

JOKOROJOKORO - 7 July 2014

surprised that some could get offended about this honorary degree and yet she is deserving. do not forget that she is spiritual and what she would value more is not this worldly achievement but the heavenly crown, so do not waste your anger. the heavens have a greater reward, like it or not. otherwise what motivated to do all this was not to please people or get their attention but her personal relationship with her own creator. for those that have recognised the woman's contribution, thank you and to you woman of God, well done

daughter - 7 July 2014

Dr. Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa has done her work from the heart. She compares to none. Why would you want to question an organisation's credibility just because they offered an honor not to you wife? SHE does what she do from conviction not to seek favors or not to perfom some national responsibility as some who you see donating. Her vision is greater than national no wonder when she came across the needy in the US she left them hundreds of thousands. She is one who does it with a clean and pure heart. Prophetess has an altruistic concern for human welfare and advancement. Never should you dare compare her to some politician for she has done far much better not with taxpayers monies. She deserves roses not guns from you!

DR. Dre - 7 July 2014

Well done beloved Prophetess of God. We love you. It is signed and sealed.

Pastor Gavin - 7 July 2014

It was high time that someone recognised this powerful woman of God. Mbiri kuna Jesu.

tichaona - 7 July 2014

Ana Jojo marepresentatives of the devil who are simply manifesting in the physical.

Tawanda - 8 July 2014

Well done Prophetess Dr. Ruth Makandiwa!

Ranger - 9 July 2014

Mbiri kunaJesu, Congrats Dr. Ruth, ko zvinorambirweiko?

Mwanasikana WaMama - 29 July 2014

This is my own mother, she really deserves this Doctorate, the charity I have seen with my own eyes in our church and the world is great, she is full of love that spreads to all of us in thousands, her smile only delivers me totally!

Ms. Ketty Tagara - 26 August 2014

Well deserved Dr Prophetess. Your work has remembered you. May the good Lord further bless you!

Tawanda Madzinga - 29 September 2015

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