I'll deal with ministers: Mugabe

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe yesterday issued a stern warning to Cabinet ministers who are in the habit of protecting the few remaining white farmers, saying he is going to descend heavily on them.

As he launched the new A1 settlement permit model at Chipfundi Resettlement Farm in Lions’ Den Mashonaland West, the 90-year-old strongman swore that no white farmer would be allowed to own land.

Mugabe said the remaining whites still on farms should make way for blacks who have not been resettled.

The nonagenarian said he knew there were some ministers who were harbouring white farmers. Chiefs engaged in the same activities would be called to order through their leader Chief Fortune Charumbira.

“There is a concern that this area (Makonde) still has many whites on farms,” he said.

“Temba Mliswa confirmed that they are still around when I met with him last night and he gave me 35 names of people though some may still be unknown. Pane maminister angu arikunzi arikuramba kubvisa varungu paminda, kwete, tinenge tichavadirei? ( There are some ministers who are refusing to evict white farmers from the land, what use are they to us now?)”

“Vanhu ava havasi vekuitira moyo chena, especially panyaya yevhu. Kana paine varikuita lease out land for money kana kuvahwandisa, we will look in the districts to find out ndiyani. (We should not be lax when dealing with whites especially when it comes to our land. If there are some who are leasing out land to others, we will be going around the districts to fish you out),” he said.

“They can own industries and companies or stay in apartments in our towns but cannot own land. We hear in some cases they are being protected by cabinet ministers and politicians within their constituencies. We will deal with that.”

Douglas Mombeshora, minister of Land, Land Reform and Resettlement, said 221 472 farmers had been resettled on A1 farms across the country.

He said banks should now consider extending loans to the resettled farmers as they now had assurance.

“We are looking into talking with banks to consider you,” Mombeshora said. “Those on large tracks of under-utilised land should volunteer to subdivide their land so that those on the waiting list can access land also.”

In the first phase of land reform between 1980-1998, government resettled 71 000 families on 3,5 million hectares of land while phase two saw 4 697 families benefitting from 168 263 hectares.

Paul Zakaria, Zimbabwe Farmers Union director, said banks should now start taking the resettled farmers seriously as they were now land owners.

He said the farmers should also take their land as business ventures where they can make a profit.

“In some countries like Brazil, such permits as the ones being presented here can be bankable and used to get loans. The same thing should eventually happen for these farmers,” he said.

The new land ownership model is expected to bring clarity on land ownership in Zimbabwe as the land redistribution programme reaches a crescendo and probably closure after years of unending disputes and confusion. So-called new farmers did not have access to loans because of a lack of security, especially title deeds.

But with the issue of the new permits, more than 220 000 offer letters issued in the past decade are set to be nullified as government seeks to bring order to the vital sector.

Over the years, Zanu PF officials, notably Mashonaland West provincial chairperson Mliswa have waged unending battles with some farmers whom they allege have the protection of powerful government ministers.

A cocktail of changes contained in the new model, sub-letting, abandoning land and allowing agricultural land to decline would result in the cancellation of the permit after a 90 day warning.


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Does our constitution restrict land ownership to black people only? This is clearly disturbing coming from someone who is way beyond his sell by date. Even if you give every black person land then what? The land needs to be fully utilised and most of those who got land do not even know where to start. Instead of focusing on the critical issues of service provision this madman decides to flog a dead horse.

Disaster - 3 July 2014

munhu yuy anete here why cant we are be just one country.ko ivo ngavape ivhu ravari kutorera isu vana vevhu in Mazowe and teaming with whites. all we need is jobs and industries. uyu achafa asina wisdom uyu.he has taken the country to the grave let us build our nation on love and honour GOD not spread division and hatred

nakai - 3 July 2014

Ivhu kune vanogona kurima chete, whether white or black

Hazvie - 3 July 2014

Racism is totally outdated & retrogressive.We are now living in a global village where merit,NOT race really matters. Land should belong to whoever properly utilizes it regardless of race.

RUSARURA GANDA - 3 July 2014

Mdhara musatiomesera imi muchiona mawekufa kudai. Two wrongs do not make a RIGHT!

Not Patient - 3 July 2014


pinias - 3 July 2014

Viva Bob, Viva. Wakapenga mudhara, varungu hatidi kuvaona kumapurazi edu kana kabodzi. Ngavaende kunorima kumusha kwavo, basa rekuisa anasekuru vedu kuGwaai & Shangani, nekuvarambidza kupinda munaFirst Street vachiperera kuMagaba. Ngavabaye mabhunu. Iko zvino our relatives vakudriver mota dzakanaka, dzimba dzakanaka, kudya zvakanaka coz of land reform. Pamberi nekutora ivhu gushungo.....

inini - 3 July 2014

He should warn ministers like Chombo who protect thieves like Harare town clerk, Mahachi. He's more a negative and a malcontent than those white farmers who produce food for the country.

Pitambas - 4 July 2014

Zvakwana Cde President. Lets get on with life.

Johno - 4 July 2014

You can't teach an old dog new tricks. Old hypocrites primitively preach racism while they practice corruption,tribalism&nepotism.Bob does not care what happens to the economy because he has nothing to lose as long as his tricks win him elections to remain in power. People like inini's outbursts are outdated,useless as they are meaningless.We can't take them seriously.

dununu - 4 July 2014

You can't teach an old dog new tricks. Old hypocrites primitively preach racism while they practice corruption,tribalism&nepotism.Bob does not care what happens to the economy because he has nothing to lose as long as his tricks win him elections to remain in power. People like inini's outbursts are outdated,useless as they are meaningless.We can't take them seriously.

dununu - 4 July 2014

Barking dogs seldom bite.Great talkers are generally great liars. Destruction from too much hate speeches is all what Bob is good at..Let him hoodwink the gullible.


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water.. - 4 July 2014

farming the way forward. let people be serious with farming then

mr .. - 4 July 2014

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CHIREMBA - 4 July 2014

Zimbabweans and our leaders it time that we forgive and built our country, this issue of hate speeches will never change our lives but distroy us. we must understand that when God created other nations He wanted us to share on everything. Hw many Zimboz are in other countries . I pray that we have the heart to built our nation in peace. I was glad to hear that sanctions are being removed by EU if they have corrected their mistakes lets do like wise and buid our Nation.

murohiwa - 4 July 2014

Zimbabwe need a new president with fresh ideas for our dead economy not this old chifukoto A President who will be a god father to all races and tribal groups and in my mind with no doubt Morgan is the man judging by the way the man has brought all tribal groups together .Some of us who were there when he came into power in 1980 remember very well how he divided this country on tribal ground which angered guys like Gwasela ,Thambo le nyoka and others hence they took arms against him . He formed a program called kurahundi to kill specific tribal groups . Even today you can see our country has not recovered from from tribalism.when he finished with tribalism he started racism which has destroyed our economy rendering our country the poorest in the world .If we had independent courts of law he would be brought before them . Unfortunately we do not have any .

Diibulaanyika - 4 July 2014

I think Mdhara's mind has gone bonkers. whites came & took our land by force, causing our forefathers untold suffering. Many the world over are still rabid racists. the KKK in USA is a glaring case. But shall we reduce ourselves to the level of these sick incorrigible racists. It appears Mdhara thinks we should. Isn't this dotage rearing its ugly head? Racism, whether it's white on black or the reverse, is just achaic & all right-thinking people should fight it in all its shades. It's really a sad day that some here should celebrate Mugabe's shameful utterance. BTW I'm black & my father suffered great under the racist colonial regime. But seeking revenge won't solve anything. Above all it won't bring food on that table.

God Knows - 7 July 2014

The speech or rant by the president raises important issues for the rule of law and the constitution. Is it official that whites can longer engage in agriculture in zimbabwe? If that is case why is Dr Timothy Stamps , Rautenbach, Triangle/Hippo Valley Estates. and all the other favoured whites still on their farms, That the president can make such a declaration without any sense of irony says a lot about his slipping grasp of issues.

wadyenhiri - 8 July 2014

Gushungo appears genuinely frustrated with his ministers but these rants against the Masimirembwa corruption,Mujuru-Mnangagwa factions,Moyo Weevils and so on expose how powerless he has become to act against them....The centre of power is no longer with him and each mini Lord is carving out their own fiefdom with impugnity

wezhira wezhara - 8 July 2014

he must instead deal with those who are corrupt, vari kutodzosera mawhites kumunda vari nani.

cobra - 10 July 2014

President Mugabe is powerless. There are no more Nyagumbos, Nkalas, and Tekeres in that "Kebhineti" Kwasara zvipfukuto chete, looters.

nharadada - 10 July 2014

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