'Nkomo must be turning in his grave'

HARARE - THE late Vice President Joshua Nkomo could be turning in his grave as “vultures” are after his Nuanetsi ranch, and his medical centre in Bulawayo, a town so dear to him, has failed to take off.

Yesterday marked the 15th anniversary since Nkomo died.

And the only landmark Father Zimbabwe is remembered by, is an airport in Bulawayo and a statue erected in the Bulawayo city centre.

Nkomo’s figure dominates the exact spot overlooking an expansive intersection the statue of colonialist Cecil John Rhodes used to occupy.

The statue was officially unveiled by President Robert Mugabe on December 22, last year, a day when Zimbabwe celebrates the Unity Day.

The statue that stands tall in Bulawayo’s central business district was recently declared a national monument by the government through the Home Affairs ministry.

Besides these two projects, Nkomo’s other major projects are on their death throes.

Analysts told the Daily News yesterday that Nkomo could be turning in his grave.

University of Zimbabwe lecturer Eldred Masunungure said although there were signs that Zimbabwe was descending both economically and politically, he did not think Nkomo would have perceived the depth of decay in the country.

“He would be disappointed to see Zimbabwe in this state,” Masunungure said.

“This is not the Zimbabwe he envisaged. It is a reversal of all the things that he cherished. He would shed copious tears with the desolate state of the nation that he worked so desperately to liberate.”

Nkomo’s Nuanetsi ranch, which is registered in the name of the Development Trust of Zimbabwe (DTZ), earmarked to produce bio-fuels in Zimbabwe’s Lowveld region, is facing seizure by the Zanu PF political leadership allegedly led by Masvingo provincial minister Kudakwashe Bhasikiti. 

Charles Madonko, resident director of Nuanetsi ranch, last week pleaded with Mugabe to intervene and stop the land seizure.

“I remember during Josh’s last days, he would always chase me away from his bedside charging me to go back to Nuanetsi and protect the property,” Madonko said.

“His final words on the matter were ‘I am going but Robert Mugabe will take care of you.’ 

“I wish the old lady Mafuyana was alive, she would stand by me on this truth. I am being told to stop talking to the press, but I cannot, I need to hear the president himself pronounce to me that ‘Madonko, I have reversed my pledge to Nkomo and allowed the takeover of the ranch by Bhasikiti and his crew, once I hear this then I back off.”

Ekuseleni Medical Centre, a brainchild of the late nationalist who conceived the idea after failing to get specialist treatment for prostate cancer, is still to open its doors to the public.

A road linking Harare central business district and the Harare International Airport, that is also to be named after Nkomo is in limbo.

Dumisani Nkomo, a Bulawayo-based political analyst said the founding father of Zimbabwe must be turning in his grave.

“Not enough is being done, especially in terms of the practical things (to remember him),” Nkomo said.

“If we begin with basic things, that will be a sign of remembering him. It is only twice during Unity Day in Zimbabwe and also on July 2, that the nation remembers him.”

“It is important to remember his political ideas such as tolerance. In his book he talks about tolerance, he cautions against serving the interests of the political elite. I should think if he was to wake up today he would not be happy. I think he is turning in his grave.”

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What is it with these silly black Zimbabwe journalists? Are they taught to fawn over politicians all the time for no apparent reason? You wrote about Nkomo as if he is the one who invented the lavatories or electricity or the motor car or computer. You journalists lionise these useless politicians to try and curry favour with these politicians. I thought this was confined to the newspapers owned by Trevor Ncube but its all the Zimbabwean newspapers. Your fawning is embarrassing and thoroughly nauseating. THERE'S A SAYING THAT YOU CAN TELL THE BACKWARDNESS OF A COUNTRY BY HOW THE PEOPLE REVERE THEIR LEADERS FOR NO APPARENT REASON. You black journalists spend 95% of your time bootlicking politicians.

Musona - 2 July 2014


five star - 2 July 2014


five star - 2 July 2014

Is there a Chapter in Journalism courses where it says the journalist must always punctuate his or her news reports by fawning over the politician? I don't know what Nkomo did which warrants him being lionised and having a statue erected in his honour. I understand why Rhodes had a statue erected because he was the pioneer of all the railways, roads, SCHOOLS, INDUSTRIES, hospitals, dams, mines, farms, towns, supermarkets, electricity, lavatories, modern clothes, telephones, motor cars, fridges, bicycles, ox-drawn ploughs, underwear, socks, modern medicines, handkerchiefs, toilet paper, pens, books, radios, TVs, etc etc.- to mention but a few. There was nothing before Rhodes came - it was wildest jungle. What Rhodes did is priceless. What of Nkomo? Politician after education was sponsored by the whites! Is that worth erecting a statue for? Without the white colonialists then Nkomo would have been just another cattle herder. So what? If you think Joshua Nkomo did more than Rhodes then you are of low intellect and hopelessly brainwashed and brain dead - a zombie.

Musona - 2 July 2014

what this musona guy wrote is total kaka, pahondo anga arimutengesi wenyika, he sounds like he would swallow white shit anytime. We shall continue to praise our heroes and leaders, Viva Nkomo, Viva Gushungo! Pasi nevatengesi nema vultures vana bhasikiti!

comrade - 2 July 2014

December 22 is not a national holiday but a Zanu PF one on which the party celebrates its swallowing of PF Zapu . Zanu PF interests are not perforce national interests . That so called Unity Day must be rechristened Conquest Day .

Analyst - 2 July 2014

I THINK MUSONA IS ALRIGHT!He is entitled to his views like any other person just like u guys.inga murikunyora zwamunoda musiyeyi naye anyore zwaanoda remember this space is for readers comments.

BHORA MUSANGO - 3 July 2014

In as far as Nkomo and Mugabe are revered as the great nationalist leaders and functionaries in zimbabwe, one need not to forget the development and civilisation that was brought by the whites to this country and it is true that Nkomo and mugabes contribution to this country outweighs that of the Rhodies

BHORA MUSANGO - 3 July 2014

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