Renewal Team's kindergarten politics

HARARE - The blatant contempt of court by expelled MDC secretary-general Tendai Biti’s rebels who went ahead with a purported disciplinary hearing against opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai on Friday, despite a High Court order stopping the charade, not only exposes the so-called renewal team for the hypocrites they are, it also smacks of embarrassing kindergarten politics.

The High Court ruled explicitly that Tsvangirai could not be hauled before the purported hearing, with Justice Happious Zhou ordering the rebels not to implement any of the resolutions they took at their disputed Mandel “national council meeting”, which they have been trying to pass as binding MDC decisions, and which sought to initially suspend and then expel Tsvangirai.

“Respondent (Biti) and any other person claiming or acting through their instructions be and are hereby interdicted from proceeding with any disciplinary proceedings against the applicant and other office bearers of the applicant on 27 June pursuant to the respondent of the meeting held at Mandel Training Centre,” the learned judge said.

That Biti and the rebels still went ahead with their kangaroo court, and “expelled”

Tsvangirai and party national chairman Lovemore Moyo, despite this explicit High Court ruling, is most revealing about their contempt for democracy generally, as well as for the courts in particular.

It also shows them up for the unashamed hypocrites they are, seeing that the rebels would like to be seen as champions of the rule of law and democracy; and that their still-to-be-named new political formation was spawned out of allegations that there was no democracy within the MDC.

Clearly, therefore, the purported “expulsion” of Tsvangirai and Moyo by the kangaroo court, allegedly presided over by lawyers Gift Nyandoro, Tafadzwa Mugabe and Edwin Hamunakwadi, is null and void, as no-one under the sun has powers that supersede court orders.

While we are at it, it boggles the mind that any reputable lawyers would want to enmesh themselves in this kind of charade, particularly knowing fully well that the courts were mediating the case.

Zimbabweans await with bated breath to see how the courts and the justice system will react to this blatant and conscious contempt of court by all concerned, as it portends a steep decline into Banana Republic politics if it is not nipped in the bud.

But beyond the dire implications of the rebels breaching both the letter and spirit of the law in this matter, their actions of the past few months indicate very strongly that the so-called renewal team is fast running out of steam, ideas and political oxygen.

As we have pointed out before, and with party leader Morgan Tsvangirai ratcheting up the pressure on the rebels via his massive and successful rallies around the country, and he clearly has the numbers on his side, the renewal team is now well and truly up the creek — without a paddle to row back to terra firma!

This is why all they can do to try and advance their stillbirth cause is launch unbecoming personal attacks on Tsvangirai — never mind their own well-documented indiscretions — and mount kangaroo courts like the one voided by the High Court.

This is why very few Zimbabweans will mourn the certain demise of the renewal putsch, because their petty fight benefits no-one, and certainly doesn’t help to solve Zimbabwe’s deepening socio-economic problems.

And while the rebels’ cowboy, shoot-from-the-hip style of politics can sometimes offer comic relief during these economically challenging times — it is nevertheless infantile and does not win the hearts and minds of sober Zimbabweans.

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Biti and Mangoma only asked for leadership renewal, anyway is it bad in a democracy I wonder, so don't demonize them for no apparent reason

Nyamhangambiri - 1 July 2014

Ignore Biti at your peril.

open eyes - 1 July 2014

You guys have always been Tswangirai people even in the face of his blatant blunderings. Be real. Stop demonising the renewal team. You even took a tribal position in 2005. What do you say now about the tribal drivel you dished out then??? Can you not see that the man Morgan Tswangirai is a total disaster!!!!! Thank God he never made it to State House, and he should NEVER!!!!!!!

SHIBHOBHO - 1 July 2014

Biti haufungi Tsvangirai ndiye akaita tikuziwe

ngwarai - 1 July 2014

No one in their right mind can ever take BITI&HIS RENEWAL TEAM seriously. Their agenda&direction is so hidden. For years we were crying out for a bold opposition leader who we found in Tsvangirai. No opposition leader before MT ever got into government.MT opened opposition flood gates which masqueraders want to take advantage of. Yes MT has his human weaknesses like anyone else but nothing warrants his clandestine expulsion,let alone removal from the MDC-T leadership. Biti&co are on their sure way to a political dustbin. Even Dabengwa who boasted that he blocked MT's outright win in the 2008 election,rejected Biti's misguided idea of a 'grand coalition.' In fact BITI's mission is to cause confusion in MDC-T to the benefit of evil ZPF.WE ARE VERY MUCH AWARE OF BITI'S EVIL TRICKS.

gonan'ombe - 1 July 2014

Forward with leadership renewal

Nyamhangambiri - 1 July 2014

Forward with leadership renewal

Nyamhangambiri - 1 July 2014

Biti has never been&will never be a democrat.The fact that Mugabe is a failed dictator does not in any way make Tsvangirai one. Only a fool can compare RGM's 37 years as ZANU PF leader against MT's 15 year leadership of MDC. The world is awash with examples of highly successful presidents who had earlier on lost several elections. One of them is Abraham Lincoln of America. BITI&his team may be useful only in ZANU PF, not in opposition politics .

KONGONYA - 1 July 2014

Please ZANU PF men are not role models when it comes to women&this includes RGM himself.MT is a lot better as he lost his dear wife tragically.After all the issues of women has not in any way disturbed MT in discharging national duties. Biti,Mangoma etc still cling to this desperate & tired accusation against MT. WHAT A SHAME !!!

mafarisei - 1 July 2014

Biti, Mangoma and the greedy gang seek for democracy without law and order, and in their eyes democracy is gettng what they want at any cost. If anyone denies them the same they run to the bush shouting obsenities. If you are law abiding, heyo ka court order! You claimed those guys beat you, but were released by courts at the same time you insisted the person who was violent and captured on camera not to be arrested. It was all planned and we know it. Just form your party if you are brave...dont try to enew ours!

Pongo - 1 July 2014

BITI is a disgrace to the legal profesion how can a registered legal practitioner blatantly ignore a court order by a competent court

melu - 1 July 2014

To say Biti and Co are an embarrasement is an understatement to say the least. They are simply a disgrace and assault to the inteligence of all sober Zimbos.

mambo - 1 July 2014

biti his a shame member of mdc fuck him

leslie - 1 July 2014

But Shibhobho even a die hard zanupf can tell you these Bitis are a chaotic group who are not helping any cause to the Zimbabweans. Yes the paper maybe biased to Morgan but they have facts. If they respect democracy then they should know that congress changes leaders why did they not wait for the congress? When Ncube left he accused Morgan of having a kitchen cabinet and that included Biti and Mangoma, now the same members of the kitchen cabinet have also broke away and suddenly have found new Morgan kitchen cabinet members again, so warped thinkng is not needed.

Maita Manyuka - 1 July 2014

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we do it - 1 July 2014

What then is going on.

edmond - 1 July 2014

What is suppose to be renewed at the moment is Biti's healthy, ndiye arwara

Mbiti - 1 July 2014

Fools never learn they will continue repeating same mistakes which have been committed by others .Who does not know that welshmen did the same mistakes and where is he today politically ? Zimbabweans are very clever although they are docile they can easily see who is behind the scenes at the renewal idiots . Zanu is using Biti finish and kla. But Biti be careful your newly found friends are sikelem return their money now or else you will be behind bars very soon.Behind bars you won't be able to take your pills and that is not good for your unwell health.

Diibulaanyika - 1 July 2014

All in all, these guys have not proved any better at desisting from violence or upholding the rule of law. Do not think for Zimbabweans, Let Zimbabweans think for themselves. Do not abuse "The People" for self aggrandizement, that sends a chill down the spin and should now go past us. Our agenda right now should be the politics of food. A whole nation is yenning to feed and has not.

T. S. Njikizana - 1 July 2014

If tsvangirai stated that the mandel meeting was illegal then why is he fighting it in court, who is inconstant here. Secondly are you talking about the same Zim courts that have presided over so many injustices over the years? Lastly the fact that these guys are lawyers themselves suggests that they probably know something that a journalist might not know.

Gumbura - 2 July 2014

This so called renewal team is brainless and hollow.

Django - 2 July 2014

Biti and Mangoma wanted leadership renewal.good! But wait for congress rather than this nonsense. People will never take them seriously, they after power through dictatorial means not democracy they purport to represent. They know Tsvangs is just like Bob, no one will wrestle leadership from these at congress.

Kuma - 2 July 2014

The strategist, lawyer of lawyers, blatantly rejecteded a HIGH COURT order but claims he is a democrat who respects the rule of law. Hypocrites will never win. People can see & are now very clever.Biti nevamwe vako mairasa.You may sell your families for money but not the people of Zimbabwe....

rongekai kuronga - 2 July 2014


reason - 2 July 2014

I thought Biti was a legal guru but his behavior and that of his tribunal to trash Justice Happious Zhou's interim ruling not to implement any of their Mandel "national council resolutions" really leaves a lot of people of with serious questions. They expect people to follow them when they are so reckless and ignorant of the law. It is very clear that their future is doomed and they can not take us to Canaan. These are people who are greed and politically naive. Mari yamadonar iri kuvapengesa.

Chief - 2 July 2014

I thot you were an INDEPENDENT < BALANCED PAPER and not MDC - T mouth piece , shame on you Mr Editor !!!

daily NEWS a DISGRACE - 2 July 2014

If there is any renewal needed in the MDC-T it should start with Biti and Mangoma the people Tsvangirai trusted with top posts in the inclusive government. If the MDC-T is misfiring then the chief culprits are Mangoma and Biti. Who negotiated the flawed GNU, who performed dismally in government. Tsvangirai is not perfect neither are you.

Muchineripi - 2 July 2014

If there is any renewal needed in the MDC-T it should start with Biti and Mangoma the people Tsvangirai trusted with top posts in the inclusive government. If the MDC-T is misfiring then the chief culprits are Mangoma and Biti. Who negotiated the flawed GNU, who performed dismally in government. Tsvangirai is not perfect neither are you.

Muchineripi - 2 July 2014

If there is any renewal needed in the MDC-T it should start with Biti and Mangoma the people Tsvangirai trusted with top posts in the inclusive government. If the MDC-T is misfiring then the chief culprits are Mangoma and Biti. Who negotiated the flawed GNU, who performed dismally in government. Tsvangirai is not perfect neither are you.

Muchineripi - 2 July 2014

Saka achatungamira vamwe muRenewal team ndiani? All people in this group are power hungry. Biti is not safe either. We shall see another Renewal Renewal team very soon, mark my words.

Mupfana weBikini - 2 July 2014

How very shameful it is that Lawyers who are leaders of a no name opposition disobey a court order, that to me is a Dictator in the making and I say to hell with Biti and company. We've suffered enough, don't let us lose focus on the fight for real change under Tsvangirai's leadership. We are behind him till the finish line.

Dr Know - 2 July 2014

who has failed us as a nation>? you got it right, its cde Kiya Kiya. during Biti's time as Finance minister in GNU which he was chief negotiator, him and Lucia Matibenga snubbed civil servants countless times. Biti received dirty money from Zanu PF in exchange of destroying MDC from within. he was given 2 options: 1. to carry out the task and escape imprisonment or to refuse to carry out the task and get incarcerated for the money he stole from the government. the other interesting bit is that the same Biti as secretary general of the MDC was the organisation's ceo and one wonders why he would expect other people to do his bit in elections?? who financed the last year's elections and through which ministry??? when Biti ventured into fiction writing referring us as Wanachi from Dotito after last year's elections he was frothing claiming that the election was nikuved and now he claims the party he was ceo was outsmarted by zanu pf.......unomboshaya kuti zirikumbofamba sei...

matakanana - 2 July 2014

Biti & co were represented by Lovemore Madhuku president of the NCA in the court...kkkkkk, what a shame. we also hear that Madhuku's own party had its properties attached by the sheriff for auctioning due to failure to pay its employees. how on earth can a broken down car pull another car?? characters of Biti and Mangoma cannot go unchallenged. then comes the so-called renewal team spokesman Mafume who was long expelled from the MDC. I cant really recall when did he represent anyone at a court of law. one is left wondering whether he is a bona fide Zimbabwean lawyer or he was corresponding law studies with monash university or he is one of those who enrolled for a law degree at the then great Zimbabwe university with 3points at A level. surely the group is a misguided lot to say the least.

musorobhangu - 2 July 2014

Biti ari better hangorambi achiteverera munhu arikuenda kumangondongondo. Tsvangirai ndewe kumusha kwedu. Isu vekwake takamusiya nekuti kunze kwekuti a taridze muenzaniso wehutungamiri hwakanaka, iye a taridza purezha while he was fully aware i guess of what it meant to the electorate. For a big number of people who were once for him, he can forget. He failed himself - at least he acknowledges.

taurai - 8 July 2014

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