Jukwa plot thickens

HARARE - It would be an understatement to say the Baba Jukwa saga is shaping up to be the runaway news story of the year 2014.

Just as one is tempted to think this mega political soapie would fizzle out, it is getting juicier and nastier almost by the hour, thus threatening to cause ginormous seismic vibrations in President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF party and the State media, as it may also curtail the careers of many a prominent people in government and journalism.

While it has been titillating to watch for many analysts and the generality of Zimbabweans, there is little doubt that the conspiracy has become a painful and royal mess for all concerned; right up from Mugabe to lesser-known players like the incarcerated Sunday Mail editor Edmund Kudzayi, who has officially been identified as Amai Jukwa.

And after Chronicle editor Mduduzi Mathuthu’s Monday polemic, it is really getting murkier as attempts by those associated or are privy to plans of managing, diffusing and pre-empting this serious matter risk further compromising some of the alleged players, if not kingpins.

If this stratagem was a football contest, it would surely be akin to Spain’s world-famous El Classico — that mouth-watering and titanic encounter between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

In trying to unpack this “complex plot”, there is little doubt that at the heart of all this is the ruling party’s ugly succession fights and concomitant battles for access to resources, which have seen a number of the Zimbabwean leader’s lieutenants scheming openly and covertly to succeed the nonagenarian through both fair, and foul means.

And as is always the case — where there is war — the truth becomes the first causality, and just as the holding and manipulation of information is also associated with power.

This is true of our country today, with many of these ambitious charlatans engaging in massive propaganda wars that have sucked in all arms of government — from law enforcement agents to the State media, including the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) and Zimbabwe Newspapers, which houses The Herald and The Chronicle.

And in my view, this is the genesis of Jukwa-gate and why Information minister Jonathan Moyo recently got a vicious mauling from Mugabe.

Ditto Kudzayi’s arrest last week and the 10-day suspension of a senior ZBC manager for allegedly failing to air bulletins on time.

While the former’s seizure and detention was not surprising, it was the dramatic — and unprecedented — execution by law enforcement agents that has left many in the state media numb as such treatment has often been reserved for those working in the private media.

And for a man who put in some hard yards for the ex-liberation war movement in the run-up to July 2013’s disputed elections, one must also spare a thought for this stricken 28-year-old fellow.

By leaving his relatively comfy base in the United Kingdom to work for Zanu PF, Kudzayi made “huge sacrifices” that probably saw him being rewarded with the Sunday Mail editorship, despite his relative youth and obvious lack of journalistic experience.

Now enter Mathuthu, the founding NewZimbabwe.com editor and another former exile.

After springing to Kudzayi’s defence in The Herald this week, many have been left wondering whether the Chronicle editor had in fact done his Zimpapers peer any good or caused his case substantial damage.

And amid swirling concerns that State media bosses were being parachuted on factional lines in Zanu PF, it remains to be seen whether Mathuthu’s epistle has strengthened his masters’ interests or actually weakened them in these turbulent times.

Apart from outing Kudzayi as Amai Jukwa, the equally notorious social media equivalent of Baba Jukwa, the net effect of the former British-based scribe’s contribution to the whole saga was to vouch for his distressed counterpart that he was not the Baba Jukwa who had caused so much pain, and havoc in Zanu PF.

This also comes as the Sunday Mail editor has revealed that he had done some consultancy work for the Defence ministry.

In the meantime, the Sunday Mail editor is facing serious sedition charges, but some in the statecraft are taking it in their stride.

Crucially, Mathuthu not only took credit for popularising Amai Jukwa, but also exposed Moyo for his role in “approving” state media appointments and at a time these actions have proven to be a sore point for Mugabe, and other Zanu PF bigwigs like Didymus Mutasa.

And many readers will recall that it was not just Baba Jukwa who had tormented some Zanu PF officials, but Amai Jukwa had also ruffled some feathers in the upper echelons of the party — with many seeing the then faceless character as a patently factional and divisive “cyber terrorist”.

It, therefore, beggars the question as to why State functionaries would reveal “Mrs” Jukwa now and also go on to associate “her” with Moyo?

Surely, people must know that this not only exposes Kudzayi to further political scrutiny and at a time the Sunday Mail is in the doo-doo, but also potentially fuel Zanu PF infighting.

And while many are wondering about how this gripping Zanu PF soapie will, and who will come out victor in the end, it also quite clear that after Moyo’s public shellacking from Mugabe, the hounds are still out and smelling blood.

As it is, only time will tell and those outside Zanu PF can only sit back, and enjoy the spectacle!

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As it is, only time will tell and those outside Zanu PF can only sit back, and enjoy the spectacle! A real spectacle. We will sit and wait, and enjoy.

Boterekwa - 25 June 2014

Tiri muboterekwa. They say, "There is light at the end of the tunnel." What if I say, "There is a tunnel at the end of the light." I think later saying is more appropriet than the former. The tunnel will be long so much that we can see each other in the tunnel's darkness. We will definitely be accustomed to the darkness riri muboterekwa.

Boterekwa - 25 June 2014

Gono must be rubbing his hands now. No one suffered so much at the hands of Mai jukwa than Gono. Mathuthu has no brains. His so called editorial will see him sneaking into botswana and back to England in few days time. He was better off zipping his loud mouth. He wrote with authority that Kudzayi is not Baba Jukwa. This means Mududuzi know who baba Jukwa is

mafikizolo - 25 June 2014

Mathuthu akuvadzisa mwana, I think mufana uyu is now better off ari mujeri than being outside, just think of a number of people who are going to sue him for his role as mai jukwa. And judging from how the brainless Mathuthu tried to 'defend' his colleague it shows that he knows who baba jukwa is

magezatsvimbo - 25 June 2014

Kunzima bawethu.

Kt - 25 June 2014

As someone noted on this forum yesterday, it is becoming obvious that the Herald, the Chronicle, NewZimbabwe.com, Mathuthu himself, NewZimbabwe.com editor Gilbert Nyambabvu, Zanu PF, Amai Jukwa and Baba Jukwa have very close links. This makes for a great soapie indeed!

Khumalo - 25 June 2014

In effect Baba Jukwa and maiJukwa benefitted ZANUPF. The strategy being to fool the people into believing too much into these Jukwas and trusting that a saviour had come. To make the people complacent, and make false impressions that ZANUPF was down and out. The strategy worked even to the extent that the opposition politicians and intelligence were caught pants down. Now the strategy continues. People for one reason or the other will sympathise with Baba Jukwa or anything that is said to be him or her. In the process people will stop thinking rationally and become emotional.The real issues affecting the nation will be side-lined. Time will pass and then elections will come. ZANUPF will win again and then the story continues. If you look critically at the Jukwa story it is directionless, why? because BabaJukwa is a ZANUPF project/character in a script meant to fool you ,me and our neighbour Peter. If BabaJukwa is not ZANUPF where then did he get all that private information with pinpoint accuracy. The coincidences are too many. These editors are both former critics of ZANUPF ,being appointed to 'sensitive' posts, and both being linked to or being the Jukwas, the verbal attacks of Jonathan by his boss, then a week later one of the editors is arrested, the other's house is broken into, shows that this is a badly rehearsed script. we shouldn't be fooled. They know who the Jukwas are and we are not foolish.

mosquito - 25 June 2014

All the turncoats are reeling and those not yet in the dog box will soon join Amai Jukwa at the lice-infested Chikurubi Maximum Prison. Kkkkkkkkkkk!

Musorodamba - 25 June 2014

No Story at all guys.

Baba Jukwa No Story - 26 June 2014

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CHIREMBA 1 - 26 June 2014

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those who play with the sword die by the sword. No tears for this Kudzai guy he vigorously campaigned for a party which is making us suffer daily he is tasting the bitterness of his own medicine.Nyamutamba nemombe uya wabayiwa. Ndakambokuudza kuti siya zvenyika unozofa JOJO

aluta continua - 26 June 2014

those who play with the sword die by the sword. No tears for this Kudzai guy he vigorously campaigned for a party which is making us suffer daily he is tasting the bitterness of his own medicine.Nyamutamba nemombe uya wabayiwa. Ndakambokuudza kuti siya zvenyika unozofa JOJO

aluta continua - 26 June 2014

Well written story indeed. Mathuthu has simply destroyed his colleague but stating that he is the Mai Jukwa. Now people like Ngidieon Gono and Mudidimus Mutasa are now sharpening their knives to sue him (Kudzayi) in person for the alleged Mai Jukwa attack. Now for the Ministry of Defence - it's simple. This young man demonstrated his ingenuity in hacking the emails so they simply said to him if you can do this - are you not the one cracking into the ZANU PF meetings.

dick mboko - 26 June 2014

And now nobody remembers the idiotic MDCT supporters ululating when the childish but ambitious MDCT organising secretary Chamisa was boastful of baba jukwa at an MDCT campaign rally in Marondera .

reason - 26 June 2014

The so called editor and accomplises should join their friend Gumbura! I have never seen such editor, trying to put out country into confusion,Suerly mudara akadaro trying to pliz the public at the expense of his family,Isu tiri kutswaga mari in a very straight forward way and you are busy campaigning for "MDC" and lets see whether MDC is going to give you money while in cells. One thing to add is that i saw you in your paper in those "prison Gabs", you look very professinal! Why trying to pliz watengesi at the expense of your family!!! Kana wazvitanga wotopedzisa!!! You are the one who uses the media to make people fight, what a devilish spirit.The devil seduces you and when you are in trouble he laughs at you!!!! You lose your job and also the family , what a pity!!!

Muchapfidza chete - 26 June 2014

http://nehandaradio.com/2014/06/23/edmund-kudzayi-joined-team-zanu-pf/ Has anyone read Edmund Kudzayi's statement titled How I joined Zanu PF? I wonder why people are saying it is Mduduzi Mathuthu who revealed that Edmund was Amai Jukwa. It was actually Edmund himself who said that.

oolbw - 26 June 2014

@oolbw are u telling us that u don't know the links between Mathuthu and NewZimbabwe.com? Who put that Statememt on that website when Kudzayi was already in the slammer? Haibo!

Morena - 26 June 2014

May God heal your soul, for lying and deception are works of the devil. Love your brothers and your enemies too.

Dumcalos - 26 June 2014

Rest in Peace mfana

Fairtalk - 1 July 2014

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