More woes for 'Baba Jukwa'

HARARE - Sunday Mail editor Edmund Kudzayi, who stands accused of banditry, inciting the overthrow of a constitutionally-elected government, insurgency, terrorism and sabotage, has been remanded in custody to July 7 after the courts referred his bail application to the High Court.

This comes as a fellow State editor has added his voice in this intriguing saga by confirming the 28-year-old computer whiz was the brains behind Baba Jukwa’s rival Amai Jukwa.

Police and the State believe that Kudzayi is the man behind the Baba Jukwa Facebook page.

Harare magistrate Vakayi Chikwekwe could not entertain the matter because the lower courts have no jurisdiction to hear bail applications in respect of third schedule offences.

Kudzayi appeared in court shackled in leg irons, which were later removed after his lawyer Admire Rubaya raised objections.

He stands accused of publishing falsehoods in an article critical of President Robert Mugabe and could face life imprisonment if convicted of the offences.

Kudzayi is also accused of conniving with his older brother Phillip Tawanda Kudzayi and others who are still at large to overthrow the Mugabe regime in the run-up to last year’s harmonised elections.

The State argues that a gmail account called was registered using Tawanda’s mobile number before the creation of the Baba Jukwa Facebook account.

According to the State, Kudzayi and his accomplices allegedly planned and organised themselves to form what they termed  the “Gunda Nleya Brigade” as well as the  Zimbabwe Revolutionary Army with the aim to overthrow the government by waging a war.

The State also alleges that they had put in place a Dare Rechimurenga (War Council) to study the Zimbabwe situation during elections while also posting Facebook articles encouraging rebellion if the election was stolen.

On May 11 this year, the Sunday Mail published a story titled “Hackers unmask Baba Jukwa”.

However, police believe that Kudzayi was Baba Jukwa as he was in control of the Baba Jukwa gmail account.

In the second count, Kudzayi is being accused of publishing articles branding Mugabe a “dictator” in the full knowledge that the facts may not be accurate.

Prosecutor Tawanda Zvekare said the article falsely labelled Mugabe a dictator and tyrant who committed gross human rights abuses.

The article, according to Zvekare, stated that Mugabe stole the 2008 elections and that he presided over the country’s economic collapse.

Kudzayi was also found with four rounds of ammunition at his home while another nine rounds were recovered at his work office.

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Siyai mwana ega. Mungatye kubviswa pachigaro nemwana ane mukaka pamhino. Investigate Jonathan. Mwana anga achishandiswa namukoma Jonso. How did Jonso appoint him as editor without Jonso knowing who this young man was. Munopedzera miseve kumakunguwo, nangai miseve pana mukoma Jonso. NdiJonso chete, hakuna mumwe.

Boterekwa - 24 June 2014

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water - 24 June 2014

I feel sorry for the boy but why did he leave the comfort of UK to pluck himself in a dying and despondent country (Zimbabwe) If it is true that he is Baba or mai jukwa let him be tried and hear his side of the story. I am taken aback by the way he is being treated I think they just want to use him as a pawn in a game chase after the vapositori saga Zanu PF want to bring fear to the masses for they know that the masses are not happy by the way things are going. I feel sorry for the boy because in Zimbabwe Zanu PF is law unto themselves and there is no proper justice.

Gwenaz - 24 June 2014

This guy ndiye anonzi atambira kunonyudza manje,l feel sorry for this poor young guy.He thot he is smart,manje hameno ikoko hameno.RIP chaiyo iyi!!!!

Hapaz Hapanyengwi - 24 June 2014

"Everyone is trying to reach the top, how far is it from the bottom?". Not very far, he came down with a big thudddd! " Jojo siyana nazvo, wakamboudzawa nasekuru Thomas ukati haa Mukanya apera, Mukanya akapedza kuraya kudhara, kungoterera chete.

Blackie Black - 24 June 2014

Vafana vaita vatete ava, Jonso wakanyudzisa vana. Mufana anonzi Mathuthu ngaatorova pasi izvezvi even psychology maziwisa, mese matovezvipfukuto muZanu pf. Matibili will never forgive you vafana, I feel sorry for you

magezatsvimbo - 24 June 2014

If he has a descent lawyer there is ample proof that Mugabe committed gross human rights abuses. He at one time even apologised for Gukurahundi.

Mbongeni Sakhe - 24 June 2014

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CHIREMBA - 25 June 2014

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TOM JONES - 25 June 2014

ZIMCHE must with immediate effect attend to Africa University problem. There are academic fraudsters at the institution of higher learning. A student was supposed to graduate in June without attending lectures. this started after the coming in of the DVC who on the first day up to now had two meetings with international staff without Zimbabweans. The other person who should be investigated is the immigration officer who issues work permits. There are under-qualified staff members with fake degrees, the Registrar and Librarian. The later don't have even a fake first degree. what is going on? There are Zimbabweans who are not working with genuine minimum qualifications who are denied jobs by the system at Africa University. Africa University needs War veterans and youth to address the academic fraud brought the new staff members who are spies of the Americans. Two senior staff members were caught at the gate doing sex. The case was swept under the carpet but of recent students were brought before the disciplinary committee and suspended. These are deans and the questions to parents is how safe are your sons and daughters and Africa University? The case must be investigated and the culprits be suspended. Parents should request to VC to investigate the case. Cases for further investigation

rudo500 - 25 June 2014

I wonder how the devil works,and surely he has got his sons and daughters supporting him. Honestly somebody comiting crime at the age of 28 years, he is commiting it as an old man.When he is arrested hi supporters now call him a young boy! shame! shame! A boy is never 28 years old and a boy is a primary school boy doing grade 7! Regayi zviende ku jail zvimadhara-boy! How can some body a family man, an editor, behave such childish and I beleive he is a very dully editor and not fit to be an editor! You deviat from caring your family, and you spend companys time writing that rot on daily bases! I definately knew that one day you were going to be arrested,and there you are! I beleive let the law take its course and you should be behind bars! Trying to pliz the public and forgeting your family, what a shame! The same public you were trying to pliz will be screwing your wife while in jail too hard than yourself! Surely i am just 17 , and i have never seen such a silly man! The public just talk on the net, but my friend there will never give you help, there are toothless! I beg the public now to go and give him just a plate of rice, if you sypathises with him! There just talk but no help, and you see you were plizing them but iwe wa muchizarira , tmorrow you will learn not to pliz the public at the expense of your family! if i were your wife there is no need to be attached to a senseless man like you!!!! Hope you rot in!!!!!!!!!!

Muchapfidza chete - 25 June 2014

gentleman investigate Jonso and Mugabe these two are the brains behind baba jukwa

tendai tindo - 26 June 2014

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