Zim, United Kingdom filmmakers collaborate

HARARE - Filmaker Rufaro Kaseke has just finished directing a movie titled Elusive Horizons that was jointly made by local motion picture makers and their counterparts in the United Kingdom.

The film, which was shot in Stoke on Trent and Birmingham and features  award-winning actress Demetria Karonga, is the first production in a series of collaborations that have been lined up by local filmmakers and United Kingdom-based movie makers.

Kaseke, a veteran film director and producer, is convinced that the collaboration will help Zimbabwe-based filmmakers to reach a wider audience.

“The cast was all British except for one Zimbabwean Demetria. The good thing about the project is that it is a mainstream effort. We are gradually moving away from being classified as African filmmakers,” he said.

“This film is interesting in the sense that it is the beginning of cooperation between Zimbabwean filmmakers in the United Kingdom (UK) and those based in this country.

The producer Yvonne Ebhodaghe is a Zimbabwean married to a Nigerian.”

The director of Elusive Horizons told the Daily News that the film, which was done over 10 days, addresses the struggles of a young black woman entangled in an extortion trap involving the mafia.

“Having worked as an accomplice for an extortion gang for four years and rising to become the biggest earner, Winnie played by Fiona Baffour sets out to leave the gang and start an honest life but the gang leader Tony played by Garry Mcmahon is not going to let go their biggest earner,” said Kaseke.