'Dokora causing discord among teachers'

HARARE - Education stakeholders say the raft of changes being introduced in the sector by Lazarus Dokora, minister of Primary and Secondary Education will cause disharmony and anxiety among teachers.

Since taking over last year, Dokora has announced several changes to the education sector including banning teachers from complementing their low wages through offering holiday lessons.

Dokora has also withdrawn incentives for teachers that were introduced by his predecessor David Coltart in order to retain teaching staff.

Other changes that are reportedly being mooted by Dokora include scrapping of teachers’ salaries for three months they will be on holiday — April, August and December.
It has also been reported that Dokora wants cameras installed in classrooms in order to monitor teachers.

The Education minister also wants sporting activities banned during the week.

Stakeholders who spoke to the Daily News dismissed Dokora as an overzealous minister who wants to steal the limelight at the expense of everybody else including the learners.

Raymond Majongwe, secretary general of the Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) said Dokora is moving too fast.

“The problem with the minister is that he is going too fast but if he thinks he can become a hero by overturning all that we have achieved in the country in the last three decades then it is a tragedy,” Majongwe said.

Some of Dokora’s changes have also drawn the ire of parents, particularly the banning of extra lessons.

Professor Fred Zindi, an education psychologist with the University of Zimbabwe’s faculty of education said while the decision to ban extra lessons was necessary to discourage laziness among educators, it would not be proper to scrap incentives when teachers’ conditions of work have not improved.

“When Coltart encouraged incentives it was out of realisation that the teachers were not properly remunerated, so alternatively, the government should look at ways of improving their lot first,” said Zindi.

Zindi said it was unwise for government to scrap holiday salaries for teachers as they would still need to pay rent and other necessities.

He suggested that if government felt that teachers were being paid for nothing during holidays they should do away with holidays and let the children learn all year round.

Zimbabwe Teachers Association (Zimta) chief executive officer Sifiso Ndlovu said  incentives create inequality among teachers when they are supposed to be a homogeneous group in terms of income.

“We have since said that the issue of incentives is unsustainable because it divides the teachers and that leads to disharmony in the profession,” Ndlovu said.

Jemius Muguwe, the deputy director for infancy education and learners’ welfare in the ministry of Primary and Secondary Education admitted that there were divergent views between stakeholders and government over how to transform the education sector.

Speaking at a meeting of the ministry of State for Liaising on Psychomotor Activities in Education and members of the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industry (CZI) in Harare last week, Muguwe, said the aspirations of most parents of school going children was at variance with those of his ministry.

Muguwe said while for example, government was of the opinion that children should not be sent out of school for non-payment of fees since it infringes on their right to education, parents often chose to fight government in courts  when they are followed up by debt collectors.

He said children needed to be taught practical work so that by the time they leave school they will be employable.

Muguwe added, “Even when we try to teach children through say practical subjects, some choose to interpret it as child labour at schools and that does not help anyone.”

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I like the issue of cameras in class. They can be useful for the teacher as well as other supervisors. The teacher can play back and evaluate how the lesson went on and spot students who are not participating and need more attention.

Norest - 23 June 2014

Uraya hako Dokora

Zuruvi - 23 June 2014

Makamuwanepi dofora uyu?

mambindambinda - 23 June 2014

Incentives were never introduced but Coltat ,he only regularised them after Parents introduced them.Report the truth dont give credit were it is not due.

damit - 23 June 2014

Crazy Minister! How can you mount cameras in all classrooms. Who will pay for their installation? Who will pay for their maintenance? Please kip that Money Mr Minister and pay the teachers during holidays. I have seen so many qualified teachers scheming and writing charts during holidays. Muri kuda kusiya nyika ino ichiri kukambaira here vakomana or mukuda ksiya yanyatsogara pasi?

Muchamaya Kache - 23 June 2014

Cameraz and CCTV for sale suitable for classrooms cont 0772457555

jake b - 23 June 2014

what we need is our kids to pass. so what is needed is to have something positive.

ennie - 23 June 2014

Dokora is just retrogressive anti- zimbabwean to hell with his doctrines and please get him out of that office before he ruins our children's future

eagleeye - 23 June 2014

What of the students in Binga and Siyakobvu who doesnt have the classroom structures, dont you think its wise to use those resources to build classrooms for those in Binga and other remote areas, im saddened by such an undevelopmental mind of this minister.

Leopold - 24 June 2014

Scrapping salaries for teachers during holidays? This Dokora guy will certainly demotivate our teachers, and this is not good for our children. Does Dokora know that teachers do planning for our kids during holidays? Does he want our teachers to believe that their conditions were better under all other ministers than under him? May the president please intervene before Dokora completely kills off what is left of our education system.

machakachaka - 24 June 2014

Vamwe vatungamiri vanoda minamato yakasimba kuti vapihwe revelation yekutungamira. Kana Smith haana kumbogara aita hudzvinyiriri hwakadaro. Kare mateacher were respectable because they earned what was worth but now he takes teachers to be noone. Please vaDokora consult parents and civic organisations on major decisions. Also seek God's help if you believe in God he gives you advice inokunda yatingakupa isu vanhu. You are in office because of us not kuti ufadze satan

Chikowore - 24 June 2014

better to use the money for teachers' incentives than to invest in camera and its maintenance

GWEJE - 24 June 2014

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Ammy - 24 June 2014

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What would you think of cow, which has no calf to feed to do, it would be busy chasing other cow' calves away so that they do no feed.

tanyanyiwa - 24 June 2014

The problem with Dofora is he has a strong Socialist background which was indoctrinated in him by Phidel Castrol during his stay in Cuba. Cuba is more of "what do you have to give the government rather than what do you want the government to do for you". Now that ideology works well in Cuba because their Economy is not as dead as ours. Mr Dofora that style does not work in the current Zimbabwe led by our very own Excellence.

Kanyaga - 24 June 2014

Banning entrance test is it the best??? Imagine Gr 7 results are out and the following mng where do u go??? All parents should have enuf cash for fees, uniforms and groceries for all the more than 100000 students in Dec is this feasible Zimbos!!!!!!!!!

Dik Dik - 24 June 2014

Change is only necessary when it improves the lot of all affected. Change for change's sake is retrogressive and will never live long. The moment Dokora leaves that Ministry all his changes will be scrapped. So whats the hurry.

candid - 24 June 2014


Dangwe RaMakani - 24 June 2014

I wonder if this Dofora guy has school going children. In what direction are you really hearding the education system mr minister sir?

kt - 24 June 2014

mad Dokora who wants to reduce our standards of education. use dat money to build schools crazy Dokora! cameras? wat for? under a tree or in a tobacco ban? this Dokora thing is clueless like a headless chicken

Brig Gen. - 24 June 2014

i love what I do and no amount of pressure and oppression can dampen my spirits when it comes to doing what I do best, that is teaching. mr. dokora no incentive can measure to the joy and satisfaction that come from watching young lives changed for better. I respect you as my leader but remember you need us to be called a leader. God bless you sir.

Zimbo teacher - 24 June 2014

Dofora is busy putting his priorities in the wrong places.There are many issues which require urgent attention in his ministry but his propensity for trivial issues is mind boggling. There are schools with students still learning under trees without classrooms, teachers remunerations, rural allowances for teachers just to mention a few.Just a few days ago ZRP held interviews for form ones and over 1500 aspiring students turned up for the interview and they were all made to pay 25USD for this exercise.The school only needed 120 pupils only but they went ahead and fleeced the poor parents of their hard earned cash and Dofora doesn't give a hoot about all this.For how long is this abuse by the powers that be going to continue ?

Johnso wekuMbare - 24 June 2014

Comrade Minister. You are probably the most confused Minister this side of heaven as the learned Dr Edison Zvobgo would say. You think you are a one man train who should decide everything without consultation and to hell with the consequences. Please may the President please return you to your previous job. Your actions Cde Minister are as frightening as unrestrained ignorance in action.

New Tekere - 24 June 2014

Nomoe salaries for poris kusvika wabata mbavha... hahahahahaha craaazy..ndivanani vakavhotera dofo iri

Ndini uya uya - 25 June 2014

Cabinet reshuffle needed as soon as possible. Bring back our minister Coltart kwete Razaro uyu. He is here to destroy our education system

Gundani - 25 June 2014

Cameras in classes are a pipe dream that won't come true. (manatsa mukanwa hwarahwa kurota ichiyamwa). ZTV has no cameras to process the news. Dream on comrade Dokora!!!! As for incentives: If I, as a parent, want to pay child's teacher some money to keep him at the school and help avert the the 2008 disaster when teachers stopped going to work because of ridicolusly low salaries then how does this affect Dokora??? In the same way, how does paying a teacher some money to teach my child during the holidays affect Dokora?? Zimbabweans be careful with this man. Is he good for the education of our children????

Kondo - 25 June 2014

Thanx Dokora for being innovative. As parents we were becoming over-burdened by these incentives. However, why then did you direct schools not to lower the levies, which you said were burdening us. You are confused sir. T o hell with your policies

tichmatzi - 25 June 2014

Cde minister ,think be4 yu talk coz your college (finance) is failing to pay those who are going to wrk under yo cameras. & is the one to give u the money .

schoolboy - 26 June 2014

minister ava vane speed, does he even think of the ramifications of some these 'executive decision' kana kuti unotoshoya kuti zviri kufamba sei

wasu - 26 June 2014

Dokora please tinzwireiwo nyasha .tatadzeiko veduwe,inga hazvitiperere Am sure kuskul wanga uri dofo

TATAMBURA - 23 May 2016

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